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Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: Second Nashville Coffee Date!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: Second Nashville Coffee Date!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift grabbed coffee together again – this time, they visited the Frothy Monkey on Tuesday (November 30) in Nashville, Tenn.

TMZ shutterbugs captured the couple sitting together and recaffeinating at the shop this morning.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the 20-year-old country cutie and her rumored beau, 29, were spotted out together at Fido coffee shop, also in Nashville.

Jake and Taylor also spent time together at a Brooklyn coffee shop last week!

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Credit: Barnard/Merritt; Photos: Getty
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153 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: Second Nashville Coffee Date!”

  1. 1
    anthony Says:

    eh… just too weird

  2. 2
    Laki Says:

    Are we all blind to Taylor Swift’s amazing personality and talent?
    Or is Jake not all he’s hyped up to be?
    I just don’t get it.

  3. 3
    Gui Says:

    Is it just my impression or is grabbing coffee the only thing they do together? Their relationship seems sooo excitezzzzzzzz…

    The fact is Jake is trying to use Taylor’s and for her it’s good to have a older guy by her side.

  4. 4
    blair Says:

    Like her hair like that.

  5. 5
    So Cute!! Says:

    Love them. They make a great couple and they must really love coffee. The fact that he is still in Nashville confirms that this is a real couple.

  6. 6
    marq Says:

    Can’t wait for the ballad.

  7. 7
    Just Sayin Says:

    Let me just say, Taylor- 20 & Jake- 30, If they are dating, Taylor Swift is probably not a virgin anymore. Just saying.

  8. 8
    luke Says:

    people are still believing in jake gyllenhaals hetrosexuality?

  9. 9
    nega Says:

    it’s just a coffee date!! taylor is virgin! maybe if jake takes off her virginity she may stop writting stupid songs!! He is our ears only hope!

  10. 10
    mary Says:

    @nega you don’t “take off” someone’s virginity…

  11. 11
    Ewwww Says:

    @mary: Well, she could just put it back on if she didn’t like it off (LMAO).

  12. 12
    Ewwww Says:

    I’ve never been so bored in all my life.

  13. 13
    Zoe Says:

    They make a cappuccino at the FroMo! Almost went this morning. I’ll go in and ask if this was true this afternoon. Lots of rain in Nashville today!

  14. 14
    nega Says:

    @mary: I really mean like taking off clothes, because she wears her virginity just to sell cds!!

  15. 15
    madmax Says:

    @ Zoe please let us know what you find out. If this is a hot and heavy couple or two friends enjoying coffee and downtime from their work (she is going on a world tour in a few months and he has to go to Australia Dec 6th for LAOD premiere over there.

  16. 16
    Jen Says:

    He’s still there?? Hmmm… I’m beginning to think they might be working on a music video.

  17. 17
    o Says:

    She has dated John Meyer, who would still believe that she is a virgin after that? Haha, no, I still find this couple so weird, I mean the age sure it’s a bit weird but at the same time it still isn’t, I think it’s more the level of maturety and how they are viewd by the public, Jake is very grow up, and yeah he loves to laugh and is a funny person, but he still apperes to be his age, both the way he talk and the way he dresses and presents himself. Taylor on the other hand acts like a 15 year old and most of those that only hears her music seem to think so as well and I think there is where people find this to be such an odd couple. Oh well, I have a hard time seeing this last since Taylor haven’t seem to have a relationship that last longer than 6 month yet (and yeah she is still young so there is nothing wrong with that), I also find it hard to imagine her with someone longer than that since she would be out of songs then, but Jake on the other hand you can tell is the opposite of that, but since I don’t know them so I won’t say to much. But also, I don’t buy Taylor’s little innocent girl act for a second, her songs, both those about guys that doesn’t threat her as a princess but also the hate soings she write about the girl(s) that she feels is responisble for the break-up (since it can never possibly be Taylors fault) and they way that she goes out in public and cry for attention is getting old and lame, but you know, for the little girls that are expereince it while in school and that have just started to notice boys I’m sure loves her song and feel that they can relate to it, those who are older with more life expereince knows that relationships isn’t all happy and gresat all of the times.

  18. 18
    She is not innocent Says:

    And peopel talk about Miley. At least Miley BF is like 3 years unlike these two who has a 10 years age difference. Where is her parents? Who allow their daughter to date a grown man. Resse was right for dumping him because he is clearly immature.

