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Milo Ventimiglia & Brian Austin Green: Get Some Sleep!

Milo Ventimiglia & Brian Austin Green: Get Some Sleep!

Milo Ventimiglia and Brian Austin Green have signed on to star in the web series Suite 7 to raise awareness about the importance of sleep.

The show, which debuts December 17 on and Hulu, also stars Shannen Doherty and Dexter‘s Jaime Murray, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Milo and Shannen will pitch in to direct the seven-episode series, which hopes to highlight the role sleep plays in health and well-being.

Each weekly episode will show a new couple — newlyweds, divorcing couples, best friends, business partners, co-workers, and even total strangers — who check into Suite 7 and unpack personal baggage.

WILL YOU TUNE for Suite 7?

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Credit: Frazer Harrison, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • Lynne

    Sleep – with Milo? If you insist! But I don’t think we would be doing much sleeping if I had my way! Defo going to watch ! LOVE YOU MILO! xxx

  • J

    So Brian Austin Green married to Megan Fox wants to raise the importance of sleep, what a joker.

    Seen the trailer looks pretty cool, can’t wait till the 17th Dec.

    Now, Brian before we sleep can we just have one more…

  • Catchy

    how stupid

  • Hollywood

    sounds like it’ll put people to sleep..i guess these actors have bills to pay and mouths to feed like anyone else

  • Suite7Series

    @J: Thanks J. Brian only sleeps for a few seconds :)

  • Nice

    Just saw this pic on Suite 7 Facebook page of BAG = WATCHING!

    OMG, BAG is HOT! People say BAG is lucky to be with Megan Fox but I think she is a very smart lady for landing BAG = has the full package.

    The world has got BAG all wrong and a great actor too. I hope he truly shines in 2011. He deserves to be in no. 1 blockbuster films not just great TV work.

    The trailer for Suite 7: = JJ should have attached.

  • JK

    I understand he has bills to pay and mouths to feed like ‘Hollywood’ said, but please, the world has got it right, r u his agent or what? BAG is not attractive at all, he looks like an old draggy, and he is a mediocre actor too. Hope he’ll go to sleep already in 2011, sick and tired of so called “actors”.
    Thanks, now that I saw the trailer I’ll not watch it for sure, seems bullsh*t.

  • cristinaV

    yeah…..sounds boring and stupid…..nope.
    love Milo though

  • Beth

    @JK: Everyone has different tastes but I agree with Nice BAG so FINE.

    You might not like him but others do. BAG does well in 2011 (wakes everyone up).

    “sick and tired of so called “actors” perfectly fine so why comment? Just ignore all their posts but it will be hard on Just Jared. I hope you comment on things you do like. Try and stay positive.

    You will never know if it’s bullsh*t or boring until you watch it. I’m game to see something different.

  • Nice

    @JK: No not his agent or what? You don’t have to be to like him.

    Come on the trailer looks interesting. Maybe, you need more sleep and then you will feel better. What’s your problem with actors, so not just BAG then.

    Do you dream of becoming an actor? 2011 is your year no worries and BAG’s.

  • JK

    @Beth: Of course you agree with Nice, why shouldn’t you? PR cheering on every post makes BAG look broke and desperate, like he can’t even get a job without PR help. If he is so relevant and everybody likes him why all this pushing too much?
    Milo, Jaime and Shannen’s agents/publicists didn’t show up.
    Bag’s year, yeess, it’s important to be convinced. No, trailer doesn’t look interesting at all, don’t try too hard, it’s hopeless to convince people care about something or someone they don’t, you’d rather go to sleep too. If people like it, they’ll watch it without your extra advertisement.

  • Beth

    @JK: BAG has fans, it’s nothing to do with PR. Accept the fact that some people love his work.

    Yeah, some fans including me get more excited than others but that’s because we see positive things in him and focus on his acting.

    BAG doesn’t in any shape or form look broke or desperate hence Megan Fox married him. The man was a child actor and has been around long before Megan Fox. The only desperate thing he’s doing is appearing on Desperate Housewives and doing a fine job.

