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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Au Revoir, France!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Au Revoir, France!

Diane Kruger and boyfriend Joshua Jackson arrive at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday (November 26).

The 34-year-old actress and the 32-year-old Fringe star held hands as they flew in from France.

Diane, who is the face of Calvin Klein‘s newest fragrance Beauty, shared what beauty means to her.

“It’s sort of an attitude for me. I think it’s a state of mind and something that surrounds us all the time and it’s a matter of whether you want to see the beauty in everything and everybody or not,” she told BellaSugar.

As for her favorite fragrances, Diane said she prefers “complex scents … I love the idea of a perfume changing throughout the day.”

For more pics, visit X17!

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  • r

    Awwww….my fav couple!!

  • Moon’

    Great couple!

  • belle

    they look so good :)

  • jenny

    awwww…they are so sweet together! Such a beautiful couple!

  • dana

    He is smokin’ hot and she’s…well, not so much.

  • ModestMouse

    @dana: If you don’t think she’s smoking hot, you’re crazy. Maybe you’re just angry because she’s tapping that?

  • lucy

    I absolutely love these two.
    …and dana; you’re right about Josh being smokin’ hot, but we’re voting you down for your Diane comment…they are a beautiful couple and so in love!!!
    I wish Diane would give in and get pregnant already! They would make wonderful parents!!!

  • True Love

    They are so adorable together! It’s cute how they color co-ordinate (I’m suspicious tihs is Diane’s doing). What’s up with Josh? He really hasn’t looked like his normal happy self lately. I saw him in an interview clip from some morning show recently with Anna Torv and he was pretty quiet and just seemed kind of down.
    awwww. We love you Josh! Brighten up!

  • ooh…Peter’s in Trouble

    I can’t wait until Fringe on Thursday! Olivia is gonna be pis*ed off when she finds out Peter slept with Altlivia!!

  • ooh…Peter’s in Trouble

    -and why does Canada get a different promo than us? What’s up with that?

  • annon

    Josh has been fairly quiet in interviews in general over the last month or so. He was told by the producers not to reveal stuff in interviews, so he has had to be careful with what he has been saying lately. He’s normally quite a talker, but he’s been very restrained in the last couple of interviews he’s done.

    Diane has been away filming a french movie lately, so nice to see them finally catching up with each other. It’s been awhile since they have seen each other.

  • True Love

    I was suspicious that he had “gotten his hand slapped” for something in an interview. Sorry to break it to his bosses, but FOX isn’t doing a stellar job promoting FRINGE. Josh’s energy is not something they should be holding down.
    It’s sad to hear they have been apart so much. Josh and Diane used to try to maintain a “2 week rule”, even if it meant meeting somewhere between where both were working. Hopefully she is filming a lot right now so that she can take a break and have a baby or two. If FRINGE gets cancelled after this season (boo hoo), maybe Josh can take some time off to be in France more. Diane really wants their children raised in France.
    Does my jealousy show? I really wish there were more men like JJ in the world!

  • Ergh!

    I’m sure that all of the paparazzi at LAX didn’t do anything to improve Josh’s mood. J&D are pretty private when not working, and having cameras shoved in their faces was probably annoying (there’s one just behind Josh on the left hand side not to mention the one taking these photos). Hopefully they’ll be heading home to Vancouver soon.

  • Ginny

    Josh and Diane are a gorgeous couple! He has to be happy these days. Remember that he used to sleep with THIS mess:

  • Kate

    If I could look like anybody in the world, I think it’d be Diane Kruger. She’s so beautiful and classy!

  • laurie09080

    Two boring people.

  • happy camper

    You get a thumbs down for your snarky comment, but the reality is that Josh and Diane seem quite content leading a “boring” life. The rest of us should be so lucky. ahhhhhhh, Pacey/Peter is still so dreamy!

  • ethel

    her skin is so damn flawless

  • N.

    Such a cute couple. Joshua is terrific on Fringe, and everything I’ve seen Diane in she was really good too. Looking forward to her movie with Liam Neeson coming up. Looks like it’s going to be really good.

