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Anne Hathaway: Nude Scenes Aren't 'That Stressful'

Anne Hathaway: Nude Scenes Aren't 'That Stressful'

Anne Hathaway steps out to support the Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation at a screening of her new movie Love and Other Drugs on Wednesday (November 24) at the Japan Society in New York City.

The 28-year-old actress introduced the film by speaking about her experience playing a Parkinson’s patient.

Anne recently told Entertainment Tonight that the intimate scenes in the drama with Jake Gyllenhaal weren’t too nerve-racking.

“If you want to be an actor and you want to make films, you must accept that at some point you might be asked to become naked,” she said. “It’s not that stressful and the way we handled it on this film, we talked about it. We approached it intellectually.”

FYI: Anne is wearing a Stella McCartney blouse, Ferragamo leather pleated skirt and jacket, Lanvin heels, a Catherine Angiel black diamond ring, and a Ralph Lauren bag.

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  • Jonda

    HAHA their movie probably won’t even make $15million despite all the over the top promotion. Poor Jakey, another flop. He’s just not leading man material.

    And Anne’s outfit is terrible.

  • Baby

    WTF? Only a month ago there was an article where she said she was crying over the nude scenes in LAOD as they upset her so much.
    So much for Anne being a ‘real’ person who doesn’t sell bull….

  • Annie

    Hmmm, she’s stunning but that lipstick is a bit loud isn’t it?

  • Cheery

    Damn, Jared. Maybe you could put a spoiler warning on this. I haven’t seen the movie yet but now I know her character has Parkinson’s. Thanks.

  • Kamen Rider red fire

    Anne Hathaway is so cvute and she’s so hot.

  • Aylin

    So you can’t be an actor if you don’t get naked? The last time I checked there were still roles which didn’t require nude scenes.

  • busted

    Maybe she should stop trying to be sexy. They mislead the public on the content of the film it is really not a romantic comedy, but more a dramatic. Some serious issues, and the trailers made it seem too light; and it is not a light movie.

    She and Jake spent too much time talking about being naked in the film and the love scenes; and not the plot. People should have not been surprised to know she was sick in the film, but it seems like people are having a WTF moment.

    Seriously I don’t want to see either of them, and judging by the BO not many other people do either.

    She tries too hard to be cute and self deprecating. They promoted this film everywhere. OVER KILL..

  • fat GAY queenie

    Basically she is saying it is a crappy economy and I will show some T&A to make a buck. No biggie. I would get naked with Jakey G. for free!!

  • goop

    so sick of hearing about this movie!

  • Candice

    Jonda, since when are you a professional movie critic? “He’s not leading man material”. You sound stupid. Another flop for “poor Jakey”? Well, I’m sure he still makes way more money than you.

  • truth

    don’t fool yourselves she isn’t all that, she isn’t hot and never will be, cute at most. men in general don’t find her attractive so girls like her because they don’t feel threatened by her, that’s the truth. just like michelle williams.

  • Jamie

    Busted: I agree with you the promotion of this film was over kill and I was suspired that they promoted it as just another romantic comedy when it was more of a drama. I think if they promoted it as a drama it might have done better at the box office because right now it’s in 6th place making $4,175,000 thing can change by Monday but I don’t think it’s going to do much better.

  • yep

    she is beautiful!

  • Me

    well nude scenes arent stressful when you find out your co start is a harmless gay man..ahahhah..Dont know the deal with this girl but I am tired of both her and taylor swift…giraffe and horseface need to take a vacation with jakey, so we can all have a peaceful holiday season

  • AVG

    rightttt last time i checked there were many roles…even oscar winning roles…that required no nudity whatsoever…ie sandra in blind side or reese in walk the line…not saying i thought their performances were astounding but they were not nude

  • AVG

    rightttt last time i checked there were many roles…even oscar winning roles…that required no nudity whatsoever…ie sandra in blind side or reese in walk the line…not saying i thought their performances were astounding but they were not nude

  • Sandra

    the story must suck, because all they do is talk about are the sex scenes in interviews, will probably be a bomb

  • boston61

    Why would anyone want to see her play a Parkinson’s patient? This movie is an old retread (as are most today).

  • Val

    There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why anyone should have to be NUDE IN A MOVIE!!!! Did they actually have sex or did they act like it?? (I’m kidding) If they “acted” then why don’t they just “act” naked?? Why show the naked body? Because the hetero men and the gay women like it? What are the straight women and the decent men and women who aren’t into voyeurism supposed to get out of it besides embarrassment?? Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bulloch are three of the highest paid actresses in the business and they have never stooped so low. I guess Anne just decided that she too HAD to jump on the nudity band wagon and now just can’t stop justifying it by talk, talk, talking about it. You did it Anne, the movie is stupid and isn’t going anywhere, we GET HOW MUCH YOU ENJOYED IT and we don’t care whether or not you have any guilt over it so SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!! All these actresses out there who think that THEY somehow have something to show us that we have NEVER SEEN BEFORE, please, please do us a favor and YOUR FUTURE KIDS A FAVOR and just keep your damn clothes on and know that any attention you receive from your films will be based on your acting ability and not on something that should be reserved for the privacy of your bedroom, ok?? Thanks!

