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Kate Bosworth Covers 'Lucky' January 2011

Kate Bosworth Covers 'Lucky' January 2011

Kate Bosworth strikes a pose on the cover of Lucky magazine’s January 2011 issue.

The 27-year-old actress dished on her favorite pieces from her new jewelry line, JewelMint, as well as her favorite vintage store finds and her low-maintenance beauty routine.

On her fabulous find, a Michael Kors pencil skirt: “And it was only $15! I got it in a thrift store in Detroit [where she filmed The Reasonable Bunch with Demi Moore]. I felt like I had found a little gold nugget—they had no idea what they were sitting on.”

On her low-key beauty routine: “I’m the most low-maintenance person. I’m in a constant battle with my mom because she’s always saying, ‘Please, can’t you blow-dry your hair? It looks so much nicer when you blow-dry it.’ I always wanted thicker, fuller hair, but honestly, I’d just rather be doing something else than blow-drying my hair.”

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  • Lovely

    Kate looks so young and fresh in these photos. Love her look!

  • Marty

    like blowing my next director

  • Marty

    I wonder if she remembered to thank Alex for this, too:)

  • unbelievable

    she got a magazine cover?!?!? What is the world coming to?

  • Cute

    Kate looks very young and cute

  • Pomm

    @unbelievable: It’s only Lucky. She probably got it because of Jewel Mint. They are trying to feature celebrities with their own fashion lines.

  • cute

    @Cute: Please get your own nickname. I’m been using cute here for over a year.

  • cute

    She is a cute girl but she needs a better stylist.

  • JC

    She looks like a warm breeze would knock her over. Too skinny and sick looking, and that’s with the airbrush and other photo tricks.

  • tiger

    I remember when Kate Bosworth used to be on the cover of Vogue and Vanity Fair. This is a major downgrade but I guess it’s better than nothing.

  • Sweet Pea

    They used the worst pic for the cover.

  • Next Day Air

    I don’t know or understand why she even has a job in this industry. She’s just one of the many who do not exube any charisma or talent to make so much money.

  • whisper

    She’s wearing beige?

  • whisper

    Now that’s a surprise!

  • JJ

    That dress is ugly.

  • Bunnykk

    But she’s an expert on blowing coke and coc*.

  • Who??


  • Minx

    I think Kate needs to consider using a darker lipstick shade. She has nice skin but she still looks washed out most of the time because her lipstick is too close to her skin tone.

  • Criss Cross

    I don’t like the cover. She looks like a silly, insecure girl instead of a confident, sexy business woman about to launch her own jewelry line.

  • Walter

    You know this is photoshop…Lucky Mag is notorious for photoshopping their mag covers.

  • Hannah

    If the camera adds ten pounds, she must be incredibly thin in person.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • nicole

    She is still irrelevant and no one cares about her fashion advice or what she has purchased. And no one cares about her “jewelmint” crapola site either.
    Alex and her are perfect together. Two zero talented people who really should have never been put in tv or films and who will do anything to stay relevant.
    Alex should take lessons from Joel Kinnaman on how to act and then maybe he would show an improvement. He should also get better taste in women.

  • Liv

    Agree, way too much photo shop and what’s with the goofy mouth hanging half-open shot? Whoever selected that particular photo for the cover did her a disservice. The other two are way nicer.

  • kitx

    open mouthed again…surprise surprise.

  • Since when

    are Botox, chemical peels & hair bleaching considered low maintenance?

  • Devorah


    You are so right! Beautiful girl + hot boyfriend = crazy fangirls

  • kory

    talentless famehore + has -been actor in a fake romance= a laugh a minute

  • kory

    so let’s see, Sweden is full of drunks and Michigan is full of not so hip she should really stop with interviews…I mean she doesn’t want to go back to obscurity after all this hard work on her knees and back and phone!!

  • nicole

    @jessie Oh yeah…right…Alex was hot so last year!!! That’s why he didn’t make the People’s 100 Sexiest Men issue this year!! But guess who did…Joe Maganiello. hhahahahahaha!!!!!! No jealousy here. Give me Joel Kinnaman any day. At least he can act and has more that two facial expressions! Stiff and eyebrow lift…yep..that’s about it. burp.

