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Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Nashville Coffee Shop

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Nashville Coffee Shop

Taylor Swift spends some more time with her rumored new beau Jake Gyllenhaal at Fido over the Thanksgiving weekend in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 20-year-old country star was spotted popping into the local coffee shop with Jake, 29.

Earlier this week, Taylor and Jake also grabbed some warm drinks and celebrated Thanksgiving together in New York City.

The two visited Park Slope’s Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn for some lattes and were “super nice,” sources exclusively told

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# 1

cute couple!

# 3

i think there quite cute together, but they seem like a weird couple idk lol

# 4

Do not want.
You can do better, Jake.

# 5

I love them but not together!!

# 6

That is so awkward !
Just lost my respect for Jake.

# 7

omg it’s true

# 8

weird couple :/

# 9

jake say it ain’t true!!

Hm, odd couple…

showmance @ 11/27/2010 at 4:44 pm

Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, he doesn’t f*ck Taylor Swift – he just needs publicity and straight image.

he’s pulling this **** for publicity for his movie coming out this weekend….der!

I think the opposite, I guess they make a cute couple.!

Jake, nooooo!

Oh wow! Photographic evidence this time! Now that’s more like it.

But really, isn’t it at all possible that they are hanging out simply as friends? It’s not like they’re making out here.

eh…i like her knitted hat…anyone know where it’s from?

Sorry. Like them both separately but not as a couple whatsoever.

@Sky: The post said they were in New York a couple of days ago and now they’re in Nashville. The most logical explanation is that Jake’s people set this up to boost his new movie.

publicity = $$$ @ 11/27/2010 at 4:52 pm

@Sky: They are hanging out like closeted gay actor and professional beard – Taylor Swift faked relationships with Joe and Taylor L too.

He is too old for her. He is about to turn 30 and she just turned 20. He needs to find a woman and leave this girl alone.

@Sky: You really think he would go to Nashville over the Thanksgiving weekend just to hang out with her as a friend? SERIOUSLY?

hmmm.. D IN D @ 11/27/2010 at 4:54 pm

I laugh when people call Taylor INNOCENT. This girl is not innocent. An innocent 20 year old wouldn’t be able to pull a 30 year old guy. Plus she was with John Mayer too.. yeah innocent.

Mylie Cyrus was too brazen and but her none innocent self out there too in your face.. but I have a feeling Taylor is just as brazen. She is just smart enough to cover her tracks. She has been in more relationships then Mylie yet MC is called a tramp.

Wake up people. She is a vixen and a lot more MATURE then people may want to think..

Kanye was an idiot.. but Taylor as he said rode that drama to the top. She is a smart cookie.. Jake better watch his back. He is not playing with a kitten.. She is a full blown CAT.

bubblegumyo @ 11/27/2010 at 5:00 pm

UGH WTF! this is disgusting. He looks like that he is Taylor’s uncle. No offense. JAKE GO FIND A GIRL AROUND YOUR AGE. YOU SEEM LIKE A PEDO.

Perplexed @ 11/27/2010 at 5:03 pm

Sorry, but he sure is ugly.

he;s gay people. calm down.

Ok that’s it, I’m definitely done with Jake and I am never watching any of his movies again. He just proved what a perv and scumbag he is.

@Jonda: Just throwing in the idea, that’s all. It’s possible that it’s more than that but then again its also possible that its a PR thing.

anonymous @ 11/27/2010 at 5:08 pm

He made a better couple with Reese!!!!!!!!!!

retrobanana6 @ 11/27/2010 at 5:09 pm

i like taylor and i like jake (love jake even……) but i don’t like this couple not one bit. and i agree i think taylor knows exactly what she is doing…she knows how to attract the men.i guess i think jake can do better…

@Bryson: BUT yet, she’ portryaed as “America’s Virginial Sweetheart”!!!!!!!!!!!!

@hmmm.. D IN D: u are totally right.Taylor has had 4 boyfriends in the past two years..two of them are above 25.yet she’s so innocent.miley has had only two boyfriends,she even dated liam for over a taylor’s relationships even last!by this time next year she’l get another boyfriend thats probably 35..dont have anything against her and jake..cant wait for her to rhyme jake and

Jake is gay, this is just a front. What’s with Taylor and gay dudes anyway? First Lautner and now Jake.

