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30 Days With Charice, Episode 1 -- VIDEO

30 Days With Charice, Episode 1 -- VIDEO

Check out the first episode of the new reality web series, 30 Days With Charice, from!

Fans will get an up-close and personal look at the day to day life of the international pop phenom as she crisscrosses the world during her recent promotional tour for her self-titled debut album.

Watch the first episode of 30 Days With Charice below! (It starts at the 1:15 time mark.) And be sure to follow for the other episodes coming soon!

30 Days With Charice, Episode 1

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  • In The Know

    This is David Foster’s new puppet. The Sony Music Group has already signed the next Celine Dion, David, but you already know this!

  • Frida


  • JD

    @In The Know:

    Why don’t you go back to your room and do something useless like play with your barbie dolls !

    Btw: Who is this new Celine Dion that you call David – LOL ? Can it do this ?

    Didn’t think so

  • http://facebook sherlyn

    she has an amazing talent on her generations…to those who doesnt know her ..go to youtube and you’ll find out more……than saying ”WHO” ?…you sound ignorant …use your computer to watch this girl ”the most talented in the world—oprah

  • sherlyn


    ur ignorant n jelous…coz u dont talent like charice have–

    ur not potty trainee..dont they..

  • vivi

    @S_C_ “REASONABLE DOUBT” artwork is now posted @RocNation 4 days of art

  • Well..

    JJjr topic.

  • Frida

    @sherlyn: lol, I’m not jealous, I don’t know who she is! Anyway if her show is on then maybe she belongs on JJjr right?

  • hykmalo

    @Frida: LOL u have ur internet u can search everything about her than saying “who” this girl can sing anything! best live performer of her generation.. don’t be dumb***!

  • Scott Cross

    Great to see such a video. Is she this same girl from the first episode of Glee? She is totally amazing and great to see her as well in annual NBC Christmas in Rockefeller Center! Nice video indeed.

  • Scott

    Great video indeed. Is she this amazing girl in the first episode of Glee and from Oprah? Nice to see her journy in 30 days. Thanks.

  • leapfrog

    Love her!

  • Fly N Dance

    Charice is a rising star, this video shows u the journey of her becoming the household name that she’ll soon be. though, hollywood already knows her.

    she is an amazing person and an amazing singer.

    way to go Charice!

  • Dhen

    Charice is an inspiration to everyone. don’t you know how many struggles she has faced to be where she is now…yet she still remains grounded.

    I love charice and her angelic yet powerful voice!

  • trabi

    This video is very well done! This also look at Charice personality other than the one we saw on her youtube, concerts and TV appearances. I like the up-close and personal aspect of this. Charice came in too soon and two fast to the mainstream and she get both sides of controversy.

    Hopefully this series of videos will answers to some of the question commonly misunderstood. If you are honest to yourself, you will surely agree to most people’s observations on her talent and personality. You will understand why many people in the music industry, media and fans say such admirations and potential.

    Keep an open mind and be happy that in america there is truly equal opportunity to suceed for anybody with talent, character, and hardwork.

  • cris

    Charice is amazing! I so love her!

  • olanski

    Charice is slowly but surely climbing up the top of the Pyramid…at the top baby

  • Lucy

    She’s new in the business. Slowly and surely making a name in the mainstream. On Sept. 7, the premiere of Glee’s second season was held in Hollywood with Charice in attendance. Yes, she was the girl from Glee and cast in a recurring role, her name was Sunshine Corazon. A foreign student from the Philippine in the first episode title Audition. She was the girl that had sang telephone with Rachel Berry played by Lea Michelle in the bathroom. She also sang Listen for her audition to Glee club, but later she moved to Vocal Adrenaline the rival of New Direction. She will be back on Glee next year around Super Bowl. Dubbed by Oprah Winfrey as the Most Talented Girl in the World, she is the first solo Asian artist in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart. If anyone would like to know her more, search her name “Charice” on You Tube. She was discovered in South Korean talent show Star King on on You Tube back in 2007 and she sang “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” posted by her fan name False Voice. Her first t.v. appearance in America was Ellen DeGeneres show then later Oprah Show.

  • Lucky

    On November 30th, she appeared on NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center and performed “Grown-up Christmas List” and “Jingle Bell Rock”. Right before she sang “Jingle Bell Rock” there were technical problems causing a Boys II Men song appearing on audio; silence then occured, prompting David Foster to say, “There ain’t nothing like live TV, here in New York City. We’re going to get this right in the next 15 seconds. Hang on.”.

  • Lisa

    Charice has been known for many years! She is absolutely amazing and has alot of charisma and a great personality!

  • agno

    @Frida use your google dude..

    charice is my favorite artist because not only a good singer but with a pure hearted lady..

  • JD

    @In The Know:

    Yeah, I heard her and if she is the next Celine Dion, I am Brad Pitt – LOL.

    She is cute and has good vocals but does not come close to Charice’s vocal talent IMHO.

    Dude seriously how the hell can you tell me that this so-called girl can beat this

  • JD

    @In The Know:

    As I told Danica (which might be you- LOL) the type of music HF does compared to what Charice is focusing on is like comparing apples and oranges. No offense but this comparison is beyond ridiculous and to be honest HF is not even as good as Celine or Christina. Curious are you here to start a controversy between HF and Charice – LOL? I guess Charice fans should take this as a compliment if Sony feels that Charice is HF’s competition – LOL. Charice’s team must be doing something right after all. This is just too funny. The more things change, the more they stay the same. To those Charice fans who read this, believe me when I say Charice does not have to worry about HF – LOL.

  • Jenn

    When I first heard Charice sings, goosebumps all over. I said, who is this girl. Not too many singer’s can touched my heart like this girl. My whole family love this girl. She’s a real Sweetheart.


    In my opinion, charice is indeed an icon of tomorrow. Why? aside from being so talented, her simplicity, humility and how she prioritize her life is worth emulating. Other singers and would be singers could also belt and sing like angels but nobody can put us to tears and give us goosebumps.
    Charice is really unique. I will only root for this girl and nobody else.

  • camo

    charice is one of a kind ,yes there are other good singers out there but when you hear her sing you are immediately drawn to her .she connects with the audience you are glued to her ,she takes you to a nother place, she haunts ur subconciuos and you have to pay attention.the other thing about charice is her humility and respect for the other artist who has paved the way for her.she knows she is a star but she has no ego about it , she will tell you am just starting i have a long way to go. which 18 yr old spends their birthday with less fortunate kids . she does because she was like them once homeless and hungry not know when she is gonna eat.she feted 500 street kids gave them presents instead of them giving her and gave them a concert to remember thats the true measure of humility. we need more young people like her. she is a role model to young and old . just remember you can admire her but dont put her on a pedestal because she is not perfect she will make mistakes like anyone else., but in the same vain she be looked upon as one because she cares about others.she is grounded for one so young with all the admirations she gets from hollywood and else where she knows she still has alot to prove because this industry is fickle. so folks support this talented young woman and buy her debut album charice you wont be disappointed.

  • mike


    charice hit and sustained a 14 seconds of high notes
    please check this out guys:

    thumbs up if you agree she nailed it for 14 seconds,



  • mike


    charice hit and sustained a 14 seconds of high notes
    please check this out guys:

    thumbs up if you agree she nailed it for 14 seconds,