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Kate Bosworth: Vita Coco Casting Call

Kate Bosworth: Vita Coco Casting Call

Kate Bosworth strolls out of a casting office on Tuesday (November 30) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress was holding a can of Vita Coco coconut water and texted away on her cell phone.

Kate graces the cover of Lucky magazine’s January 2011 issue and dishes about her favorite pieces from her new jewelry line, JewelMint.

Kate‘s new flick The Warrior’s Way opens in theaters everywhere this Friday (December 3)!

FYI: Kate is carrying a Loewe “Ame” bag in black.

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  • Hollywood

    Kate better book her next job before her next bomb comes out Friday

  • nicole

    Again….ugh…useless people in hollywood!!! And zero talent. Why is she there?

  • ozangel

    Ugh not those boots again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scarecrow hunter

    Two stories in one day. How much did you pay Jared for that, Scarecrow? You both disgust me. Seriously.

  • Sian

    Well, she looked better in those Lucky pics but that’s to be expected, I guess.

  • jhose

    if it wasn’t cuz she dated with the guy from true blood she wouldn’t be here

    (sorry about my english, i’m still learning it)

  • Bettyb

    A question is a casting call an audition?? Or is it different

  • Who??


  • lovekate

    HA, the only reason Alex Sucksgard is anywhere is because of Kate. Let’s see him get anything after TB ends.

  • hmmm

    Where are the photos?

  • Beautiful

    She looks gorgeous as usual

  • treme

    Her hair looks limp again. She must have taken her weave out.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • cute

    Cute girl but she looks haggard.

  • Mac N Cheese

    The center part does not suit this girl’s big square face.

  • true story


  • Jess

    @lovekate: Sucksgard can actually act unlike Bosworth.

  • Frank

    Silly bish, stop calling the paps on yourself.

  • burn it!

    Burn those stinky boots, Katie.

  • s

    why do you insist on dragging her down everyone’s throat, jared??? geez

  • s

    why do you insist on dragging her down everyone’s throat, JJ?

  • casper

    She is a cutie pie. She just needs to wash her hair and start taking Rogaine.

  • Plastic

    I love her thanks

  • ASkar

    My little lady sure is looking like a crackwhore,those desperate paps might be looking for a little action on the side and she sure could use the money!

  • wrong

    @ASkar: AS, rumor is that you have more in common with crack.

  • ABC

    Mrs. Skarsgard!

  • Brightside

    How I do wish that Kate Bosworth would crawl back into her pod. I find her face so disturbing. I am amazed that she can’t get a part on the new ‘V’…there’s something so off-putting and reptilian about her features that she would be perfect as one of the human-pretending alien life forms.

  • Really

    Ha I quess her boney concave chest has made an apperence again!!!

  • LisaM

    So she’s walking around with a liquid laxative looking like a crack wh*re, like we give a sh*t!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    Gawd, she is everywhere. Have I told you all how much better of an actor Joel Kinnaman is compared to Alexander? Well he is! He is a RISING star and you will one day see Joel Kinnaman everywhere. I really cant get enough of Joel Kinnaman. Joel Kinnaman would never hook up with someone like Kate Bosworth because Joel Kinnaman has actual acting talent. He’s a hound dog though. Bye.

  • Abby

    There are times when she can look very pretty indeed; however, this is not one of those times. Those times happen when someone else does her hair and makeup. On her own, she’s a mess.

  • Girl 3579

    Her again?????? Really????

  • herpes is incurable

    OMG!! It walks the streets of LA grab your BFs. She looks so nasty.

  • Blow

    I wonder who was the unlucky guy that got a BJ from Crackbos, I see she had to wash it down with coco water, ewww, just nasty. You should have wash your mouth out in the toilet big head have you learned nothing from all of your years auditioning? Haha and Alex has to kiss that mouth that has been well…. on every….

  • What jewelry?

    WHAT!!!! She has a jewelry line called Jewelmint?! When did that happen? How can I find out more about it? Please tell me more! I can’t believe she hasn’t been publicizing her new jewelry collection! If I were her I would wear the jewelry around town, and then make sure I was photographed wearing it in order to get free advertising- I’ll bet she never thought to do that, did she? I guess that’s why she’s not in marketing…..

  • SMile

    Why so unhappy?! Smile bish you just BJ a low budget job which no one will see.

  • Marty

    Im sure Kate banged him when she was in Sweden…behind AS’s back that guy is dumb

  • Mom

    Kate honey, you really should blow dry your hair to get more volume. It would look so much nicer, and maybe you’d get better movie roles. I don’t care if it means you’re high maintenance- I still love you!

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    Kate Bosworth online

  • L

    She’s gotten more work while dating Alex than she has in 2 years. Hmm.

  • Just occurred to me.

    Why would she be paying JJ if every post about her inspires so many ugly comments about her looks, relationships, style and level of talent? If her PR people are as tenacious and sneaky with their own posting/commenting as people seem to think, then they are 100% aware of the comments made on these and other blog posts. I think maybe JJ DOESN’T like her at all. Are there any boards at all where she is viewed more positively or at least more neutrally?

  • Interesting

    If she’s going in to casting offices, it means she still has to audition. She isn’t being taken to lunch or offered scripts by directors who want to work with her, a la Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, etc. Granted, she’s auditioning in a MUCH smaller pool of actresses and she has an agent to advocate for her, but it looks like she definitely doesn’t have any automatic “in’s”.

  • nicole

    Joel Kinnaman is an amazing actor and we could be best friends if he knew me. :D

  • chelle

    hey kate the 80`s called they want their pants back. i hope i can be as important as she is when i finish med school….. who am i kidding ….i could never be that cool…hahahahaha

  • Ashley


  • Toshiba

    Man, she’s beautiful!