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Jennifer Garner: Family Breakfast with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner: Family Breakfast with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and her two adorable daughters, Violet and Seraphina, head to Kay ‘N Dave’s for breakfast on Saturday (November 27) in Brentwood, Calif.

Jen, 38, stopped by an ATM before heading over to the Mexican eatery, where the three of them met up with dad Ben Affleck.

Jennifer will be one of Martha Stewart‘s special guests on her Holiday Open House TV special.

Tune in to the Hallmark Channel on December 6 at 8 p.m. to see Jen and Martha whip up some treats and do some decorating!

FYI: Jen is carrying Cartier‘s Marcello de Cartier Saddle Bag, while Seraphina is wearing Glug Collection‘s sherpa-lined Monkey Hoodie.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, and their daughters grabbing breakfast in Brentwood…

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  • Van

    I love to see how Violet is always with a book in her hands.

  • simone

    Does Ben have a new movie out? Time to play family man

  • mimi

    Jen has paps on her speed dial. How else would they know wherever she goes?

  • Cheyenne

    oh god. them again. UGH!!!!!!!!!

  • Julianna

    yep ben is playing family man again. hes promoting something since hes on a couple talk shows this week. what a douche.

  • http://Boston Boston

    Jen’s PR people need a raise…they managed to keep her in the spotlight despite not having any hit movies of her own…they also kept her ugly personality pretty well hidden…poor Ben she trapped him :(

  • Hollywood

    The Company Men starring Ben Affleck is suppose to come out December 10th…time for a photo-op

  • Sue

    She’s got a Magic Tree House book in her hand. My son used to love those books too. I’m impressed she’s reading them at such an early age; they are usually recommended for ages 9-12.

  • Soni

    Do stars not ever eat at home? I mean they are always going out to breakfast, lunch or dinner. It makes some people think that they never eat at home.
    And why did Jen have to meet Ben, was he not at home? It seems strange how Jennifer is always the one with the kids. Make people like me wonder.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I couldn’t care less about Jennifer Garner. I think Violet is adorable and Seraphina is cute aswell. But damn, I hate Ben Affleck. I never understood why people said he was so hot. I don’t find him that “hot”. At all. And he doesn’t seem into his wife. Seems forced to be with her because of the children….

  • laurie09080

    The couple is still together, still wearing her ring. I wish the older girl would walk instead of being carried, she is almost 5 years old.

  • Sian

    I think Jennifer Garner is one of the few people who can pull off wearing a center parting, I always love how her hair looks. I just wish she wouln’t wear frumpy clothes so often, she can look smoking when she’s in skinny jeans and heels.

  • So

    I don’t think she trapped Ben. The guy is worth millions. He could simply have paid child support. People don’t trap people these days. They love each other. Why else would they be together this long? Can’t you just tell how passionate they are for each other? I don’t get the hype about Jennifer though. She better thank her lucky stars for Photoshop. It’s amazing how Ben always looks sharp and together but his wife looks miserable with clothing you’d pick off a clearance rack.

  • lila

    how sweet!!

  • No

    Sorry but that center part makes her look like Morticia. It is not a good look.

  • goop

    I wonder if she would leave Ben if his cheating became public?

  • Cookie_Monster

    I agree with Soni..why is Jen alway meeting Ben someplace but never actually going out together..Sounds to me like they’re meeting up for him to see the kids..when will their camp make the announcement who filed first? seems Ben loves the kids and is trying to make tim e for them after it ended with Jennifer a long time ago


    Few celebs seem like truly happy people. Jennifer Garner strikes me as a happy, grateful person. it’s very refreshing….

  • carol

    she seems like an excellent mother to those girls, i just love how they’ve both got books

  • lolo

    @Cookie_Monster: No way they publicly break up until after awards season, Ben’s camp is pushing for a nomination

  • Maya

    So refreshing to such a beautiful family who is not into Hollywood drama. Why, they actually live in this country and don’t gallavanting all over the globe and spend their dollars right here in this country.

    What a oddity in LaLa Land. Jen is beautiful without being a sex pot for the public image. Their children dress like normal kids and actually go to school with other local kids.

    I love this family and it amazes me how some people hate on them for not being your average so-called Hollywood power couple.

  • Maya

    @goop: Why would a man cheat when he has a woman like Jen? She is the real deal, not a every day painted-over-the top floozie type woman looking for attention from other men and the approval of the fickle public.

  • I’m a star

    I think she looks pretty good, always have though she was a cute girl. She’s just plain, hardly ever wearing makeup, but she’s a very loving mother and that probably takes time away for herself. All this devotion to her children is going to pay off. Her babies have always seemed to be very happy and secure. Good mothers reap the wonderful benefits. I believe Garner was so in love with Ben that as long as he doesn’t openly embarrass her by seeing other women, she will never try to find out. She got pregnant bc she wanted HIM, but she also had a feeling that this is how they would turn out — married. Ben is the one in control, and I think that’s they way he likes it. Jlo was too strong for him and he knew he would have to walk a fine line with her, bc she would not tolerate him cheating and stuff like that. Jennifer Garner just wants to be the perfect wife and mother for Ben. I think he really is the man of her dreams, her true love.

