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Charice & Jessica Simpson Perform at Rockefeller Center

Charice & Jessica Simpson Perform at Rockefeller Center

Charice and Jessica Simpson rock our their powerhouse voices at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting on Tuesday (November 30) in New York City.

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Rockefeller Center on Tuesday night to watch the lighting of the country’s most famous Christmas tree, a 12-ton, 74-foot Norway Spruce which was illuminated by 30,000 environmentally-friendly LED lights.

The Christmas tree lighting following a show featuring performances by Kylie Minogue, Josh Groban, Boyz II Men‘s Nathan Morris, Sheryl Crow, and British singer Katherine Jenkins.

FYI: Charice is wearing a “Heidi” tweed coat by alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet.

Charice Performs at Rockefeller Center

Jessica Simpson Performs at Rockefeller Center

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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wireimage
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  • hee heee

    how embarassing for jessica when there’s a real singer at the same event.

  • Alison

    I think they both did a pretty good job!

  • M

    wow, so Jessica Simpson is a singer? (cause I really didn’t know what she’s famous for)

  • yassss

    was it a basic b!tch convention or something?

  • http://charicemania notsofamous


  • http://charicemania notsofamous

    @yassss: MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • bijou

    Jessica and John Mayer were made for each other when it comes to weird looking singing faces, both make such ugly faces. They both make orgasm-face and Jessica always looks ready to swallow her mike.

  • anoano

    Hahaha, Jessica always forces like she is going to bust what little brain cells she has because she oversings. She sings like I do when I imitate swarmy, cheesy over the top lounge singers LOL.

  • DarkEmpress

    Kylie MInogue’s performance was really irritating!

  • stef

    Jessica Simpson sounds like a karaoke singer, but Charice OMG….perfect pitch and voice control AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • lisali

    Jessica Simpson = mess.

  • In The Know

    David Foster??? Why don’t they just wheel out Nate King Cole???

    Nothing against Charice but Sony Music Columbia/London has signed a singer, that could blow her off the stage, and old man Foster knows it.

  • yassss

    @notsofamous: oh hai. merry xmas 2 u. i see ur a fan of basic ppl. happy new year =)

  • Phyllis

    Haha Jessica got outshined by a child. How embarrassing…lol

  • musiclover99

    Charice was AMAZING!

  • whatspoppinJOE

    I suddenly miss “Mean Girls” after watching Charice’s version of Jingle Bell Rock!

  • mrd2

    Jessica simpson sucks. No talent whatsoever. How did she get where she is?

  • JD

    @In The Know:

    @In The Know

    State the name instead of going to all these forums and regurgitating the same crap – LOL.


    Charice was the best vocal performer of the night. I saw both songs she sang. Mariah ‘s voice just did not have power like Charice’s.Jessica not good.

  • JD

    @In The Know:

    Btw: Can that so called artist, do this ?

    This is the other song Charice sang that was not televised and which blew the audience away – LOL.

  • JD

    @In The Know:

    Btw: Can that so-called artist do this?

    This was the other song she sang that was not televised and which blew the audience away – LOL.

  • atlanta

    wow @JD that’s a proof!it’s LIVE baby!

    she nailed it.i really love that chick!


    He’s not posting for you JD, he’s throwing it in the face of the publicist’s lap dogs on this forum that do indeed know that his information is correct and …. “In the know” .

    Why do you think Foster personally made the 3000 mile trip to NY to shill this puppet for a 60 second spot???

    Not… LOL

  • JD


    Who is it Danica ? Cause the only other entity I know Foster is working with is Jackie ?

  • Danica

    Read more carefully JD, it said that old man Foster knows that Sony/London signed the girl (young woman not girl), that could blow his charge off the stage, and he knows that so he made the trip to help his little charge get more publicity. It said it was Foster’s competition.

    It all comes out in the wash anyway, its not a about a Billboard #1 that means nothing and can’t dribve live sales. Its about filling arenas and Charise doesn’t have it. She’s cute with a big generic voice. They are called national anthem queens and although somewhat rare there are about a dozen of them in the music industry, but Sony London apparently has the one. Tall slim brunette that could slam down Celine and Christina. Charise is generic, cute, and not interesting………..and Foster knows this. If you’re in music you would know this. ……………. Interesting fact that Kylie Minogue just sold out a multiple arenas in multiple cities (20,000 seat arenas) tour for 2011, and barely charted, yet Katy Perry, a saturation marketed pop nothing with a bunch of #1′s couldn’t sell out Radio City (4500 seats) for one night. All we ask for is a little reality.

  • http://none RR

    We’ll see. Charice is 18 and Kylie 42.

