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Jennifer Garner & Seraphina: Right on Target

Jennifer Garner & Seraphina: Right on Target

Jennifer Garner holds on to her adorable daughter Seraphina while leaving Target on Monday (November 29) in Culver City, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress went shopping with an assistant and picked up a cart full of items, including a few rolls of wrapping paper.

The day before, Jen and husband Ben Affleck took Seraphina and her older sister Violet, 4, to have breakfast in Brentwood.

FYI: Jennifer is carrying a Marcello de Cartier Saddle Bag.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Seraphina at Target…

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jennifer garner target 01
jennifer garner target 02
jennifer garner target 03
jennifer garner target 04
jennifer garner target 05
jennifer garner target 06
jennifer garner target 07
jennifer garner target 08
jennifer garner target 09
jennifer garner target 10
jennifer garner target 11
jennifer garner target 12
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Photos: AKM, Flynet
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  • caro

    i’m tired to see her face and her kids !
    what’s her last movie?
    she’s famous to have cute kids

  • Captain_pLanet

    I knew Ben would be gone again the next day…

  • mimi

    omg! why is she even being photographed? she is such a boring personality.

  • Cheyenne

    ughhhhh why do we have to see these stupid people AGAIN????? enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nada

    she doesnt even look like a celebrity , she’s sooo boring and OMG what the f** she’s wearing she’s got the worst boring style in hollywood EW!

  • Run Ben Run

    Boring???,,,,No plain scary, Jen’s face is pain scary, out of a Halloween card or the thriller video. Seraphina looks more afraid to look at her mom’s face than of the paps. It is cruel of her to expose this child like that for publicity.

  • boring Jennifers

    why are all jennifers so boring????

  • leah

    OMG!!! just look at the first pic, gosh she looks like that painting they use to advertise Prozac.

  • K.

    To say her face is horrible is an understatement, Monster-like is more appropriate.

  • Jen’s face can kill a heart pa

    Forget what she is wearing, this woman is the ugliest creature I’ve seen in my entire life, her face gives me the creeps

  • Sarah L.G.

    Violet’s 5th birthday is this Wednesday, so it looks like Jen and Seraphina are preparing for it, hence the rolls of wrapping paper. :D

  • Brit-chick

    Does she still make movies?

  • Violet is gross

    @Sarah L.G.: You are an idiot.

  • Maya

    OMG! That is the Target I go to. I wish I’d known she would be there. She is my favorite. Her little Sera looks just like her and Violet. Sooo cute.

    I want that purse. She has some cool purses.

    On another note, I see that sicko who changes her name and rains jealouso hate on every Jen Garner thread is playing out in full force today.

  • Maya

    Jennifer and her kids are sooooooo ugly!

  • Gina

    Nobody can blame Ben for waking away from Jennifer, any man can empathize with the horrors of being married to something like that. I think Jen knew what she was doing by getting pregnant from Ben, because there’s no way He would have married her otherwise. I think is unfair for people to marry those that are way under their league. Why couldn’t Jen settle for someone who look more like Her?



  • Jay

    Violet and Seraphine thank their lucky stars every night that at least their father is good looking enough to give them beauty genes to compensate for the beastial looks of their mom.



  • Maya

    Are you guys paid to hate on Jen? Is it because she got Ben and not JLo? Eat your hearts out suckers.

    I knew Ben Affleck was smart. Like he said, he dodged a bullet when he dumped that talentless camera loving Lopez.

    His career has been on the rise ever since. Not to mention that he is married to a beautiful talented woman who gave him two blonde little girls. Rock on Afflecks.

  • Maya

    @Jay: Looks like they got their good looks from their mom. Not to say that Ben ain’t good looking too. Sera and Violet not only got Jen’s dimples but Sera also got Jen’s eyes and straight teeth. Ben’s genes are the reason Vi will need braces. She is still a beautiful little girl. She is more a mix of both her parents (her little ears came from both parents).

    The family as a whole are the most gorgeous in Hollyweird.

  • Maya

    @Maya: You admire me so much you want to copy my user name? How dumb are you? No imagination– no originality…just an air (empty) headed idiot.

  • Michelle

    Wow you people are vicious to Jennifer.. I mean I get it with Jennifer Anniston but Garner is a good mother.. Leave her and her kids alone.. Do you expect her to wear heels and look like Victoria Beckham while chasing her kids? Give me a break…

  • Gwyneth

    Hey Maya seraphina’s teeth don’t look like Jen’s because Jen has dog teeth, I mean dog mouth.

  • Julianna

    @Maya: sera doesnt have blonde hair. dumbass.

  • truth does not equal hatred

    nobody is paid to hate on Jennifer, people are simply telling the truth, she is horribly looking, sorry but it’s the truth just click on any of the pics below the thread and you’ll see for yourself.