So Jake is introducing Taylor to his family and she is introducing him to hers. Sounds real and serious to me. I bet his niece just loved meeting Taylor! She is a fine young woman, a great catch. He knows what he wants and he’s old enough to make up his own mind. Why all the haters? Jealous cause they are young and in love? Get a life!!!!!!

I kept trying to tell everybody this was true and it is! Jake will go on tour with Taylor next year and they will probably get married in France.

What an ODD couple.

Never saw him in Nashville while dating Reese. Wonder if he ever met her parents? He definitely has a type. Blonde and from Nashville.

Trust me, when I say Jake is gay! This is all a publicity stunt set up by their publicist. She may be his *** hag. LOL But, they both are promoting things right now. Seriously, think about it.. Jake could have any girl or guy in the world. Do you actually think he would settle for Taylor Swift. No offense to her, but she is not the best looking thing in the world.

Look this coffe shop up.. it’s gay popular!

She is just a young little girl, especially the last person he dated was Reese W.

sunflower @ 11/27/2010 at 5:29 pm

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Go Taylor, go Jake!
give all support

Wow. They sure like apples,ice cream and now two coffee shops. I really don’t like them as a couple. Did you notice all of the dates are staged. Picking apples, then they had to have help picking out ice cream, and then again picking out coffee beans and on this last one in Nashville they didn’t tell us. Was it just for PR????

Jake is a pathetic closet case that would do anything to be a big star. He is always using more famous women to try and pull himself up from the D list.

Too bad for him nobody buys his phony image and nobody is buying tickets to his movies.

What a loser.

I guess he likes her boyish figure

I just finished seeing his Love and Other drugs and think that he and Anne would make a great couple. I hope this is nothing serious. That they are just hanging out.

she’ll be going on tour soon, unless Jake is going to be following her all over the place,

well my good feeling about Jake just fell like a rock.

I feel bad about all the haters. She is adorable, sweet and Jake is equally as talented and seemingly nice and down to earth. With that, what’s the big deal? if two nice and talented folks with busy schedules who can relate to the pitfalls of fame are having fun, then let them!
two thumbs up for me….

I like them both and wish them luck for however long this lasts. Jake definitely has a type.

what the fack Jake ??? WHAT THE FAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK??????? Get rid of that LAME hillbilly queen!!!!!!!!

I don’t like either one of them and together they are really awful. Jake is a terrible actor and Taylor can’t sing.

This girl has been portrayed as America’s virginal sweetheart.. but she get around ALOT!!!!!!!!! what a S>K>A>N>K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eatyourheartout @ 11/27/2010 at 5:59 pm

meri- maybe they are just nice people?

maggie gyllenhaal certainly is gonna get it, if this does not work out. lol.
good luck taylor and jake!

i’m sorry but this is just not news! Even if I did read it LOL

The couple is definetely odd but nothing that we can’t live with.
I mean, if they care about each other and make each other happy I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be together.

i have no idea what to think of this couple

@uju: actually i have never heard taylor ever talk about her current love life. she always changes the subject. smart young lady!

I don’t think it will last but stranger things have happened.

Sorry Jake but all your taste is in your mouth.

gosh! You people are just mean.


This is the most random and horrific hookup ever.

This is the most random and horrific hookup ever.

NOT A SKANK @ 11/27/2010 at 6:13 pm

Every date that Swift goes on becomes public news. So she dated 4 guys in one year. Sounds like a normal 21 year old to me. She is looking for Mr. Right. Why should she stay with a guy if he’s not right for her? She is a great role model for young girls and I wish her and Jake all the happiness in the world.

Jake better watch himself. Next thing you know Taylor is gonna be releasing 10 songs about him and how he did her wrong and blah, blah, blah. Her songs are cute but her albums all seem to be about dudes shes dated. Its getting old…get a hobbie girl

Wow – I guess it is true. I have nothing against either of them, but it just seems like such an odd pairing.

I don’t get why people say “I told you Jake wasn’t making bad decisions, it’s just a PR stunt!” That’s just as bad, if he would agree to fake a relationship like this to get his name in the tabloids instead of letting his work be judged alone.

how has she dated 4 guys??! she date Jonas in ’08+ Lautner more recently??

