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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: L.A. Auto Show Couple

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: L.A. Auto Show Couple

Sophia Bush and boyfriend Austin Nichols check out the L.A. Auto Show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday (November 24) in Downtown L.A.

“Hey @AUDI , I’m so obsessed w/ my TDI that I wound up chatting w/ buyers at the LA Auto Show today. I think I sold a few,” Sophia tweeted.

“I had the best time!! I am such a car geek,” she added.

The One Tree Hill co-stars also stopped to peek inside the new plug-in hybrid electric Chevy Volt.

Full pic inside…

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sophia bush austin nichols car

Credit: Fernando Lucena; Photos: Startraksphoto
Posted to: Austin Nichols, Sophia Bush

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  • Lola

    Seems like someone has their panties in a bunch… be thankful they are taking your photo Sophia. After One Tree Hill is over, you will become a D list celebrity taking crappy movie roles. Bethany Galeotti has more going on for her then you do and she is barely in the limelight.
    Wise up doll, or you will fail just like the rest of them.

  • mary


    Wow, Joy fan bashing Sophia, shocking! Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do when this show ends and you won’t have Brooke/Sophia to blame for everything you don’t like.

    I’m sure Joy would love to have you as her fan, maybe you should go on her blog and wrote what you do for her while bashing her friend.

  • dr

    oh god he is hot!

  • Claire

    She is a great actress, I can’t wait to see what she is going to do when OTH ends. She is IMO the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, but she is more than just a beautiful face. She is smart and I love what she is doing for the environment…
    I love them as a couple, I hope they will last, they are my otp

  • Dasha

    She’s really a pretty girl

  • Alex

    I’m sorry but, he’s ugly. Sophia can do much better than him.

  • Bouba

    OMG Sophia just discover diesel, that’s ok maybe in 10 years she’ll learn that hybrid car exist too!! And they want to give lesson about protect the Earth….

  • onetreehillfanatic

    sophia bush is so pretty! thanks JJ for sharing again another pic of my favorite actress. i will always love sophia. i just hope she’ll have another movie soon. :)

  • onetreehillfanatic


    be careful dear. you dont have to bash sophia. she and joy are good friends and whatever happens after OTH, they will surely keep the friendship and will be happy for each other whoever may have more successful career. dont be so bitter. sophia is a good person. stop the negativity.

  • Arie

    Lola, Lola, Lola……you JEALOUS little b*tch.LOL
    It must make you SO jealous that Sophia gets news coverage left and right……even when its for something small. It must also kill you that Sophia has thousands and thousands of fans who adore her to death. Sophia is one woman who will NEVER dissapear from the limelight. She will always have something going on.
    I love how imbeciles think they can predict the future and all. Most people know that Sophia is actually waiting for OTH to wrap up so she can move on and do things that OTH has been holding her back from… auditioning for movies that she doesn’t have to worry about fitting around her OTH filming schedule.
    Sophia is one of the biggest and most recognized stars on the CW and as her fan….nothing makes me more happier.

  • what boyfriend?

    This showmance will end soon.

  • Kelly


  • Diva

    Can’t stand these two anymore.

  • Shana

    Then LEAVE.
    Any ways, Sophia and Austin ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    I always get the vibe that he’s a douchebag and a manwh***.

  • Chloe

    I can’t understand how a beauty like her can be with this clown

  • Mel

    Sophia is gorgeous.
    Damn…….I wish I looked like her.

  • Alison


  • Lauren

    @Lola: First of all BJG is on the Z list. No one even bothers to take her picture because NO ONE CARES. One Tree Hill (aka One Terrible Show) is holding Sophia back. She could be doing so much more if she left this show. She’s the only person in this cast that gets publicity and the only one with a chance of a career. Watch, the next thing you’ll see the other people in this cast do is quit acting and opening restaurants or something lame like that.

  • offtheproperty

    smoke weed much at car shows?

  • choupi

    The différence between BJG and SB is that Sophia ask for being followed by paparazzi, she lives for that. In the other hand, BJG doesn’t care about publicity. And for the people who won’t believe me, the last interview Sophia done, that was for gossip magazin and she doesn’t want people gossip after that! Lame and about Sophia’s lovers don’t bother reply to me, it’ll make you so happy

  • FAIL

    Austin is one big loser. The only reason people know him is because he’s constanly with Sophia. I bet when the show is over he won’t find a job. Well his girlfriend will probably find him even though he’s a terrible actor.

  • Jenna


    Yeah, that’s why he has 2 films lined up after OTH ends, I wonder what the rest of the cast will do after OTH? Austin could care less about fame, acting is his passion so if he ends up doing indie movies for the rest of his life, he’ll be happy.

