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Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas: Good Morning America!

Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas: Good Morning America!

Bristol Palin and dancer Mark Ballas, contestants from Season 11 of the Dancing with the Stars, dance during a visit to Good Morning America at ABC Studios on Wednesday (November 24) in New York City.

The 20-year-old DWTS contestant shared that even though she placed third in the competition, “I feel great. I feel amazing.”

“I’m very thankful to be here with everyone. It’s been an awesome season,” Bristol told GMA. Mark said he was “really grateful” to have her as a partner. “She’s wonderful. She tried really hard. I was just really proud of Bristol and proud to be in the finals.”

10+ pictures inside of Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas on Good Morning America

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Credit: Jemal Countess; Photos: Getty
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  • christy

    Bristol and Mark rock. Loved Bristol and Kyle the best. Jen Gray was such a whiney bitch.

  • boston61

    All the haters just gave you and your mother “the middle finger”. You and your family are freaking traitors to this great country. How dare you participate in the transfer of all the money from the middle class to the upper 2%. How dare you? The upper 2% are sitting on 2 trillion dollars in off shore bank accounts and you’re freaking mother wants to give them huge tax breaks!!!!!!

  • Jenna

    wow she looks so much like miss piggy

  • missy

    you want to see miss piggy look at Michelle Obama, her ass is two big old hogs wide!

  • Paulie

    Enough with the Wasilla Hillbillies! I’d be happy if I never heard of these grifters again.

  • http://n/a Joseph Smetana

    To anyone reading this, reading COMMENTS to a story is the biggest waste of time. Probably 90% of the comments are from mean-spirited nuts who have nothing better to do but insult those mentioned in the story. It’s a shame more people don’t show more respect to fellow human beings. You don’t have to like someone to show compassion.

  • andy b

    The haters have plenty of time in their mother’s basements, drawing unemployment, on parent’s insurance, etc. The libs all like it this way, hating, bashing,. where conservatives don’t hate…and appreciate Bristoll’s accomplishments.

  • Joe

    Enough of her fat, sloppy @ss already!

  • juicy
  • yo sista

    this is the daughter of the b!tch who supports wars? b!tch how about you focus on being a mum and leave politics to OBAMA he knows what to do.

  • Army


    Ok Boston, I’m not a fan of the Palins, in fact i hit the trail, knocked on doors for president Obama in 2008. You totally sound like a moron and make the rest of us progressives look bad. Read a book or two, news paper and keep your mouth shut. Otherwise its people like you that will make it a real possibility for a Palin presidency. Good god man, at least try to sound intelligent. That’s all we need is to come off as bitter, failed, has-beens and unable to succeed in life! Grow a pair!

  • n_s_23_23

    Why Jared why?????????? Why don’t you post Derek Photos? He is the WINNER……..

  • Arnold Anderson

    @boston61: Spoken like a true liberal/progressive. The rich have the right to be rich and you are simply jealous that you aren’t withthem.

  • rhonda

    Really? She has to be the most awful dancer to make it to the finals. Her performance on GMA was horrible. Mark Ballas is acting like a dog in heat around her. Talk about being a glory hound! Send her back to the tundra with her nasty, stupid, mean mother.


    Honestly, folks! It just a TV program! Perspective, please! In the long run, it was fun to watch! And, Bristol did improve! I think she realized how lucky she was to get into the finals! Let’s not be soooooooo serious and critical! Cheer up! Wonder who will be in the next DWTS!?

  • Tazlena

    You can tell who the Conservatives are on here, the ones who support an airhead who yesterday didn’t know the difference between North and South Korea. Maybe she should try and put something in her head instead of trying to look for Russia from her front door.

  • Cinnamon

    The Palins are a hit in Taiwan — they have been animated

  • LD

    She’s a big girl and that adds to the appearance of clumsiness when she’s dancing. She just never managed to look very comfortable out there.