Jake +Taylor =untalented babies coming…cute but untalented…Taylor should go by Taylor G from now on,,,haha

No. Taylor please stay single, I LOVE YOU!:(

Noooo, I’m so jealous, Jake is just so hot and funny

hmmm.. D IN D @ 11/27/2010 at 6:33 pm


John Mayer.

look she is cute, but she is not an innocent. Saying this does not make one a hater..

Jake is trying something different. He was playing husband and father for a few years now he wants to play in a sandbox.. whatever floats your boat. But he better get ready for the songs to come

This girl has man issues. It was fine in one song.. but she loves to broadcast that she will write and sing about her romances.

Jake better toe the line. He will be seen as the douche and the one that crushed her young fragile heart (gagging here)

So he is in a lose lose situation. it was fine for Tyler and the Jonas guy, but Jake is older and has had relationships with older women.

He is a fool to get involved with her.. He better buy a good raincoat. but the sh*t will be flying at him from all angles.

Duck and run Jake.. Duck and run..

Butter_Fly @ 11/27/2010 at 6:36 pm

Stay calm, people. Stay calm! He could be with someone a lot worse!

creepy, so obviously a fake couple

I really don’t like Taylor with him. He is older and you know he’s had lots of sex and is not going to settle for holding hands and making out. I could see that with Joe and Taylor L. but not Jake. I’m not really sure what his deal is but I really think he should let Taylor alone and find an older woman. I know he acts immature at times but still he’s just about to turn 30 and he’s been around. I’ve read in an article he wants to settle down and have kids. I know Taylor is long way away from that. She is only 20 and very busy with her career and touring the world for her concerts. I really hope Taylor doesn’t get her heart broken again but if she keeps hanging around Jake it’s bound to happen.

Oh Jake No, soon she will be singing some lame country song about you :(

irene olson @ 11/27/2010 at 7:45 pm

Taylor truly is a terrible singer and I am not familiar with Jake’s acting ability. He is 30 and she is 20, but guys should be five to seven years older that their woman because they are not as mature as women. Truth! Tarylor’s acting ability is as lame as her singing. She has a phenomenal publicist and has suckered the tweens and teens worldwide. Run, Jake, run!!

I just don’t get it.
What could a nearly 30 year old man have in common with a girl just out of her teens?
This just doesn’t make any sense at all.

He needs to lose that beard it makes him look way too old for her

@irene olson:

But Taylor acts 14 so she should be with a guy about 19 or 20.

Rude People! @ 11/27/2010 at 8:08 pm

Just because your love life may not be that great, it doesn’t mean that other people can not find love. Jake and Taylor are adorable. I say if they like each other, too heck with what other people think.

American’s VIRGINAL sweetheart? Are you crazy, John Mayer’s already tapped that! Jakey poo is getting sloppy seconds at best. Already stretched out from Big John. The only thing is he looks like her 40 year old uncle and she looks like his 14 year old niece. A bit creepy but like I said an older man has already been there so no biggie. She’s close to one of Reese’s daughter’s age that he was playing daddy to so that makes it awkward too.

People are just plain mean. God, it’s their life let them live. They’re both classy and nice people so if their happy let them. There are so many couples there in Hollywood who has a huge age gap too. Don’t see the problem with them.

Although if jake wants a family he may need to wait longer cause Taylor will be super busy her world your next year and her career comes first.

But if they’re happy, let them be.


JAKE doesnnt act like a guy in his late 20s anyway he acts like a immature brat most the time in his interviews anyway

hes only has 2 relationships heath had 5 or 6

anyway i do admit hes done better movies then Heath ever did

According to People magazine, the coffee shop is down the street from vanderbilt university. Sounds like they wanted to be seen, University coffee shops are filled with nothing but young people. Here is the person who took the picture. She calls them an “odd couple”.

@BOO: What does the late Heath have to do with any of this? Why are you even comparing what Jake & Taylor do with a man who has been deceased for almost 3 years?

@Janjan: Yeah I googled the coffee shop and it is considered a gay friendly hangout.

You girls here are such losers!

This looks confusing to me . They looks like they are wearing the same type of outfit ,when they were first photographed. except for TS’s knitted hat. Also, has she reportedly lost her curls and adopted a whole different look recently ??? .Anyway ,they are a very odd couple. if they r really dating . But if they are happy doing it it doesn’t matter.

I give it 4 months max..when she goes on tour it’s bye bye Jakey.

