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Elisabetta Canalis: Terrazza Martini in Milan!

Elisabetta Canalis: Terrazza Martini in Milan!

Elisabetta Canalis pairs her black leather jacket with knee-length suede boot wedges at the photocall for her new movie, A Natale Mi Sposo, held at Terrazza Martini on Thursday (November 25) in Milan, Italy.

Her boyfriend, George Clooney, has been busy in Costa Rica scouting locations for his next movie. He was recently spotted visiting a coffee plantation with friends and colleagues!

15+ pictures inside of Elisabetta Canalis at Terrazza Martini

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elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 01
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 02
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 03
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 04
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 05
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 06
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 07
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 08
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 09
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 10
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 11
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 12
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 13
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 14
elisabetta canalis terrazza martini milan 15

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  • Smelly Feet

    @Harlow: What George Clooney has to do with it? You make no sense in your statement.
    George Clooney prefers blondes!

  • she’s a fake

    Yes, she’s a complete hypocrite.


    “only reason people talk about her is because of George Clooney”
    SO WHAT?
    Good for her.

  • Italy

    @cookie: You should be ashamed only of yourself.
    Kisses from Italy, assh*le!

  • Vandelay Industries

    No need to be ashamed, cookie. It’s understood that Canalis no more represents Italy than Paris Hilton represents the USA.

  • very pretty

    is this one of George Clooney’s exes on here that is posting all these negative comments about her? some of you b*tches sound catty as hell…the woman is hot, don’t understand what all the hate is about, but makes me suspicious that it’s someone who knows or has had a past with George Clooney.??hmm??

  • Out Of Bed

    @very pretty: It is not good to write about yourself that you are hot, if no one thinks so.

  • objective opinion

    She’s certainly nothing compared to Cindy Crawford, who’s 12 years older than her. Cindy is attractive.
    Elisabeta is very plain, almost ugly. It’s a FACT.t. Has an awful voice like she’s croaking too. Saw her on Leverage & had to switch channels.

  • very pretty

    @Out Of Bed:

    LOL yeah honey keep telling yourself that…:D her body is bangin, stop hating on her, she never did anything to you did she?

  • skank

    she’s a cokewo.hre in a Milano ho0ker & drug investigation since 2008, this is the real fact!

  • OutofBed

    @very pretty:
    Are you sure that you want to hear an answer? Ok, then I will answer you. I hate the idea in principle. There are millions of honest girls more beautiful, cleverer, who earn not big money but an honest livelihood. And Elisabetta achieved this with the most dirties way and this leaved its imprint on all, on her face and her skin, even her breath is contagious, it’s bad because it directs the young girls on the same way and they find it attractive, that’s why it is amoral!

  • LOL

    H00ker, drug investigation, dirties way…you cannot prove anything.
    You are only ENVIOUS
    E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S
    E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S
    E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S
    E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S
    E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S
    E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S
    E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S E- N -V-I-O-U-S

    Every woman on this site,

    every woman in real life,

    that is just a little bit more successful, more beautiful or more something else than you loosers or gets more attention, authomatically becomes an ugly b1tch, h00ker, drug addict, fat etc…

    –>You are only envious but you’ll never admit it!<–



  • LOL

    @very pretty:
    these b1tches are just ENVIOUS

  • Skank Juice

    Hooker Hooker Hooker
    Drug Investigation

  • Forrest Gump

    Mama always said, ugly is as ugly does. Canalis behaves in an ugly manner. She is ugly on the inside and the outside.

  • aesthetician

    When George said she’s homely, he wasn’t kidding. She should have had the plastic surgery on her face instead of her ass. Then again, without a complete personality transplant to give her some class and manners, what’s the point.

  • her


  • Cupkin

    @OutofBed: True, but it’s not like all women in entertainment are purer, just better at being discreet about it. All actresses there aren’t in because they are talented, it’s a dirty business and no one is some innocent. Clooney meets tehese types because tehy are the ones that populate his professional life.