  • Danica

    He’s not talking about Kylie, man…. and I just commented on the state of things…..mostly all smoke and mirrors. Kylie’s a global superstar already, Perry will never ever reach her numbers.

    As you said we’ll see….it all comes out in the wash…..although why on earth they would bring out a dead horse to kick like Jessica Simpson is beyond anyone.

  • JD


    Danica, you obviously do not know Charice and her potential but that is okay – LOL. I have seen this girl live and she is more than just a “national anthem queen.” What makes Charice unique aside from her vocal range, is that her voice is very melodious and she has the innate musical vocal talent to sing in many genres (i.e. POP, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Speed Rap and even Opera. By being able to do the latter, she can literally alter her voice to meet the requirements of a said song. Moreover, she is also a very good dancer and has a wonderful sincere personality that people can relate too. As for her popularity in North America, believe me it is growing and will continue to grow.

    Lastly, what you fail to understand is that the music industry is all about $$$ and nothing more. Charice’s popularity in Asia, which has a much larger population base as compared to North America, is booming. All this means big bucks to the record company etc.

    As for the alleged UK talent, I hope she sings other songs apart from ballads because this ain’t the 80′s – LOL. Charice, sang ballads as her entre to the music industry, but this is not what she is passionate about. Her next album will feature faster songs and dance able songs.

    I have a lot of friends who are in the industry and they have told me many times that having a contract means nothing. It is not a guarantee for success. If you do not have the IT factor (which they all told me Charice has) you will not get anywhere and it doesn’t matter how pretty you are. You either have it or you don’t. I can site many examples, but I am not here to stir the pot with others who might be their fans.

    As for the matter of filling arenas, her Japan concert is pretty much sold out and a lot of fans (non Filipinos) who I have been speaking with keep telling me they cannot wait for her to have her own concert in the USA. This girl will get there, and she will have a long career.

    As for Foster, you certainly make a lot of assumptions about his life and thoughts, do you know him personally because my associates do – LOL. In fact, I have already made some inquiries on this issue and suffice it to say you shouldn’t make assumptions.

    Is the above real enough for you?

  • JD


    I just heard her. She is very pretty and she is good on vocals. That said, there is no way she will pose as a vocal threat to Charice IMHO

  • skaur

    thank god I dont ave a face like charice eew hit my a frying pan in the face much

  • Yojan

    Guys, who are you talking about exactly?

  • Jessie


    LOL I know who you speak of and I recommend you do not mention her name here cause some Charice fans (like any fan base) can get pretty crazy – LOL. Btw from an unbiased perspective she is not as good as Charice. I am a metal head but I do know talent when I hear it. My friends follow Charice and they have shown me some vids that have literally blown me away ! This chick that you speak of is more Alicia Keys, then Charice. I have heard her a cappella it is ok – not great – sorry. Just MHO.

    @skaur And I am willing to bet that if you put your face beside a donkey’s ass, one would not be able to tell the difference.

  • Jessie


    Even a metal head like me has to appreciate this Vid – LOL. Wow this chick can truly sing !

  • Danica

    You couldn’t have heard her. …..Her album is being recorded and they took down all previous Myspace songs from before they signed her……………….READ THE POSTS MORE ACCURATELY….. The girl signed to Columbia London HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH Old man Foster and in fact was signed by Muff Winwood, who signed ….The Clash, Sade, George Michael, Oasis to their worldwide deal, and as his last act in a stunning 35 year career signing the biggest talent, signed the girl they expect to replace Celine Dion. Ask your friends in the business!

    Funny how Charlie Walk carpet bagged a non performing Jessica Simpson to Epic on a back end contractual loop hole and then Columbia signs a girl they are saying can replace Celine. Jessica Simpson had the worst exposure to profit ratio in the over one hundred year history of Columbia Records. Couldn’t sell out Radio City (4500 seats) at the height of her fame.

    Ask your friends who Muff Winwood is. The signing is not much of a secret inside the industry.

    Charis has a big generic timbre that is not remotely interesting………she doesn’t have the cut a razor line in glass that Celine and Christina, and the new signing have…………When you do hear her you’ll understand…………….Foster making the trip to NY shows that he knows that he has very serious competition coming………….If the people at Sony that were the stewards of Celine’s massive career, are now working on the new signing…..what does that tell you? And what does it tell Foster, that those very people no longer require his abilities for the new generation big voice? Ask your friends that as well? Truly.

  • Danica

    Sony has removed all previous Youtube videos and Myspace songs of the girl I’m speaking of as a matter of course for any new signing………….so I don’t know who you are saying you have heard……but its not the girl being referenced.

    Call Sony in London

  • luv charice_but_hate her fans

    @In The Know:
    Who is that girl recently signed by Sony/London?

