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Beyonce: I'll 'Definitely' Have Kids One Day

Beyonce: I'll 'Definitely' Have Kids One Day

Beyonce discusses the upcoming release of her candid I Am … World Tour DVD on Monday’s (November 22) episode of Nightline.

The 29-year-old entertainer also opened up about becoming a mom one day.

Here’s what Bey had to share:

On whether the constant pregnancy rumors are true: “Nothing now, no. It will be one day. Definitely one day. It’s difficult because one day I will decide to have a child and I want people to be excited and they’re gonna be like, ‘Okay, whatever, she’s been pregnant 25 times.’”

On why she’s waiting to start a family: “I feel like there are certain things I wanted to do before I had a child so I can really, really focus on being a mother. And I’m getting closer to that point, but I mean I still am in such a great place in my career that I feel like I want to wait until I’m really, really ready.”

On if she’ll still be performing when she hits her 50s and 60s: “I’m not sure if I’ll be shaking it. It’ll probably be more like ‘Ave Maria’ in it!”

Beyonce on Nightline – Part 1

Check out the second part of Beyonce Nightline interview after the cut!

Beyonce on Nightline – Part 2
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  • cvvb

    Who cares she is so fake. next.

  • Blasian


    You care because ur the first one to Comment LOL!

  • lily

    um…how long has she been 25!? I think there is truth to the rumors that she really is around 34, and honestly, she doesn’t look 25.

  • Josi


    Who said she is 25? “The 29-year-old entertainer also opened…” – she is 29 and I think she looks like it, not older, not younger.

  • mila

    she is such an amazing woman and a real inspiration. i really admire what she does and the effort she put in it.
    keep doing your thing B cause you never fail to amaze me!

  • yo sista

    She’s so beautiful <333333333333 My all time female crush! no one could take your place BEY!

  • jack

    interesting little tidbit, beyonce and taylor swift and kim kardashians specials all brought in less viewers than sarah palins alaska.

  • amensister

    christ always a big production with this one

    most star release their tour DVD with just promo and a few chat show

    but she has to take over a bloody TV station
    Christ get over ur self. ITS BEEN DONE BEFORE.

  • amensister

    and only 11M album sold AS A SOLO ARTIST!!!!!
    and she goes on like she’s special


    AND Rianna sold OVER 15M and not to metions MORE NO1s

    so go get over urself

  • koko


  • Go Ask Alice

    I like Beyonce.
    I think she conducts herself fairlydecent off stage.
    I really don’t agree how some of you guys posted.
    HOWEVER, Beyonce should have done what she said she was doing when 2010 beganand that was take some time off.
    I like how I am saying it better than you guys did minus the 1 or2 people who were meanspirited.
    Beyonce should have taken time off meaning go away. Give no interviews about taking time off…and then other things and promoting a tv specialNov 2010.She NEVER took time off.
    Just like Jessica Simpson,etc. Leave the building, the stage is sometimes good in order to come back later ,fresh. The public gets tired of seeing and hearing interviews, pics,of these guys talking, promoting, talking, etc.
    How many times can she do the baby interview?
    Same for Jessica Simpson…what of her engagment do we not know?
    Really. Ok,she has NOT YET told us they made love afterward.
    Trust me, nexttime she opens her pie hole,mouth,she might say that…is nothing sacred. private? Not for public consumption?

  • Go Ask Alice


    Lilly,Joise,she is 29,but she has been around like forever,so I can see why you would say she is older. Like I said, overkill!!!!!!!

  • Go Ask Alice


    Don’t forget Jessica Simpson PBS Thanksgiving show.

    Comparing to Palin’s show is a bad comparison because no one watches these shows on Thanksgiving night.
    Who does that?

    Better comparison would be Beyonce’s special, Jessica’s, against Palin’s show on a regualr day.

    People are with family/friends, and not watching tvon Thanksgiving.

    Football is ok.

    New Orleans Saints brought inthe biggest audinence for Thanksgiving evening football …which had not been in a few years. It was not because of Dallas Cowboys,because they play every Thanksgiving. What was different? This year DC played the Saints.