  • jack


    talk about making something out of nothing. In a 20 minute “conversation” Palin misspoke, quickly correcting herself, my God, Obama can’t even hold a conversation without a telepromter.
    Remember Obamas 57 states! the stupid story he told about his granpa liberating Auszwitz in Germany, after about the third time he repeated that story, people finally told the dumbass that his granpa didn’t liberate Auszwitz unless he was in the Russian Army! oh by the way Obama Aushwitz isn’t in Germany its in Poland. and this was Obamas “family story” and it wasn’t even right!

  • boston61



  • boston61

    @Arnold Anderson:


  • boston61

    @Arnold Anderson:


  • sort of
  • stan

    Mark really seems to like Bristol, ALOT! I don’t think she takes him serious, but he looks like a guy in love, IMO!

  • yep

    i know why lots of people liked bristol. they remind them of them! they can’t dance but would love too! the way she improved each way was awesome to watch. it wasn’t about being liberal or conservative – it was about watching people dance! i loved them all! enjoyed the show. dwts biggest audience yet over 70 million! so who ever put bristol on the show should get a bonus.

  • you know

    she really IS just like an average American kid! Pregnant at 17! With a witch of a mother who hates blacks and Muslims and immigrants, and who is so incredible bitter that she cannot put her VP loss behind her! And who exploited her fame and dirty money to strong-arm her daughter onto TEEVEE to shake her stuff in order to advance her own presidential aspirations – a stupid as dirt, nasty, lying, dangerous, horrible, reprehensible tea party pit viper!

    Yes, she’s just like your average American teen! That is SO relatable.

  • maybe

    Sarah can fix it next year so that Willow wins. That’s how the Palins define “personal responsibility” – exploiting fame, money and power.


    Watched the entire season for the very first time…curious about young Bristol at first.(I am independent, not a member of any group including the Tea Party. I think our current Prez is a bad joke – on America.)

    I found the DWTS to be very entertaining. I wound up rooting for Kyle after he settled down and started to improve. His comments about stress were enlightening.

    Bristol is a beautiful young girl. She has a Mona Lisa face, where she doesn’t show her emotions, and that can be fascinating to many.

    The longer she was on the show, the more fascinating she became. Why? Because everyone was picking on her, and she just ignored it. Or appeared to ignore it. I found myself rooting for her more and more and liking her for her plucky personality.

    When she made the finals, I had been hoping that Brandy would be voted off. I didn’t think it would happen, and when it did, I was elated. Brandy got on my nerves from the beginning. She had an “entitled attitude” that I found grating.

    Jennifer was a pro dancer, and should never been in the competition. She should have been a teacher. So, I consider Kyle the winner, and Bristol the runner up. So, my fav’s both got in and in the right order.

    Bristol’s weight is normal for her height…but folks are used to seeing super skinny – sick-skinny folks on tv. Why was no one commenting on Kyle’s weight?

    I think Mark has fallen for Bristol in a big way, and that her feelings are not visibly shown.She’s managed to keep them hidden if she has them. I suspect that there is more going on between them (innocently) than meets the eye. No guy is going to be that batty over a girl without “some” reciprocity of feelings as encouragement.

    I think they make a perfect couple: one extrovert, and one introvert. They both play off each other.

    If he’s driving her truck back to Alaska for her, (5 day trip) that’s an indication that there may be some after-DWTS relating, and I look forward to them pairing up in private.

  • really?

    I read in people that after the finale the whole cast was jetted off in a private jet for a private party. Yes, Bristol is just your average American teen.

    And how is the baby going to like being in a truck for 5 days as they drive back to Alaska?

  • so

    did Bristol break out her cuss words and defense of homophobic slurs like she did on Facebook? Did she discuss her “give the big middle finger” comment to the wholesome GMA crowd?

  • Cookie_Monster

    IT’S SOO CUTE THE WAY her dancing partner is into her..I too believe he’s in love with Bristol, but Bristol is not taking him seriously, either because she’s into her first love or not ready to embark on new relationships yet..most teen mothers would not wait to date the next guy..i admire her casual attitude in the face of public scrutiny and love!

