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Katie Holmes: Pretty Purple Top

Katie Holmes: Pretty Purple Top

Katie Holmes dons a pretty purple sweater as she exits her Mercedes CLK 320 and arrives at Smashbox Studios on Sunday morning (November 28) in West Hollywood

The 31-year-old actress has been busy working on her new movie, Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler and The Kennedys with Greg Kinnear.

Earlier this week, Katie was spotted in her workout gear working up a sweat.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and her pretty purple top…

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katie holmes purple top 01
katie holmes purple top 02
katie holmes purple top 03
katie holmes purple top 04
katie holmes purple top 05
katie holmes purple top 06
katie holmes purple top 07
katie holmes purple top 08
katie holmes purple top 09
katie holmes purple top 10
katie holmes purple top 11
katie holmes purple top 12
katie holmes purple top 13
katie holmes purple top 14
katie holmes purple top 15
katie holmes purple top 16
katie holmes purple top 17
katie holmes purple top 18
katie holmes purple top 19
katie holmes purple top 20

Photos: GSI Media
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  • paris

    she’s a beautiful woman, no doubt.

  • 3r3r

    KPOP is the BEST!!!!!

    hollyweird is a terrible place full of stuck up celebs and young tragedies

    b0ring too

  • Carly

    i love that sweater and those shoes. can someone ID them?

  • —–

    Katie holmes reminds me kate moss. perfect cheekbones. hollywood women inject their faces to look like this. katie has such a pretty face

  • mary

    katie looks like a mess. and that pink sweater? please, tom you have the money hire katie a stylist and a personal shopper. she needs them both

  • yeas

    Ugly purple top!

  • kizbit

    Who dresses that woman? She is such a mess.

  • shoes

    i hope those shoes katie is wearing make a comeback. they are so elegant. i’m tired of platforms pumps.

  • fan

    Sometimes the way she speaks reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. Too bad she didnt get that role.

  • Patricia

    I wonder what’s doing in Smashbox Studios , new role maybe

  • happy camper

    UGH!!!!!!!!!! I just threw up a little bit looking at those photos!!!!!!!!
    What a disgusting human being!

  • KC

    Sorry but that outfit looks like fashion vomit to me.

  • Indio


  • the real Sandra

    stuck up be-yotch

  • HELLO???

    Where’s her husband?????

    If this was another couple without being seen with their mate for over 30 days it would be all over the news that they are divorcing, is there trouble in paradise or seperated. I guess nobody cares about old Tommy boy anymore.

  • dani

    Ohmigod does she look awful. Her hair is greasy and dirty. And what the heck is she wearing under that top. Great color for her, but the style is awful. AND look at those pants. They are so tight they are cutting into her legs. Get a stylist Katie.

  • Ella

    I think the length of those pants is really unflattering. She would have looked much better if they were ankle length, IMO. I don’t like the sweater, either.

  • Toni

    Those trousers don’t seem to fit very well…
    Take a look at photo #15 or #20. Something is wrong… in the middle of her thighs there is something making a mark all around both her legs, like she is wearing something beneath her trousers… weird.
    She could also use a brush. That hair do is horrible!

  • marq

    Pretty purple? Hmm, My system reads it more as a “lovely lavender”, (html #FF8EFF or RGB value #255 142 255). True purple is darker, a much harder color to wear, but I’ll bet she could get away with it.

  • Kill me


  • Sadie

    oops first thought it was a picture of my grandma.. oh well.

  • Dieter

    I just came on the pooper of her’s !!!!

  • Katharine

    UGH! Kate is always a mess.

  • George W

    A nice paper bag over her head would complete that outfit perfectly!

  • lucy

    @George W:
    Excellent suggestion!!!!

  • lucy

    Oh, and Dani: Katie HAS a stylist. Her name is Suri and she’s almost 5 whole years old! – but I think they celebrate her “birthday” in April.

