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Barbara Walters to Kate Middleton: You're Fascinating!

Barbara Walters to Kate Middleton: You're Fascinating!

Prince William‘s fiancee Kate Middleton has landed a spot on Barbara Walters‘s “The 10 Most Fascinating People” list!

The princess-to-be joins Sandra Bullock, Betty White, LeBron James, Jennifer Lopez, and the cast of Jersey Shore.

Sarah Palin and Justin Bieber were previously announced as making the cut.

The two final names won’t be unveiled until the ABC special airs December 9 at 10 p.m.

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Credit: Andrew H. Walker, Chris Jackson; Photos: Getty
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  • caro

    walters has a great humor:Lopez is fascinating! LOL William’s fiancée is fascinating! LOL

  • ModestMouse

    We don’t even know much about her? Is that why she’s fascinating?

  • babou

    JLO is fascinating?? What year is this, 2000?? She hasn’t been fascinating or relevant in years.

  • Noemi

    Such a creepy behaviour to get audience. By the way, you have to see how celebs change when they get famous. This woman was fat and ugly before and now she’s a wow!!

  • Carla

    sorry but i just don’t get what’s so fascinating about Kate Middleton. She’s not fascinating, she’s overexposed and so is this royal wedding already (and it’s only November). And she looks waaaaay older than 28.

    I never heard of this “most fascinating” list before – but it’s such a brownnosing thing to do. No wonder some celebrities have big egos when they’re given these pathetic titles.

  • Tom

    Sandra Bullock is not fascinating she is just famous, Betty White is a bore, LeBron James is a dumb jock, Jennifer Lopez is over the hill and boring, the cast of Jersey Shore are just actors in a bad tv show. Palin is annoying and I wish she would go away, Justin Bieber will only be fascinating when he is on celebrity rehab in 10 years with Leif Garrett

  • sav

    Angie Jolie is the most fascinating person !!!!

  • to modestmouse

    well, catherine (as she now wants to be called) middleton will be the next queen of england.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @to modestmouse: So what even if she is the next Queen of England?! Am sick to death from this wedding and frankly, a nobody who has only ever done one thing – snagged the future king. Oh boo hoo, such accomplishment. He got that by being born! Complete bs.

  • sera

    he only fascinating person on the list is Middleton. The rest are famous but we already know more than we need to about all of them. And why???????? Lebron and Beiber again? If one of the missing two is Lady Gaga I am done. The only people that the world really wants to see is Brad and Angelina in an interview together. Now that is the money interview.

  • Captain_pLanet

    I don’t think any girl will decline dating Prince William so he has the upper hand who he chooses to date and marry..we will never know the intentions of Kate or any woman for that matter..BTW she looks old for 28

  • peopleperfect

    You are EXAGGERATING with ANGELINA. Shes not a SAINT

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @to modestmouse: William becoming King won’t make Kate Middleclass Queen of England. She will never be Queen of England. William will be King and though she will be addressed as “Her Royal Highness” her title will be “Princess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. That’s the way the UK works.

  • dee

    why is JLo on the list? she’s not at all fascinating, in fact i’m so sick of her. just bcuz she’s going to be a judge on AI does not make her fascinating.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …no she’s not. not at all.

  • nada

    that sounds good since sandra bullock is on the list ! she’s fasciniting as well ,her latest movies made her the most succesful actress in 2010 also seeing her moved on about the betrayal of her jackass ex hus and adopting a baby shows how wonderful sweet woman she is !

  • Helen


    A King’s wife is always a Queen. Just isn’t the case the other way around, because traditionally people thought a King would have more status than a Queen.

  • Jasmine

    Barbara Walters is a complete idiot.

  • She Stinks!

    What is so fascinating about that worn out, busted up, broke down JHO? She is an untalented mess that is on a decline. She can’t sing, dance, act, raise children, design clothes or judge talent. She has failed at everything. She is now pimping out her own infants to get press. Yeah, she’s mother of the year!

  • lauren lipkin

    apparently zac efron is on the list. yum

  • Vittoria

    I think Kate is more interesting than the jersey shore cast… I don’t understand what is so interesting about a bunch of idiots getting drunk. I can just go to any local bar and see that crap. C’mon Barbara you are a grown up! You are supposed to have better taste than the impressionable youth of America…

  • heather

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: I hate to break it to u but her title would be queen consort.

  • heather

    and a man who marries a queen regnant can become King or King Consort, if the title is granted by parliament. An example is King William (William & Mary). Victoria wanted the title for Albert, but parliament would not grant it.

  • megan

    whoever called fat is insane, kate middleton is an atheltic woman and in no way was she ever fat …she is fascinating, how many girls even gay guys, especially born to “commoners” can say they are going to be royal, and be part of history FOREVER. i think its stupid for sarah palin to even be on the same list as kate middleton..kate will be future queen one day not just of england, but the whole united kingdom, wales and northern ireland, she has to conduct herself in a certain way.. i dont see also how jersey shore made it..WOW since when is getting drunk and being lazy and getting girls something fascinagting..i think it is defitnitley time for barbara walters to retire and also no thanks on seeing brangelin together..i cannot fathom seeing an adulter and a homewrecker for good money no matter how much time i have on my hands and that is that!

  • megan

    i meant to write whoever called kate fat is insane..

  • megan