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Elisabetta Canalis: Terrazza Martini in Milan!

Elisabetta Canalis: Terrazza Martini in Milan!

Elisabetta Canalis pairs her black leather jacket with knee-length suede boot wedges at the photocall for her new movie, A Natale Mi Sposo, held at Terrazza Martini on Thursday (November 25) in Milan, Italy.

Her boyfriend, George Clooney, has been busy in Costa Rica scouting locations for his next movie. He was recently spotted visiting a coffee plantation with friends and colleagues!

15+ pictures inside of Elisabetta Canalis at Terrazza Martini

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elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 01
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 02
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 03
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 04
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 05
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 06
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 07
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 08
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 09
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 10
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 11
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 12
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 13
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 14
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 15

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  • elle

    is she only famous for being Clooney’s girlfriend?

  • BigOH

    Yes, she is. I’m Italian and the only reason people talk about her is because of George Clooney. A few years ago she was “dancing” (well, kind of…) on a tv show. Now she’s basically famous for being George Clooney’s girlfriend. Well, she’s also trying the acting career but… wasn’t that good. Last but not least, she acts like a diva.

  • ll


  • cookie

    oh god, like i didn’t have enough reasons to be ashamed of being italian.

  • MangerBouger

    Go away !

  • wild

    She has lost weight. Sl*t.

  • Polly

    You are so right!

  • winnie Itlay

    before dating with GC she was only famous under the Hollywood night club soccers and rich men table!
    she’s implicated in a Hollywood Milano Ho0ker and drug scandal too and in Vallettopoli! she’s only a sl.ut dating with several men (a lot of soccers) and no one dated her more 1 month! only the moroner of italian soccer 10 years ago and now the moron GC!
    now she’s working only thanks GC, in Italy no one can see her, these is the real thing!
    she really is ugly, masculine and old with deeply wrinkles and short legs!
    N. Brilli (the blond good actress) is 46 years old and she looks a lot younger than horse-face!
    when she smiles she looks like a horse, her big long chin is so square! she ever more looks like the last Michael Jackson!

  • BigOH

    She had a “Eminem” tattoo on her arm. Just sayin’.

  • valy872

    @winnie Itlay:
    I’m italian and here in Italy no one hates her, absolutely!!!
    For sure now that she is GC’ girlfriend she has more popularity all over the world but here in Italy she is famous from 1999 when she became the “velina” in the famous tv show ” Striscia la notizia”, then she had a love story with only ONE soccer player Christian Vieri and you can see the images on internet.
    Finally she is NOT ugly at all, she’s a beautiful girl and i hope she and GC could have a wonderful life togheter!!

  • adam

    does anyone else think she looks slightly like allesandra ambrosio??

  • winnie Italy

    Horse-face dated with sveral soccers as C.Vieri, Seedorf, Dogbra, Ronaldo, Reginaldo then with Gabriele Muccino, V.alentino Rossi, N.Oddi, T.Buti, Davide Rombolotti (a pusher, probably her real bf), sveral manager and pr and any person dated her more 1 month (it’s all over the web!!!!)

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    She is so harsh looking .

  • anonimus

    She promotes his film, but where is George! Poor and rich, these stars will never have something that we ordinary people have. See George, every year there are getting younger and younger companion, does not want children, no love, because it is doubtful that all they want from him the glory that is in these moments and has Elisabeta. In show business, everything has its downside. miserably

  • laurie09080

    He broke -up with his last girlfriend because they had nothing in common. The only thing he has in common with elisabeth is italy. She is italian and he has a house there. He always dates dumb women, must be really insecure to date someone smart and his own age. I gues they will break-up next year.

    BTW angie looks old also, with all the plastic surgery on her face.

  • medical

    if i walk with George would surely have received a residency in neurosurgery at you desperately want. Elisabeta put it on becoming an actress, but thanks to George. I should find the same kind of George for his promotion in medicine

  • Vinnny

    Yes, she does look like Alessandra Ambrosio who is also Italian, well Italian and Polish. Both women sure are beautiful. George is holding on to her longer than he held on to the other women he dated.

  • pink

    horse-face is 160 cm tall, is ugly an looks like a 40 years old!
    A.Ambrosio is tall, toung and quite nice!

  • anonymous

    You must be referring to Jennifer Aniston she looks like Iggy Pop and can’t act to save her life, and do you believe that the puplic thinks as JA would like us to believe that she has aged gracefully?

  • nakedoldjennifer

    She’s cute but I don’t like the outfit and she should take advantage of all perks while dating GC- he is in love with himself
    EC does not have a horse face

  • yuck

    Why is her neck so wide? I’ve never seen a woman with such a wide neck. She must have been a man at one time. She is very ugly.

