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Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris: Courtside Couple

Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris: Courtside Couple

Jensen Ackles and wife Danneel Harris sit courtside at the Staples Center for a Lakers game on Tuesday (November 23) in Los Angeles.

The former One Tree Hill actress, 31, and Supernatural star, 32, watched the Lakers beat the Chicago Bulls 98-91.

Also at the game: Jeremy Piven, Denzel Washington, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, and George Lopez.

Bigger pic inside…

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jensen ackles danneel harris lakers

Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Danneel Harris, Jensen Ackles

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  • Aylin

    They look good together.

  • Yup

    Lucky bitch.

  • hello

    I used to love him!

    …….they don’t look happy to be there??

  • Ash

    she looks different.

  • Aylin
  • Rio

    I agree.They don’t look happy and I think its for a long time…Yea actually Jensen’s never been happy when this so-called wife stands next to him.
    Danneel looks terrible…

  • commonsense

    @Ash: That’s exactly what I thought! She doesn’t look the same. When I saw the photos I thought “Where is his wife?”

  • Rio

    btw nice choice of this pic thx Justjared.

  • nikikustos

    she totally changed:Owhere is that hot, red/brown girl i used to admire? the girl from one tree hill?:(

  • ModestMouse

    She is practically unrecognisable. What has she had done?

  • elle

    Oh well, if this is what a married couple should look like, then I’m an astronaut. They don’t even hold hands or sit really close to each other on none of the photos.

  • sas

    Even in all the others when they are smiling, its at something else and not eachother. Do they even look at eachother?! I can see her looking at him, but he he doesn’t look at her once…perhaps its cos she looks so different, maybe he doesn’t recognise her!

  • mrs. robinson

    Thanks for the picture. They make such a cute couple.

  • Yup

    @sas Dude, 24 photos, It’s not like we have a two hours video. They look happy.


    @sas He’s a guy. Most guys have only eye for the game! And I hope you’re kidding about doesn’t recognizing her. But she does look different though, can’t tell exactly what is is.

  • Damnnn

    Jensen looks hott. But Danneel looks UGLY.
    Her face almost looks frozen.

  • Casey

    She looks so different in the face, I think she’s either gained some weight(and by no means is that me calling her fat or anything) or perhaps she’s pregnant. In thee bigger picture you can see the baggyness of jer top and there appears to be a small bump. Now that could be the zip from her jeans/just a fold in the fabric but maybe she is. I’ve never really thought they look couple like, but how can you tell happy/sad from a couple pictures. It’s a micro second of time. You can smile and it be a lie and you can look upset but it be about something else not just the person you’re with.

  • J&D needs some love

    God, I don’t get all the hate she gets! Seriously, can somebody tell me why you all hate her so much? Have you even watched an interview with her? She’s amazing, and perfect for Jensen. Their personalites are the same. And she’s BEAUTIFUL. She’s barely wearing make-up, and still looks amazing. Which is the way it should be, by the way.

    And why is she looking so different to people? She’s not old red headed Rachel Gatina anymore, people! She was born as a brunette, and now she’s a brunette. She’s on a new show, and Danneel never liked her red hair. It’s her choice. And botox, seriously? This is one picture out of 24! And maybe the phtographer just picked the wrong times to take pictures.

    And people who don’t say they look happy: screw you. Look at the other pictures. And they always look happy, and content and relaxed when they are together. ALWAYS! They might not be all smiles right here, but they might be bored from the game. And people don’t always have to smile! Not even couples. And when they look at each other, which they do, I can see love in their eyes. Like I always do with this couple. They ARE sitting close, and Jensen is always leaning toward her. Which is adorable, by the way. Maybe they’re not holding hands and kissing, but I’ve never got the feeling that they are that kind of couple. They are private, and they have a right to be just that.
    There are two cheerleaders in front of them, and Jensen didn’t even glance at them! They look like they love each other, and I think they do. They are my OTP. They are adorable together, and I know I’m not the only one thinking that.

    I know there are some J&D fans out there, and I need you to come out with your love, because there are so many haters. Way too many haters, actually.