Who Care? @ 11/27/2010 at 9:00 pm

They are both ugly and annoying no talent hacks. I wish they would both disappear.

Maybe she can get Jake to hang around long enough to pop Kanye in the chops the next time he wants to interrupt her ……

I do not approve.

She looks like pippi longstockings and he looks like old man river

@Bwood: lol I serious don’t think Jake could pop Kanye it would be the other way around

OK doubters how many of you still think this is just PR set up by their reps? Peeps who were there at the coffe house said Taylor & Jake didn’t try to hide that they are a couple. I think they are for real and we are going to see lots more of them together. I bet Jake goes to her b-day party and she will go with him to the Artic on his. Their b -days are just 5 days apart, that’s cool I think.

well, he’s much older than her, but I think they make a nice couple… I love Taylor and I think Jake is a good actor
So, go Taylor!<3

Taylor you belong with Taylor Lautner! You guys are so cute together I hope you get back with him. Jake is too old!

ooh la la =) @ 11/27/2010 at 9:31 pm

@50cent: jake buffer then kanye LOOK!

BTW taylor could just be a friend like mary-kate was with heathcliff

jakes kinda fug but hot in bbm and brothers

Haters Suck! @ 11/27/2010 at 9:35 pm

@who care?
I wish you and the rest of the a$$holes on this site would disappear so I guess we’re both in a situation we don’t wanna be in.

She is pretty, and I like him also but them together seems too weird. Maybe it’s do to seeing him with Anne Hathaway so much to promote their movie, or him with Natalie Portman… idk they just seem like better matches. Don’t get how she goes from that Taylor kid to a 30 year old man.

@ooh la la =): Hmmm well he don’t look 2 buff in that picture with her. Still think Kanye could take him out. he kinda hot in some movies I give him that.

She’s already starting on new material for her next album….

Don't understand @ 11/27/2010 at 9:53 pm

What he sees in her? Is he going thru some midlife crisis early or something? She seems so young, even younger than she really is.

Jake is the male Jennifer Aniston. Maybe they should date!

Is this for real? Wow I would have never paired them up in a million years. They just don’t seem to go together like somethings really off. I liked her better with Taylor or even Joe. This Jake just seems so not who she should be with. Weird!

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jake must be crazy!!!!! Taylor is way too young and way too low for him!!!! there’s gonna be tons of songs about how jake hurts taylor’s tiny little softy heart.
i don’t believe this!wake up, jake!

BTW,that cofffe shop is gay popular. everybody knows jake is gay. he and heath used to be together.

The girl makes a living on writing about guys. So it only makes sense that she dates allot.

He’s fug (I mean have you looked at that face), and she has beady little mean eyes. The ick couple of the year.

Yeah was it a coincidence they just happen to go to a gay popular coffee house? Is Jakey giving clues in a somewhat subtle way? LoL I googled it like probably a lot of people did and found out it’s a gay hangout.

You can tell Taylor is a really sweet girl who is very down to earth. I used love her, however now she just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Her little girl act drives me insane. I wouldn’t find this coupling so odd if she didn’t look and act so childish. She hasn’t evolved AT ALL since she was 17. The way she talks about love, rainbows, and puppies makes me want to gag.

its nothing wrong with them dating jake and her have the same maturity level the guy said he liked the carebears on the earlyshow

and i hate how **** he is even cop ledgers fedora

She may be 20, but Taylor Swift has the mentality of a 15 year old. Cursing out her ex’s through songs. Most people leave that drama behind in high school. Taylor is a child, Jake is a man. He could do so much better.

And the pink silly band jake wears is a gift from matilda(heath’s daughter) on her birthday. there must be some reason that jake is matilda’s god father.

@Sophie: him being godfather was just a gesture, heaths REAL close friends trevor dicarlo etc were taking care of her giving her piggyback theres pap pics to prove it,but never jake.He never cared just a typical self absorbed celebrity,all the PR with reese 2weeks after ledgers death

how do u know the band is from tilda idiot

Oh I thought Jake was heaps older than Taylor. I think they are cute.

Now we know why Reese dumped the shallow creep. He’s a case of retarded development.

@to all:
jake often meets matilda’s god mother and she said jake also takes care of matilda constantly.
as for the band, if you check paparrazzi photos of jake, you’ll find out that jake was in ny the day matilda celebrated her birthday and when he got back to la, jake had lunch with matilda’s god mother. then he started wearing that pink band. who would give that band to jake except matilda? unless you think jake himself bought it.

