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Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Nashville Coffee Shop

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Nashville Coffee Shop

Taylor Swift spends some more time with her rumored new beau Jake Gyllenhaal at Fido over the Thanksgiving weekend in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 20-year-old country star was spotted popping into the local coffee shop with Jake, 29.

Earlier this week, Taylor and Jake also grabbed some warm drinks and celebrated Thanksgiving together in New York City.

The two visited Park Slope’s Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn for some lattes and were “super nice,” sources exclusively told

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200 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Nashville Coffee Shop”

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  1. 76
    Vesper Says:

    Oh Jake No, soon she will be singing some lame country song about you :(

  2. 77
    irene olson Says:

    Taylor truly is a terrible singer and I am not familiar with Jake’s acting ability. He is 30 and she is 20, but guys should be five to seven years older that their woman because they are not as mature as women. Truth! Tarylor’s acting ability is as lame as her singing. She has a phenomenal publicist and has suckered the tweens and teens worldwide. Run, Jake, run!!

  3. 78
    huh Says:

    I just don’t get it.
    What could a nearly 30 year old man have in common with a girl just out of her teens?
    This just doesn’t make any sense at all.

  4. 79
    Jose Says:

    He needs to lose that beard it makes him look way too old for her

  5. 80
    JD Says:

    @irene olson:

    But Taylor acts 14 so she should be with a guy about 19 or 20.

  6. 81
    Rude People! Says:

    Just because your love life may not be that great, it doesn’t mean that other people can not find love. Jake and Taylor are adorable. I say if they like each other, too heck with what other people think.

  7. 82
    Janjan Says:

    American’s VIRGINAL sweetheart? Are you crazy, John Mayer’s already tapped that! Jakey poo is getting sloppy seconds at best. Already stretched out from Big John. The only thing is he looks like her 40 year old uncle and she looks like his 14 year old niece. A bit creepy but like I said an older man has already been there so no biggie. She’s close to one of Reese’s daughter’s age that he was playing daddy to so that makes it awkward too.

  8. 83
    Rach Says:

    People are just plain mean. God, it’s their life let them live. They’re both classy and nice people so if their happy let them. There are so many couples there in Hollywood who has a huge age gap too. Don’t see the problem with them.

    Although if jake wants a family he may need to wait longer cause Taylor will be super busy her world your next year and her career comes first.

    But if they’re happy, let them be.

  9. 84
    BOO Says:


    JAKE doesnnt act like a guy in his late 20s anyway he acts like a immature brat most the time in his interviews anyway

    hes only has 2 relationships heath had 5 or 6

    anyway i do admit hes done better movies then Heath ever did

  10. 85
    Janjan Says:

    According to People magazine, the coffee shop is down the street from vanderbilt university. Sounds like they wanted to be seen, University coffee shops are filled with nothing but young people. Here is the person who took the picture. She calls them an “odd couple”.

  11. 86
    amanda Says:

    @BOO: What does the late Heath have to do with any of this? Why are you even comparing what Jake & Taylor do with a man who has been deceased for almost 3 years?

  12. 87
    JD Says:

    @Janjan: Yeah I googled the coffee shop and it is considered a gay friendly hangout.

  13. 88
    jj22 Says:

    You girls here are such losers!

  14. 89
    Kitty Says:

    This looks confusing to me . They looks like they are wearing the same type of outfit ,when they were first photographed. except for TS’s knitted hat. Also, has she reportedly lost her curls and adopted a whole different look recently ??? .Anyway ,they are a very odd couple. if they r really dating . But if they are happy doing it it doesn’t matter.

  15. 90
    ooh la la =) Says:

    gylenhaal and ledger lovestory

  16. 91
    courtney Says:

    I give it 4 months max..when she goes on tour it’s bye bye Jakey.

  17. 92
    Who Care? Says:

    They are both ugly and annoying no talent hacks. I wish they would both disappear.

  18. 93
    Bwood Says:

    Maybe she can get Jake to hang around long enough to pop Kanye in the chops the next time he wants to interrupt her ……

  19. 94
    natalie Says:

    I do not approve.

  20. 95
    50cent Says:

    She looks like pippi longstockings and he looks like old man river

  21. 96
    50cent Says:

    @Bwood: lol I serious don’t think Jake could pop Kanye it would be the other way around

  22. 97
    johnny Says:

    OK doubters how many of you still think this is just PR set up by their reps? Peeps who were there at the coffe house said Taylor & Jake didn’t try to hide that they are a couple. I think they are for real and we are going to see lots more of them together. I bet Jake goes to her b-day party and she will go with him to the Artic on his. Their b -days are just 5 days apart, that’s cool I think.

  23. 98
    Victoria Says:

    well, he’s much older than her, but I think they make a nice couple… I love Taylor and I think Jake is a good actor
    So, go Taylor!<3

  24. 99
    Krissy Says:

    Taylor you belong with Taylor Lautner! You guys are so cute together I hope you get back with him. Jake is too old!

  25. 100
    ooh la la =) Says:

    @50cent: jake buffer then kanye LOOK!

    BTW taylor could just be a friend like mary-kate was with heathcliff

    jakes kinda fug but hot in bbm and brothers

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