  19. 19
    Kristy Says:

    Where is he staying all this time??? In her condo or where???

  20. 20
    Josh Says:


  21. 21
    amanda Says:

    If it’s real why don’t they just confirm it? What’s the big deal anyway? Do they enjoy playing guessing games with the public? Maybe if people know for sure they will lose interest in them and move on.

  22. 22
    Josephine Says:

    @She is not innocent:

    Taylor is 21 and Miley is/was still a teenager when she dated this older boys – that’s the difference. T.S. might be very immature but she’s an adult and she can date whoever she wants. I don’t like them as a couple but age gap isn’t the problem for me. 9 years is usually not a big difference, it’s not like he could be her father or something. The problem is her attitude. She behaves like 15 year old and that’s the reason why people consider her as a minor and him almost like a perverted old man, while they’re both grown-ups with not that big age gap.

  23. 23
    Michelle Says:

    Lost ALL respect for jake Gyllenhaal. The girl is a mediocre everything!
    Oh…except actor, she’s just a bad actor.
    With a very big ego!

    This makes me say…maybe he really is gay?

  24. 24
    molly Says:

    this is a creepy hookup. something seems real fake about it. if it lasts til she goes on tour i will be surprised.

  25. 25
    Amber Says:

    He’s like some creepy old man with that scruffy beard and hanging around Taylor with all her money. He can’t wait to to his hands on it because his career is pretty much shot with this awful movies he’s turning out. I hope she wises up and dumps him.

  26. 26
    sunflower Says:

    These places aren’t just for coffee. I looked it up and they are restaurants that serve food, too. I think it’s good if Jake makes her eat. She has very skinny arms and looks like a space alien. I wonder does she wear her eye make up all the time! LOL! Talking about her virginity is gross. I cannot even think about her having s@x with someone. But Jake has disgusting taste in women. I never liked his girlfriends. I wonder what him and Taylor talk about?

  27. 27
    Butter_Fly Says:


    That’s one thing I never understood about Hollywood. If your with someone or like someone then just admit it (or say something!), especially if EVERYONE is talking about it! If they would just be upfront about liking, dating, or loving someone then so many people wouldn’t care! It would stop so many people theorizing. lol.

  28. 28
    Butter_Fly Says:

    *from* theorizing…sorry forgot a word.

  29. 29
    Elise Says:

    I think the reason so many are upset about this is the fact Taylor acts like a 12 year old. If it was another 21 year old girl who acted her age not many would object I don’t think. 9 years wouldn’t be a big thing if the younger person acted their age.

  30. 30
    carla Says:

    ………. strange.

  31. 31
    Jim Says:

    My take is that Jake likes the coffee more than Swift. Or rather that he likes the coffee and a rich woman to treat him to it. She’s got lots more moolah than he does, so I bet she pays. I can just hear Jake saying, “Hey what about another coffee tomorrow, your treat of course.” LOL.

  32. 32
    Jim Says:

    My take is that Jake likes the coffee more than Swift. Or rather that he likes the coffee and a rich woman to treat him to it. She’s got lots more moolah than he does, so I bet she pays. I can just hear Jake saying, “Hey what about another coffee tomorrow, your treat of course.” LOL.

  33. 33
    Jim Says:

    My take is that Jake likes the coffee more than Swift. Or rather that he likes the coffee and a rich woman to treat him to it. She’s got lots more moolah than he does, so I bet she pays. I can just hear Jake saying, “Hey what about another coffee tomorrow, your treat of course.” LOL.

  34. 34
    Jim Says:

    Sorry about the multiple posts. I have a very nervous computer.

  35. 35
    Maya Says:

    Hmmmm seems to me if you people had your own lives, then you wouldn’t be so concerned about these two. Just saying…….

  36. 36
    Jim Says:

    @sunflower: HE and Taylor, my dear, not HIM. Grammar! Grammar! Never to old to learn.

  37. 37
    Jim Says:

    OOOOps! Too old, not to old.

  38. 38

    I thought Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and all the Disney starlets of their kind vowed to be and remain virgins until getting married.
    They all made a huge part of their fortune using the “True Love waits” marketing and some pushed the fraud as far as wearing a “purity ring”.
    Given the nudity hype about Jake’s latest film, many people will be embarrassed picturing Saint Taylor instead of Anne Hathaway LOL.
    American puritan hypocrisy anyone ?