    Sophia and Joy will do just fine, can’t say that for the rest of the cast. Well, except for Shantel. I’m sure she’ll continue sleeping with Mark until he gives her another project.

  • Jenna


    Yeah, that’s why he has 2 films lined up after OTH ends, I wonder what the rest of the cast will do after OTH? Austin could care less about fame, acting is his passion so if he ends up doing indie movies for the rest of his life, he’ll be happy.

    Sophia and Joy will do just fine, can’t say that for the rest of the cast. Well, except for Shantel. I’m sure she’ll continue sleeping with Mark until he gives her another project.

  • Lola

    Oh her and BJG are such good friends… YEAH OKAY! Ask anyone on set, the only people Sophia hangs out with and talks to ALL the time, are CREW MEMBERS! Not cast members; Joy has said to her family a lot of times it is hard to connect with Sophia because every time they talk about something, whenever Joy is wrong, or whatever, she puts her down. Sophia has to make sure she is right, and she also puts Joy down for how she talks about God. How she always prays before she makes a drastic decision.
    Sophia has a lot of balls to put someone down like that, she talks about wanting her privacy; stop having your PR team pay to have your photo taken. She got paid $2500 to have her photo taken arriving at the gym with the twilight water bottle. SHE EVEN TOLD THEM HER LOCATION! She tells these people all the time! Why do you think whenever she comes home, you dont have photos of her because she has to CALL them! She isnt famous, she has been in a crappy tv show, even crappier movies.. Yeah I can see her doing shit when this show is done.
    She will be doing everything for the “environment” She is 28 years old, doesnt see kids in her future because her mom and dad will not let her have kids without being married.
    But Sophia is the perfect person; I am not just a BJG fan, I am also a Sophia fan but to see and read the things that I have read. I lost respect for her.
    To get paid to have your photo taken, to not even hold conversations with your cast members. To saw that you miss Hilarie Burton and you talk to her, BULLSHIT! You didnt even call her, email her or text her about her child. You were so happy when Chad and her got the boot because you got paid a HELL OF A LOT MORE! She gets paid $80,000 an episode and she HATES this show!

  • Adrianna

    I already knew she’s a bitch, but thanks for reminding me again!

  • Jenna


    LMAO…let me guess you are part of Joy’s family? Give me a break.

    And for the record, everyone on that show, from cast to crew were happy when CH left

    Don’t act like only Sophia got raise, Joy and James did too. That’s the ONLY reason why they decided to stay for 2 more seasons, not because they love this show. It’s painfully obvious, they are all over it and can’t wait for the end.

  • alex

    If you don’t like her..That’s fine but don’t come here talking bullsh*t about her and get a life!

  • brookies

    she is great person….i belive in it…

  • angie

    I’d like to know how you can learn everything you say (I’m
    sure it’s wrong because you do not live with her, you’re not on the
    set, you do not know who she called or not …)

    You also say “I’m Sophia’s fan that we should say that you’re objective
    but it is clear that you hate her and you’re a fanatical fan of Joy
    or fan of Brucas fanatical has not supported that Sophia don’t likes
    this fictional couple

    She argued Joy when people have stolen her sonogram, she sends
    tweets and Joy even said, speaking of girls, including Sophia
    they were amazing on his twitter. And Sophia is in contact with
    other members or former members via twitter and leave messages
    really cute so are you saying it’s crap!

    In short, it makes me laugh to see people mad thinking about all that
    happening in a celebrity’s life, her relationships, her pay, …

  • Adrianna

    Please, speak in English!

  • yep

    sophia is beautiful!

  • D


    Well Lola its seems that you have nothing in your time to do then to bash someone you barely know. I know i am on here so i dont need a really stupid comeback on how i am on here to Blah Blah Blah. That girl got stuff going for her, she already has a new show that she will be on right after this one, and if its not work, she’s got all her project in helping the environment and the saving animals etc. A lot of people are famous just for that. Shes a person who doesn’t revolve her life around her work, she does it around her family, and friends. She is passionate about her work and what she does, You never know she may have gotten lots of offers, she just didn’t like the way the show was or who her character was going to be. So for you to judge someone you dont know that is wrong, and kinda shows what kinda human being you are. And, i dont need you to comeback at me saying “well you dont know her either” because i dont, i am just stating my opinion, like you have the right to state yours. But i also have the right to reply back to your opinion. Maybe you should grow the hell up and stop acting like where all in F-ing middle school.

  • BOO
  • Tom

    he is one ugly dude.

