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Gisele Bundchen Covers 'Vogue Italia' December 2010

Gisele Bundchen Covers 'Vogue Italia' December 2010

Gisele Bundchen graces the cover of the December 2010 issue of Vogue Italia.

Last week, the 30-year-old supermodel went to work on a photo shoot in St. Barts where she showed off multiple handbags and outfits.

Gisele will go back to her roots when she is featured on a parade float in her home country of Brazil for the 2011 Carnival Parade, which takes place in Rio de Janiero in March.

Gisele‘s husband Tom Brady has become the face of UGG Australia‘s Fall 2011 line, which will include casual footwear, accessories and outerwear. He will also provide “product inspiration” for future collections.

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Photos: Steven Meisel
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  • S@n

    WOW! The haters come soon! LOL!!!!

  • Tati


  • Orchid

    When I see some models pose nude, Stam, Poly, etc they don’t look like this. Gisele looks like she wants a facial, bad.

  • lily

    Nice photoshop, she almost looks like a woman :)

  • HKL

    I thought Gi said she was going to be selective on her photo shoots. Between the one with her a** showing, and now the photo of her smoking a cigarette. So much for being selective. She is certainly no role-model. These pictures are disgusting. And it is sad that so many pre-teen and teenage girls probably admire her, want to be her, and are apt to become anorexic, wear inappropriate clothing, and smoke as a result of Gi’s photos. She is a mom. She should know better. Very disappointing.

  • wanla

    they photoshopped her nose..omg

  • lolly


  • From Paris with Love

    Those bare-breasted pics are oldies! they’re from 1999 by photographer Michel Comte! why put them here now?
    anyway, beautiful cover, she is very photogenic.

  • tiff

    shes the girl everyone busts a nut to. shes not high fashion, just a butterface.


    OMG… SHE LOOKS amazing!!!

  • reba

    That doesn’t even look like her on the cover!

  • LadyB

    I think these pics are recycled. I am pretty sure I have seen the ones where she’s holding a cigarrette before.

  • Kelly

    She looks like a Dragon Lady. I think these chicks look like Disney witches with all the make up they wear. Good grief…

  • LadyB

    And the one where she is sitting down covering her breast..thats an old picture too, when she had fake implants. I believed she had them removed.

  • Ana Carolina

    people need to understand that shes a model and thats what models do. shes a great woman, great mom and she does wonderful things, shes a good role model. this photoshoot is just acting.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s is so stunning!

  • Lola

    Those are all vintage gisele shots from back when she was hottest thing alive and ruled the world…she dont got it like that anymore. But damn she was something…i had forgotten how she good she gave it…sorry but no other model can compare to her in her heyday

  • laverdadduele

    I don’t find her appealing at all. She’s tall and pretty, but so are the other models, there’s nothing memorable about her, other than her bank account of course. How is she the highest paid model is beyond me, I guess she has a very persuasive agent.

  • CJ

    Get the cigg away from your mouth makes you look low class and unhealthy.

  • CJ

    Get the cigg away from your mouth makes you look low class and unhealthy.

  • the cover is good

    the cover looks good, but those other pics are nasty.. not feeling it..I think your right those are old pics…

  • anonymous

    Wow! That is one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen in a long time. Gisele is gorgeous as ever!

    This cover really illustrates the difference between actresses and models, and model and supermodels. Amazing.

  • anonymous


    The photos inside are old, they’re from late 90s/early 2000s.

  • anonymous


    Umm…she’s never had fake implants. Look at pics of her from her teenage years…her breasts have always been the same size. Don’t believe everything you read.

  • lmao

    somethin some of ya’ll ignoramuses must not know about the ubermodel: the chica has been in Italian Vogue since 1997-1998. Every photo minus the uber stunning cover is WAY old. lmao.
    She is impeccable on that cover, just WOW. what a face!!!! she looks a little like Jennifer Lopez there. and hunny Gisele was taking thse photos before Lara or Natasha were even thought of.

  • princess

    I cant even fathom her beauty on that cover! one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen in my life. Her eyebrow bone and how it meets down to her cheekbones; exquisite!

    Haters gona hate. Go look at your fav model modeling in a Sears catalog then, lol.

  • GG

    @HKL: and I hope you dont teach your children to judge as bad as you just did. Last time I checked Gisele wasnt a secretary. She is a Supermodel aka plays different roles. some people OMG., lol. I am guessing you have not seen half of her portfolio? The smoking photos are not even shot by Steven Meisel. they are from 1998 by Michael Comte. and yes she was 18 then and used to smoke. She hasnt been seen with a cig since she dumped Leo.

  • rich


    are you kidding me? not memorable? that is the one thing almost ev ery person in fashion says about her. In my books she is very memorable. she has a stand out look and stand out personality. she was/is never the shy girl in the back of the room. Anna Wintour (who likes very few models today) praises Gisele for her personality and standing out from the rest. She says models have to have a personality. In Anna’s own words in fact:

    “”gisele bundchen, along w KateMoss, is a phenomenon. I wish models knew they have to have a personality”

    so please; Gisele’s success and paycheck speak for itself. you dont have to agree, and you can scratch your head all you want over it, it is what it IS.

    not high fashion you say? yeah you’re right. she’s beyond that. She is a SUPERMODEL. The Last one. she been there done that with high fashion ages ago. Now she sits pretty . The new bland hf girls can do shoot after shoot all they want for pennies. Maybe one day, they can too be the world’s highest paid supermodel on the planet,have the fashion world at their finger tips,become a fashion icon,and have 90+ VOGUE covers all before the age of 30. we’ll see, but I wouldnt sit and wait! you may be old and gray by then.