  39. 39
    Jim Says:

    Here’s the Frothy Monkey menu. What to you bet Jakey eats? I would think the oatmeal with lots of fruits, if you know what I am driving at.

  40. 40
    50cent Says:

    Jake got hiself a rich little girl that why he still in Nashville. Keep that leash on while you can man she leaving in a while.

  41. 41
    courney Says:

    @HOLLYWEIRD: The thought of him having sex with her is sickening, but you know he is.

  42. 42
    Butter_Fly Says:


    That’s all they have on their breakfast menu? There was nothing on that menu that I liked! lol.

  43. 43

    I thought Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and all the Disney starlets of their kind vowed to be and remain virgins until getting married.
    They all made a huge part of their fortune using the “True Love waits” marketing and some pushed the fraud as far as wearing a “purity ring”.
    Given the nudity hype about Jake’s latest film, many people will be embarrassed picturing Saint Taylor instead of Anne Hathaway LOL.

    American puritan hypocrisy anyone ?

  44. 44
    Silvina Says:

    They must really like coffee.

  45. 45
    madmax Says:

    The french toast sounds good.

    I wonder where they’ll be having their coffee tomorrow (eye roll)

  46. 46
    Honestly Says:

    I apologize in advance to Jake’s fans but am I the only one who thinks
    he ‘s NOT attractive ??
    He certainly has muscles but doesn’t he have the goofiest smile ever ??
    There’s something about his facial expression that makes him look stupid (sorry to say this oops).
    His mouth, eyes, nose, he looks very “cartoonish”.
    Anyway , to each their own I guess.

  47. 47
    luu.mos Says:

    Oh no, this sh*t again? Come on Jake!

  48. 48
    LOL Says:

    @HOLLYWEIRD: did you know that Taylor isn’t in Disney LOL just sayin’ ..,.

    I have no problem in them being rumored to be together. They’re both classy, talented and single. Don’t see the problem, 9 years gap is nothing.

    Don’t see why these people say Taylor is immature. LOL she’s in charge on her career since she was 16, bought a condo by her own money, living in her own, doesn’t get drunk and wasted and basically in charge of everything her name is involved. She has her priorities right. She’s mature.

  49. 49
    jenny Says:

    I can’t stand Jake G he is a publicity grabbing nobody. Taylor drop him and find a real guy!

  50. 50
    jenny Says:

    @Honestly: You are not alone, I think he is totally fugly, never thought he was anywhere near good looking. He looks so old and used up now…icky

  51. 51
    Zoe Says:

    @madmax, It is true that they were there but they weren’t holding hands and making out. They said they just sat and talked. So who knows? My guess is they are dating.

  52. 52
    Hoop Says:

    Why I have a feeling that Jake G is just using Taylor for publicity? LOL don’t know why but Taylor go find a real man.

    Her world tour will start next year February for a year and may extend to 2012, if they’re still together after that, Jake G might be serious after all on her.

    Taylor better watch out, he might be just using you

  53. 53

    @ LOL # 48 :

    Of course, I know Miss Swift isn’t part of the Disney crew but she still
    surfed the same waves than them to build her empire.
    Her marketing staff used the same good old tricks than Disney to fool the puritan Americans.
    About Taylor being in charge of her career since being 16, it’s her pushy parents who decided of everything.
    I don’t blame them.
    It worked better than they could ever have expected.

  54. 54
    liya Says:


    seems to me that according to your standards, you dont have a life either or else you wouldn’t even be reading comments.

    + kay i liked t swift, I liked Jake….NOT TOGETHER

  55. 55
    K Says:

    @HOLLYWEIRD: swift is different and definitely hell of a lot better than any of that disney kids. Her parents aren’t pushy cause their daughter wants this all her life. They said if Taylor wants to be a musician, she should work for it herself. And now all of her hardships since she was 14 is paying off.

  56. 56
    Mina Says:

    No one cares God.

  57. 57
    LOL Says:

    @HOLLYWEIRD: her parents are not pushy. Taylor wants this so he worked hard for it since she was 14 as a professional songwriter and eventually being signed and the rest is history.

  58. 58
    Err Says:

    If they are really together? Well good for them

  59. 59

    Next couple alert : Dita Von Teese & Justin Bieber.
    We know everything is possible now LOL.

