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Rachel Bilson: Teen Vogue Best Dressed List!

Rachel Bilson: Teen Vogue Best Dressed List!

Rachel Bilson runs some errands on Friday (November 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress kept it casual in a pair of jeans, a black blazer, gray t-shirt and a Chanel bag.

Earlier this week, Rachel‘s on-again boyfriend Hayden Christensen was spotted driving her car to Cravings Restaurant.

Rachel‘s style has landed her on the top 10 of Teen Vogue‘s 50 Best-Dressed Celebrities of 2010 list.

Other stars who made the cut: Alexa Chung (#1), Carey Mulligan (#3), Kate Bosworth (#4), Lea Michele (#5), and Kristen Stewart (#7).

For the full list, check out the Teen Vogue website!

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  • Aani

    style ???????!!!! EWWWWWW she’s has the worst “style” ever … her hair is ugh TRAGIC … ew ew ewwww

  • Who Does She Know…

    …ior who is she related to/sexually servicing that she gets the top of any list? Her clothes aren’t anything special and she wears the same style all the time. Its not interesting or original. But 99 percent of teenagers are deeply conforminist and unoriginal so maybe this makes sence…except the only place Bilson is ever seen is on JJ. She hasn’t held a job or worked at it for more than a week since 2006. What a presswh07ing walking tribute to HW nepotism. And thank god she successfully removed from popularity and employability that perfect example of a rotten actor, aging Hayden Christensen. Her perfect reflection and now as big a loser as she is.

  • blah

    she’s cute, and good actress

  • Saddlebag Alert

    Biggest ugliest saddlebags on fugly HW spoiled entitled ‘princess.’ Total loser.

  • Gab

    Does Rachel Bilson still have a career? Somehow she still keeps getting her photo posted on the gossip blogs. Good publicist, bad agent.

  • gilmorie

    Her lips looks like its newly BOTOX – makes no wonder she’s gone m.i.a. for a few days. And now she’s back to her stable job – being a mediahO.

  • Annie

    “Runs errands” = JJ code for “Strolling along after I just called the paps trying to make it look like I’m some sort of celebrity doing important celebrity things when actually I’m doing bugger all”

  • ck

    Isn’t see around 29 or so? When do you stop being associated with “teen” things?

  • monreal

    A major AVALANCHE!!!
    These pictures badly need one.

    p.s. Makeup should be her BFF. She looks old and haggard if she’s not wearing one..

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    ….ahahahahaha …comical.

  • Anne

    These photos are from this past September 17…..

  • juniper

    She’s just like a fungus that keeps on sickly lickin’ & stickin’!
    And it looks like that she’s back now at JJ’s employment agency… on a talentless &/or hardly-employed category.

  • http://twitter annie

    i love ur comments i am laughing and i agree,greasy haired smelly talentless actress. hayden wake up she smells

  • what

    rachel DOES have good style! she’s amazing! but these pics are not even new? this was back in september:

  • Kim

    How come her rep has no problem confirming or denying if she dated Chance Craqford but not this latest rumor about being with HC again?

    She’s making herself look like his little fool by not addressing this rumor.

    It’s odd that no one has even bothered to contact her reps about this rumor. Why not?

    I get the feeling HC has issued a gag order on her to “teach her a lesson”, How Dare She Demand He Set a Due Date For Their Wedding! He’ll show her! If she expects even the basics in terms of respect that any man would give a woman they loved then they will spend a season apart. Man, he’s got her whipped and wrapped around his finger.

  • simone

    We missed her

  • TPL

    Oh, she denied the rumor because she did not want Hayden to think she had a new guy…what a mistake that was.

    She’s just keeping away a vast number of potential mates by keeping this latest rumor alive. if they are not dating then she should tell the world.

    If they are dating then Hayden and her should want to shout it from the roottops,that is what people in love do.

    They are not not acting like people in love, they are acting like two sexual co-dependents who can’t manage to extract themselves from a bad relationship…

    When a woman sleeps with a man her ocytocin levels go through the roof. That hormone is the ‘bonding hormone’ that bonds mother and child for life, and it bonds women to a man during sex. * Men don’t have this reaction to sex, women do. *

    Rachel needs to ask herself if she wants to chemically bond to a man who is not her husband and who has his sights on another woman. If she does then she will be obsessed with Hayden and not be able to experience real attraction towards other men.

    If she’s smart she will trust her gut, stay away from HC so she can go through withdrawal and ‘unbond’ and the be free to experience attraction to other men.

  • juniper

    Nevertheless or whatever – old or new pics… JJ would always be a dutiful & diligent employee to his once-in-blue-moon & all-media-driven hacktress employer.

  • jo

    WOW! That is pretty sneaky of you JJ–saying she is running errands the day after Thanksgiving and the pictures are from September!? Just Jared I usually trust, but this is bad!

