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Hollywood Dies Digitally December 1st -- Exclusive Video!

Hollywood Dies Digitally December 1st -- Exclusive Video!

On Wednesday (December 1), Hollywood dies digitally to raise awareness for World AIDS Day. The world’s top tweeters are making the ultimate sacrifice, leaving their 30 million followers in the dark until $1,000,000 is raised to buy their digital lives back.

Watch‘s exclusive video below explaining The Digital Life Sacrifice event. You can help by visiting or text a participating celeb’s name to ’90999′ to buy their digital life back. You can even sacrifice your own and join the fight!

Participating talent (most are featured in the video below): Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Elijah Wood, Serena Williams, socialite Daphne Guinness, R&B sensation Janelle Monae, Twilight‘s Bronson Pelletier, singer Kimberly Cole, Alicia‘s husband, Swizz Beatz, and the cast of MTV’s The Buried Life.

Hollywood Dies Digitally — Exclusive Video
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  • Thai

    Please, u are ridiculous like hell!

  • slambang

    What a tasteless way to raise money. Just write a d@mn check!

  • fskjdfjgdkjsfjh

    they can stay “dead” forever. idc.

  • Leni

    I second Stephen Colbert’s suggestion: raise 999 999 $ AND STOP!!

  • Cristobal

    What should I bring to the repasts? Are all of these at the same church? Memo to self: Buy bulk of flowers from Costco. The funerals are tomorrow? I need to get one top of it. Geesh, I have nothing to wear. Ugh the parking! The parking is going to be crazy. I wonder will someone take my photo. I need my black tie back from my brother. Damn it all. I barely knew any of them. So soon, too soon.

  • hadnes

    Raising money or pandering to chronically inflated egos…. more the latter I’m afraid. It’s a way of increasing followers.

  • Mary

    Sad part is, this will probably work..

  • Oye Vey

    How much will it cost for them to NEVER come back??

  • Lauren

    NOOOOO! Not Daphne Guinness! How will I survive without her Twitter??!! … *eye roll* Who cares.

  • Doug

    What’s sad about this – if it gives money to AIDS and helps people?

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    MORON .

  • amy

    this is TOO MUCH
    please we’re not gonne “die” if they don’t tweet or blog ! we just don’t care we just don’t care

    I agree with the charity thing but this is too much

  • cece

    This does not make me want to give thats for sure. When you have aids and you die you dont look that good. This is tasteless!!

  • KNut

    A glamour shot in the coffin – really Kim? You are tacky and have no taste! Maybe it would mean more if these idiots actually looked dead.

  • Butter_Fly

    I admit I kinda liked the t-shirts that you can scan but this part of the fundraiser is stupid! I definitely don’t want to buy Kim Kardashian digital life back so she can tweet again. No thank you. I hardly ever give my money for national/international causes. I donate what little money I have to local charities/organizations.

  • blair

    Over the top & dumb.

  • MangerBouger

    @Leni: LOL excellent idea !!!
    Why always ask the middle class for money !?? Give your damn money cause we already give a lot to different charities (at least I do) with our miserable salary (well it’s relative, I’m well paid but not as good as all celebreties are being paid !). Sell you damn louboutin shoes, and I’m sure you’ll come back from the dead !
    HIV virus is still very much active all the other days, not only on the 1st december 2010. So dumm celebrities stop waking up to this pandemic on that date !

  • Julez

    why don’t they just give the money themselves?!? a million is nothing to all of them. and please i wouldn’t give a damn if they stopped twittering.

  • Julez

    wow after watching the clip i realized how great it would be if they all truly died for real. OMMG!! what am i going to do without their tweets? COME ON! we don’t give a damn! (about them not coming back to twiittter) Aids is a very important issue that shouldn’t be brought up only on a specific day.

  • liz

    justin doesn’t even twitter that much as some of the others

  • anne

    I say just let them die! Geez, they are worth millions themselves and they are asking us, who have barely survived this recession, to donate??? And it’s as if we would die ourselves if we don’t hear from them for a few days (or even years!). Whoever thought of this junk has a super inflated ego and every celeb who participates is just as egoistic.

    That sucks because I like Elijah Wood. The others can just die for all I care. Especially Ryan Seacrest.

  • Mary

    @Doug: Yeah, I should have clarified. I find it sad that this is what has to be done to raise awareness about AIDS. Of all the things celebrities have to virtually die, and it’s a sad day for humanity when it will more then likely work..

  • laverdadduele

    What a load of c.r.a.p. Who do they think they are? I don’t give a f.u.c.k. about their stupid tweets or their lives for that matter. Just write a check you self-absorbed pigs.

