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Tom Hardy: Union Jack Chest Tattoo

Tom Hardy: Union Jack Chest Tattoo

A shirtless Tom Hardy shows off his fresh new ink at Darkday Tattoo Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 33-year-old actor recently added a Union Jack tattoo on his upper left chest when he popped into the shop, one of his favorite local hangouts while he’s been filming This Means War.

“Every tattoo I have means something to me. Each one is something that I’ve been through in my life or I’ve done or I’ve been,” Tom told Canada’s Globe and Mail.

Tom shared the significance behind some of his other tattoos — A star when he found out his then-girlfriend was pregnant with his 2 1/2-year-old son, the phrases “Figlio mio bellisimo” (“my beautiful son”) and “Padre fiero” (“proud father”), and the name of his agent (he promised her he would get it if she got him into Hollywood).

Tom also revealed that he plans to get a large angel-themed portrait on his back based on a pic he took of fiancee Charlotte Riley!

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# 1

he has a nice face but his body just isnt attractive. i dont mind tattoos but i dont like his

# 2

He’s great, but to spend his free time there doing tattoos, I think a little weird!
Well, everyone does what they want in their own skin!

# 3
Lilakoi Moon @ 11/27/2010 at 7:56 pm

He’s so fvckin’ sexy. I don’t like the fact that he’s going for portrait tats but as a tattoo lover, I love that each one of them has a special significance to him. Ugh, he just gets me drooling<3 yum

# 4

An actor inked all over? Bad idea.
Models and actors/actresses are advised NOT to get visible tattoos on their bodies because it takes hours in make up to cover them up – ask angelina jolie!
Oh well, i don’t think he’s a talented actor anyway.

# 5

He’s fantastic. Can’t wait to see him in something new. Loved Inception and RockNRolla.

# 6

His fiancee is one lucky lady and to get a tat in her likeness (sigh)

# 7

He’s SEX on a stick…

# 8

He’s SEX on a stick…

# 9

amazing actor and future big star. the tatts, not so good….

god what a dumba$$ – “figlio mio belliissmo!” is nonsense. The wrong way round – it should be “mio bellissimo figlio”.

Why do these idiots get tattoos in languages which they apparently don’t even know ? How does having it in a foreign langauge which you make it more meaningful?? It’s especially weird with the contrast of the Union Jack – which is also a bad move because it is more or less always associated nowadays with the British National Party (a fascist party) who use the Union Jack in their logo. So all in all, he doesn’t seem that bright given his choices in permanent markings on his body, which is pretty damn ugly. He has man-boobs.

@lily: UMMM go watch Bronson before you say that! He’s freaking amazing in that movie! I’m not one for tattoos all over guys bodies since he’ll probably look super weird with them in about 20 years or so but whatever! Insanely talented actor not to mention drop dead sexy!

He is a talented actor, but I don’t get all that hype about his looks. I just don’t find him sexy as other people do.


The British flag is no more associated with racism than any other nation’s flag, so not so bright and well informed yourself.


I didn’t say racism – i said fascism. If you can’t tell the difference between them, it is you who is neither bright nor well-informed.

And yes, the British flag is indeed associated with the British National Party. If you are American, and do not know about this then don’t flaunt your ignorance about something which you apparently know nothing about. If you are British, shame on you for having had your head under a rock¨and not knowing that skinheads/ British Neo-Nazis regularly wear clothes with the Union Jack emblazoned on them , have tattoos of it and insert it into their mottos: “there ain’t no black in the Union Jack” and “reclaim the Union Jack”.

tpd619alder 123 @ 11/28/2010 at 9:45 am

@Susie: you dont know what you are talking about, he is gay stuipd.

He’s really talented! …. but it must be quite complicated to cover all tattoos …. when a character requires it!

I’m not the “other” Dee …. of course!


All right-wing, racist, fascist movements co-opt their country’s national symbols. To suggest that the British flag is mainly associated with racism and fascism is offensive, as anyone with any sensitivity would realise. I am British.


Calling you an idiot, which you are, is offensive. Stating that the Union Jack (which is what we’re discussing here, in case you forgot) is used as a symbol for fascists in Britain is a FACT. Whether you like it or not is irrevelant.

I am also British but i don’t live there anymore – i live in another country whose far-right political party actually has seats in their government and an even more hostile immigrant-policy than the BNP and even they don’t use the country’s flag in their logo.

But we’re not actually talking about other countries, are we – so why did you refer to them to begin with? We’re talking about Britain and this pretentious idiot’s decision to have it permanently inked onto his body exactly like those skinheads i was talking about.

ethikilla1 @ 11/28/2010 at 2:30 pm

lot of Wankaz in today.. black union jack.. isn’t that the S.F patch?


First, Tom’s best friend is a black man from Brooklyn, so I don’t think he’s a neo-nazi.

Second, why are you so condescending to everyone–overcompensating for something?

OMG he’s just sooo hot, droool!

He looks so Russian to me for some reason.

good job felicia for doing your homework on tom’s best friend P-nut…

and for all the haters…go watch BRONSON…and then make an informed statement about tom hardy…he’s amazing!


I never actually said HE was a neo-Nazi – i simply said that that is often associated with fascism. If you’re going to tell me off, brush up on your reading comprehension skills. I don’t know him – but if you say he can look beyond skin-colour, i’m glad to hear it. And i was not being condescending to “everyone” – i was responding in kind to the person that replied to my first comment, and only that person.

I am female so your “overcompensating for something” comment is irrevelant – unless i’m supposedly compensating for having small boobs or something?!?

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