  • what

    @Kim: she hasn’t commented on it becuz it’s true, duuuuh

  • Sara

    Rachel’s reps denied she was dating Andy Samberg and Chase Crawford. Rachel’s rep also confirmed to that “they have not and are not dating”, when Wonderwall asked if she was dating Jake Gyllanhall. Jake’s rep said “these reports are false”. Rachel’s rep is the one that said the engagement was off in August. Rachel was very clear when she denied dating someone. Rachel has not denied the rumors of dating Hayden again, and Hayden did not deny them when he was asked in that video from Nov. 11th, just said he “didn’t want to talk about it”. That is more than Hayden said about their breakup,which was nothig at all. They obviously do not mind people thinking they are working on their relationship again. And what person borrows their ex finacee’s car to drive around town? Or would rent one that looked exactly like Rachel’s car? That would be a great way for people to think they are not back together, lol! Hayden and Rachel obviously are okay with people thinking they are back together, its some of their fans that have a problem with it.

  • Sara

    One good influence Rachel may have is that since Hayden got to LA at the end of September, he has not been seen smoking in public, like he was seen in August. He was seen smoking in public back in June at that fashion thing he took his grandmother to, shortly after Rachel stopped wearing the ring. I’m not saying he doesn’t smoke anymore, just that he isn’t seen doing it in public as much as when they are together. He was seen in Rio smoking at his hotel balcony, but that was where he was staying. Maybe smoking is one of their “issues” they are woking on. Hayden has stated he has tried to quit in the past, hope that he does quit someday.

  • crapshack

    She’s not back, she’s just stuck in the gutter.
    But na-ah… not yet… not yet enough media hype from their latest pr stunt as Jake & Taylor are still heating up the tabloids than them
    So the best thing you could do Crapchel for the meantime is, “open up your mouth… then stick your foot inside”!

  • http://hel Kate

    Oh so he smokes behind closed doors, and you do see him smoke in public just when then paps catch him in the act. Doesn’t mean she has anything to do with it or why you don’t see him with a cig in his mouthy at all times,. Sure she won’t have the pr agent confirm or deny this hook up or back/ hook up bc she needs his name association for her own personal gratification. The other men were denied by the actors ppl, her rep made comments after the others denied it or she would have not spoken up otherwise. Now unless she is striking similar poses my guess she is again playing fans for fools and allowed her agent to release via JJ old pics of her walking around town to make ppl think she is important.. This or JJ printed out the wrong picture and didn’t notice it. She is a loser plain and simple and HC seems to follow the leader here too bad for him he could find someone who would help his career and not drowned it in quick sand.

  • Brightside

    Teen Vogue! Says it all really…a magazine whose target audience is twelve to fifteen years old. An age group not known for their fashion sense (I’ve seen the way they dress their Barbie dolls! Not good!) or any kind of sense really. It’s rather sad to think that the only age group who find Bilson’s fashion exciting are ones who are still minors and still have so much growing up to do. Still it exemplifies Bilson’s style perfectly….that of an immature thirteen year old.

  • whodie

    Please no more close-up w/ her; she just looks like a “praying mantis with a down syndrome: upclose … yeeesh!

  • jacinth

    @ Rachel Bilson: Teen Vogue Best Dressed List!

  • Tia

    STOP POSTING ABOUT RACHEL BILSON! We get it, she pays you to post about her. It’s the most pathetic thing ever on both your parts.

  • Cecil

    another talentless loser, enough

  • Leslie

    She deserves to be in Teen Vogue’s top ten best dressed. I love her style and fashion sense. She seems like a sweet person too and I like seeing her posts here and everywhere else.

  • laverdadduele

    WOW! What a great accomplishment…NOT! Stop posting about this loser.

  • Cellulite Butt + Saddlebags

    She looks like an insect with a fat ugly butt and saddlebags. Also boring style, so boring she appeals to spoiled rich middle school girls, who aren’t old enough for high school. Can’t wait to see pics of her and fiance Hayden who used to have the same spoiled rich middle school girls as fanbase with addition of little elementary school boys but that was 10 years ago. Both so well past it they can’t get hardly any work at all. She is huge well known presswh073.

  • uhf

    stay away from hayden you b1tch

  • Don’t Be A Bully

    @Cellulite Butt + Saddlebags:

    Well of course you have to say stuff like that about them because you are a disgruntled fan-atic. Normal people don’t say things like that.

  • @uhf

    She can’t stay away from Hayden, she lives in LA. Maybe you should say that to Hayden, he seems to be living in LA now to be in her near..

  • MissAnthropica

    First of all these pictures look old. I swear these are from earlier this year. Same bag sam outfit same pose same hair same glasses.
    The damn girl can keep track of her outfits she used in staged photos anymore I think. Or the site used old photos.
    Either or.

    Not to be mean here, but a damn lightly tinted mosturizer would be a good investment for Rachel.
    Just saying,
    She is getting older at almost 30 and has to realize she isnt 22 years old anymore and her face is ageing.
    Sunblock also a good idea for any girl over 25 at the oldest to start using daily and often

    Also the pants oh all that is unholy those pants on her.
    No no no fashion no they make her look wider at the hip than the girl is and make her already on the short side legs look twice as big.
    Not a good look.
    Girl should stick with skinny jeans or nice boot cuts but never those pants again,

    Also you cant really take a fashion list seriously that has Alexa Chung ( still not that well known yet among the masses) and Kate Bosworth(not even going to go there) in their top five.

