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Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: Second Nashville Coffee Date!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: Second Nashville Coffee Date!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift grabbed coffee together again – this time, they visited the Frothy Monkey on Tuesday (November 30) in Nashville, Tenn.

TMZ shutterbugs captured the couple sitting together and recaffeinating at the shop this morning.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the 20-year-old country cutie and her rumored beau, 29, were spotted out together at Fido coffee shop, also in Nashville.

Jake and Taylor also spent time together at a Brooklyn coffee shop last week!

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Credit: Barnard/Merritt; Photos: Getty
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153 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: Second Nashville Coffee Date!”

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  1. 126
    $$$$$$ Says:

    @geez: they might care if the lose a lot of fans

  2. 127
    hsshhh Says:

    i still love her lol her dating old men, for me it’s okay. she’s an adult and single so what’s the problem.
    lol these people care about jake & taylor’s s e x life? omg, these people are funny! well, i don’t care as long as she’s not getting drunk and wasted, she’s making excellent records, lifechanging tours, being nice to fans and just being who she is…..i don’t really have a problem on who she dates.

  3. 128
    stan Says:

    Taylor is so fcing hot! She will be the mother of my babies! So…jake, i call you out on a duel! Lol @her album dropping comment-she is on track to sell over 4 million albums third year in a row. She is a fcing sales monster! New album is just wow. Grammy noms guaranteed 2012.

  4. 129
    JD Says:

    Well Jakes smokes pot so she just might be getting wasted@hsshhh:

  5. 130
    niki Says:

    funny how all jakey’s “girlfriends” are blond and more famous than him. LOL

  6. 131
    mommyof2 Says:

    This is news? Going for coffee? Get back to me when Jake has a brunette girlfriend. Now that would be news.

  7. 132
    Rio Says:

    Oh great so we have a new couple here right?
    that actually reminds me a Taylor Swift song…Picture to burn.
    …that’s fine I’ll tell mine you’re gay.Excellent lrc.

  8. 133
    Melissa, Christchurch, NZ Says:

    I want these two married, they are both gorgeous, and will have more beautiful babies for us freaks to watch grow into adorable people.

  9. 134
    **** Says:

    How he doesn’t get his pubic hair caught in her little horse teeth.

  10. 135
    Could someone tell me... Says:

    …why do people think Jake is gay??? It’s an honest question…I was just wondering what I might have missed in his behaviour that tells people he is gay…so could you someone please tell me…and by the way, I also think Taylor and Jake make an odd couple…so creepy!

  11. 136
    Quilla Says:

    @ #118(jokergurl), you already have the lyrics to their relationship…I had a good laugh reading

  12. 137
    showmance Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift – fake and boring “couple”.

  13. 138
    showmance Says:

    @Could someone tell me…: Jake is gay because he has sex with men and fakes relationships with women who use him to get publicity – like Reese Witherspoon after husband dumped her for younger woman.

  14. 139
    Could someone tell me... Says:

    @showmance: well, I wouldn’t count that as proof…but I couldn’t care less anyway whether he sleeps with men or women (that’s his business)….I was just curious if anyone actually had proof (obviously not)…I just think the faking relationships-part is silly and very poor!!! I thought better of Jake! Gay or not!

  15. 140
    G0ssip Girl!: Says:


    Weird couple.
    Too big an age gap..she look like a kid still.
    I like her hair like that! xD
    and do they only meet up at coffee shops? o_O

  16. 141
    MJP Says:

    My concern about this pair is that I have a teenage daughter who I really don’t want to date an older man. I want her to have a better life than getting tied down to a family at an early age. Taylor is supposed to be a teen icon. I DON”T THINK SO.

  17. 142
    johnny Says:

    ok people they are definitely a couple. they are on the cover of US mag all hugged up and smiling. they look really happy.

  18. 143
    vivi Says:

    @S_C_ “REASONABLE DOUBT” artwork is now posted @RocNation 4 days of art

  19. 144
    cincy Says:

    @johnny: OH NO!! :(

  20. 145
    pepperminth Says:

    @johnny: yeah, it’s official. I saw that this morning.

  21. 146
    amanda Says:

    Now that the hiding is over we can dump them and let them be the boring couple they are. I really did think Jake had more class and brains but obviously I was wrong. Good luck keeping that little girl happy Jakey. Have fun following her all over the world.

  22. 147
    denim sleeve Says:

    Errrr the coat she’s wearing is black and the sleeve around his shoulder is blue denim? Weird….

  23. 148
    LOL Says:

    Reese gets her hollywood walk of fame star today and Jake gets an alien freak. I guess that’s a good tradeoff.

  24. 149
    beebeegun Says:

    That article says he likes southern girls, she is not southern morons shes from PA. Really sounds like he’s just settling for a younger version of Reese Whiterspoon. Oh yeah they are in love, Taylor doesnt even know the meaning of the word shes never been with one guy long enough. And Jake was soooo in love with Reese where did that get him. He wont be with Taylor that long before he breaks up with her. These rag mags are such a joke.

  25. 150
    Anna Says:

    Love Jake! If he wants he may date this irl))

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