  • Blubber


  • Go Away

    Anyone who wants to join the ‘I hate the Boston61″ club sign below. The most detestable poster on JJ. You’re at least 49 judging by your posting name – time to grow up and get a life.

  • the Palins aren’t happy unless they can force feed lies and hateful propaganda down everyone’s throat. Evil evil to make money doing that.

  • sjm55

    @Joseph Smetana:

    Couldn’t have said it better! Thanks for beating me to the punch.

  • j

    There is something really wrong if you think she’s fat.. that is really sad! Society has really damaged young peoples views today, that the stick thin anorexic, who is starving herself to the point of looking like she’s from a third world country is beautiful.. sorry honey but its about health. Bristol is far from being overweight. Beauty is skin deep, Everyone is made different.. One thing for sure, Love everyone for who they are. Mark is incredibly sexy, and it does look like he likes her haha maybe they will become a couple! (If not already! :)

  • ?????

    @stan: I agree. I think Mark has a real thing for Bristol. They are a cute couple. I hope they are together. Would make a nice ending to the story.

  • lacey

    Just because you don’t like her mother, why transfer the feelings onto the daughter? So she made a mistake and got pregnant to an idiot as a teenager. Multiply that by thousands across the country. Now she’s out giving speeches and standing up for something, She doesn’t deserve the rude comments. She’s a cute girl. How many of you could have gone on that show week after week knowing all that was being said? Bristol has guts, and I’ll give her credit. She’s become a very strong person.

    Put me in Mark’s corner as well. I hope they have found each other.

  • reno in the snow

    Mark is so obviously a puppy in love. It’s gotten more obvious each week. I hope Bristol and/or her family don’t break his heart.

  • Susanna


    Bristol’s a stuck up, spoiled brat with an attitude problem. Comparing her stint on dancing with the stars with giving the rest of the country a big “middle finger”. Who thinks like that? Her and her mother and their band of brainless followers managed to turn a fun TV show into a political statement. And she still lost.

    And then the homophobic slurs she and her classy little sister posted on their facebook because someone accurately described her mother’s show as ‘failing’. But other than that, and the fact that she got knocked up at 17, she really is just a ‘nice girl’.

    Give me a break. She’s as entitled as her mother. And as stupid too.

  • boston61


    He slobbers all over all his partners.

  • Dabooshientonhayegttrysjjjuahh

    Fat slob, inbred hillbilly (retarded brother).
    Go back to Alaska, hick.

  • Chubbaloo

    @j: To say that hers is a body to admire shows that you’ve got issues yourself. She is fat, and my guess is her BMI is well over her acceptable standard.
    It’s sad that people now find chubby and fat the norm. Just because a lot more people look like her doesn’t make it acceptable.

  • Alicia Lopez

    @WILLIE: At # 28 who said: “Bristol’s weight is normal for her height…but folks are used to seeing super skinny – sick-skinny folks on tv. Why was no one commenting on Kyle’s weight?”

    SO TRUE!! The black kid is about a million times fatter than Bristol. He has a cute face but he’s a real fatty! LOL.Great comment!

  • Tina

    @Dabooshientonhayegttrysjjjuahh: “Retarded brother?! “WHAT THE HEII IS YOUR PROBLEM? He’s an innocent baby! I’m a full blown liberal Obama-supporter but that doesn’t give me the right to talk about an innocent child like that! You have major issues and should seek counseling. You give liberals a bad name. The only inbred retard I see here is you!

  • Jokergurl

    Watching Dancing with the Stars I can’t believe it she even made it to the finals, I am SO glad she didn’t win though. Her whole family is just embarrassing for America, and the fact the we have a reality show on them just goes to show the rest of the world that America is becoming a sideshow. Just go back to Alaska please, and stay there.

  • http://justjared Deke

    #42 you are one sick puppy.

  • tlb1974


    Was obama a moron when he didn’t know how many states there were oh I bet he just mispoke right.