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Angelina Jolie Has Dark Sense of Humor, Says Depp

Angelina Jolie Has Dark Sense of Humor, Says Depp

Angelina Jolie arrives at the Meurice hotel with colleague and longtime friend Holly Goline in Paris, France on Tuesday (December 1).

The 35-year-old actress is in town to promote her latest film, The Tourist.

Angie‘s co-star Johnny Depp recently told Vanity Fair about her twisted sense of humor. “You don’t know what she might be like — if she has any sense of humor at all,” Depp, 47, revealed. “I was so pleased to find that she is incredibly normal, and has a wonderfully kind of dark, perverse sense of humor.”

FYI: Angie is wearing head-to-toe Ferragamo.

10+ pictures inside of humorous Angelina Jolie

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  • Neve

    Perfect ! Angelina is what you call a real movie star, not some sitcom actress.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    im so late to the party but HAPPY BDAY PAX..

  • Neve

    Perfect ! Angelina is what you call a REAL MOVIE STAR,not some old hag that was in a sitcom.

  • Jack

    Haha sounds like me

  • WBPfan

    Thanks for the new thread JJ! Angie looks fantastic — as always!!

  • ?

    “Perverse”: as in rubber sheets, adult diapers and changing rituals?

  • WBPfan

    Thanks for the new thread JJ!! Angie looks fantastic like always. Love charcoal color on her!

  • moony_aragorn

    Love her and will always will.

  • wow

    Next week ugly x tick will show up in grey heels.

  • aseret64

    I always love her shades. Perfect..gorgeous….haters are slowly dying of jealousy lol…say all what you want but Angelina doesnt care at all…She has Brad…six beautiful kids…great career….humanitarian….co-actors speak highly of her….but most of all…SHE IS THE SUPERHERO OF BRAD bwahahahahahahahaha


    I am loving Johnny Depp’s interview with Vanity Fair. Johnny had nothing but great things to say about Angelina and Brad. I think I might have to buy it. The haters are so mad they trashing his thread. They can’t handle the truth. Another blockbuster for Angie. Can’t wait for the premiere Monday. Support The Tourist.

  • aseret64

    I always love her shades. Perfect..gorgeous….haters are slowly dying of jealousy lol…say all what you want but Angelina doesnt care at all…She has Brad…six beautiful kids…great career….humanitarian….co-actors speak highly of her….but most of all…SHE IS THE SUPERHERO OF BRAD bwahahahahahahahaha someone is gonna die of envy hahahahaha

  • Lara

    Beautiful, classy and chic as always. Johnny loved working with Angie, he is another class act and gentleman. Yet another epic fail for the losers hoping to hear the opposite, lol.

  • a jolie fan

    Angelina Jolie is so beautiful.The whole family is beautiful.
    I love Angie and Brad together,they are perfect.

  • jess

    It always surprises me how skinny she is, I’m sure it’s not natural. And no I’m not a hater, I’m not a fan either, she’s just kind of there.

  • j


  • Richard P

    My girl Angie is elegant,sexy,wonderful,i love her.

  • luvangie4ever

    Perfect elegance and beauty from head to toe. She’s a natural.
    Johnny Depp is holding back. He has more to say but is being careful because he doesn’t want to create a fiasco for Angie. Talking about her sense of humour is safe, it doesn’t invite gossip.
    Every male co-star who meets her will always be careful what they say because they respect her and Brad too much and understand the crazy gossip the tabloids fabricate about them, especially about Angie.

  • a jolie fan

    I see the tick fans are here hating on Angie.
    They are so jealous.Yes,Angie is gorgeous.

  • a jolie fan

    @jess: sure!!!

  • Kriss

    Time is only in one direction..
    She is downhilling in Hollywood

  • From Paris with Love

    Just throwing some wool coat on, heels and shades and lookin’ hot in Paris ya know…

  • j

    I am a fan of hers but I do agree she is skinny but cant help it which is why she wears clothes that hide it rather then accentuate it. She is not like Victoria Beckham or Keira Knightley that wear clothes that show off their slimness. Even during her tomb raider days her arms and legs were extremely skinny and kids probably made her skinnier but she cant change it so get over it. Its her body and people cant accuse her of having fake things she is who she is and doesnt change it. Its funny how people accuse her of botox but she clearly has wrinkles around her eyes which is not a bad thing because she looks better then women half her age. She clearly isnt insecure about aging or else she would look like the girls whose faces are plastic. She ages gracefully which proves she isnt vain as some would like you to believe

  • Estelle

    oh lol! Thanks Angie for being normal and not ‘highlarious’

  • harmony

    I only have a few mins but Johnny Depp said alot more then that .
    He thinks the world of AJ compared her funny personality to that of Elizabeth Taylor who he also thinks is a gracious women and respects wholeheartedly.

    I hate the way the media picks and choses who they feel they should beat up on and the lies out there are autrocious.

    Angelina Jolie is a wonderful women who has great courage and if i had one chance to meet any of the stars that i think i would feel most comfortable with it would be Angie (and Brad. to say hello) But women to woman talk would be Angie.
    Angie looks lovely today in the grey. Is there any color that beautiful woman can’t wear.

  • skinny

    Blow head on skinny legs without form with big money
    money pays her hair, skinn and lyxlife

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    She looks so elegant & graceful. I can’t wait for the premiere. The trolls will sure scream like hell.

  • Estelle

    @skinny: Stupid, love isnt just about looks its more about the inner personality

  • a jolie fan

    @harmony: Thank-You harmony.

  • a jolie fan

    @skinny: Go to bed tick.

  • jadel

    is holly her assistant or not? i thought she was…i think she’s to angie like the sister angie never had, love their relationship

  • odd

    Everytime jared post angie and brad the ticks come out like blood suckers.

