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Garrett Hedlund is DA MAN!

Garrett Hedlund is DA MAN!

Garrett Hedlund suits up in J. Lindeberg tops and Levi’s jeans in this spread for Da Man magazine’s December/January 2011 issue!

The 26-year-old Tron star, who modeled clothing by Prada and Louis Vuitton, chatted about how he knew acting was for him and what’s next.

On growing up hoping to be an actor: “I was raised on a farm in Minnesota. Television and movies were our only escape. It was always a dream to be an actor and live in the city.”

On what’s next for him: Country Strong is coming out soon and I play a young country music singer, then later, On the Road where I play the character Dean Moriarty from the book. This has been a dream project. I have been cast for On the Road since 2007 and have been hoping for it to be made one day. Every day has been such an incredible experience. Working with [director] Walter Salles has just been incredible. This shoot has been the closest thing to a guerrilla-style shoot. We have been constantly moving from one city to another, from one country to another. It has been the experience of a lifetime.”

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# 1

Da Man should know smoking cigarets isn’t cool.

# 2

Hey numbnuts smoking isn’t rebellious anymore, it’s just idiotic.

# 3

The only thing wrong with him is that he’s seriously overdressed. What a hot guy. (Love the smoking, BTW. Hot!)

# 4

james dean wanna-be,younger looking val kilmer;nothing special

# 5


# 6

Tron is probably going to flop.

# 7

His career could really take of after the release of “Tron” and “On The Road”.

# 8


# 9

damn good looking man!

I think he looks hot smoking. Haters gonna hate.

People need to seriously look pass the smoking (nobody’s perfect!) and see how good looking and talented Garrett is!!

Tennthrobs like Efron and RPatzz can only dream about being manly like him! Garrett is going big!

i n f a m o u s l y c o o l @ 12/01/2010 at 4:49 pm

@Jonda: …if you think tron is going to flop then there’s something seriously wrong with you. i could careless about him and the movie and i know it’s going to do hugeeee numbers.


Wow. Love him and his voice!

Yeah we need more men, true men in Hollywood. I’m sick of girly emo it boys! Garrett is SMOKIN’! And he’s a hell of a singer too.

Garrett!! After watching the video of “Give In To Me” with Leighton, he became my # 1…he is so hot and he can sing!

@goo goo: haha! you’re my hero!

@Jonda: I think so too; it has literally NO buzz outside the fanboys world&tracking puts it aound 35million opening weekend&that’s pretty bad for a film that cost 200+ million to make and 100-150 million to promote..

@sarah: he’s been “going big” for the past 6-7 years..I still doubt he’ll manage!

@jean: agree with that..we’ll see how he does

I see why americans might like him, he’s the ultimate american boy; has some muscle&southern accent..he looks like a younger version of the guy that was in Avatar; there are many guys like that in Hollywood coming out next year, let’s see which ones will stay for the long run..

he is supposed to be on a very huge film (or at least one that Disney hopes will be big) and he’s in a couple of covers of mags that are not very important; I read in Indiewire that the estimations for the opening weekend from the film’s trackings are about 35 million; this is not good news! Come on Disney, up your promotional game!!!!

Who cares about Tron? I’m waiting for Country Strong and On The Road! I’m only watching Tron because of Garrett Hedlund!

Get out RPatz, Garrett is DA MAN! I LUUURVE his manly voice…

Kristen Stewart’s new boyfriend! Garrett is so amazing! Forget Robert Pattinson.

Agree with so many commenters. Rob is so overrated. Garrett is much better than him. Kristen what are you thinking? Ditch that footface and date Garrett!

KStew is not beautiful enough for him. Look at Garrett OMG…She better be satisfied with that dorky celeb BF of hers…

Kristen and Garrett?…NO! Garrett should hook up with Leighton Meester..know they would be super cute together

His VOICE…sexaaaaaayyyy!!! I’m addicted to Give Me In…#1 celeb right now for me.

His movies are not out yet and what a hype geezz…

Not Leighton Meester or KStew, they´re not good enough. I’d say ME!!!

****, he’s HOT. and what’s better is he has the sexiest country voice I’ve heard

Yep, Kristen is good for the likes of Pattinson. Garrett deserves someone more voluptuous, someone more adult and sexier than her.

I think he is poised to be the next “It boy”
I can’t see Tron being anything but a huge hit—then millions more will know of him.


kstew should be with footface robpatz.
garrett can be with leighton meester. they are super cute together. i wonder if they will date in real life or not. hopefully yes!

why make silly comparisons between Hedlund and Pattinson two young good actors and I like both cute guys<3

MissAnthropica @ 12/02/2010 at 4:18 am

Even if Tron isnt a big hit…. he wont get the blame for it so it doesnt hurt his career one bit it helps him by getting his name out there on magazines and in interviews he normally hasnt done much of yet.
Exposure, exposure.
He has a natural charm to him that alot of actors lack often,
Not too pretty not too made up.
With Country Strong and award season coming up he should be gettng further attention or atleast get to attend to BIG award shows.
Then with On The Road just down the road for him next year.
His career is on the rise.
He really is only going to get to launch out of the career cannon once.
Lets hope he doesnt mess it up.
Hell knows we need better actors and true stars from the next generation that only has to likes of Lindsay Lohan to offer so far.
Scary thought there.
Also it isnt too shabby he was cast in his first real role in Troy with Brad Pitt because they felt he looked like Pitt.
That might foreshadow big things to come for Garrett.
Heres hoping and that his PR people dont SCREW IT ALL UP.
He’ll be on Jimmy Kimmel Show Dec 13th should be a fun watch he hasnt really dont late night shows yet or many interviews.
Hes still a bit green and its cute for now.

MissAnthropica @ 12/02/2010 at 4:24 am

KInd of reminds me more of Christian Bale ( Batman for the one or two that dont know lol) then alot of the people others have compared Garrett to.

It’s kristen stewart one crazy fan kiko that posting under different moniker and comparing Rob and garret.

@MissAnthropica: Not only that he has a natural charm but he’s also versatile. In Troy he might have resembled Brad Pitt but after that he looked different for almost every role, I didn’t even realize it was him in Death Sentence w/ the shaved head and everything. So it’s a good thing he has range and doesn’t play the same character over and over again like a lot of actors do these days.

LOL he was doing movies as a supporting actor, he was never said to ‘be going big’ in the past. don’t be jealous yeah?

Please stop comparing Garrett to rPatz. Garrett is in another league…RPatz, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber…argh! Garrett is an accomplished actor, not a teen idol like them.

i am no fan of leightons, but i will see the movie for him.



hmmm Garrett and Leighton now that would be hot! They did have amazing chemistry in that duet they did together….

“We have been constantly moving from one city to another, from one country to another.” oh yes darling you were in ARGENTINA for On The Road.. with Kristen <3

I´m argentinian and I couldn´t see him. Well i´ll see him in the movie :( Maybe if my modeling career goes big i´ll meet him HAHA I´m funny :P

@laila: I saw all his movies

pineapplegrl @ 12/31/2010 at 1:32 am

finally a real man

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