  • Supermodel

    God she’s stunning!!! cheekbones,lips,eyes. she is power. She just screams Supermodel when you look at her photos. Not high fashion, not commercial, just Supermodel.

    you people who hate on her seem to only like unsexy anorectic high fashion girls or commercial k-mart cheap looking models. Don’t you know the greatest models in history (Linda,Christy,Naomi,etc..) were the perfect combo of both (and a photographer’s dream)? as is Gisele. That is why she is rare. A fat faced chipmunk model will never have her success just as a bland European blonde with a blank face and waif like body will never have her success.

  • Drake

    Now that is a face for a Vogue cover, WOW!

  • TXpert

    The Gorgeous late model and Philly native…GIA CARRANGI
    had looks and curves that none of the models today exude…except Cindy Crawford…

    When Crawford came along ..they called her “Baby Gia” because she resembled her.

    Crawford’s body/looks have always maintain a womanly image..AND she still looks DAMN good today. her pictorial for ALLURE last year was amazing.

  • DA


    *GASP* a Supermodel plays different roles for her job, and its a crime. oh the horror! such a bad bad girl she is. She isn’t a teacher or a secretary. she is such a bad person who no one should look up to because she plays dress up for a living….gimme a break! its her job! it pays her! she has got to make money too,.LMFAO. I look up to a go getter out there working than someone judging sitting on their computers spewing more hatred that kids have to see everyday (even commiting suicide) you haters and your assumptions and theories never cease to amuse me.

  • Babybaby

    @TXpert: loved their beauty too. But Gisele is far more a role model than Gia was/is to young girls I hope!!!! lol…a drug addict who died of AIDs. Glad to see that more and likely won’t be gisele’s way to go.

    and here come the model comparisons to the “one and only”. gives me a headache.

  • Gab

    I think that topless smoking shot is supposed to be edgy but she just looks like Amy Winehouse to me.

  • Marieme

    Yaaaawn. Zzzzzz.

  • new ditty

    estimable poise and self-possession before a lens which seems quite fond of her, and familiar. very nice. the light quite fancies her too.

  • Jokergurl

    @ Anonymous, she has had a nose job though they did a good job. These are not recent pictures, no way they’re recent pictures. Supermodel I think went by the way side by the year 2000 anyway. These models today cannot compare to Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Tyra Banks, Elle MacPherson (who was “The Body” years before Giselle was even known) Christy Brinkley, Iman, Janice Dickinson all in their heydays.

  • Esther

    I admire her since 2004 (I was 14) and I didn’t become anorexic, I wear propiate clothing and I don’t smoke. And do you know why? It’s easy, my mother taught me respect myself. The models, actress can take these photos and we must be think that it’s only a photo, it isn’t real, they’re like us.
    The world needs more education!

    (Sorry for my English)

  • Bobbi

    Definitely striking pictures.

  • Abbie

    Those were the days when she got her first pair of implants…. or her second?

    I wonder how many hours they spent working on photoshopping that cover.

  • M


  • M

    And people don’t waste your time with HKL. She’s a nasty hateful woman.

  • Victoria

    Um, she said she gave up smoking after starting to date Tom Brady. Tacky photos of her with a cigarette that should not have been published.

  • uri

    Supermodel thanks to Leo Di Caprio, Bar Rafaeli is a supermodel too now.

  • li

    great photo shoot, even when she´s smoking a cigarrete she looks hot

  • l

    adriana lima is so much better!

  • Tasha

    She is tall, slim and a model, but she is not beautiful, I don’t see anything special about her, I like Miranda Kerr much more.

  • Jeanie

    stunning iconic cover!

  • Jeanie


    REALLLLLY? lmao? where are Bar’s Vogue Italia covers? where are Bar’s roberto cavalli,versace and dolce&gabbana campaigns? lmao. that was the biggest joke of the day. Bar doesnt even model. Compare their careers and its laughable. In fact bar only proves more that he doesnt have any power to make someone a supermodel, lol. Its the girl who is special obviously, not who they date. Leo ain’t calling Steven meisel up saying please shoot my girlfriend for your cover….umm that is just absurd to even think Bar is a supermodel. The only comparison they have is dating leo, and he only gave gisele more recognition (even though victorias secret did that, and made her a superstar) In 2000 leo wasnt even famous anymore, Gisele was the one everyone was talking about. You must be to young to remember, but no one has ever talked about Bar as the next big model, model of the millennium etc…

  • Ffds


    funny people say she has a nose job, when um last time I checked you haters still make fun of it 24/7. so logically if she had a nose job wouldnt it be smaller and less apparent to your hater eyes? nope her nose is still big and lovely and adds tons of character. this my friends is a product of photoshop. thats all. Besides I hate wide fat noses, and that is what I consider big noses, giseles is long and thin and perfect for her modeling photos. It creates great angles. button noses are plain and boring to look at.