  • latam

    oh angelina you’re still young, dress like it.

  • So sad

    Poor angie . She looks sickly again. Unfortunately brad doesn’t allow her to eat. The movie will bomb and then maybe she will go away and get her health in check.

  • say what?

    I hope the BGs kept an eye on that guy in the picture, he may be a Huvanal bro that we haven’t heard of yet…you know how they like to insert their kin into magazine ceo positions and have their ways to coat-tail or try to destroy the “competition” (in SH/KH/JA’s eyes)…as if she were ever on the same level. Perhaps whathersnips wouldn’t need all that spinning, deceiving, trying to destroy someone who truly didn’t do anything except pick up the pieces with the man who was wanting more and always running into dead-ends with his previous, selfish partner. Now seriously, who do you think those pesky brothers dream of rep’ing and it always and will forever be out their grasp. Man that’s gotta hurt, no wonder they stalk her/him and then, in true stalker fashion–end up trying to destroy the target when they (B/A) fail to respond to the stalker’s 15% fee errr, wants and needs.
    Same for you too, tabloids and E! Btw, Bill Rancic …I’d run away as fast I could from that petty, jealous..too worried of gaining an ounce condescending b!tch! JLJ (just like jen)

    The Tourist is going to be great with Angelina and Johnny. Real, beautiful talent in a beautiful setting, great story and director. Dec. 10th, be there!

  • reiko

    OT – Ben Affleck with a Washington Post op ed about the Congo. He’s trying so hard, but still boring. Jen Garner was testifying before Congress about money for child education. Wannabe’s.

  • To So sad

    So sad @ 12/01/2010 at 11:45 am

    Poor you. Fat and ugly.

  • soi

    She really is effortlessly beautiful. Looking forward to watching the Tourist- even hubby thinks it looks good! Love ya Jolie-Pitts!

  • So sad

    @Estelle: I think it should also include support , help when u need it, and respect. Brad doesn’t have that for angie. Very early on he allowed angie to take the brunt of the hate for his decision to leave his ex wife and I really think that hurt angie in more ways than just her career. Look at her? She’s a shadow of her former self. Any fan that can’t admit that is lying.



  • Good Morning!

    She is gorgeous. Come on Brad, put a ring on it!

  • Be honest

    She wouldn’t be so sinewy if she wasn’t too skinny. Duh! I don’t want to see bones and tendons , okay? Lol

  • say what?

    I love how Angelina gets crap about how she looks, picked apart but yet, those same people doing the picking and complaining about her nannies helping, or so called “photo-ops”, see VF and what Johnny Depp said. The paps are staked out wherever they live. (That’s why Brad buys up the properties in LA surrounding their house)
    Angelina might have help with her kids but does anyone say anything about Jen’s “nannies” for herself she must drag along to anything she ever does…?? You know, acting coach, yoga coach, hair dresser, publicist, agent, friend support, the list goes on …
    Has anyone wondered in the last couple of months how they would have kept up or looked like if they followed in Angelina’s footsteps? Just the last week in France…mixing business and vacation for the family….damn..Angie–you could be in Cabo with your own personal “nannies” doing it all for you and telling you it will all be okay. Phttt!

    We should all have half the stamina, will, talent and zest for life Angelina does…..the world would be in better shape. A REAL woman knows when she sees Angelina packing around 2 of her kids at the same time and looking mighty fine…she is one strong, healthy and beautiful woman. Ha! keep the bikinis and yoga coach in Cabo. Real moms want to be like Angelina.

  • Passing Through

    # 247 PT is Brad a Jerry Maguire? @ 12/01/2010 at 11:12 am
    I didn’t realize you HAD a question. I was too busy yawning at your idiocy. I’m sure you won’t like my answer to whatever it was that you were asking, so don’t even bother repeating yourself. Now bugger off, you’re boring not just me but everyone else on the blog, too.

  • someone

    shes still just a stick figure, not a great actress imo..not many of her movies are box office hits, not any more than a lot of other actresses…

  • teri

    I’m so happy for the JP family. There are shock waves around the world within seconds when they are mentioned. People simply have this family on their minds and need to know everything about them. This couple has taken the world by storm and people love them for so many reasons.

  • beetlejuice

    @j: Always beware of the comment that begins I like her, BUT….then comes the BS…..Shes thin for two reasons, she likes herself that way and she is directing a film and actively raising 6 kids, plus doing promotions for a film she is starring in…which means loads of physical activity. And stop the BS, we all know you can’t be too thin (not including bulimia/anorexia mind you) or too rich. This woman leads an active adventurous life…can’t do that unless you’re as healthy as hell. Go read the December Vogue (Angie on the cover) and read the female author’s statement about Angelina’s looks (odd no mention of wrinkles) She says, ” Sitting opposite one of the world’s most notorious beauties is an experience that requires some processing. Impressions: (1) She has a seriously filthy laugh. (2) She is graceful, straight-backed, head held high.. (3) Her photogenic beauty is mesmerizing in real life. Which is quite disturbing , because it makes you “gaze and gaze”. Women who can hypnotize people just by sitting and breathing have a spooky power.”

  • Passing Through

    # 12 TRUTH HURTS. @ 12/01/2010 at 11:12 am
    Depp’s interview was very complimentary of Angie, but frankly I was distracted by all the eye liner he was wearing. Dude, you’re 47 – time to ease up on the eye liner a tad. And please, no one can tell me that it was just for the photo shoot. The man wears eye liner all the time. He’s vain like every other petty man on the planet – Brad included…

  • someone

    @So sad: I don’t think Brad stops her from eating, I think she stops herself…but she is just skin and bones..not attractive at all!

  • teri

    @Be honest:

    You don’t want to see Angelina but your actions say you do.