  60. 60
    Joella Says:

    I have to admit I never really knew anything about Taylor Swift except that 1 song teardrops on my guitar that the stations played again and again. I have followed Jake for awhile since BBM but he’s not 1 of my favorite actors. Some people really didn’t expect after Reese that he would jump from a 34 yo woman to a 20 yo but that’s kind of the norm for male celebs. The older they get seems their gfs get younger, so I’m not surprised Jake is going that route since he’s about to turn 30. A lot of the older actors have gfs/wives 20+ years younger.

  61. 61
    marq Says:

    @K: Yes, Taylor Swift is a brilliant supernova, but to say that no Disney stars can compare, in my estimation Joey King conquers all. They simply haven’t dressed her in angel’s wings yet, so you probably aren’t aware.

  62. 62
    Bill Says:

    Isn’t Jake jewish? What do her folks think about that? If they are dating why don’t they just say so? Couple of schmucks…

  63. 63
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    …he seriously looks pathetic fcuking with that young ass girl. soon as it’s over she’s going to write a song (probably negative) about him.
    …damn, cant he get a grown fcuking women?!? ahahahahahaha

  64. 64
    Barb Says:

    Wow they are weird…
    Don’t believe it’s serious

  65. 65
    hmm Says:


    and he shouldve died instead of ledger
    like brokeback intended

    also the fact he would gag at this..

  66. 66
    3443d Says:

    @She is not innocent: miley was worse its iilegal for a minor to date a adult

    her bf was 20 and she was 16

  67. 67
    3443d Says:

    jae acts like a 12yrold too you havent seen his interviews,then

  68. 68
    julie Says:

    @hmm: Jake is a big phony, he has to always overcompensate when something gay is on or talked about.

  69. 69
    marq Says:

    @3443d: Be assured Miley received the best legal advice. Are you a lawyer?

  70. 70
    question Says:


    what do jews beileve in when it comes to death???

  71. 71
    JD Says:

    @hmm: Don’t you think he protests too much? People who are trying to hide their true sexuality usually do that.

  72. 72
    Bill Says:

    @question: Belief in God & heaven but not in Jesus Christ as savior

  73. 73
    girlcrazy Says:

    ledger was and had about 7 Gf’s all actresses and some models

  74. 74
    Lizzabeth Says:

    I wonder if he is still in love with Reese? After all they were together for over 2 years and he wanted to marry her. How do you just fall out of love with someone like that?

  75. 75
    50cent Says:

    @girlcrazy: Yeah he one hot dude had lots of lovely ladies. his time was short he got it while he could.

  76. 76
    maria Says:

    Really, why does anyone care? They have every right to live their lives the way they please, and they will spend their time with whomever they want to.

  77. 77
    NOT A SKANK Says:

    Reese broke up with Jake a year ago. He is over her as he should be by now. IMO he was too young to be saddled with someone with kids and an ex husband. Taylor is 21 next month and has a very successful career. Some of you may think her music is immature but her behavior is most definitely NOT. She is very down to earth and seems to want a mature life without all the partying and dressing like a 2 $ well you know kinda like Miley. So it wouldn’t surprise me if they are for real and make a go of it. Any 21 year old woman is going to say YES if Jake were to ask her out. Likewise, most men find Taylor Swift very beautiful and sweet. The fact is that they are adults and they don’t need your approval. If dating a man 9 years older than her is the most scandalous thing TS ever does then I say that’s pretty darn respectable.

  78. 78
    Judith Says:

    God nobody said they need our approval lighten up! These sites are made for people to express their opinions and mostly in fun. Don’t take this so personal.

  79. 79
    Azul Says:

    I dont have a problem with the new couple if there a couple is coffe people… but I like Jake and Taylor both talented

  80. 80
    sid Says:

    OK enough if this boring twosome. You need to keep drinking coffee to stay awake reading about them….NEXT lol

  81. 81
    Babs Says:

    I am very happy for any one who finds true love. I really think some of the comments are distasteful.

  82. 82
    50cent Says:

    @Babs: Hey it ain’t love, they just gettin it while they can. Love jus complicate things, keep it loose j/ t

  83. 83
    BB Says:


    if they confirm it.. people will stop talking about it.. and it’s too soon for that now! jake’s movie needs every bit of publicity possible and taylor’s album is slipping down the charts with her teenage fans being grossed by this relationship and the older audience not relating to her childish rants!

    now, she’s collecting material for her next album!

