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Orlando Bloom: Pink Floyd Concert with Miranda Kerr!

Orlando Bloom: Pink Floyd Concert with Miranda Kerr!

Miranda Kerr and hubby Orlando Bloom keep close as they leave a Pink Floyd concert on Sunday (November 28) in Los Angeles.

Orly, 33, kept a close watch over his expectant sweetie, making sure she was warm enough and had something to drink.

Miranda and Orlando will become parents to a little one early next year.

FYI: Miranda is wearing Genetic Denim “The Shane” jeans in Slink.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom leaving a Pink Floyd concert…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 01
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 02
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 03
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 04
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 05
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 06
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 07
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 08
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 09
miranda kerr orlando bloom pink floyd 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • sam

    They are about 30 years too late.

  • difi

    they r such a cute couple))their baby is gonna be gorgeous))

  • Butter_Fly

    Although I am slightly jealous I can’t help that I like them together. They just “look” like they belong to each other. I am hoping they will stay married a long time.

  • Close Ups on OLove

    Question Jared….on OLove it says they were at a Roger Waters Concert? I am not a fan of Pink Floyd so was he opening for them or is he a member of Pink Floyd?


  • sam

    Roger Waters was a former member of Pink Floyd.

  • Ally

    It’s not Pink Floyd but Roger Waters doing his amazing Wall tour.
    I pity anyone who isnt’ into PF music, they are the greatest.

  • Courtney

    yes sam is right Roger was a member of Pink Floyd the lead guitarist I believe. they look so excited about the baby

  • N.

    I think Roger was the bassist, because David Gilmour continues to be their guitarist. If anyone doesn’t listen to a band just because they are from 30 years ago, then I feel sorry for them because they are missing some amazing music – and not just Pink Floyd.

  • mocha

    Nice to see them out and about, they look really well suited for each other, a good match.

    Looks like it was a cold evening

  • Bridie

    Wow – her face looks really bloated!

  • @10

    You do know that she is eight months pregnant, right?
    And STILL gorgeous!

  • Catchy

    ROGEH!!!! I’d love to viisit his The Wall show.. ehh..
    Pink Floyd is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
    nice choice Orly.

  • Catchy

    and yeah Roger was a bassist, vocalist and floyd brain (though everyone had input) and he left the band in 1985.
    now tours with The Wall.

  • yes!

    The Wall is one of the best albums ever made!
    Dude has very good taste!
    In his music and his woman.

  • From Paris with Love

    8 months pregnant already? wow she looks gorgeous!
    She only shows in her belly and her face. Still skinnier legs, thighs, arms, butt and hips than any other non-pregnant girl LOL

  • sasha

    Miranda looks good!

  • sara

    Such a gorgeous couple!
    I can’t wait to see their baby!!!!!

  • wondering

    Now that Miranda seems to have found her wedding ring, I wonder what happened to Orlando’s?

  • Love them!

    Cute couple!


  • Good for them …

    Taking the baby out to hear some good ole’ music!


  • @ wondering

    I never knew she lost her wedding ring. The only thing I remember hearing about her losing was her luggage and wedding dress. She mentioned it on her KORA face book page once asking for assistance in getting her luggage returned.

    I too was wondering about Orlando not wearing his. Has he been filming anything recently where he would have had to take it off and forgot to put it back on?

  • Hmm

    Is it that cold in LA? I’m not that bundled yet and I’m on the north atlantic coast!

    They are pretty cute though. =)

  • @21

    She never lost her ring. She just doesn’t wear it while working.
    And Orlando doesn’t seem to wear his every day, filming or not.
    Guess that this was just a no ring day.
    They both look great though.
    And it is sweet to see Orlando being so protective of Miranda.
    He is going to be such a good daddy.

  • @22

    I think that it got down into the forties last night.

  • Looking good

    Wow! She doesn’t even look pregnant other than … well, the baby bump – lol He looks yummy as usual. Wonder when the baby is due?

  • Pink Floyd

    Awesome music!

    They have good taste.

  • miley

    she must be under 7 months, or she couldn’t fly.

  • @ 23

    Well since we don’t really see them every single day, none of us really know for sure.

    My brother doesn’t wear his at all anymore and he is still happily married, since 1994.

    I was just wondering is all because every pic I have seen of him since he got married he has been wearing it. Just seemed strange is all.