  • JD


    H.F. are her initials and she looks like a young Celine. Still think I did not hear her – LOL Sorry, I do not see her as a threat to Charice. Remember music is a preference not a competiton. HF’s voice does not excite me. I would prefer to listen to Celine and Christina over her. Just my opinion.

  • JD


    Further, the type of music HF does compared to what Charice is focusing on is like comparing apples and oranges. No offense but this comparison is beyond ridiculous. Curious are you here to start a controversy between HF and Charice – LOL? I guess Charice fans should take this as a compliment if Sony feels that Charice is HF’s competition – LOL. Charice’s team must be doing something right after all. This is just too funny. The more things change, the more they stay the same. To those Charice fans who read this, believe me when I say Charice does not have to worry about HF for the reasons already stated.

  • JD


    It is not Sonna Rele if that is who you are thinking of, though I like her voice in some songs. She really does have an Alicia Keys feeling to her and she is kind of exotic looking too – LOL

  • JD


    Maybe this will convince you to move away from metal – LOL

    Charice – Houston Concert – Singing her Remix Live – Checkout them vocals and a 16 bar rap – LOL.

  • MA

    I would really appreciate if someone could just reveal who HF is. What is the point of bringing her up at all, if her very name cannot be revealed?

  • MA

    Someone also mentioned about reality checks. Here is one:

    It is too early to tell whether someone would be the next “SOMEONE.” Lara Fabian, after all, did not become the “next Celine Dion,” like she was “supposed to be” with her English album in 1999 (under Sony, if that’s worth any more comparison). That said, I still think Fabian has immense talent, and it looks like she has managed to shine outside Europe, but she is clearly nowhere near Celine Dion in terms of global success.

    Charice is not yet the next Whitney, and “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” is not yet the next Celine Dion.

  • Jessie


    No way dude Metal till I die – LOL Btw: Who is HF?

    Thanks for the vid ! This chick has got some serious pipes on her. Her voice is so crystal clear – this shit is crazy insane. Man I bet you she good do good metal songs – LOL.

  • Mel

    Hmmm.. ‘Jessie’ and ‘JD’ write too much alike — so do ‘In The Know’ and ‘Danica’– that one can’t help but wonder if these four are, in reality, only two. *o_O*

  • JD


    You are funny. I do not like Metal – too noisy – LOL. Now, In The Know and Danica, I think are one in the same. What they or it did not realize is that “I am really in the know” – LOL.

  • Jennifer

    This thread is about Charise. Why doesn’t anyone here that is really interested just go to the “Velvet Rope” forums, post a thread on Charise, and find out how “In the know” you all really are or aren’t? For real.

  • Arcon

    JD said “This aint the 80′s”. Funny wasn’t that the last time David Foster had a hit song? LOL! Really at least a decade. Why would a young talent at any level associate with an over the hill, once great producer. Kind of like a once great athlete that plays one season too long, and is not remembered for the great things he did but is remembered for the desperate shell of that last season.

    If Oprah and David Foster combined could only get her to 43,000 albums sold total in the US, with all that media attention , even in a download era, what does that tell you? Then her attempted single falls off radio play lists in 3 weeks because she is a talented kid working with someone who is 60, and sounds like it. Foster IS NOT QUINCY JONES! He has a sound that is old. Cherise deserves better to even see what she can really do. Whitney was signed very young but Clive new what he was doing. Clive put his ego aside for her and got Narada and such to produce and make Whitney a star. A clue David Foster should heed. But his ego is way too big, and it will harm Charise’s career in the long run. What you say about Asia is right, but the US is the US. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time, and it takes all of the people to make a real career.

  • Who Dat Cat Do See Dem Go
  • Mel


    All right, if you insist.

    Granted you don’t like metal, it’s remarkable how your “- LOL” ‘s, how you write them, the feel of where you place them, and your overall tone are similar to Jessie’s.

    Meanwhile, ‘Danica’ and ‘In The Know’ have yet another alter ego! If another is going to show up, I, too, might just “- LOL”.

    @Danica a.k.a. @In The Know a.k.a. @Arcon:

    What is your business posting what you are posting? Dude, seriously, what is your itch about– what is it that you want to achieve?

    You want Celine Dion to fade; you want Charice not to be popular; you want your pet out there (even though you are too embarrassed to name her)– just because you want these things to happen means they will happen.

    Egh– All we ask is a little sense of reality!

  • Mel

    NOT* because you want these things to happen means they will happen.

    (Danica, sorry if I am talking about someone with whom you deeply connect– it sounds like it. I seriously hope you’re not talking about yourself! You already have too many selves!)