  • antonio

    she looks like a tranny! her face is so square, long and emaciated!



  • Anonymous

    JJ, check your facts. According to Al Dia, Clooney was in Costa Rica from Friday, November 19 to Monday, November 22. He left Costa Rica and flew to Mexico. He wasn’t in Costa Rica scouting locations for a film. He was there with Nespresso who works with the Rainforest Alliance in Costa Rica developing sustainable coffee farms. He had meetings there with them.

  • @cookie

    if you are so ashamed. why don’t you just go affanculo?

  • 1:12 pm

    i think the same

  • observer

    Oh look, the cokewh*re’s pimps, I mean trashy publicity team, are here.

  • sexy

    love her body… she has one of the best bodies out there imo.


    All who admire Elisabetta automatically receive such beautiful bandy short legs, thick neck and two folds of wrinkles on the cheeks. If you like it let you have it too. And trashy team receives also empty head as a bonus…. Let it be so

  • Zipper

    Oh Karma, well said! If they like it let them have it too! It is fair .

  • DavidKnight

    I find her very hard and masculine.
    There’s a pretty blonde with knockout curves in a few of the photos. Now that’s a sexy woman.
    I think Elisabetta Canalis is ugly. I wouldn’t say ugly but definitely unattractive & very flawed. Plus she give the impression of being a nasty person.

  • DavidKnight

    correction: I meant don’t think she’s ugly but definitely not attractive & feminine. Cheap & trashy.

  • CubanMissile

    Elisabetta Canalis has an awful body. Check the bikini shots: NO WAIST, SQUARE TORSO, SAGGY BOYISH BUTTOCKS and VERY CROOKED LEGS. Completely bow-legged. Only asset is she’s thin. That’s about it. Anyway, it’s over between them..

  • Anonymous

    The gorgeous blonde is Nancy Brilli. I think she is actually the lead actress in this film. She’s 46 and rocking those sexy curves! Go, girl!

  • muse

    Christina Aquilera is also bandy-legged but at least she’s sexy! (with a dynamite voice too.)
    Elisabetta isn’t sexy at all. Just trying really hard to give that illusion. I think she’s kind of butch.

  • wow

    The blond is gorgeous! Leverage should try to hire her the next time they need a mysterious Italian.

  • sexy


    gimme a break LMAO… yes God please bless me with that sexy toned body of hers.. I will take it any day lol :D I have seen plenty of pics of her in a bikini, and not only does she have an incredibly toned body, but her legs are gorgeous… there is no bow leggedness whatsoever, so I don’t know where you people saw those pics, but i never saw that.

  • Hot for Brilli

    Can we have some more photos of Nancy Brilli? Check out her films at that link. She has been in heaps of films. She’s got the curves and allure of Sophia Loren. Wowza!

  • GrabMe

    I see an old fat tranny looking blonde in these pictures…wheres the hot one you speak of?

  • muse

    The tranny in these pics is Elisabetta Canalis. Adam’s Apple & all…

    @ sexy – check out her photos at the Ripple of Hope awards recently. She’s wearing a demure, below-the-knee dress & her crooked legs are sticking out at 45° angles.
    Even George Clooney has called her “homely-looking.” A polite euphemism for plain!
    Elisabetta Canalis is NOT beautiful like Monica Bellucci or Sophia Loren (in her hey day)! And she’s nasty too.
    Good riddance to the piece of trash! No one will remember her in a few months. How many waves does Sarah Larson makes these days?

  • Gab

    Who’s footing the bill for this PR blitz? Of course it’s George. He’s a nice guy, but damn he’s got bad taste in women.

  • laverdadduele

    What a waste of space, but once George dumps this ho, her 15 minutes will be over and we won’t see her again, so that’s good.

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    she needs to put on some weight.Maybe if she did her figure and her face would fill out more giving her a more feminine look and body.

  • Cora

    I think she’s got a great body for the most part, but even I have to admit she’s VERY bow-legged.

  • Harlow

    He finally got his Cindy Crawford

  • Barlow

    @Harlow: Who has? Elisabetta? Elisabetta by the way is female, though I understand you it’s difficult to distinguish.

  • she’s a fake

    This cokewh*re is a total fraud. She was always retweeting PETA tweets. Such a dedicated PETA supporter, wearing leather pants and leather jackets.

  • her

    to sexy
    thank god its only u who see that

  • @she’s fake

    this isn’t the first time she’s wearing leather…
    and she wear Cavalli that often uses leather and furs and is totally insensivite to animals suffer!

  • Harlow

    To Barlow: You make no sense in your statement.

    Here….let me walk you through it……George Clooney has finally found his Cindy Crawford look-alike. Understand now????