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Christina Aguilera on Matthew Rutler: There's Love!

Christina Aguilera on Matthew Rutler: There's Love!

Christina Aguilera has opened up for the first time about her boyfriend Matthew Rutler.

The 29-year-old Burlesque singer insists they didn’t begin dating until after she filed for divorce six weeks ago. Here’s what Christina shared with People (via Daily Mail):

On Rutler being the set assistant on Burlesque: “Matthew is a special person. We had a really strong friendship on the movie. He’s the kind of person you could spend hours on the phone talking to and all of a sudden it’s daylight.”

On not rushing into things: “Once I filed for divorce, we started dating. I’m not trying to jump into anything. I just left a five-year marriage. I’m taking it slow and trying to be happy.”

On Christina and Matthew’s relationship: “There’s a love there, yes. I’m having fun, I’m dating and it’s something I haven’t had in a really long time.”

On her marriage to Jordan Bratman starting off well: “We were great the first year after [our son] Max was born. Jordan was amazing. He was the first to change Max’s diaper. Then things turned. I was nurturing Max and felt independent in the relationship.”

On maturing as a woman: “I went right into filming Burlesque [in Autumn last year]. As a musician you’re with your posse all the time, and during the movie I removed myself from mine. So I had an independence I’d never felt before. I was growing leaps and bounds daily. I went from being a girl to a woman. When I finished filming, I didn’t feel right in my own shoes [at home]. I had a lot of things stirring inside of me that I felt were being suppressed. We tried to work on the marriage and figure out a common ground, but the problems were obvious.”

Wow, what a candid interview!

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  • RajibDavid

    So good Xtina’s in love! Congratulations! You look gorgeous in that pic!

  • jamie


  • Vic

    Happy 4 her!

  • Ehh

    w h o r e

  • Anon

    Please, she cheated in her husband. I don’t belive her story for one sec that she started a relationship withthis dude after her divorce. she will get her karma. she should ask her ravial Jessica and Britney.

  • Stella

    Wow! She is dating him. I didn’t expect her to jump into a relationship so soon. But if Christina is happy, it’s great for her for being able to move on so soon. Being depressed about a breakup isn’t too healthy.

  • Kenny

    What happened to women taking time out for themselves after a relationship? It was odd how her career started again after the news of divorce was leaked to the press. I dont believe anything that these celebs say or do, its all entertainment.

  • Kenny


    Exactly, she knew she liked and wanted to be with him before the filing. I also think Jordan was her handler anyway (ie controlling her), doesnt he work for the label?



  • gtfh

    jelleous fugly bish…. ugly… so sad that ashley tisdale is a waaaaay betta singer than her…………..

  • Mia

    She is such a liar! hahaha
    Jordan indeed made her look like a good mother and a wife.. not it’s all flushed down the toilet!
    She really is looking very cheap lately.. and why is it as if she is the man in their relationship?
    And she is such a selfish woman for putting herself out there like this.. and than saying she cares about her son more than anything..
    Sorry but if you really cared about him, you wouldn’t do this with a man you barely know? Oh sorry, you filmed some movie with him so what?
    Guess it’s all for money making business.. we’ve seen it with Kim KarTrashian and now Xtina is doing the same..
    Very low because I loved her voice so much now she is nothing anymore.. just a blond nobody

  • RajibDavid

    Haters are so pressed! Writing long comments nobody will ever read!!!

    Poor psychos!

  • jamie

    haters are mad ’cause they thought she will have a crazy breakdown like britney. LMAO. soooo pressed.

    p.s julie the caveman is the one having the breakdown. LOL


  • christinalover

    I wish christina and matthew the best, christina is a beautiful person inside and out.

  • Mia

    You did so you’re a ffffff psycho.. everyone knows what kind of woman she is.. it’s just a matter of time :) is there any male on this page? DAVID?

  • The Truth

    This bitch should have never gotten married, She wasn’t the type to do so in the first place and she knew that! Look at the crap she said about dating as if she’s been dying to get out from under just one man. What’s foul is how she led Jordan on. Can’t turn an oversinging hoe into a housewife!

  • sunny

    Oh quit blabbering about your fun life and go be a mother. He just lost his family!

  • jj22

    “Once I filed for divorce, we started dating” LMAO! Cheater!

  • ll

    she’s fake. this “relationship” is fake.

  • anne

    nobody thinks this is convienent since her movie came out and got lots of panned reviews? no one else sees this? i agree, she’s self promoting, but if she doesn’t pull the numbers in this movie, she’s not really gonna go far. and from what i read, not very far at all.

  • SImon

    I’m happy for you, everything goes with reasons. Go XTINA

  • TJ

    What A Stupid B!tch.

  • Jasmine

    Good to know you’re a complete wh*re, Christina. NOW GO THE HELL AWAY

  • Sassy

    Seriously? Does she really think people are going to freaking believe her BS? Ah, Christina: we think you’re full of shite. And real nice of you to throw your husband as a father under the bus. Oh, but that was ok, you told us he changed the first diaper. Ok, we forgive you now.

  • http://myway Moi

    Damn did you not take vows???? Oh you now feel independent, are you saying you didnt feel that until five years and a child later? Shes a joke, golden voice and still her album tanked…hot mess! Smart people usually let their careers slow down so they can concentrate on their personal life. Shes selfish and I dont know what anybody thinks is sexy about her..she tries so hard to the point of desperation. And give up the Marilyn Monroe bombshell schick, as far as your concerned they may as well be comparing MM to the back of a bus of a bus!

  • Jaz

    Sometimes I wonder how did she fall for her ex-husband.

  • look at

    Her X is not good looking at all.

  • Emma

    I feel sorry for Jordan. You always see him with Max and never have you seen him with another woman yet, even though they filed for divorce weeks ago, whereas she seemed to move on before they even divorced. She’s lucky she was married to somebody like him, he doesn’t speak to the press about her and keeps a low profile.

  • qboy

    iam so glad for her !!!

    be happy and get back to W we want a brain new album

  • hanni

    @HER FILM= CRAP: You’re a moron.

    Just saying.

    What a pathetic troll

  • VanM

    Karma baby…..Just look at Jessica Simpson to name one person that thought they needed to be free just to be poked and dumped by pretty much every man she was with until she found one that likes to be a kept man…but anyway this is about the nasty CA…You are a hoe and the person that said You can’t turn a Hoe into a Housewife…is SO spot on….Haters?????…..There is nothing to hate on…CA is as fake as they come…with her over-processed hair, her fake tan and colored contacts……oh and last but not least her Tranny make-up…NOTTTTTTTTTTTT HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • waffle bowl

    LOL @ all the judgmental pricks on here. Like any of you are saints.

    Sorry, but were any of you married to her? Did you live with her and Jordan while they were married? No, so take your pseudo-sanctimonious crap and shove it up your pathetic a$$es.

  • http://Hotmail Xtina is a pop icon!!

    XTINA deserved to be happy!!! She is rich$$$$$$$$$$ young , hot, sexy, beatiful girl. Life is shorth sometimes and deserved to live happy :) heaters get a fuc$&@king life and let’s xtina live hers!! Jealousy around this site:)))

  • RB

    He is so much cuter than Jordan Bratman….

  • Sam1

    This marilyn Monroe wanna be that actually looks like snooki threw away her marriage for this guy who probly only wants to use her for her fame.I feel sorry for her ,does she even know who she is or what she want’s? everything she touches lately turns to crap.