  84. 84
    wer Says:


    i think he’s the one to watch out!! she could throw him under the bus and write another lame song about him!
    after listining to her album i think this girl is barley mature!
    even if she uses words like college or talks about weddings.. its still in the mentality of a 15 year old!
    maybe that’s why she dates older guys..

  85. 85
    jerry Says:

    the only reason joe jonas broke up with her was because she wanted him to f*ck her!! jake is a man, só he likes to f*ck!

  86. 86
    jerry Says:

    the only reason joe jonas broke up with her was because she wanted him to f*ck her! jake is a man, só he likes to f*ck!! the end.

  87. 87

    Only a matter of time before Jake starts dating Willow Smith I guess.

  88. 88
    JD Says:


  89. 89
    Frat Says:

    Its as simple as this: the chick just loves getting plowed. Anyone who thinks she is still a virgin is naive. The younger dudes (Lautner or whatever) just werent doing it right in bed so she moved on to the older dudes that have been around the block and time or two (and have the diseases to show it im sure). regardless of celebrity status, he gives her the d*ck she craves and thats why theyre still f*cking. shes a ***** plain and simple. but who isnt?

  90. 90
    JD Says:

    @jerry: I think so got plenty of that with John Mayer

  91. 91
    JD Says:

    Even her young fans are getting wise to her game.

  92. 92
    tweet Says:

    Has she even tweeted since she’s been holed up with Jake?

  93. 93
    gio Says:

    this girl is disgusting! i just don’t get how anyone can have sex with her! can u imagine her face ???? oh no!!!

  94. 94
    Honestly Says:

    “Virgin Taylor” my foot !!!
    Was she playing Scrabble with John Mayer ??
    And now Jake Gyllenhall is in Nashville to see her amazing
    Care Bears collection ??
    To others puuuuuhleaaaaase.

  95. 95
    Daniel Says:

    I have a question. What is the deal with coffee dates? Is is the new in thing? I know it is not big deal that they are dating. In the picture they were not sitting close, but pazz have made their way to Nashville. He is still promoting his movie. Her album is still out and she is going to start a world tour. I think of dinner instead of breakfast for a date. It will be over by the end of the year. He is going to promote movie in other countries next week.

  96. 96
    CLINIQUA Says:

    I always thought the rumors that Jake G was gay were bogus…until now.

    Sorry. This is just TOO bizarre. It has the whiff of Seacrest and Julianne Hough.

  97. 97

    She very well could still be a virgin dating Jake Gyllenhaal, aka toothy tile. He should come out already, get a boyfriend and be happy.

  98. 98
    Rebecca Says:

    I have a feeling this won’t end well.
    Didn’t jake like dump reese? or I don’t know

  99. 99
    zero figure Says:

    She would be like having sex with a stork. This girl has the body of a 12 yo..

  100. 100
    girlcrazy Says:

    @50cent: here it is

    do you know who the chic is?

    but he cant get any girls anymore,he was dating some modell gamma ward b4 he died too

  101. 101
    Sigh City Says:

    He certainly prefers blonde girls:
    Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift.
    Dakota Fanning will come next perhaps.
    Or maybe he’d rather choose her sister Elle if he really goes for kids now.

  102. 102
    HOW SCARY!!!!!=( Says:


  103. 103
    k taylor Says:

    For a couple who are “more than friends” , ( as all the witnesses seem compelled to mention), they couldn’t look less enthused to be together. I keep thinking if I see pics of them together, I’ll understand this pairing but I still don’t get it. Oh well.

  104. 104
    strange Says:

    can’t the paps at least get a shot of them holding hands????

  105. 105
    WHAAA Says:

    this was very painful to watch the interviewer is a fcking *******,yet he was still kind

    im sad hes epoilted by this ugly gay fat chode

  106. 106
    guest Says:

    @Josh: Everyone needs to get their head out of a$$…you care about them or you don’t; who cares!!! They’re elitist snobs who would never be seen walking the streets with Joe Schmoe… they have millions of our dollars in their pockets, but want nothing to do with us!! They only date other hollywood elites, making them obsolete in the bigger picture of life!!
    Why does the average schmuck care so much about this “couple”?
    GET A LIFE!!!!!!