  • Maya

    @Boston: If anything Ben trapped Jen after he dumped JLo and she was stuck in a relationship with a dude who took advantage of her when her coward/wimp a$$ of a husband left her because he was jealous that her career had took and his was not going too goo.

    He couldn’t handle her being the one bringing in the bacon, he was feeling less than a the breadwinner.

    People blame Jen when it was really Ben who got Vartan kicked off Alias. Poor Ben my @$$. He got what he wanted and he knows he got lucky.

    He can’t do better than Jen and he knows it.

  • joojoo

    seraphina is sooo cute!

    why is it that nobody screams photo op and publicity stunt like they do when the jP’s are photographed?

  • Maya

    I got one more thing to say about this family, in a word: GORGEOUS!

  • Soni

    I am going to say something off the fact of the family and say something about the book that Violet is reading. She is 4 right? The book she is reading is a 3rd grade level book. Now unless she is way advanced and is reading at 3rd grade level, then fine. But if not, then that type of book is too advanced for her. I know all this because I happen to be a librarian in an elementary school and I know the kids there do not know how to read those type of books until they are in 3rd or 4th grade. Just curious.

  • boston61

    Jenn is losing all the fat in her face. She is looking very hard.





  • Pauline


    I’m also curious about the books little Vi was reading. Actually in recent months Vi carried at least 6 different books of Nancy Drew series, let alone other books found in her candids. At first, I thought maybe just Jen or Ben read for her, but in these pics, it seems that she CAN read by herself!

    Always adore the whore gorgeous Affleck family. Blessed!

  • Wadnam

    i never like Ben Affleck, but i really love this family. Jen&Ben are the amazing parents and thier girls always smile.

  • Pauline


    sorry for the mistake

  • Kate

    They are the ugliest family ever! Especially violet. She’s 5 for crying out loud.

  • mac

    how refreshing to see a celeb family with kids carrying books for an outing!

    but Sue, magic tree house for 9-12yrs old? it’s rather for 4-8. my daughter and her friends read all harry botter books by 10.

  • Maya

    @SARAH: The end is near? People like you have been saying this for nearly 7 years now. Why not, wait until it happens, then celebrate.

  • sunny

    @Pauline: My kids are 5 and 6 and tote around Harry Potter bevause I read it to them not because they read it themselves, although they can read. She seems like a great mother.

  • tpd619alder 123

    @Boston: she did not trap him, you are jeaious, because he dont havehim, and as someone who has worked with her you dont know what your talking about asshole.

  • yep

    i really feel for jen – look at ben in the pictures is he texting? i read some one that johnny depp said when he was home there were no phones. ben seems to have a lovely family – i hope he realizes and enjoys them.

  • yep

    comment #39 somewhere

  • Sandra

    Wow I saw this same place and time:
    it was 12:30 pm so that’s not breakfast and she waited in her
    car I saw her parking she waited for the paps to get into
    place about 5 guys with longlens right behind her parked car
    on the street(26th st) why not park behind the buildings and get cash machine with privacy instead of risking getting your kids out of tge car on a busy street !!!! Photo op!!!!! she took the longest time in front of the street parked car with the kids then standing around at the street
    cashh machine posing for paps ; I had seen tge camera guys waiting
    around like they were expecting someone with cameras drawn.
    Wow to put innocent kids thru that just to pumpup buz
    for movies is really desperate. WHY GO TO A PLACE
    Stinky and smelly. sic and perverted.
    maniacal narcissism. STAY HOME WITH THE NANNIES. !!!!!!

  • Mm

    Yeah sure and I’m the tooth fairy.Like Kay and Dave is a paparazzi. heaven.Haters should really get a life!!! .If all you haters are experts in Ben and Jen marriage you would know the went to Disney recently without paparazzi pic .Why would they do that if they like the publicity?huh.

  • Sandra 2

    Ok @mm
    we know u r the publicist trying to save face y ur interest in
    defense rt away staying on at all times u freak!!!
    YES I HAVE A PICTURE OF THEM crossing the street from the cashh
    machine on 26th st and crossing to go to the Brentwood mart with 5 paps standing in front of her and kids with the longlens and crowds standing watching her walk ; I was trying to drive down 26th st and always wait for the peeps in the crosswalk!!!!!!! And make sure tge kids don’t escape into traffic sicco why wasn’t someone(you) helping her with her kids!!!!!
    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to my cooking shows!!!!!
    I don’t eat that poison at restaurants MSG.

  • stacie

    Ben and Jen are the Perfect Hollywood parents. Love them.

  • Sandra 3

    Btw: there were plenty of parking spaces at the Brentwood mart rite next to the entry I know I was on my way out and had to wait for all this trashh;
    why didn’t they park in a safe parking lot, why cross the street and then go back avian to a diff place. If they had driven around first they would have seen there were groups of paps at every entry;
    why not go sone place else unless it’s being a pub hor. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charly

    Say what you will about the parents, but those two little girls are always smiling. They look like happy kids.

  • violet is gross

    violet pooped her pants.

  • rr

    seraphina looks like Ben

  • Not reading at her age


    She can’t read these books dummies! She’s just looking at the photos. Her mother reads them to her.

  • Violet is a retard

    That oldest kid always looks retarded. Arms and legs always flailing and jerking around. VERY STRANGE LITTLE BRAT. Her mother needs to stop carrying her so much too.