TAYLOR SWIFT LOVER @ 11/28/2010 at 12:02 am

i think everyone is just JEALOUS becausee taylor swift is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! and i know im going to get a lot of dislikes, but im expressing my opinion. so what if she dates alot of guys? hasnt everybody? nobody that i know hasnt dated more than ONE guy.
and taylor swifts album is absolutely AMAZING. anyone who says its not is DEAF.

Odd. 30 and a 20 year old. It’s like a 9 year old with an 18 year. Yet them date, but when she makes a song about him I be the first one back. Anyway it could be just a flame. Strange.

I can see why they are together. Jake acts very immature if you just watch any of his interviews. He acts like he’s still in high school. But being almost 30 it just makes him look lame now.

you’re totally unmature and stupid just like your idol ts. i don’t think she’s pretty and i don’t like her songs either, so what?

the proof?post a link!

anyway michelle is a btch i heard she was seeking full custody of
matilda (what gilliam said).Jakes a a-hole if you look at pap pics he isnt sad at all.He’s c0cky too

Wrooong. That is SOOO Wroong. The weirdest couple ever.

I dislike Jake a lot, he seems real phony, hiding something I think. I hope Taylor screws him over. I have nothing against her and it would be great he she knocks his arrogant azz into next week.

@to all:
how could you know jake’s not sad? he has to show you that he’s sad and cry in front of you!? jake told a journalistearly this year that the reason why he didin’t say anything when heath’s gone is that he was tooooo sad to speak in public. if your brother or boyfriend was dead, could you talk in front of cameras and reporters?can you even understand what jake has gone through?
here’s the pap photo of jake and busy philips(matilda’s god mother)
btw,it has nothing to do with is already very hard for her raising a little girl on her own.

Jake gooberbear luvs candybars @ 11/28/2010 at 12:24 am

1st:Heath, then 2nd:Reeses Pieces

(but she is fug& too old for him), he shouldve kept dating heath.”Jeath”were intimate by the looks of this they were looking at eachothers crotch(5;25-5;34) through the monitors

@Jake gooberbear luvs candybars:
Yeah heath is THE ONE for jake!

I now believe Taylor and Jake are a couple..or at least dating. I don’t get the logic of people who say this is publicity for his film that’s out.. How does him dating Taylor make anyone want to go see his movie. If Taylor Swift was in it..that would make sense but she’s not and his movie is not doing well in the box office so I don’t think this is PR.

@Sweetness:I His career is going down the toliet. He just keeps making flops. Prob try to latch on to Taylor and all her money but hopefully she will screw him over big time.

lmao if you look at pap pics months after his death jakes fine
he was even shopping for lingerie with reese as if ledgers death never happened.They were not close at all Jake has plenty of his own friends that he excercise and go to games with ,3months after Heath died he played basketball with tobey,heath and him never did that.So what if he hangs with bus phillips she could be his friend,she was with reese and him.

Heath had tons of friends he was closer with joaquin phoenix,matt damon,seymour,russel crowe,paul bettany.Its irrttating that after 2rs the media never asked none of them d about heath n JUST jake who barely knows him or cares

i used to think she’s a real person.. but now.. i don’t!
i feel sorry for her..
her life seems to be staged!
weather she knows it or not.. i feel sorry for her cuz she’s selling her private life out..
celebrities don’t seem to own their lives.. they date to be talked about..and in Taylor swift’s case.. to write songs about it!
it was funny to me how all the sightings and the rumors last year ended up as songs songs.. i bet her publicist planted these rumors whenever she wrote a song about a certain situation,,
i still remember the rumors about her dumping taylor lautner.. before that there were the paparazzi pictures of their car date, then first time he ever saw her cry was the VMA, finally, her publicists made sure that a picture was snapped when she had lunch with him after the breakup, and all that is mentioned in “back to December”! “he seems happy now with his cute their breakup might be the best thing that ever happened to him!”
then there was that john mayer LA dinner sighting in January.. it says: “she was hanging on every word he says” this line ended up in a song “superman”
then there was the Nashville dinner rumor : and perez said something to the effect of “run girl”.. it was also made no secret how her mom was apposed to that relationship.. all that ended up in “dear john”..
then a “source close to Taylor” said that she’s afraid that john would dump her..and she would be devastated if he did.. i guess that’s when she wrote “haunted”.. and of course she made sure that everybody knew “the story of us” is about her encounter with john mayer @ the CMT.. ” i think he’s smart for getting out of her staged phony life”