  • simone

    poor Annie her movie is doing pretty mediocre at the box office, better luck next time…i guess they should have got Katherine Heigl instead

  • Face

    Honestly, this is all I hear her and Jake talk about when they chat about this movie. “Nude scene” “being naked” etc etc. If that’s the most interesting thing about the film … yikes.

  • LastWord

    I wish people would stop acting like Anne’s looks are something special. Just because you like “The Devil Wears Prada” doesn’t mean you have to label her beautiful. Anne Hathaway is cute but not beautiful, and damn sure not gorgeous.

  • marq

    I was just watching “Sex in the Cinema” and clearly our filmmakers just don’t get it. All this talk about “what is sexy is left to the imagination”. Yeah, right. But it is true that story tellers have to hook the inner narrative in the viewers’ minds. That’s where the signal precessing is taking place. Yet filmmakers more generally jump cut to the fully nude. Why do you suppose gifts are wrapped and tied with ribbons? Instead of just handing people things on say Christmas or on birthdays? The depiction of undressing is frequently more sensual than simply seeing the end product of the nudity itself. Yet our filmmakers tend to skip that. That apparently scares our filmmakers. OMG, can’t show a panty pull-down, why that’s somehow more explicit than depicting the Act itself. Go figure.

  • rhonda

    hey, Annie, being a hooker is not that stressful IF your a hooker!

  • jane

    she didn’t say you have to be naked in every movie you make, but that at some point you might be asked to do it. is there something wrong with this statement ?

  • Frida

    @jane: No, it’s the truth. There are several ‘serious’ movies out there where they show nudity. Not to be obscene, just to be real and hey, I don’t know, maybe because it’s completely natural. Some people don’t seem to get that though. Maybe all they watch is Twilight.

  • janiece

    you guys do realize that anne and jake are constantly being asked about the nudity in film by interviewers right. most of the people interviewing them focus on that small aspect of the film. i watched an interview with the both of them and they both said how much they appreciated the fact that they weren’t asked the nudity question because theres so much more to the story then just that. their sick of talking about it just as much as your sick of hearing about it.

  • dee

    Easy for her to say, she has amazing boobs.

  • Kelly

    # 27 janiece please that why they posed nude together for the cover of Entertainment Weekly because their so sick of talking about the nudity in film.

  • Jim

    She will always be seen as a dupe for a conman. Her involvement with Folieri will never rub off. She must not really be very bright to be so easily taken in.

  • Jokergurl

    There’s kind of an indication that Anne’s character does have a medical issue in Love and Other Drugs, “Other” referring to prescription drugs and the trailers give it away it you watch it closely, the dialogue “let me help you” “I’m going to need you more” bit. Trailers give away everything. If it was JUST a romantic comedy they wouldn’t be saying Oscar bait for Anne. Anne’s not really shy about nudity either, she’s been nude several times in her movies, even when she wasn’t famous like Havoc, (stupid movie by the way). I wish they would have put her with Josh Duhamel, Colin Farrell ,Hayden Christiansen, Leonardo DiCaprio or Christian Bale instead of Jake Gyllenhaal, he just doesn’t do it for me at all.

  • RenREn

    well honestly it seems like Anne was more excited to do nude scenes .. anyone remember brokeback? that was only a couple of years after princess diaries. she kinda reminds me of scarlett..i guess they are very comfortable of their bodies

  • Lena

    @truth: Hey I’m a girl and I hate her and Williams, they both annoy the f*** out of me

  • Val


    nothing wrong with the statement, but when asked, decent women should “just say no”.

  • adsfasdfasdf

    i dont care, she’s still hot. dislike, but i like her:D

  • j


    HA anne hathaway did a movie with bijou phillips (i dont know if i spelt it right but ..anywho..she did nudity in that and some pretty graphic stuff not as graphic as ms phillips ..who it seems is willing to jump into anything i wouldnt be surprised if she wounde up doing porn ..the truth is anna hathaway has done nudity ..and its to a point where shes comfy with it ..i agree .for the most part if your talented enough ..nudity or doing intense sex scenes shouldnt come into play..its always been that way usually when theres a good amount of nudity in a film..its mostly used as marketing tool to help boost interest in the film..just like they have been doing to desperate measures in alot of HBO showtime t.v series ….now if she was doing that type of stuff..then i could understand you been more upset but what shes done so far is moderate ..compared to the thousands of other actresses in Hollywood who get naked at the drop of a dime ..most of the time for the lack of talent they have..their just using what they got to work with ..Anna falls into the exception category