  • Get Real

    @J&D needs some love:
    Holy Sh*t Batman.
    Who the hell cares of they’re your OTP??? Was that really necessay for you to share?? Do you think anyone really gives a sh*t???
    Danneel and Jensen are the most BORING couple ever and people have a RIGHT to hate Danneel. Just because she comes across as “sweet” in her interviews doesn’t mean this girl isn’t a b*tch because SHE IS.
    And most people have said how Danneel clearly seems to have gotten work done on her face. So either accept it or ignore it and STOP jumping down peoples throats!
    Its amazing actually……Jensen always seems more relaxed and comfortable when he’s not with Danneel. Sorry JD shippers……but I don’t see them making it too far as a couple. People break up everyday and these two look like they will be too. Lol

  • J&D needs some love

    @Get Real: Wow. I was just saying what I’m thinking, okay? No need to hate me for it. I don’t hate the people who hate them together, I just don’t get it. And getting job done on her face? If you look at old pictures of her, she has clearly aged. People who get their faces fixed don’t age. Yes, people have a right for their opinions, and no one has the same as someone else. I’m just saying that there are people out there who hates her, and people who loves her. My opinion is that I love her, and I do know that a lot of people think of her as a bitch. I just don’t see it.

    Let me have my opinion, because I let people have theirs.

  • lenny

    JARED!!! LAKERS LOST ACTUALLY !! get it right :(

  • lenny

    JARED!!! LAKERS LOST ACTUALLY !! get it right :(

  • Samantha

    What on earth has she done to her face? She’s ruining it. If she’s not careful with the Botox/plastic surgery, she’s going to end up looking like Priscilla Presley. Leave your face alone Danneel!

  • SaadGkhan

    they look amazing :-)

  • chill fangirls!

    @J&D needs some love:

    My brother has seen them several times in LA with their little puppy and thinks they are a cute family. *gasp* Even holding hands and laughing together. Fans over reactions are funny.

    Her face does look different but it’s HW folks and I’d Ackles has had a little touch done as well.

  • Flairfive

    He is a smoking hottie!!

  • Gilmore

    Just because somebody is not all touchy-feely with their wife/husband in public does not mean they are unhappy. Some people hate showing affection in public. Some don’t. We know nothing about what happens behind closed doors between these two, just because you see one shot of them at a Lakers game where they’re not freaking ecstatic doesn’t mean they’re headed for divorce.
    I really think Danneel looks a little older with the hair color, but she still looks gorgeous along with her husband regardless.

  • Ehsan

    Danneel had flu!! so It’s the reason she’s little different in the pics! & COME ON! who says any mean comment regarding to Danneel or Jensen is Jealous! If u don’t care about them at all why would u waste your time by posting your cm!! face it! You’re jealous! HAHA! they’re a great couple! looks happy together! there’s no issue! don’t make some issue by your sick mind!

  • Ehsan

    @Samantha: Your comment is hilarious!! I’m sorry but don’t u get the differences between some puffy eyes, tired face AND Botox?! I mean She’s totally look sick because of the flu & u say that she had some bad botox?! LOL…funny!!

  • papagoi

    @Ehsan: One helluva flu then. Has lasted now almost a year. i get that you like her, but seriously? Look at the pictures from Harold&Kumar premiere and compare those with pics from that Jennifer Lopez movie premiere for example. Yeah she had a flu called botox.

  • Dan

    They are cute together, I just adore them.
    I think in just in the photo, maybe she gained some pounds, but she still beautiful.

  • Maria

    They are så hot togheter And love jensen

  • http://@missyblaine missy blaine

    @J&D needs some love: I couldnt have said it better myself!!! I love them and the haters can just keep on hating because of their jealousness!! I love the Ackles!! They look great together! My OTP too!! :)

  • Brooklyn

    OK looking couple.

  • 8118

    He is a very attractive man with tons of charisma, she is pretty but she will never be anywhere close to him in beauty or iconicness, he has many layers to his beauty, I hope he will be an A-lister someday.

    Also would like to add that just because your skin looks pale and your eye make-up appears minimal does not mean you cannot have lots of foundation and make-up on. Look at picture of her without make-up and compare them to these, though she chooses to present a simple look to appear natural it’s very clear that she does use foundation and all that, she simply does not go over the top with eye make-up as in using bold colors, etc. If she truly went out with no make-up on the difference would be highly noticeable, just like any other celeb, people who are just as beautiful without make-up as they are with it are pretty rare. Which is why most celebs prefer to never get caught without make-up. I highly doubt she would go make-up less to an event like this. Check her face and then look at the skin on her neck, you will notice a difference.

    Another thing, just because people find she might look bad does not mean they hate her, it means she probably looks worse than usual or that she is not up to their personal preferences, it’s all a matter of taste and no one is forced to like anything. If some people find they do not have chemistry than that is true to them just as J/D fans think they do have chemistry and that is true for them. We each have our own experiences and there is no need to limit people, it’s all just different perspectives. So just relax and enjoy praising her, if that is what you like and let others do what they feel like doing! Creating negativity and pushing against things isn’t going to change anything. Live and let live!

