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Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga Unplug Twitter for Charity

Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga Unplug Twitter for Charity

Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake and other celebs will give up their digital life — Facebook and Twitter — starting Wednesday, December 1, in an effort to raise money for charity.

The Digital Life Sacrifice event will raise money for Alicia‘s charity, Keep a Child Alive and raise awareness for World AIDS Day. The stars will sign back online after the charity has raised $1 million.

“This is such a direct and instantly emotional way and a little sarcastic, you know, of a way to get people to pay attention,” Alicia told the Associated Press.

The celebs – including Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Elijah Wood, Serena Williams, and Alicia‘s husband, Swizz Beatz – have also filmed “last tweet and testament” videos that show the stars lying in coffins.

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  • ModestMouse

    Why do those Kartrashian skánks have to get their noses into everything? GO AWAY.

  • Mary

    That is so new. And I think they will raise all the money soon enough.

    Though I wonder if they can live without twitter. lol Maybe they’re kind of addicted. just kidding.

  • Oye Vey

    PLEASE!!! How many of these people really use Twitter?? There was a contest on to be Alicia Keys’ “blogger” and handle all of her interactive contacts. They all use publicists like Paris Hilton to Tweet. So, if anything, this is putting their publicists out of a job. Hmmm…maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all…

  • efron

    Could someone explain to me how leaving twitter is gonna help raise money? I seriously doubt people are gonna donate and reach the 1 million mark just to read pointless and stupid celebrity tweets.

  • yo sista

    They’re just doing it for attention.

  • fan

    omg who do they think they are??? People have their own lives its not all about yourselves. Definitely, this is not a good way to raise money.

  • taylor

    They should get Bieber to do it. Those little fangirls can’t go a day without him tweeting before they get scared he’s dead. They’ll have their money in no time.

  • XYZ

    What a bullshit! Attention whores! It makes me sick!

  • fere

    celebs are doing everything for attention

  • ck

    I think JJ should unplug Rachel Bilson, Katie Holmes and Isabel Lucas till Wednesday. I will donate $1 for each day they are off the site :)

  • Huh

    Why dont they give up twitter forever… These celebs cry about how they dont have a private life, but will tweet about where they had dinner last night. I just think twitter is useless…

  • amensister

    they are asking us for 1M BUT how much are they giving

    are they going to match the amount given??

    why dont they donate a days pay or something

  • Franck

    @ck: you forgot RIHANNA ! His favorite !!!

  • dfdf

    HA! that is the most stupid PR attempt I’ve seen in my entire life!

    If you calculate how much these celebs’ clothes’ shoes and bags are worth on a regular trip to buy coffee, you probably get very close to 1 mil.

    and putting them in a coffin??? creepy.

    but creepy is the trend these days. and the biggest trend is making a fool of the regular folk–I guess we deserve it.

  • tvcon

    justin timberlake rarely tweets so it won’t matter for him. yes this is to get attention but we’ll see how long this goes before the realize people don’t care.

  • Jokergurl

    They should just unplug twitter PERIOD, and go do some real charity work (the kind that Angelina Jolie does, visiting these countries and areas that are so in need fighting for their causes) instead of just refusing their computers for a couple of days) I don’t care what people are doing 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which is probably why you couldn’t pay me to be a twitter.

  • didi

    This is NOT a way to get people to donate money. This is a threat. Do as we say or else! I mean really? How about we “ask” them to stop buying stupid bags for $200,000 or we will stop buying their CDs, watching their movies, etc? As if I give a damn what they have to tweet about. I’m not saying that donating for the cause is wrong but how they go about getting people donate is. And if you only donate to get them to tweet again, you should seriously go out and get a life!

  • dfdf

    didi —

    I’m afraid most people WILL pay for these people to twit again.

    sad, sad…

  • Dita

    I thought Justin Timberlake didn’t use any social networking things. Isn’t that what he said when doing press for The Social Network. How do you quit something you don’t use?

  • Joy

    Who gives an F what kind of method is used to get people to donate money to charity? They are not killing themselves (well, besides their ‘digital selfs’ or whatever). I think it’s a wonderful idea. As if the majority of their followers would donate if they simply asked them. No the hell they wouldn’t. They are just trying to involve them, in any way possible… and it’s not like every follower is supposed to donate more than what they have. Most of these celebs have more than a million followers.

  • Joy

    @Joy: I meant to say ‘killing people’.

  • anon

    Lady Gaga is worth approximately $60 million
    Justin Timberlake is worth approximately $40 million
    Kim Kardashian is worth approximately $12 million
    Ryan Seacrest is worth $51 million
    I am worth…well currently I have $54.32 in the bank.

    I think I’ve made my point.

    - Gert, Dallas, 28/11/2010 16:14

  • French Girl

    The celebrities decide to collect some money by making not only a blackmail in times of crisis financier but by taking their time (we do not know how long they are going to collect money): I find that pathetict. If they had put their foot in its countries where every minute (or seconds), we die from the AIDS, they would have known that the time is important and that it is necessary to act fast because people die because it misses medicine. In that case, they would have she even to sign checks instead of asking us to us for the fans who already buy their CD.

  • Anita

    Its nice and all but like everyone else said wouldnt it make more sense for these rich and famous ppl to donate the money whilst raising awarenness to the cause. Instead they want us mere mortals (lol) during a recession to donate like £20 here and there. If they gave $1mill each then that would make me WANT to donate.

    Plus how is twitter/facebook a “sacrifice” – keep a child alive is based around the lack of access to food, water etc. so these celebs should have given up something along those lines rather than something so irrelevant. But I guess every little helps.

  • Gab

    The Kardashian sisters can stay digitally dead as far as I’m concerned. That credit card of theirs is such a scam, and you know most of those people who watch their shows and sign up for those cards aren’t reading the fine print.

  • Gab

    @anon: I was wondering why these people are asking us to donate. Among the people involved in the campaign and their personal friends and associates in the industry, they could raise $5 million easy. And that money they have, that’s our money in their pockets for the purchase of their CDs, MP3s, concert tickets, etc. But seriously, they think their precious tweets are that important to that many people? Please. We survived without knowing what they had for breakfast or who they watched a movie with for decades before this, we’ll be ok if they never come back online.

  • Pati

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is so stupid!
    Why do I have to donate? Ok, is for a good cause, but I don’t have 1.000.000 on my bank account! Every penny I have is important and this people have more than they need to live!

  • Miss C. Smith

    These so called “Celebrities” should all just write a 1million dollar check from there fat pockets instead of quicking Twitter for a couple of days! There all capable of doing so! So, PLEASE Celebrities stop asking the everyday person to donate money when you haven’t contribute to the cause yourself! Your 1 million amount would go up so much more if you just opened your wallets too! Don’t be a scrooge & share the wealth!