  • Maya


  • Jen is the ugliest of them all

    Maya: Do me a favor and click @ any of the pics in the thumb nail.

  • mimi

    How can you say that Jennifer is a good mother? Do you know her personally? Just because she got pics carrying her daughter and plays with them doesn’t mean she’s a good mother. So stop saying that!

  • mimi

    If she is really is a good mother, she will protect her children from being photographed. She is using her kids to get papped have constant visibility so as the people will not forget her existence. In between movies, she makes sure she get papped. It’s a ploy.

  • Hollywood

    Her again…Jared why don’t combine your Garner and Alba post together…they both are boring and call the paps all the time

  • Jokergurl

    The paparazzi follows Jennifer and kids around too damn much.

  • Maya

    @Gina: Becaue Ben wouldn’t let her. It’ because of him that she got pregnant in the first place. He convinced her that should have his baby.

    Good for her, otherwise, she would not have her beautiful little girls. Vartan is 42 yrs old and still says he is not ready to be a dad. How sad.

  • Maya

    @Julianna: @Gina: Because Ben wouldn’t let her. It’ because of him that she got pregnant in the first place. He convinced her that should have his baby. BTW, Seraphina is blonde, blind bat.

    Good for her, otherwise, she would not have her beautiful little girls. Vartan is 42 yrs old and still says he is not ready to be a dad. How sad.

  • Maya

    @mimi: Good mothers spend time with their children, not leave them at home with nannys. That’s one way we know she is a good mother. The other way is that they are always happy. Not scared out of their minds of paparazzi. Any more questions Jen Garner’s number one fan?

  • Maya


  • Annie

    This woman always looks like a right frumpy mess and I’ve never see her do anything for the past few years other than stomping around in her trackie dacks with her g-string hanging out.

    On the plus side, at least this kid is prettier than the last one.

  • Maya

    I love her in those glasses. She is so cute and all that used to be fans are so jealous of her natural beauty, the best that you can do is talk about the clothes she wears in her down time..

    When she is working, she rises to the occasion but she chooses dress the way she feels comfortable and don’t give a rat’s @$$ what your idiots say. At the end of the day she is living her life and you are trolling the web looking for threads to make your day. Sad.

  • Kalle

    Live in the moment guys and girls. 20 years from now she’s 58 years old and neither her fans or anti-fans don’t care shit about her. Too bad for her. lol

  • Yep

    Unfortunately in 20 years, she’ll be p.i.m.p.i.n.g. out her daughters as starlets so the public will be forced to watch her galavant all over Hollywood yet again as Grannie Garner…and Ben will have his new hot young trophy wife draped across his arms…It happens to all of them in Hollywood…

  • Julianna
  • tpd619alder 123

    you people who talk say jennifer ugly ,mabe you should take a look in the mirror, cause is you who are ugly.

  • Kate

    @tpd619alder 123: Maybe you should get a book and learn how to talk English.

  • Rose in Canada

    @Cheyenne: duh……you don’t/didn’t have to ….but you obviously chose to!

  • Rose in Canada

    Wow, most of you guys are WHINY, NEGATIVE, JADED, CHIP ON THE SHOULDER, NASTY, SPITEFUL, VILE, EVIL, PITIFUL souls who like to spread their nastiness. If your take on life is to trash people as a fun sport you are pathetic and to be pitied.

    ……..Oh and your not too bright either, cause no one forced you to look at the pictures or click into the story, you could have easily very quickly scroll by them on the front page, ……but no you want to come in here and spread your vileness – thats just you. Like I said you should be pitied for being the kind of people you are! Poor unhappy souls!

    Take a minute and think about it and then seriously tell me you are wonderful people…..NOT. You have very big chips on your shoulders and not just about Jennifer Garner, its bigger – you are just typically “DOWNERs” in every aspect of your life I bet. Your post say alot about your personalities in general.

  • Julianna

    @Rose in Canada: go back to your no man’s land in canada and stop worrying bout americans.

  • kelly

    typical hollywood spoiled rich actress who makes her nanny push her shopping cart…pathetic.

  • Shelley

    @caro: @caro: @caro: well… here is her NEXT movie:

  • Rose in Canada

    @Julianna: I promise I won’t waste my time worrying about you for sure….and if your type represent Americans as a whole, then I would prefer to stay in Canada – cause you would sterotype them (Americans) as being Nasty and Vile we are not like that here in no mans land – we are actually civil and think the best of our fellow mankind unless “they” proven otherwise unworthy.

    But I know all Americans are not like you – so will leave you and your kind in a category separate – cause you HAVE proven the otherwise unworthy criteria!