  • colleen

    29? Puhlese! Beyonce is in her 30s.

  • lily

    oops, sorry. should have said 29!! I don’t think she looks 29 either! i think she look to be 34.

  • Afysel

    All u haters that think she should go on a vacation,she did for 7months.she has sold over 60million copies,and is the highest selling female artist of this decade.she has 14 numba 1′s plus d.child.her and barbra striesnad have been nominated for 38 times.dats the highest all time..she has the highest number of top 40 songs.she is the most influential musician according to Forbes.she is often compared to micheal jackson and i could go on..millions of people are not tired of if u are,dont bother reading anything about her…cant wait for her next album!!

  • Ben Stiller

    I think we all have our own favorites but we all should remember that we need to respects others favorites since our own favorites are not perfect. They can also say bad thing to your idols and that will also make you angry right?I think there is no problem if Beyonce is one her 30′s or she is 29 years old as long as she can sing and dance and looks beautiful then it is great. There’s nothing wrong about that.

  • ItaloSuave

    I was very interested to learn about Beyonce Knowles and her intensely creative, “Hands On” process of creating her shows and videos, with her teams of creative collaborators, of course. The more I learn about her, the more I enjoy her music and her performances. Sometimes, I think I missed my calling. Entertainment as an industry, really pays well.

  • Afysel

    @amensister:ur such a fool.its 11M Copies in d U.S. rihanna has 5 albums yet u dont think she should have a urself a favour and wikipedia Beyonce..and she was on vaccation from dont say what u dont know.if u hate her that much dont bother reading about her…she’l continue having more fans and make more money than the money 3 generations of ur family will ever earn..ure such a wicked person.just jump off a clif!!!

  • Tazlena

    She’s like Jennifer Aniston, all talk and no action when it comes to having kids. She’ll be 40 and still be saying she can’t wait to have a family. It’s all BS.

  • laverdadduele

    Hopefully, kids won’t look like their dad. That’s one ugly SOB.

  • April

    I think she is marvellous! :)

  • yo sista

    @amensister: 11 million IN THE United States alone. ;)

  • Cookie_Monster

    that special on abc was as boring as hell….she misled the viewers with false marketing about titbits into her private life–my a**!! the best parts were the performances which was 80% the movie..the scenes which were supposed to be about her private life.. she was annoying as hell, whining to a close-up camera about her fortune and fame…you couldn’t even see what her room environment looked like and how she interacted with her family and friends..that preview about “missing my baby” a.k.a Jay-Z was as far as you get..Celine Dion’s tour dvd is the best experience soo far and blows Beyonce’s copycat dvd out the water

  • izo

    @ amensister :
    11 millions ! dangerously in love
    6 190 540 millions : B’day
    7 million : Sasha Fierce

  • rhonda

    now she’s doing porn!

  • amensister

    what a nasty piece of work u are
    how much does your family earn????

    build a bridge and the f*** over yourself

  • etc

    Oh my god, how many times will people ask this basic chick that question?

  • missy

    poor beyonce, another abortion

  • ava

    I wonder how she would look like without all her wigs

  • missy

    she said on the view she wears 5 pairs of hose at the same time to keep her ass and thighs from jiggling.

  • I love B!

    love you B and overkill…highly doubt it!
    RIHANNA been hear for a couple of yrs and she has indeed master over kill!

  • renee

    i dont undersand why people will watse precious time and money(internet bill) to comment and insult someone they hate…now thats just sad, especially when you can spend the time making yourself more intelligent and intellectual by reding more news and taking education and on the job training online.
    let me tell you this, as for her no matter how you hate people would still bu copies of her album and she will continue to make more money. she has already secured her childrens and posibbly grandchildren’s future…… its time we secure our’s as well and stop hatin!!

  • Lynn

    @Afysel: WTF ?? Britney is the highest selling female artist of this decade and Beyonce has 5 number 1 singles and + Beyonce only broke one record : most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in one night I love Bey but seriously wth are you talking about ?

  • 3r3r
  • Tania

    Are they in her home?