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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Pax Birthday Balloon Ride!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Pax Birthday Balloon Ride!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie surprise birthday boy Pax with a hot air balloon ride on Sunday (November 28) in Paris, France.

The couple’s other children, Maddox, Shiloh, and Zahara, also joined in for the fun!

The kids, minus twins Vivienne and Knox, were “excited but well-behaved,” the balloon’s operator told People.

At one point, Angelina filmed the entire family with a camcorder!

After the 20-minute ride almost 500 feet above the City of Lights, Brad and Angie took the kids for a nighttime boat ride on the Seine River.

Pax turns 7 today (November 29). Happy b-day, Pax!!!

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  • vickifromtexas

    beautiful happy family. if seeing these photos makes you mad, you should be ashamed. jealousy is toxic to yourself.

  • woman spanish

    Hermosa familia!

  • Grandpa freeze

    @bora: botoxic homeschools them. Just kidding . He pays the manny / real daddy to do that for him. They are really good at hiding those mannies/real daddies, no? Lmao __
    have a nice day bradloons ;)

  • Noemi

    They like (not love) the media attention. At least daddy Pitt.

  • awwww

    A beautiful family.

  • woman spanish

    I can not believe that trolls make those comments.
    how can talk that way for a person with its social and humanitarian work? does not hurt anyone, on the contrary, thanks to her and her international projection many people have had help when an unfortunate has befallen their country. I am outraged!

  • nikki

    Love this beautiful family.

  • Herculean

    “People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, People may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway. If you are honest and frank, People may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway. What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, They may be jealous; Be happy anyway. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you’ve got anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway.” – Mother Teresa

  • nikki

    Brad and Angie really are hands on parents.

  • yes

    jealous and envious haters are here.
    Every year haters wait for break-up
    and brad and angie get stronger.
    Love them.

  • tutu

    What a beautiful family. Pax must be in heaven. I can’t beleive he is 7 already. I remember the out cry when she adopted him…

  • lovejoliepitt

    Beautiful family and God bless Brad and Angelina for your love for your kids and each other.
    Keep the Xfans slave to hate and maddness cause all you have to do is love each other and your family!
    Beautiful family!

  • Jamaima

    to all haters of J-P’s: BURN IN HELL!!!

  • Noemi

    @woman spanish: I dont agree with every troll comment. But the thread is not about their humanitarian work. So why shall we just talk about their humanitarian work? Hey, they arent perfect people and have their faults as everyone.

  • Jamaima

    to all haters of J-P’s: B.U.R.N I.N. H.E.L.L.!!!

  • tutu

    Brad loves his lady that is why they are inseparable. Angie is lucky for having a man like that. The jealous losers-tusers-time travelers just wants to mention his name to get headlines. He is Angie’s man she his girl you all get used to it and talk about what ou got Brad is not yours. It is not for you to talk about him. He has a lady love for that.

  • wow

    such ugly haterz.

  • woman spanish

    How can one family endure these insults after 6 years? every day I admire more for their education and class

  • Afysel

    So much haters,if u dont like her thats your own problem,she dosent care abt what you think..God bless her for everything she has done to help the poor

  • sav

    Beautiful Jolie-Pitt family !!!

  • Catsup

    I love this family as have been reacding the truth about them since they got together in 05.

    Ijust say thank God for fate b/c Brad was on his way out and had been for a couple of yrs. When he met Angie as he said in Dominican Republic he chased her all over the world ontill they talked and talked ontill they were blue in the face which took mos and mos.. TODAY .ENTER Angie and Brad The Jolie Pitrt’s with their 6 sweet children.
    Both had always spoke about having large families before they kknew each other so what a perfect union.
    WOW! now it’s going on 7 yrs together and ppl still can’t get enough of them. It’s hilarious seeing the jealous whining hens here . If you don’t like smebody why bother. Oh well they will be red Xed out a little later…. none to the wiser.

    Happy Birthday PaxMan..What a Great Birthday!

  • lovejoliepitt

    lady caca: You really need to get real help and you watch brad that way all the time its scary cause that is not reality its a fantasy!
    Please, stay away from brad’s family cause you are danger to them.
    What a sick person and I fear for brad pitt too espeically his family?
    Get a life and see a doctor before you hurt someone that look like brad pitt !!!

  • sissysissy

    what a lovely family!!! I love Angie’s coat!

  • neer

    Re Christina Aguilera
    Besides the recent quote, these are also the things she said about AJ in the past:
    1) “If I had to get someone, I think Angelina Jolie would be worth it, she is really beautiful. She’s tough, yet sexy at the same time, which not a lot of people can do.”
    2) “Someone who’s like Angelina Jolie because she isn’t scared of not being pretty,”
    “She’s my favorite actress. I’d love a role like the one she played in ‘Girl, Interrupted’, I’ve never met her.. I’d be so nervous! And star struck!”

    3) Angelina looked AMAZING there at (Sky Captain premier). Christina said in an interview that it was really exciting meeting Angelina that night, & that she was very sweet & complimentary about her singing.

  • woman spanish


    I do not think we should limit ourselves to humanitarian work, but I think there are insults that are out of place, when she will never have heard a bad word about anyone

  • Passing Through

    The family took a balloon ride…and the trolls are losing their shite. All of Paris is just glad the trolls weren’t the ones in the balloon. Nobody wants troll poop landing on their heads.