  • Abby

    I’m from Michigan. We wear acid wash mom jeans with elastic waists. We prefer hoodies, any color will do. Of course, we’re all obese – what ever would we do with a pencil skirt? Michael Kors? Who is that? Some famous actor? I know, he’s a basketball player right? All of our men work long and hard on the auto lines and go hunting every November. Our favorite store is Walmart and we prefer Jean Nate for ourselves and Old Spice for our men. Kate is right, we had no idea!

  • KitKAT

    @nicole: Do you have a quota to meet? Because every time you post on KBs or AS thread, you bring up “Joel Kinnaman”.

  • Sunny

    I don’t understand why she’s pictured with a headline about “tricks to flatter your shape” when she has no shape?…She is just not a good role model for young girls, or anyone for that matter. Anorexia is not the answer…..shame on Lucky magazine for helping to perpetuate the body image problems of american girls and women.

  • Mel

    Don’t like the magazine. She looks lots younger than 27, prob airbrush. Curious about the warrior’s way and her red hair.

  • Hollywood

    Jared do you have stock in jewelmint?…please stop spamming your own site

  • burnt bacon

    I’m always glad to see Kate put her repertoire of facial expression* to good use.
    *not a typo

  • Blackcat99

    @lovekate: And Who was chasing Who to Sweden?

  • Mel

    that about sums it all up. They know how to go beneath the radar when they want to. Must drive tpf crazy. LOL

  • correct

    @Mel: looks like they managed to have a nice trip just the two of them, I think this relationship is getting VERY serious, especially for AS to squeeze in a trip. All the tpfs tried to say that he was just lying low in LA, and there was no chance he went to Korea. get real girls.

  • SusieQ

    what’s the big deal about blow drying her hair? It’s pretty thin, so how much time is she saving by not drying it? I don’t get how this makes her low maintenance?…. seems to me her mom is trying to tell her something…..

  • LisaM

    Amazing!! What blowing the right people can do for her non-existent career!!!!

  • Camille

    @seriously: if he’s after Kate then why does he refuse to be photographed with her? If he was really in love with her he wouldn’t care if there were photos of them holding hands in public and he wouldn’t have tried to hide the fact that he went to korea with her. Why all the secrecy? What kind of man dates a woman for a year but is ashamed to be seen in public with her? And what kind of woman lets a man treat her that way? It’s a sad dysfunctional relationship and I feel sorry for both of them. They’re using each other and they both look foolish.

  • AS

    @Camille: It’s the new thing, didn’t you know? Not getting photographed together, etc.. it’s very much like Ryan Reynolds/Scarlett Johansson and Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Annie

    Why is her mouth just hanging open like that, like she’s catching flies? She looks like a damn blow up doll with all that peroxide, botox, and blank, mouth hanging open expression. Creepy.

  • alex in Asia

    look I don’t blaim Alex for going to Asia what would you do before you head back to work for night shoots and long hours I would sqeeze one last trip. whats to say he went there just for kate. free trip , sex ,and booze. kate uses him why carn’t alex use kate I say well played on both sides.

    of course people are going to say there in love because they were on a trip togther its hollyweird gossip mags need to sell and make money. funny there were no photographs or tweets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Think of it this way Alex never even walked the red carpet at any of The warriors way premiere in LA or Asia as far as I am aware he never even attended any of the after party’s or press junkets or any of her events. I say smart man Alex for no getting photographed. kate cannot milk his fame or the relationship.

    however I believe there is two blury photo’s that def looks like alex far far far behind kate coming out of Incheon Airport in Seoul 21 November 2010 tall, black cap, long coat ,head down, with a suitecase that is def looks like alex. picture 6 & 7

  • chelle

    wow all this time i thought AS had fallen into a her ginormous skank hole and couldn`t find his way out! if that is him in asia hes as stoopid as he is hot

  • chelle

    WOW…all this time i thought AS had fallen into a HUGE overly used hole and couldn`t dig his way out…ewwww visual….if he did go to Asia he`s as stoopid as he is hot…just sayin

  • jane


  • Ihatekatemkay

    HELL NO. She did nothing to earn this….

  • Marty

    @tiger: when was she in the cover of vanity fair?