    I just never figured Orlando the type to not wear it when he was not working.

    Did not mean to ruffle any feathers….nor am I suggesting anything about their relationship.

  • huh?


    They live in LA so they didn’t fly anywhere

  • @28

    Don’t worry about it. People probably just thought you were one of the Delphites looking to start trouble. Since some of them have been banned from OL, they’re always looking for other places to spread their conspiracy fantasies.

  • miley

    @huh?: really? i thought read on her facebook that a couple of days ago she was in australia

  • Helena D’Amiato

    Miranda is so beautiful, her husband is and their baby will be beautiful too!

  • Anon

    Oi No. 1 Phan.

    It’s not conspiracy if it’s true…


  • @33

    It’s only ‘true’ in your little fantasy world.
    They have medication for that, you know.
    You guys just can’t accept the fact that he is happy and in love.
    Get over it.

  • @31

    She’s been grounded in LA for about a month now.
    The photos for Vogue Australia, and her new David Jones shoot were all done in LA.

  • @33

    Sorry to prove you wrong yet again, but I’m definitely not who you think I am. Now, let’s see, it looks like OB has come out of “hiding,” and is ready for a “setup.” Does that about sum up your logic for this week? Although I’m not sure he’s smiling enough to meet proper setup requirements…but I’ll let you spin that.

  • @36

    I love you!
    But remember, they have an answer for everything.
    As you mentioned, he has been “hiding” because he is so “miserable”. But now that he has surfaced, it must indeed be a “set up”.
    And if he wasn’t smiling, they would claim that as proof that he is miserable. If he is smiling, they would say that he looked “smug”.
    I don’t know how they will explain away a small grin. But I’m sure that they have an answer for that as well.
    At least the haters keep us entertained!

  • Helena Mobted

    OB is just trying to hide his upset. I know he so unhappy with her. She is just leading him by the nose with the baby inside her. Time will make me right.

    How did you get to know the the David Jones shoot in LA? I’m interested.

    Sorry, I must go now and post thanks to my hero on OL.

  • northstar

    I must go now and post thanks to my hero on OL.

    Me too. And don’t forget his classy wife!

  • @32@33

    Don’t you have the next chapter of your fairy tale to write? I’m sure your fans are waiting for their daily dose of delusion.

  • LOL

    Orlando Bloom “fans” really have some crazies in the bunch.

    It’s funny that you let people you don’t even know have such power over you and your emotions.

  • @38

    Hi Nienna!
    Or is this Mobt?
    You guys are either the same person, or just happen to have the same delusions and syntax problems.
    Either way, you are hilariously psychotic.

  • @38

    Hi Nienna!
    Or is this Mobt?
    You guys are either the same person, or just happen to have the same delusions and syntax problems.
    Either way, you are hilariously psychotic.

  • @38

    Your “hero” on OLove?
    Mayfrayn is your “hero” all of a sudden?
    She is, after all, the one who posted the pics.
    Choco hasn’t had time to post them on her journal without giving credit, yet.

  • @40

    Hmmm, let’s see.
    He IS married.
    He IS going to be a daddy.
    He has stated over and over that he IS excited.
    No fairy tale there.

  • @ 45

    Just remember that him becoming a “daddy” came before him becoming a “husband”

    Not all who marry after they have kids stay together.

    If they do that would be wonderful for all of them. And I do sincerely mean that. And pray that it does happen exactly that way.

    But being one who is grounded in reality in the real world know that anything is possible, including them not staying together.

    Just because I believe that it is possible does not mean I hope that it happens. There are too many broken up families in the world as it is.

    Let’s hope that theirs does not become one of them.

  • LOL

    @@ 45:

    Who cares?

  • @46

    Yes they could break up some day, nobody knows. Sh!t happens. I just think it’s silly to think their marriage is headed for disaster only because she got pregnant before they got married. They had been some years in a relationship before getting married, so I think they just married to make it legal. It’s not like they had just known each other three months before and got married out of a crazy impulse.

  • @46

    It all boils down to the fact that they didn’t have to get married if they didn’t want to.
    You can raise a child without being legally married.
    They got married because they wanted to get married.
    End of story.
    No one here is claiming that they will be married forever.
    It’s just funny when some people can’t even admit that they ARE married now.

  • @46

    You’re being entirely too logical. It was probably written in their contract that he had to marry her if she got pregnant.