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Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Nashville Coffee Shop

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Nashville Coffee Shop

Taylor Swift spends some more time with her rumored new beau Jake Gyllenhaal at Fido over the Thanksgiving weekend in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 20-year-old country star was spotted popping into the local coffee shop with Jake, 29.

Earlier this week, Taylor and Jake also grabbed some warm drinks and celebrated Thanksgiving together in New York City.

The two visited Park Slope’s Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn for some lattes and were “super nice,” sources exclusively told

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Haters Suck! @ 11/27/2010 at 9:35 pm

@who care?
I wish you and the rest of the a$$holes on this site would disappear so I guess we’re both in a situation we don’t wanna be in.

She is pretty, and I like him also but them together seems too weird. Maybe it’s do to seeing him with Anne Hathaway so much to promote their movie, or him with Natalie Portman… idk they just seem like better matches. Don’t get how she goes from that Taylor kid to a 30 year old man.

@ooh la la =): Hmmm well he don’t look 2 buff in that picture with her. Still think Kanye could take him out. he kinda hot in some movies I give him that.

She’s already starting on new material for her next album….

Don't understand @ 11/27/2010 at 9:53 pm

What he sees in her? Is he going thru some midlife crisis early or something? She seems so young, even younger than she really is.

Jake is the male Jennifer Aniston. Maybe they should date!

Is this for real? Wow I would have never paired them up in a million years. They just don’t seem to go together like somethings really off. I liked her better with Taylor or even Joe. This Jake just seems so not who she should be with. Weird!

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jake must be crazy!!!!! Taylor is way too young and way too low for him!!!! there’s gonna be tons of songs about how jake hurts taylor’s tiny little softy heart.
i don’t believe this!wake up, jake!

BTW,that cofffe shop is gay popular. everybody knows jake is gay. he and heath used to be together.

The girl makes a living on writing about guys. So it only makes sense that she dates allot.

He’s fug (I mean have you looked at that face), and she has beady little mean eyes. The ick couple of the year.

Yeah was it a coincidence they just happen to go to a gay popular coffee house? Is Jakey giving clues in a somewhat subtle way? LoL I googled it like probably a lot of people did and found out it’s a gay hangout.

You can tell Taylor is a really sweet girl who is very down to earth. I used love her, however now she just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Her little girl act drives me insane. I wouldn’t find this coupling so odd if she didn’t look and act so childish. She hasn’t evolved AT ALL since she was 17. The way she talks about love, rainbows, and puppies makes me want to gag.

its nothing wrong with them dating jake and her have the same maturity level the guy said he liked the carebears on the earlyshow

and i hate how **** he is even cop ledgers fedora

She may be 20, but Taylor Swift has the mentality of a 15 year old. Cursing out her ex’s through songs. Most people leave that drama behind in high school. Taylor is a child, Jake is a man. He could do so much better.

And the pink silly band jake wears is a gift from matilda(heath’s daughter) on her birthday. there must be some reason that jake is matilda’s god father.

@Sophie: him being godfather was just a gesture, heaths REAL close friends trevor dicarlo etc were taking care of her giving her piggyback theres pap pics to prove it,but never jake.He never cared just a typical self absorbed celebrity,all the PR with reese 2weeks after ledgers death

how do u know the band is from tilda idiot

Oh I thought Jake was heaps older than Taylor. I think they are cute.

Now we know why Reese dumped the shallow creep. He’s a case of retarded development.

@to all:
jake often meets matilda’s god mother and she said jake also takes care of matilda constantly.
as for the band, if you check paparrazzi photos of jake, you’ll find out that jake was in ny the day matilda celebrated her birthday and when he got back to la, jake had lunch with matilda’s god mother. then he started wearing that pink band. who would give that band to jake except matilda? unless you think jake himself bought it.

TAYLOR SWIFT LOVER @ 11/28/2010 at 12:02 am

i think everyone is just JEALOUS becausee taylor swift is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! and i know im going to get a lot of dislikes, but im expressing my opinion. so what if she dates alot of guys? hasnt everybody? nobody that i know hasnt dated more than ONE guy.
and taylor swifts album is absolutely AMAZING. anyone who says its not is DEAF.

Odd. 30 and a 20 year old. It’s like a 9 year old with an 18 year. Yet them date, but when she makes a song about him I be the first one back. Anyway it could be just a flame. Strange.

I can see why they are together. Jake acts very immature if you just watch any of his interviews. He acts like he’s still in high school. But being almost 30 it just makes him look lame now.

you’re totally unmature and stupid just like your idol ts. i don’t think she’s pretty and i don’t like her songs either, so what?

the proof?post a link!

anyway michelle is a btch i heard she was seeking full custody of
matilda (what gilliam said).Jakes a a-hole if you look at pap pics he isnt sad at all.He’s c0cky too

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