    Lea I buy into because of Glee and Kristen because of Twilight but I doubt most teenage readers would have any idea who Kate or Rachel or even Alexa and Carey Muilligan are in fact. The top five or so spots seem bought and paid for.
    You would think if you were going to have a story posted about you being amongst the ” best dresses” you would atleast make sure you had pictures to back it up with to go with the post.
    Rachel sometimes has a few good looks and other times looks like she is desperately trying too many trends that arent right for her body or skin type-color at once just so she can seem ” younger”.
    But in the end it ages her and looks anything but effortless with the daily staged photos of her.
    The blazer is black and safe so she isnt making any fashion statements there. The bag nice but safe. Shirt. tshirt and safe. Etc Etc.
    All in all a safe look except for the pants that are all wrong for her body.
    But then again maybe she had too much turkey and pie on Thanksgiving?

    Also again no sight of Hayden again hmmmmm and Rachel doesnt look too happy the day after Thanksgiving.
    Guess if these arent recycled photos and were taken actually on Friday ( which I kinda have doubts about) she didnt have much to be festive or thankful for?
    I think most people expected pics of Rachel and her ex on Thanksgiving if they ” really ” were back together and it wasnt all smoke being blown up peoples a$$e$ and just for attention.

    Well no Turkey Day pictures and a unhappy Rachel doesnt look good for the Rayden fans. Does it?
    But stay tuned in for more pr bs and no pay out in the end.

  • thisbloghatesblackafricanwomen

    You know what? this is crazy so bad that i had to post which i like never do…this worthless white bitch is almost a never was instead of being a hasbeen….just another dumb white bitch who this stupid blog posts about like everyday…..if this were a black woman she would be insulted constantly like worse than halle berry for being nobody and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORTH TALKING ABOUT!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh please the readers of Teen Vogue don’t even know who this loser is!!!

  • TPL

    If she’s not denying they have started “working things out” then it’s because Hayden has her too afraid to comment for fear he will disappear for another few months. It’s not for publicity. It would garner her more publicity to confirm the rumor if it’s true or to deny it. But to say nothing at all is boring regardless of what H tells her and how often he posts on here to imply the contrary.

  • TPL

    Rachel needs to realize that if HC was willing to put me off for literally years until I came around and did things his way then he’s perfectly capable of ignoring her for months on end until she takes him back. A few months of separation for Hayden is easy.

    He’s totally indifferent because he’s got tons of girls on the side so he can afford to keep himself sexually amused and does not miss us nearly as much as he professes to…

  • crapshack

    No wonder Crapchel couldnt get to score w/ Jake coz he like his co-showmance to be “tall, blonde, smart & most of all; got a superstar career” – all of which are all “fantasy” for Crapchel.
    So there’s nothing left for her but to just go back (as press & tabloids is/are her/their major witnesses) w/ her old sleazy flame.

  • padme

    If you call wearing your grandma’s ugly baggie jeans “stylish,” then today’s teens are more naive than I thought. Bitchinson has the worst style in HW. Why would kids (or any sensible person for that matter) want to emulate someone who is as shallow and stupid as Ratchel Bitchinson????

  • TPL is stupid

    Hayden doesn’t care enough about her to tell her what to do. Everyone saw that the last 3 years when he would never say he was even dating her and she was playing press games about being engaged months before any ring was shown. He never stopped her from showing off a ring to the press and when confronted by papparazzi he said ‘aint my ring.’ He’s not telling her sh@yt. She tells him what’s what but he ignores her. Bilson the entitled brat who gets everything she wants doesn’t make much headway with him because he’s dead passive and will ignore what he doesn’t want to deal with. He’s great at doing nothing.

  • Toodles

    okay. that’s great and all but what does she DO? her and bosworth? what do they actually do? go act or something.

  • Anna

    I was at the mall on Wed, and after seeing what teenagers are wearing these days I wouldn’t exactually call this “honor” something to brag about! Also, once again, PLEASE trim the ends of your hair Rachael!

  • LOVE Rachel! Keep posting about her Jared, it makes the haters skin crawl – I just LOVE it!!! Rachel is beautiful, sexy, smart, and talented. What are you guys? People who sit on gossip threads and bash people. Yeah, I’m talking to you “lexy hates bilson”. Speaking of you, I was just at some other sites that posted about Rachel, and you of course had a comment underneath each post, do you have some weird obsession with Rachel or something? I have never seen somebody who claims to hate a celeb so much look in to everything she does. Usually when you don’t like someone you just ignore them.

  • edith


    … is another Rachel fan who can’t stand the message because she knows it’s true and shoots the messenger instead.

  • ana

    An actress who is nearing 30 who can barely get acting work but who manages to land on the TEEN Vogue Best Dressed List.
    What an accomplishment.

  • Winter

    “Across the Blanca dining room, on-again couple Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen shared an assortment of dishes, including the Philly cheese steak.”,,20445198,00.html

  • http://hel kate

    again with the source idea please it’s as if they are having these sources give out the info in hopes to score fans.,