  107. 107
    Oololoo Says:

    @jerry: omg Lmao

  108. 108
    GingeroftheIsland Says:

    Why all this stuff in here about heath ledger? he had nothing to do with jake gyllenhaal. they made 1 frickin movie together. the man is dead people let him rip..
    none of this taylor soap opera has nothing to do with him anyway

  109. 109
    Ava Says:

    Do you suppose Taylor knows Jake/Toothy prowls the alleys next to gay clubs looking to get a b.j.?

  110. 110
    chickachickabee Says:

    Uh…she is NO virgin. That’s pretty well known in Nashville.

  111. 111
    Joey Says:

    You cant hang with the likes of John Mayer and Jake gayfish and still be a virgin. They like sex every which way but loose.

  112. 112
    Matthew Says:

    Jake, have terrible taste. I’m a 28 year old fireman and my girlfriend is 10 times hotter. Yeah, I know hot is in the eye of the beholder but comeon man…

  113. 113
    kinky Says:

    Jake shed his image as a pedophile

  114. 114
    Mallory Says:

    She is a lesbian and he is gay enough said. Jake look so stupid in this farce of a relationship. It would be better if he had the guts to just come out already. Taylor is just dumb as dirt. No respect for her at all.

  115. 115
    wubbers Says:

    Frothy Monkey and Fido’s? LOL! I like the animal theme.

  116. 116
    Gillian Says:

    I’m sorry but I just don’t get this. I suppose when they start giving us photos of them actually acting like a couple, walking together hand n hand, maybe some kissing like the other couples, but even then …… I never would have put them together in my wildest dreams. They just don’t gel for some reason, not quite sure why. Just a very odd pairing imo.

  117. 117
    pepperminth Says:

    If they love to suck coffee, its their problem no ?

  118. 118
    Jokergurl Says:

    I can just hear the ballad now: Humor me.
    He played a bubble boy, and a soldier, pretty blue eyes and just 9 years older
    Oh oh oh oh
    He played a cowboy with a secret in that Brokeback movie and wore his pants a too tight in the crotch
    I was just too young to see his films back than but now I’ll go and watch.
    Oh oh oh oh
    Flash forward and we’re takin’ on the paparazzi altogether
    I’ve got a attitude now and say “HI” with my middle finger
    And you’re paranoid and have a base ball bat
    I never thought you’d ever beat the paparazzi like that, al l he wanted was a picture
    And it scared me so, and now I have to go away
    I guess I’ll find me a prince charming somewhere else someday.
    Can’t wait for the lyrics to this relationship :)

  119. 119
    der Says:

    i now idk why the nedia and every1 assume they were cose
    joaquin phoenix was ledgers true close friend sux hes nvr been asked about ledger

  120. 120
    Toothy Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal is Toothy Tile (Faking Relationships)

  121. 121
    beebeegun Says:

    you know this might just work if jake wasn’t toothy tile. what ticks me off he acts like such a homphobe and then tries to sell everyone on how liberal he is. jackazzz

  122. 122
    Truth Says:

    She stopped tweeting since her fake tweet about spending thanksgiving with her family was contradicted by reports of her being in N.Y. with Jake. LOL. She doesn’t know what to say so she’s not saying anything. Just holed up with Jakey boy in her condo. Even her tween fans know they aren’t just holding hands and praying on the bible so she can’t keep lying.

  123. 123
    Cddilgo Says:

    It’s gonna get nasty soon$

  124. 124
    geez Says:

    these people are hilarious, as if they were not gonna spend time together if ya’ll keep bashing them LOL

    they don’t bug me, if they’re really dating.
    good for them!

  125. 125
    sybil Says:

    Hope she’s on the pill or he’s using rubbers or both

  126. 126
    $$$$$$ Says:

    @geez: they might care if the lose a lot of fans

  127. 127
    hsshhh Says:

    i still love her lol her dating old men, for me it’s okay. she’s an adult and single so what’s the problem.
    lol these people care about jake & taylor’s s e x life? omg, these people are funny! well, i don’t care as long as she’s not getting drunk and wasted, she’s making excellent records, lifechanging tours, being nice to fans and just being who she is…..i don’t really have a problem on who she dates.