  • Dana

    Oh boo hoo. Get a fcking life Lola.
    God knows where you got your so called “information” from but you couldn’t be more wrong, even of you tried. I usually never comment on these sites, although I do occasionally read up on them here and there. But after seeing your pathetic summary about what you “think” you know, I just knew I had to say something.
    First of all, I live in Wilmington and I was born in this very town. I’ve known this cast for the past 8 years, ever since they started filming here and I’ve been lucky enough to extra on the show a handful of times. And to top it off, my uncle is a part of the OTH crew so I know all kinds of information.
    Don’t bother pitting Sophia and Joy up against one another. Joy and Sophia have differing views on some things, Yes. But so do most people. Because the fact is, that they ARE friends and they do care about one another.
    Sophia does have very strong opinions on somethings, but she never puts people down for thinking a certain way or thinking differently from her. The only time she’s ever done that was with the whole Brucas topic, which is just pointless to talk about. However, when it comes to topics about God, religion, etc. she respects everyone and everything. And that’s one of the many things a lot of people admire and love about Sophia.
    And as someone who’s been on the OTH set and knows people that work on the set, Sophia gets along with everyone and they all love her. And I don’t know where you got the whole “Sophia only talks to crewmembers BS” because it’s a fact that she is always hanging out with her cast mates including Jana, Lee, Daphne, etc.
    As for the PR thing…..this is Hollywood after all babe. It’s the way the town works. However, believe it or not, the paps DO know who Sophia is and when ever they recognize her, they run to take her picture. In fact, those close to her know, that she had 2 different stalkers in LA last year who were paps and who would follow her around everywhere and she even tried getting them to leave her alone. Is she Angelina Jolie? No. But she IS famous. I know there are plenty of actors in Hollywood, including those who work on her show, who would love to get even half of the attention and recognition that Sophia gets.
    So if I were you, I’d think twice before I listened to what other people have told you or tell you. It’s a known FACT(in fact the cast and crew of OTH are even aware of this as well) that the OTH fanbase is psychotic and there are plenty of people in this fanbase who have strong hatred for particular cast members, and so make it there mission to make up lies and rumors about the actors and make other people listen to them and buy into it. So DON’T believe every thing you hear or read because about 95% of it is all pure bullshit. And if the OTH cast and crew ever read what you wrote, they’d be sitting there laughing at your little “story” as we speak.

  • Kelly

    Sophia is he most beautiful woman in the world. Haters need to stfu and gtfu! IMO Sophia is a better actress than joy. Yep, there I said it, now go away, Haters.

  • Jamie

    Lauren, she’s the only one who gets publicity because she’s the only famewhore on the cast. The rest of them don’t care and Joy could care less about being in the spotlight. She’s having a baby and she’s got her restaurant, the Notebook musical, her band with Everly, her production company, etc. to focus on. She doesn’t need the publicity. Sophia does, because she’s a horrible actress who screws all her male co-stars because she can’t keep her legs closed. Those are the facts.

  • Jamie

    Jenna, James will be more than fine when this show ends as well. He’s had his own production company for 8 years, he’s been the president of SportsArc for the past 2 years and is an executive producer on every single one of their projects in development or in production, he co-wrote one of those projects with Brendan as well, he’s released documentaries through his production company through film festivals in NC. His career will be absolutely fine when the show ends. Sophia’s the only one who needs crappy movie roles, because she can’t actually act whatsoever.

  • Jamie

    Oh please, Kelly. Joy acts circles around everyone on that cast, ESPECIALLY Sophia. Sophia can’t act to save her life. Her crying especially is so god damn fake, it’s not even funny. It’s really pathetic to watch her TRY to act on TV, because she’s so horrendous.

  • mary

    Joy fans are nothing more then bunch of hypocrites. I remember when Joy went to some event and you guys were acting like she won an Oscar, so stop pretending you wouldn’t like more exposure.
    That’s why one of OTH psychos stole Joy’s sonogram pic, you just can’t respect her privacy.

    As much as you hate to admit it, Sophia and Joy are friends and you can talk bad about her all day, nothing will change that fact.

    Because of Sophia, Joy joined twitter, crowdrise and her campaign #morefunthangossip so maybe you guys should follow her example and stop spreading negativity online.You love to brag and talk about Joy and how much you look up to her but I’m sure she doesn’t want fans who pretend to care about what she has to say and at the same time bash one of her friends.

  • lol

    all you guys are so crazy. just stfu already with the joy vs. sophia comparisons.

  • Baci


    FYI Joy had a twitter with Everly way before Sophia decided to go all preachy with it! I don’t think Joy and Sophia are best friends, but they are co-workers and maybe have some sort of tolerance. They are totally opposite. Sophia is a big mouth and she strikes me as a narcissist and Joy is sweet and soft spoken and spiritual.