now with this other so called relationship.. i’m sure in the future, we’re gonna hear some songs where coffee, apples, ice cream, sharing a birthday, fall, winter, leaves, snow, blue eyes, beautiful smile and beard will be mentioned!
they’re desperately trying to go public with this relationship..especially with both of them promoting their projects!
it’s funny how celebrity world works!

@to all:
no pap photo of jake&heath doesn’t mean they’re not close. someone spotted them drinking in a pub in ny. Jake was also in NY the week heath celebrated his birthday in 2006 and jake skateboarded on the road near heath’s house but he never did that before and after heath’s birthday while heath is well-known for skateboarding. so it’s obvious that heath taught jake skateboarding.
and you can’t just choose someone to be your daughter’s god father if you don’t even know him well. they must be close but hide from the public for some reasons.

@hmmm.. D IN D: everything you said makes sense!! lol. but it’s just so weird to picture.. she’s just so lanky and awkward…

for what reasons?
and you ignored what i said,jake wasnt sad if you see pa pics of him April 2008-jan2010.And i hate the prick for copying heaths hats and fedoras

that was matt damon and heath in a pub
see pictures of them heath liked matt a lot always put his arm around his shoulder.In pics of him and jake not soo much an hes distant



@DD: LOL i think she has 3 albums that has honest songs so she can write whatever she likes. people are making a big deal about it cause the subjects now are famous people. she’s still selling millions and many dig her songs so i don’t know what the problem in that.

@to all:
maybe jake and heath loved each other but they didin’t want it to be exposed to the public cuz it would have bad inpact on their career. usually a gay actor could only paly gay roles. that’s why they hided their relationship.
of course I’ve carefully looked at those pap photos(i’m jake’s big fan so i know every pics of him), and he is sad. don’t you see that jake’s smiled less since heath’s death?if you compare photos before and after that day, especially pap photos taken in 2005&2006 and photos taken in 2008&2009, you’ll see how sad jake is. jake used to laugh a lot in front of paparazzis but now he always looks like very upset and annoyed. it is obvious!!
heath did go to pub with jake and he also did hang out with matt. he could be friends of jake and matt at the same time! that’s not a paradox.

Dabooshientonhayegttrysjjjuahh @ 11/28/2010 at 1:38 am

WAKE UP america!!!! LOL

At least beyonce doesn’t act like a 15 year old.
Or make songs about how her exes dumped her.
Or throws people under the bus.

yesterday people were asking for pictures as proof that she was in Brooklyn with him..
now we got a picture..
thank you Taylor and Jake Publicists!

their not gay -__0 though

Heath fell in love with michele they had a baby
and jake was with reese

Watch the SAGaward 2006 where ledger and gylenhaal have to do a speech.Jake was very uncomfortable next to ledger cuz ledger was too close out of nervousness

Cute? Hardly. Unless everybody in the world is “cute”. Witherspoon was too old and she is too young. This will come and go. I think Jake has something wrong with him that makes marriage impossible. Gay? Or bi? Or impotent? Who knows but Jake himself. Other than that he seems like a nice guy. But even nice guys can have “defects”.

Why is everybody so in to this? People…he’s gay as a christmas tree. I’m sure everybody in the biz knows it even though he tries way too hard to hide it from us “common” folks like we don’t have brain 1. Don’t get all worked up over it, it will be over and he will move on to some other chick to hide behind.

Another oddity about Jake. For someone who is so visible and popular with the public, he doesn’t earn very much. He is never among the top earners in Hollyweird. He must make a decent salary but nothing spectacular. I wonder if most of his money goes to support his parents? He doesn’t have a lavish house (most people have no idea where he lives) and he drives around in ordinary cars. He seems to like women with lots of money, though. Like Witherspoon and this one, who made tons of money this year. Maybe his two addictions are coffee and money. LOL

@to all:
I’ve watched that vedio many times and i even have it in my ipod. they were excited rather than uncomfortable.