  • wow

    Sick mind is upset. Brad still loves angie,
    and children.No they are not breaking up.Brad is from Mo.
    he has good values.Sorry x you have no takers.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Beautiful family having fun
    To the haters no one is claiming jolie-pitts are perfect but they are trying to live meaningful lives and helping others unlike your ugly 45yoa idol JA

  • neer

    Just because the parents happen to be very famous celebrties, doesn’t mean they don’t have anymore the right to celebrate the birthday of their children any way they want to like any normal family do. It’s not their fault if they are being followed or taken pics by paparrazi everywhere they go.
    Just because some people are uncomfortable while looking at the pics of happy family, doesn’t mean the Jolie-Pitts will just have to stay home & deprive themselves to have fun & really enjoy things or activities as a family.
    Just because SOMEONE is sad & miserable while having a vacation in Mexico, it necesssarily follows that the Jolie-Pitts must also be sad & miserable too ??? What kind of logic is that?
    How pathetic can you really get!

  • teri

    This would be a kids dream birthday, I could only imagine what my own children would think. I think it’s great and to see those cute little faces smiling ear to ear. Those memories will last forever as will the family being so close.

  • neutered

    Brad with the over-the-shoulder fruity bag again

  • teri

    What are they all selling again?

  • teri

    You haters are such tools, x really knows how to attract such morons.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Seriously who cares about the comments from haters? They go from blog to blog spouting off their hate and yet, the object of their hate doesn’t know they exist and continues enjoying her life with her family. If Angie was so hated as they would like you to believe SALT which was a movie that was riding on Angie’s name alone would not have been a hit. They’ve spouted off the same things year after year from 2005. Yet despite their hate, Angie’s family has grown, she’s still with the man she loves, they were blessed with more beautiful children into their household, she’s at the top of her game in her career, she’s more respected as a humanitarian. So to the haters, keep on hating. The fans will keep on loving. The Jolie-Pitt family will keep on flourishing.



  • shame

    too bad for Knox that he can’t be brought out because of Viv

  • busted

    Let’s not give these fools that much attention seriously there is only one or two nuts changing names.. Is it not obvious that the first few post are from haters.. Like really they all happen to arrive at the same time.

    Too funny that it is so important for it to try and make is seem as if there are so many of them.

    If a balloon ride gets them this upset, what do they say to the celebs that spend thousands of dollars on those over the top parties for their kids. The family is together in Paris.. not LA so they had a party as a family. I guess now Family parties are NO THE WAY.. boy my family sure breaks that rule every year.

    Whatever. Hate all you want. They are a sweet and freaking hot couple with cute unique and fun children.

    And the fools are here commenting on them.. LOL.


  • nom nom

    ..and the lunch break at the Paris McDonald’s

  • teri

    OMG, YOU HAVE REALLY LOST YOUR MARBLES USING MY SCREEN NAME. We fans should be used to x hags trying to disrupt the board by now but stealing others sn is childish just like your x.

  • From Paris with Love

    Brrrrrr it’s been freezing and snowing in here! She manages to look beautiful in a frickin hoodie coat and sunglasses, no denying.

  • boyzmom

    wow – i sure wish i could take my son there for his birthday! that looks so much fun but not as fun as the seychelles islands. they are incredibly lucky to be able to travel wherever they want to! but they did make all that money themselves, folks. pretty amazing….love her coat, hope it’s not real fur! the kids look amazing. parents have great taste in kids clothes. they are a totally cool family. and yes not to rag on JA but….who could not help but see those sad t-g day pix in mexico. it just seems so incredibly lonely. if i were her i would give up on trying to be beautiful and ‘sexy’ and go out and do something w her life. be a mom! adopt an orphaned child. travel. there’s so much more to life than sitting around in a bikini.

  • teri

    Very well behaved kids, yes I’ve heard this several times now. Behind every well behaved child is great parents.

  • to teri

    I use teri also.Did not see you posting.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Shame: Too bad you did not see viv & knox pictures at the beach where the family have nice long weekend .
    She was beautiful – stunning Viv!
    Oh, pick someone you size and really she is a kid and how old are you 50 years – Shame on you !!!!
    X fans will go after kids to unleash there hate cause Brad Pitt is so inlove with his family and his only lady Angelina!
    Keep screaming cause you will die with so much hate ,wow, what a way to live!

  • French Girl

    They are in Paris and you want that they remain to lock in the hotel to please the haters ? Pathetic, the same you if you come you go to have a walk, to discover Paris. Be a little more human and look as stars but as a simple family which discovers a new country. Where is the evil ? Except the paparazzis? Of more the French course of study is everywhere on this planet the same thus the a few days which they will have missed, they see it with a particular professor : many kings and stars of our time have it but their children are not stupid for all that.

  • Exciting Birthday

    Happy Birthday Pax. What a wonderful Birthday. So glad you had fun.
    Wishing you many more Birthdays that are just as exciting.
    Hugs goodlooking..

  • French Girl

    @busted you have the sense of the rhetoric! C’est super.

  • vickifromtexas

    a few bitter people with an unnatural hate directed at people they don’t know have been proven wrong year after year. give it up already. this family thrives in a wonderful way. how many times must the hate filled people be proven wrong before they just accept the truth that this family is strong, happy and staying together? it must be exhausting to maintain all of that anger and to always be wrong.

  • teri

    I just wish that x could hold her fans attention more than a minute. Always over on the JP thread being trouble makers. It’s one thing to voice your own opinion but throwing insults and verbally attacking the children is wrong. I guess praising the xass can only last so long.

    A couple years back the JP family went sledding, they had a blast. Hopefully they’ll get to do this again.

  • woman spanish

    You are right, the enemies I have to ignore them. I hope that The tourist is a great success worldwide. In Spain, it sure is, like all movies of beautiful Angelina

  • Lara

    Pax must have had the best birthday ever, what a fun day. Same old jealous losers crawling out of the woodwork I see.
    Hope we might get to see Brad and Angie together at the Paris Megamind premiere.