  • alex

    What’s with this Joy’s talk…She’s not even mentionned in the article?! It’s about Sophia and Austin not Joy…So Joy fans and haters need to go away and wait till Jared mention her in one of his post!

    And stop with all that hate…If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything! #loveislouder

  • Stop Living Under a Rock

    Okay so since the Joy lunatics couldn’t keep their f*cking mouths shut and felt the need to bash Sophia to make Joy, a woman who NO ONE gives a sh*t about in Hollywood except for her lameass fans, look good, I’m gonna start bashing Joy now. And Joy fans have her f*cking lunactic fans to thank for this seeing as how they felt the NEED to come into a post ABOUT SOPHIA and talk bullshit. Two can play this game b*tches and if YOU bash Sophia, we’re gonna bash Joy. This is the WAY it f*cking works.
    So now, some of you Joy fans sit there and act like Joy is a f*cking martyr who can do no wrong. Please you f*cking psychos-GET A CLUE. Joy just recently in the past few years started being a “good” girl because most people who know Joy, know exactly what kind of a sl*t she was when she used to act on soaps. She used to be a huge party girl and actually did drugs. So don’t sit there and act like she has always been a goody two shoes.
    Joy isn’t nice. Sure she has her moments where she’ll be kind or whatever. But she is KNOWN to being a b*tch to fans. And I just love the way some of her fans always tend to overlook that nasty quality of hers and then actually have the nerve to pick apart every little thing Sophia does.
    Joy has been nasty to fans time and time again and there have been more than enough times that her pig face has been downright rude to fans and has even ignored them, despite them begging her to give them a autograph after spending hours and hours outside filming locations to get a chance to say hi to her.
    And I love the way you Joy fans act like Sophia can’t act and yet pretend that Joy is some incredible actress. Give me a f*cking break you losers. If Joy was as a good of an actress as you guys say she is, then why does NO ONE outside of the OTH fan base even know who the f*ck Joy is?????????? And don’t say its because Joy doesn’t care about fame, and blah, blah, blah. Because there have been PLENTY of Hollywood actors/actresses who don’t give a sh*t about being in the public eye and just care about acting and then going straight home, yet they have still garnered attention and praise, as well as award nominations.
    Yet NO ONE gives two sh*ts about pathetic little Bethany Joy expect for her lunatic fans who believe that if they bash Sophia, it will automatically make Joy a “great” actress. If Joy was such a “great” actress, you wouldn’t have critics and bloggers raving about Sophia being the only good thing about OTH and only watching for her and nor would every one think of Sophia Bush when the topic of OTH comes up. It all comes down to Sophia and f*cking LOSERS like Jamie who just went on a obnoxious and hilarious rant about Sophia supposedly not being a “good” actress, can’t accept the fact that Sophia Bush f*cking does an awesome job on OTH, so instead, they feel they need to bad talk Sophia while putting Joy’s lameass up on a pedestal.
    Some words of advice, GROW THE F*CK UP.
    I would have never bashed Joy if you f*cking losers didn’t come into a post about SOPHIA, and bash her to hype up Joy. But seeing as how you did, this is what you get. So from on, go ahead and continue bashing Sophia but just know that every time you do, Sophia fans will bash Joy. You wanna act like immature 5 year olds??? Then so be it.
    PS…..this ISN’T the last you’ve heard of me. Continue acting like stupid little morons, and we’ll keep dishing it out.
    Second, I also LOVE the way you losers waste SO much time talking about someone you claim to dislike. I mean……Sophia MUST be doing something right. Especially since she has you losers whining about her left and right.

  • lol

    ^^^^ you are a psycho.

    again just stfu already with the joy vs. sophia comparisons.

  • lol

    enjoy the snow, get ready for Christmas, call your family members, give your mum a kiss.

    why are you people wasting your time talking nasty about these lovely women? this is polluting your minds.

  • …..

    I’m sick of that nasty w h o r e and her ugly ass bf!

  • Stop Living Under a Rock

    Thank you for that wonderful little speech.
    I just responded to what two/three idiots in this post were dishing out. Whether they choose to STFU and stop trashing one person to make there favorite look good, is entirely up to them.
    Lets wait and watch.LOL

  • Baci

    @Stop Living Under a Rock:

    You are a psycho and wow you must either be Sophia or somehow related to her for being so defensive. Your post made me have a good laugh though potty mouth. Wow gutter trash that you are!!!! Real classy you obsessive stalkier fan. I bet you sleep with a picture of Sophia under your pillow,