If Jake needs to make a hit and some money he should do a romantic comedy with Witherspoon instead of Hathaway. Tons of people would go to see that. Maybe Witherspoon doesn’t want to be seen with him any more. Who knows? What about his doing a movie with Dunst? If you remember her. Or another gay movie with some big burly stud?

Hey Jake can’t handle a real woman like Reese so he get a kid to boss around. Way to go baby!

What a cheap PR!!!!!!!! It makes Jake regarded as pervert-like.

Speak Now @ 11/28/2010 at 3:31 am

Taylor is innocent and it sickens the fans they way people rag on her. Taylor is not a tramp or a ****, end of story. If you want a ****, go look at Paris Hilton.

Weird, it will go nowhere. He is almost 30, and she’s singing about being 16.

Speak Now @ 11/28/2010 at 3:38 am

Beyonce is a talentless bimbo who uses sex to sell her image.

biggest conspiracy theory ever:
IMDB says that Jake is close to jennifer aniston
Aniston wanted john Mayer back but Taylor was in the way she asked jake for help!

just kidding!

but it’s funny how i see a similarity between jake/ taylor relationship and how mayer and Aniston first got together, odd, out of nowhere and so public!! with both promoting something at the time (it’s even the same age gap in both relationships.. spooky!)!!!.. then, they broke up, got back for the awards season.. and finally broke up shortly after their Oscars outing .. their relationship eventually ended up in his album!
now with both (taylor and jake) promoting stuff and with the award season coming closer.. they need to be noticed.. Jake more than taylor of course. i’m sure there will be an outing at some award show.. most probably the oscars.. it will be history repeating itself..
taylor swift is the female version of john mayer!
now.. i can’t wait for the drama part in the jake/ taylor showmance!

Wait wot!? this is soooo creepy. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I’ve got a bad feeling this one is gonna run and run. My estimation of him has taken a major nose dive. She comes across as so immature, even for her very young age. It’s kinda creepy. Yuck.

MangerBouger @ 11/28/2010 at 5:12 am

LOL ! It might not be true though … will see !

. . . Jake forever ! ! !


i agree… i think it’s really disgraceful that he’s with her… i like jake… but this puts him down more than a few notches in my book for sure

I can’t take it. Maybe many of you love her but an advice I would say is. No guys should ever date her. Every men should make a note of that. You break up with her, you’re dead. She’ll turn the breakup story upside down so it’ll favour her side more and everyone will just hate on you. Just remember, as ‘hmmm… D IN D’ says, she’s not innocent. I sure laugh too when people say she is innocent or a good role model, she just knows how to hide her stories. She’s smart that way. Unlike Miley Cyrus, she’s a disney star so more people would target her as they believe disney stars should always be pure and innocent, they grow up and although Miley Cyrus is taking it way too quick. She’s not that bad.

Jake, I hope you’re just friends with her, DON’T EVER TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. You’ll definitely regret it when all your fans turn your back on you because of the songs she’ll make about your breakup.

Well, perhaps, he wants to be immortalised in her next song. She like writing lyrics/songs about the men/boys in her life. This will be her next hit.

I think she has some daddy issues.

so sick of TS she is becoming a professional beard ! JG come out of the closet already!!! everyone knows . I know what he is getting out of this, wonder what she gets out of it, and why is she so afraid to date someone who is NOT gay!

Seriously Jake, WTF??? You deserve someone better. With a few pounds more. Taylor insn’t the INNOCENT girl. She was with John Mayer too … and Taylor L. that is not younger but did well to her EGO, yeah soo innocent .. She isn’t a teen girl sweetheart …. And as Kanye says, she took advantage of the **** he did. Run Jake!

Seriously Jake, WTF??? You deserve someone better. With a few pounds more. Taylor insn’t the INNOCENT girl. Plus she was with John Mayer too … and Taylor L. that is not so popular but did well for her EGO, yeah soo innocent .. She isn’t a teen girl sweetheart …. And as Kanye says, she took advantage of the **** he did. Run Jake!

laurie09080 @ 11/28/2010 at 9:54 am

She is too young for him , and he should know better. I don’t see it lasting.

He must like his ‘women’ skinny and childlike.

don’t freak out. this is just material for her next song. she needs to start dating older men so her music can appeal to an older age group. this ‘relationship’ will last as long as needed for her to get a song out of it. ever see her on a talk show, she is boring if you don’t talk about the men in her life. it’s her bread and butter, she’s got to eat. so you’ll need to calm down, this is going nowhere.