  • klein

    The greedy bitter bums who won’t donate a thing are in full force again, I see…

  • dada

    The bitter bums who won’t donate a thing are in full force again, I see…

  • Alice

    How is seeing glammed up celebrities lying in coffins supposed to emotionally move me to donate to an AIDS charity? This is not the least bit moving – if you really want to wake people up, put someone who actually IS dying from AIDS in the shot. I’m all for donating, but this celebrity ad is self-serving, egotistical and disgusting.

  • http://facebook jlmark

    ok so i heard other countries in their statement but what about our own. what about america. the celebrites are always raising money for this or that for other countries but how come you never hear about the homeless in america the sick kids abondand babies etc etc what is america not inportant enough

  • Rattlesnake

    wow big deal….. why don’t they just write a check themselves..? they make crazy money for doing absolutely nothing and they have to ask hard working people to sacrifice at holiday time ! Typical phony celebs .. !

  • Nikki

    Ok , this is for all the slow, ignorant people. This is directed to their FANS!! Not their haters, if you don’t like them, you probably don’t support them anyway, so keep your heads in the sand and keep moving. This is not about you. I think Gaga’s 7.5 mil and Kim K 5.5 mil and Alicia’s 3 mil fans will handle this!! )Oui people are so clueless that the whole concept has just gone over your heads. SMDH!!

  • Nikki

    @Julez, hmm your wish may come through for you and your family. Be careful what you wish on others. You idiot

  • Lisa

    The responses on this blog, is a perfect example of the dumbing down of America. Good lawd people can’t possibly be this idiotic!! SMDH!!

  • annah

    Seacrest out…


  • angela

    while i admit it’s clever, a third of these people i’ve never heard of so it wouldn’t make a difference to me if they were digitally dead or alive, a third i’d wish weren’t famous so we’d never have to hear from them again, and the rest while i admit are talented, i don’t care about your tweets about what you’re eating. i regularly volunteer and donate to charity, so it’s not me being stingy.

  • belle

    Are you for real??? .. At least these celebrities ( and that’s what they are, no matter who disagrees with the term) are doing something to attract attention and get aid where it’s really needed. What have YOU ever done!!! But then, this is Jared.. say no more!

  • belle




    Why does Kim Kardashian have Britney Spears’ speaking voice ??

  • Lawrence

    Its not about the celebrities its about the cause, if some of you could look past your stupidity you’d see that.

  • tvcon

    Plan and simple. Lady GaGa’s followers will raise it quickly.

  • cindy

    This is very tasteless….again with “celebrities” Just friggin’ donate that’s it! No need for promoting “death” with social media. So stupid…I’ve friends/families who had suffered with complications with AIDS and this ad is not cool with them….

  • David

    That asian dude is clearly reading at 0:47, 1:03 and 1:37. they couldnt atleast an actor who could remember a few lines?! Puhlease!! Stay dead! :)

  • Lalalove

    This is the best they could come up with to raise awareness? Hollywood is truly a lost cause. smh

  • Lalalove

    I couldn’t agree more, Alice. I couldn’t agree more…

  • Chuckie

    What the deuce? WTH? Hollywood can kick rocks with this promo playing with death like that. I am with you all here and say this sucks.

  • Monse

    @slambang: AGREED

  • Gab

    I, for one, do not care if any of these people ever resurrect themselves digitally. There are better ways to raise money.

  • Jokergurl

    The coffin thing I think is just in bad taste, because AIDS is not anything to trivialize and a coffin is where millions of young people, especially children in Africa some children born with AIDS end up, only some don’t even get a coffin, they’re just buried. :( They suffer, the don’t look all perfect and polished. If they went to do something go to some of these places where AIDS is rampant like Africa and donate money for vaccines, medicines, give money to build hospitals and schools for education about AIDS, protection, contraceptives. Get off your butts like ANGELINA JOLIE DOES! The legitimacy of this went down the tubes for me when I saw KIM & KHLOE Kardishian’s name attached to it. This ad campaign just pisses me off.


    they dont say HOW MUCH ARE THEY DONATING

    they are asking us for a million
    these people could easily raise the money themselves

    bloody hypocrites

  • stop

    unless you guys have a better idea of raising money or plan to give in any other way then stop with all the negativity.. it’s so easy to say that the way they’re getting money is tasteless but at least they’re doing something… what are you guys doing? you guys might not be afflicted by aids but for those who are or who know people afflicted with the disease.. what they’re doing can help raise awareness and stop it from spreading… why not do something useful…

  • Tifa

    There’s celebrities for you – trying to even make something as serious as AIDS about themselves. Maybe they could have donated however much this ridiculous ad campaign costs.