  • Charly

    WTF is she wearing under her leggings?? Looks like Spanx. Who wears Spanx under leggings? Oh brother. Somebody needs to smack this woman upside the head and get her a stylist. She can’t dress herself for sh*t. Pathetic.

  • dana

    That entire outfit is HIDEOUS. How does someone with that much money manage to always look so bad?????

  • Dear God

    Is she wearing Spanx under her tight capris? Just put the cupcakes down!

  • Sian

    It’s not the outfit so much that sucks, it’s the hair. If I had her money and wasn’t able to style it myself, I’d have it styled for me. Maybe this way she wouldn’t end up looking like Britney Spears every. Single. Time.

  • Rella

    Why are her thighs all bunched up like that?. I agree the pics #15 and 20 show it off and man it looks so ugly. Just aweful.
    But what is it and why does she do that???
    Geesh with all of her loot you would think whatever the problem is would be fixed on the double. Hideous.
    I don’t think she likes washing her hair too often. Come on ppl who have that much grease wash their hair every day if that’s what it takes.
    Katie is always so unkempt. No need of that. Smarten Up Katie!

  • Missy

    Its one thing that she dresses bad but she also looks dirty. her hair is always greasy and she looks like she rolled outta bed. Damn Katie – take a freakin shower!

  • Suri Jackson

    These photos are for poster “look at” on the Josh and Diane thread. He/she was feeling bad that there were no Josh and Suri comments today:

    I aim to please.

  • Jokergurl


  • marq

    ugh, I got a minus four on my previous comment. I guess I should have said, rather than that she she could probably get away with wearing an even darker shade of purple, I really rather should have said that she could probably pull it off.

  • Kayla

    shocked to see that she’s only 31. she’s dressed like she’s 41 – and she’s already given up on life.

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    What is with those pants? They are cutting her off mid-thigh! And if you blow the pics up, her hair–her hair–really dirty. The shoes are great, but not with this outfit. Poor Katie can’t accessorize or dress worth a darn.

  • Carolina

    Where the hell is Tom? I mean, I know he’s been filming a movie and all, but still that doesn’t explain why there’s been a lack of pics of the both of them together. Like others have said, I’m surprise the media hasn’t scream “divorce” yet.

  • booboo

    White bag? Summer is over idiot.

    Katie should stop wasting money and hire a personal shopper.

    Oh, maybe the cult says no, Or maybe, Suri says no

  • Chrissy


  • ann

    she got short ugly legs.

  • GrabMe

    eeks her legs look like sausages!!! fat legs!

  • Wackjob Holmes

    Katie is wearing Spanx under her pants that’s why there is a line across her thigh. Does she not own a mirror? How unattractive !
    The sweater is cute and the shoes are too.
    The pants make her butt look like a pancake, super flat….yikes!
    Why are there so many dang pics of her on this thread? Is that really necessary JJ ?

  • Star Fox

    It’s always over the news that TomKat is divorcing, #15 and #41. They haven’t been seen together lately because they’re both WORKING!

    It’s always a catch-22 with TomKat. If they’re not seen together, they’re breaking up. If they are, creepy Cruise is keeping tabs on her. Make up your minds!

    She’s a popular celebrity so she would be featured as much as possible, #46. Don’t want her featured? Stop making these items big hits.

  • Lulu Guinness

    Oh wow! I gotta look into this!Thanks for your information!

  • aga

    jared is always so nice for Katie and her family, this sweater is ugly and her hair are the same every day

  • booboo

    LOL Starfox…

    she’s a “popular celebrity”? LOL NOT!

    Most people here are just curious about this weirdo,. That’s all idiot.

  • Thai

    Who the hell makes the selection for such a news? KATIE wears a purple top , yeah, so interesting, my ass!

  • granthamfalls

    You can see her Spanx under her pants.

    Katie is packing a bit more junk in her trunk than usual, and her poor choice in shapewear is failing to conceal either itself or the weight gain.

  • Torino

    LOVE KH!!!!!! I do not understand why some people come over if they do not like her. Stupid.