Its their business to date or not to date!

I don’t know where Heath comes into all this. He and Jake were good friends. When the director of Brothers went to see Jake at Chateau Monmont, probably in early 2007, he mentioned he saw Heath there with him, they were by the swimming pool.

Heath wouldn’t have picked Jake to be matilda’s godfather if they were not good friends. I don’t think Jake was with Matilda on her birthday because Michelle has been in London filming the Marilyn movie. Although he might have seen her when he was there recently to promote LAOD in London.

The pink bracelet was a gift from Ramona his niece NOT Matilda. He said that during an interview.

As for this Taylor thing? I think it is not going anywhere. Maybe it IS for this possible movie they might be doing together. Time will tell. She’ll be leaving on a tour in Feb, unless he is going to be following her around for 8 months this can’t serious. But I guess we’ll find out.

If he moves to Nashville and gives up his Digs in the Hollywood hills we’ll definitely know.

Jake is gay @ 11/28/2010 at 10:54 am

Jake Gyllenhaal is gay.
Pathetic idiot who thinks that bearding with Tylor Swift will get him good publicity and straight image.

Wish Taylor and Jake the best. This is not some big thing that should be made into a scandal. People’s lives belong to them and they will decide what route they take. My best to you both.

he can do better… c’mon TAYLOR SWIFT????

G0ssip Girl!: @ 11/28/2010 at 12:13 pm

Oh look! He’s bringing his daughter out for coffee!


eatyourheartout @ 11/28/2010 at 12:18 pm

I love to watch how Taylor fools everybody with her innocent immature act. Make no mistake about it- she is a smart girl. All this image she created for herself is to sell records to young people. Everybody who knows her more closely knows why she is so attractive to men. And that aint that act.

@Sophie: thats your opinion since youre some kind of brokie

@madmax: Its stupid how everyone and the media assume the were close off just being the godfather ledger only knew him for 4 1/2yrs.Heath had a life-long friend since he was 3yrs-old named trevor dicarlo he would be his #1 choice to be GFather.He only made jake cuz she was born around bbm

odd couple! , cant stand these two , come on jake u can do mush better than this go find a girl in ur age that’s disgusting!!!!!!!!!

come on Jake! you’re too hot for her! plus ughh she’s just gonna write a stupid song about him being too old for her or something on her next album
sooo tired of her pretending to be so sweet and innocent

Maybe he’s in Nashville because he’s gonna be in her new music video??? Just an idea.


Jokergurl @ 11/28/2010 at 2:33 pm

Odd couple, I think she’s too young for him, then again she might be mature beyond her years but her songs don’t really convey that. Who knows, we certainly don’t. Nice amateur cell phone shot. I wonder if the snapper got paid?

Disgusting @ 11/28/2010 at 3:42 pm

Jake is proving what a loser he really is. His recent movies are big flops and so is he. They both look like they need a shower too.

Jake why don’t you go cruise some jr high while you’re at it? Maybe you could find a date there too.

I thought Jake was 35 . He looks a lot older than his years.
Since he’s only 9 years her senior I guess the pairing is ok.

@Suprised: It wouldn’t be so bad if she acted like a mature 20 or 21 yo but this girl acts like she’s 14. But Jake acts immature too and no excuse for him he’s almost 30 and just makes him look stupid. The more I hear and read about him in interviews the more I dislike him. He needs to grow up.


NO, NO!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t get all the people who don’t see that this is a virginity thing.

so fake and phony @ 11/29/2010 at 12:54 pm

Jake Gay Idiot Gyllenhaal makes me sick.

something is just not right ! kinda gross

I always thought something was weird about this guy and now he’s really creeping me out. He really looks like a pedo and she looks like high school jail bait. I don’t think she’s a virgin, John Mayer already streched that, but maybe she’s got creepy jake fooled and he’s wanting to pop it. Just so icky and sick……he’s sooooo creepy.

Wow Jake looks really OLD like he’s taking his little girl out for ice cream.

Taylor Swift is not a hoe she can date whoever she wants she is and ADULT and so is Jake they can do what they want so get over it all that matters is that they are happy

Always says a lot when a grown man prefers the company of a child.

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