  • sped

    Sure they’re both good looking people, but both of them are also “B-list” actors. I watch Fringe, but don’t even notice Josh’s character (Walter and Olivia are the main reason I watch the show). I have to Cringe when I watch Diane “act”.

  • tara

    cute couple

  • Catherine

    Love Josh Jackson and Fringe. I’m a fan for life now.

    Of course they’re happy. They just spent a holiday in France; who wouldn’t be happy? :)

  • L

    Lovely couple.

  • Jokergurl

    Cool couple, I just adore Joshua Jackson, somewhere Katie Holmes is still kicking herself for letting him go.

  • PRbabe


    Hey, moron, if you didn’t notice Josh’s character and they are nothing more than B-list actors and that Walter and Olivia are the reasons you watch the show, then why the hell are you here? Why bother looking at JOSHUA JACKSON’S PICTURES YOU BITCH!

  • look at

    Not one coment about him being Suris dad ….. Thats great ! cause Suri looks sooo much Like Tom & katie !!! They are the parents

  • Suri Jackson

    I never (okay usually don’t)comment on Josh’s threads…just give thumbs ups and downs. Josh seems like a terrific guy and the whole Suri manipulation is the result of Tom and Katie’s mental health status and immorality. Josh isn’t to blame and his hands are tied at this time. He would have to accuse Tom of not only lies, but illegal actions (falsifying birth records / lying on passport application, etc…).

    I’ll go post some photos on the recent Katie thread if it would make you happy. People can disagree with my theory on Josh, but the one thing that is obvious is that Suri is NOT Tom’s biologically.

  • lucy

    @Suri Jackson:
    I agree. We don’t get a lot of Josh and Diane threads, so I prefer to comment on how likable they are and not drag down the moment by giving attention to the freak show that is Tom and Katie.

  • Unknown

    Josh is Suri’s dad?

  • Ginny Fulgencio

    You should visit the Katie blogs once in a while. Only time and a DNA test will answer that question, but based on a lot of good detective work by some, it appears that Katie and Josh were together just a couple of weeks before she disappeared with Tom. The timeline of Katie’s pregnancy has always been in question, with the assumption being that she actually gave birth at the end of Dec 05 or Jan 06. I think that sums it all up. Oh – and Suri’s strong resemblance to Josh and lack of resemblance to Tom.

  • taxgirl

    Well, there is no way that Suri is Tom’s kid, so the list of possible bio dads is pretty small. Katie wasn’t showing much at the time of the Paris engagement, but she was probably under 12 wks along. When the Oct “3 mo” photos appeared, she was HUGE and her belly button had popped. She appeared to be closer to 6 months along at that point. I can’t find any photos of Katie in Aug or Sept of 2005.
    Josh has never stated that he and Katie did not have a physical relationship at that point(not that he should have to defend his life).
    Chris Klein has actually stated that Suri is not his.

  • joshfan

    Josh and Diane are my favorite famous couple. I don’t understand the Hollywood catagorization of A vs B list, although it seems to me that most people adamately defined as A list tend to be a little on the crazy side, so call them B if you feel the need. Besides, even though the fashion industry is not where Diane’s primary work is being done, she’s still definitely A list in the fashion world. You can’t sit next to Karl Lagerfeld and be anything less.
    Big kisses and best wishes for J and D!

  • Suri Jackson

    @look at:
    Look at what you started. tsk tsk tsk

  • Tanya

    Just a warning: Do not go to the X17 site. I thought I’d find more pics and made the mistake of watching a video they had of Josh and Diane. Well… it’s no wonder Josh looks kinda pissed in these pics. One paps kept HOUNDING them on if Josh had asked Diane (calling her Diana) to marry him. Several times.

  • toni

    Thanks for the warning. I was looking for the photos at X17 and didn’t find any or the video. The video would have made me sad.
    Now it’s “when are you getting married”, then it would be, “when are you having a baby”…etc.
    Those two are so sweet.