  • siloe

    there are beautiful and talented women in the show business not druggie and not ho0ker!!! not all show-girls claim their name in a ho0ker & drug Police reports!

  • Values

    @siloe: I agree with you. And I have never seen anyone of them who would insult other people, fans or Americans by that trying to earn on them money. Considering “helping George’s professional life”, it is for to discredit him completely, and according to this contract she received the right of voice, hating moral and all the values that are important for us in our society.

  • Super Momma

    envious? Not at all. We have our own men, we prepare breakfasts for them in the morning, chose shirt and tie, romp with kids… And fake Elisabetta story will end in one month, why we have to be jealous? To that what does not exist at all in reality?!

  • septoplasty

    It appears that she had her nose done, not that it helped much. Compare her nose in the above pics to her nose in this pic:

  • Cora

    I’m about as envious of Canalis as I was of Larson (who is back to working two jobs in NYC working in clubs again, last I heard).

  • #septoplaty

    her nose was bigger than now!!! the photo is of 2 or 3 years ago! she’s done her nose or it’s changed snorting cocaine!

  • septoplasty

    Cocaine addicts sustain damage to their septums over time. Probably had the surgery to repair damage to her septum and have her nose reduced in size at the same time.

  • Suspicious Mind

    She has a disproportionate body, very short legs and long torso. She reduced her nose so now she has short nose and short legs.

  • Valeria

    E’ divertente come questi americani non sappiano riconoscere pregi e difetti estetici… la Canalis è alta 1.70? Non è vero, per loro è 1.60. Nancy Brilli è una bella donna ma ha ovviamente fatto ricorso alla chirurgia estetica, e sono così bravi nel saper riconoscere la bellezza da non rendersene nemmeno conto.
    E’ proprio vero che quando qualcuno non è in grado di motivare passa agli insulti… ma basta vedere quali sono i loro miti nazionali per rendersi conto di tutto.

  • Wild Angel

    Yeah, well…..

  • anonimus

    who cares for Elizabeth and George, very boring couple. always the same, it is in a bikini, looking at her perfect ass and body, George was in Sudan on a motorcycle or eating sushi. always the same. when they were together only a mixture of acting that are happily in love, but it’s all crap.


    you are jealous and you are not satisfied of your pathetic lives, otherwise you would not criticize her so harshly and let her live her life with George…since she has not done anything to you or him…
    But you’ll never admit it, you’ll never admit that you are jealous and malevolent because of your deep-rooted hypocrisy.
    And I bet the 99% of negative comments are from old and ugly narrow-minded tattlers in their 40s or 50s that would do anything to look younger and gorgeous and have been contemplating Botox and collagen injections for years.


    @Suspicious Mind: show us a pic of you, supermodel!

  • Anonymous

    Like Forrest’s mama said, ugly is as ugly does. Elisabrutta, you are being ugly again. We have another saying around here: God don’t like ugly. Being a narcissistic, arrogant, rude cokewh*re, I guess you don’t care much what God likes. Better get cracking sending out more “press releases” in which you lie about and insult your benefactor Clooney with whom you have a publicity contract as well as lie about yourself. Just try to remember that Google caches things the next time you decide to delete a story and re-submit it because you don’t like truthful reader comments. LMAO.

  • anonimus

    Dear LOOOOOOL; Elisabeta will grow old or she will be eternally young, so is George again replaced by another younger and prettier than her. It’s the law show business , Never have always the same woman!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beta Carotene

    As Nick Clooney says, eternal glory to him, George always used to help an ugly and poor girls, sometimes even bald ones with scurf. It’s all we can understand about Elisabetta. But what is truly interesting topic: When George and Eli go to Nobu, she leaves her saddle in the wardrobe…? And how hmmm she eats sushi with her hooves?

  • Miss Manypenny
  • Miss Manypenny

    I didn’t get, who has bigger p*e*nis??

  • Miss Manypenny
  • lilo

    she’ s definitely a ugly tranny!
    she had several black soccers in her sordid past, she likes GC’s money and black men!!!
    she’s only a sl.ut cokewo.hre! GC really has felting down in the ground!