  128. 128
    stan Says:

    Taylor is so fcing hot! She will be the mother of my babies! So…jake, i call you out on a duel! Lol @her album dropping comment-she is on track to sell over 4 million albums third year in a row. She is a fcing sales monster! New album is just wow. Grammy noms guaranteed 2012.

  129. 129
    JD Says:

    Well Jakes smokes pot so she just might be getting wasted@hsshhh:

  130. 130
    niki Says:

    funny how all jakey’s “girlfriends” are blond and more famous than him. LOL

  131. 131
    mommyof2 Says:

    This is news? Going for coffee? Get back to me when Jake has a brunette girlfriend. Now that would be news.

  132. 132
    Rio Says:

    Oh great so we have a new couple here right?
    that actually reminds me a Taylor Swift song…Picture to burn.
    …that’s fine I’ll tell mine you’re gay.Excellent lrc.

  133. 133
    Melissa, Christchurch, NZ Says:

    I want these two married, they are both gorgeous, and will have more beautiful babies for us freaks to watch grow into adorable people.

  134. 134
    **** Says:

    How he doesn’t get his pubic hair caught in her little horse teeth.

  135. 135
    Could someone tell me... Says:

    …why do people think Jake is gay??? It’s an honest question…I was just wondering what I might have missed in his behaviour that tells people he is gay…so could you someone please tell me…and by the way, I also think Taylor and Jake make an odd couple…so creepy!

  136. 136
    Quilla Says:

    @ #118(jokergurl), you already have the lyrics to their relationship…I had a good laugh reading

  137. 137
    showmance Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift – fake and boring “couple”.

  138. 138
    showmance Says:

    @Could someone tell me…: Jake is gay because he has sex with men and fakes relationships with women who use him to get publicity – like Reese Witherspoon after husband dumped her for younger woman.

  139. 139
    Could someone tell me... Says:

    @showmance: well, I wouldn’t count that as proof…but I couldn’t care less anyway whether he sleeps with men or women (that’s his business)….I was just curious if anyone actually had proof (obviously not)…I just think the faking relationships-part is silly and very poor!!! I thought better of Jake! Gay or not!

  140. 140
    G0ssip Girl!: Says:


    Weird couple.
    Too big an age gap..she look like a kid still.
    I like her hair like that! xD
    and do they only meet up at coffee shops? o_O

  141. 141
    MJP Says:

    My concern about this pair is that I have a teenage daughter who I really don’t want to date an older man. I want her to have a better life than getting tied down to a family at an early age. Taylor is supposed to be a teen icon. I DON”T THINK SO.

  142. 142
    johnny Says:

    ok people they are definitely a couple. they are on the cover of US mag all hugged up and smiling. they look really happy.

  143. 143
    vivi Says:

    @S_C_ “REASONABLE DOUBT” artwork is now posted @RocNation 4 days of art

  144. 144
    cincy Says:

    @johnny: OH NO!! :(

  145. 145
    pepperminth Says:

    @johnny: yeah, it’s official. I saw that this morning.

  146. 146
    amanda Says:

    Now that the hiding is over we can dump them and let them be the boring couple they are. I really did think Jake had more class and brains but obviously I was wrong. Good luck keeping that little girl happy Jakey. Have fun following her all over the world.

  147. 147
    denim sleeve Says:

    Errrr the coat she’s wearing is black and the sleeve around his shoulder is blue denim? Weird….

  148. 148
    LOL Says:

    Reese gets her hollywood walk of fame star today and Jake gets an alien freak. I guess that’s a good tradeoff.

  149. 149
    beebeegun Says:

    That article says he likes southern girls, she is not southern morons shes from PA. Really sounds like he’s just settling for a younger version of Reese Whiterspoon. Oh yeah they are in love, Taylor doesnt even know the meaning of the word shes never been with one guy long enough. And Jake was soooo in love with Reese where did that get him. He wont be with Taylor that long before he breaks up with her. These rag mags are such a joke.

  150. 150
    Anna Says:

    Love Jake! If he wants he may date this irl))

  151. 151
    Anna Says:

    Love Jake! If he wants he may date this irl))

  152. 152
    perv Says:

    what’s it like to f**k a rat/chipmunk?

  153. 153
    chickachickabee Says:

    He traded up from Reese Withered-poon…Ill give Donnie Darko that!

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