  • papagoi

    @8118: Excellent comment :))

  • 8118

    Also, every post on this site about them has “place + the word “couple”" at the end of it, could JJ possibly come up with more creative titles for their posts? Ahahahaha

  • Happy Fan

    @chill fangirls!:
    Really? Can you tell us more about them walking together with their little dog?

  • BOO
  • Jensen & Daneel

    Daneel does look different, but I think she still looks pretty. Sow some support for the couple guys, I’m sure their a happy couple give em some love <3

  • Gloria

    WOW, I love them! Jensen is so hot and handsome,Danneel is so beautiful!They look comfortable with each other!

  • Bethany

    “Also at the game: Jeremy Piven, Denzel Washington, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, and George Lopez.”

    ALL MAJOR HOLLYWEIRD D-BAGS! Jeremy, Denzel, Adam, and George have all cheated on their wives/girlfriends. And have even slept with hookers (that’s why George’s wife just divorced him).

    Hopefully Jensen has more common sense and morals than these other celebutards. It would be so sad if he became just another statistic of being a typical Hollywood d-bag.

  • Gay Mike loves Jensen

    @ #18 who asked why some women hate Daneel so much: It’s because women are weak and insecure creatures. Why do you think some women date old men 15/20 years their senior? It’s cuz they have daddy issues and want some rusty old man to take care of them and give them money. men never go around talking crap about other men just cuz they’re dating a fine girl. It’s the opposite – they’re like what a lucky s.o.b. to be dating that hottie and they look up to them! But women like humiliating each other and bringing each other down. This is why women will always be SECOND CLASS CITIZENS. Never equal to men. Because they are so emotionally and mentally weak. It’s their own doing.

  • Ehsan

    @papagoi: I didn’t say she never had botox! I just said in these pics she looks not so good because she had flu!

  • papagoi

    @Ehsan: maybe you should go back and read what you wrote then. you were saying to samantha? that danneel had a flu not botox and can she (samantha) not tell the difference btw puffy eyes, tired face and botox. I`m sorry, maybe she was sick, I don`t know, but that she has had botox is plainly obvious. Wich is sad, since she used to be a pretty girl, now she is just… weird looking.

  • papagoi

    Oh, forgot to say that even IN THESE PICS it is obvious that she had botox, flu or no flu.

  • candy

    Beatiful and georgeous couple.
    Haters to the left.
    Some girls so jealous, it’s unbelievable.

  • http://Sophie_20101 Sophie

    Jeez Would all of yee just leave the poor girl alone !!! Does it matter what she looks like..Even if she did or did not put on weight..It doesn’t matter..Shes a beautiful Women on the inside and out…Some people Are Soo jealous of her its Very sad !! …You can tell by the pics they are happy and if you don’t your eyes may need testing..I’m happy for them both….This just goes to show that even if she only wears a small bit of make up shes still gorgeous..And who ever said she had Botox..Is defo lyin I mean Danneel Clearly Didnt need botox for one reason she doesn’t need it..Some people just need to grow up a little here !!!!!!

  • Heidi

    Can you f*ckers who clearly DON’T know how to defend Danneel and the way people are talking about her just shut the f*ck up about “well if they don’t like Danneel, they must be jealous.”
    That excuse is SOOOOOOOOOOOO ridiculous and untrue, that I feel like slapping you morons. Not everyone who hates Danneel, is supposedly “jealous” of her. I can’t stand the b*tch, and I am NOT jealous of her. Believe me. And if you still don’t believe that this hatred that people have towards Danneel has something to do with jealousy, think about it this way………haven’t you ever hated someone in your own life for a specific reason and it had NOTHING to do with jealousy?? Because its an everyday thing. You don’t need to be jealous to hate someone. And if you morons weren’t so retarded, you’d realize that.
    Danneel SUCKS and a lot of people agree, so just let it be and STOP chalking it up to “jealousy.”

  • Gilmore


    At times I do think it’s jealousy and then other times I just completely don’t get why. How can you hate someone you’ve never met or known? Sure someone could have met her for five minutes, but how do you conclude someone’s personality in a few minuets of meeting someone? Everyone thinks because if you catch someone in a bad mood or its a bad day they’re having it automatically means they’re a b*tch. I don’t know your reasons but I do wonder why this girl gets so much hate for loving she loves. Maybe you hear rumors that she’s using him or she’s a complete b*tch to him than it comes down to the fact can you always rely on rumors? Girls are always b*tching out on other girls like their in High School. I am in high school and never get into that drama yet it makes me wonder why were always attacking another women for stupid reasons. Why can’t we be mature instead of making situations into a real life Mean Girls story? If at fourteen I can come to the conclusion that making someone feel like sh*t isn’t going to make me feel better about myself than why can’t everybody else?