    “If he is so relevant and everybody likes him why all this pushing too much” you could also say that about some Megan Fox fans, Twilight fans, Harry Potter fans, Original 90210 fans, Lady Gaga fans, Justin Bieber fans, Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt fans, Jennifer Aniston fans, Zac Efrons fans, Channing Tatum fans, Eminem fans the list could go on.

    If I see something on BAG from Just Jared, I comment because I like him as an actor and I’m fed up with all the hate he receives just because his married to Megan Fox or was on 90210. Original 90210 was a good show hence the new version doesn’t even measure up.

    “Milo, Jaime and Shannen’s agents/publicists didn’t show up” it’s that the only way you can justify people liking someone? I’m fans of all and glad Shannen is directing BAG in this. All very talented people and good luck to all.

    It’s your choice to watch or not like everyone else. I’m just saying it looks interesting to me and maybe others. The fact that you investigated this to see what it was about shows you were a little interested. The trailer doesn’t meet your needs fine maybe something else will.

    I’m not advertising anything Just Jared is and I’m just giving my opinion too.

  • JK

    @Beth: You r BAG and MF’s publicist/PR, not a fan. You r coming here to check if you convinced someone to like BAG or to watch the show with your extra trying. Hopeless, no one cares, didn’t see screaming fans yet.
    BAG and MF look more broke and desperate together because she is facing hard time too, ruined face by botox/fillers, no more leading roles, just photo ops. Many don’t like BAG on DH.
    “all the hate he receives just because he’s married to MF or was on 90210″. Just accept the fact people dislike them as personas and actors, because they aren’t good at it, not because of jealousy or other ridiculous excuses you PR r trying to sell every time.

  • Beth

    @JK: I have explained my reasons but if you decide to disregard them then nothing I say will change your mind in terms of I’m not their publicist/PR.

    It’s great that you think I could be (I’m very expensive but wouldn’t mind) BUT I’m not. Most realistic people reading these comments will know that.

    Do you really think if I was their publicist/PR, I would be on Just Jared no offence to Just Jared but I would have much better things to do with my time.

    You know I’m just a fan (YES, BOTH HAVE SOME) but whatever.

    None of us know BAG and MF and time will tell regarding who is right and who is wrong in this discussion.

    “BAG and MF look more broke and desperate together because she is facing hard time too” that’s the best joke I’ve heard all year. If this is what broke looks like I want to be broke like them.

    Why don’t you accept the fact that both are staying around even with ups and downs, since BAG has been in the business for over 20 years. Popularity is measured in different ways let’s see what happens. I would presume both are not having sleepless nights because their broke and desperate but happy; remember that word happy. Which is very hard for you to swallow.

    Considering you don’t like BAG or MF you sure like to check their posts and comment.

    Anyone reading your comments can see your clearly jealousy. Oh, what MF looks like i.e. ruined face by botox/fillers that’s not your problem it’s Megan’s face and body she can do whatever she likes. In fact, MF and BAG shouldn’t matter to you just move along but somehow, they are getting under your skin very funny. Again, you claim not to like them but show a lot of interest.

    Let the public decide. We don’t know these stars we just hope to appreciate their work whatever that might be.

    I hope you have a fantastic 2011 and beyond, life is far too short to hate anyone. Just appreciate what you have. So no need to reply to me because I will ignore (I feel silly for even replying back).

    Time wasting.

  • JK

    @Beth: I don’t care about MF, BAG, or any other celebrity, I’m interested in publicists/PR. You are interested in coming here and post back to me because you care as their PR. I saw your extra advertisement for BAG accidentally, thrown a hook and you arrived, that’s funny. “Most realistic people reading these comments will know that I’m not their PR.” Nice try! People are much smarter than you PR are even imagine.
    “Anyone reading your comments can see your clearly jealousy.”
    See, again jealousy and hate as PR excuse, it doesn’t work because there is nothing to hate or to be jealous, everybody knows that already, but PR probably can’t find another convincible excuse as this one. You are clearly angry because I unmasked you as their PR trying to convince people care about them.
    And now you just trying to increase this post with comments, so your clients become more relevant. I wish you a great 2011 too!