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Halle Berry: 'Frankie & Alice' Trailer!

Halle Berry: 'Frankie & Alice' Trailer!

Halle Berry attends a special Variety screening of her new film Frankie & Alice at the ArcLight Hollywood on Monday (November 29) in Hollywood, Calif.

The trailer for the film has officially been released!

Frankie & Alice is inspired by the true story of a woman (Berry) with multiple personality disorder who struggles to remain her true self and not give in to her racist alter-personality.

The flick, which also stars Stellan Skarsgard, opens in limited theaters on December 17th.

Watch the trailer below…

Halle Berry: ‘Frankie & Alice’ Trailer
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halle berry frankie and alice trailer 02
halle berry frankie and alice trailer 03
halle berry frankie and alice trailer 04
halle berry frankie and alice trailer 05

Credit: David Livingston; Photos: WireImage
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  • Me

    Alex sarsgaards daddy in in the movie…love his v amps in trueblood ahhah

    —This role was well chosen, any mediocre actress can get an oascar from playing multiple roles in a dram that looks to be intense…

    —-Halle is overrated, how movies has she made since the oscars…

    —The girl from the Pimp -Taraji Henson- movie would have probably done an outstanding job in this movie….

  • TXpert

    You’re correct…Taraji IS awesome! More depth.

    For me..Halle seems to be the same in all of her movies to me. The facial expressions, the screaming and now another fake accent… have a hard time believing her in any role.

    BUT she wasn’t that bad in the Bruce Willis movie where she played an investigative newspaper reporter with Giovanni Ribisi.
    That was a pretty good movie with suspense throughout and the ending unexpected.

  • ll

    botox face

  • DarkEmpress

    Yes Halle is overrated Kerry Washington or Taraji Henson would have done much better!

  • Nic

    Halle is an exceptional actress, something that if you have any taste in movies can be already seen in this trailer! Looks like they made a fine movie, with an interesting story, and Berry once again, showed her chops! Cant wait to see it!

  • melissa b

    I think it looks really good and I think the acting looks great in this movie from what I can see. I think Halle is a good actress.

  • Me

    To each his own taste..but what we time and time again for oscar winners is the choice of roles, first dibs and if you are smart you pick a role that in itself can get any mediocre actress an award…when there is no talent you gotta be smart…

    Hollywood like to see halle berry naked…afterall the most beautiful women has herself redefined her features to get to this point of acceptable beauty…surgey only enhances, so yes I think she is beautiful,
    she does have talent but not as ggod as some of the other actress given less focus because they dont have the acceptable features etc that hollywood thinks appeals to audiences of all sorts…at the end of the day you gotta sell a movie

  • :L

    i havn’t watched any of halle’s films but i have to say this looks good….
    great plot great actors(some) great director…

  • beetlejuice

    @Me: Would you mind being mindlessly and arrogantly stupid elsewhere? Actually I was just being nice. SFTU and go play in traffic

  • beetlejuice

    @DarkEmpress: Kerry Washington is not as talented as Halle…and Tarjah is brilliant…but go watch Halle what ten years ago as the crackhead in Spike lee’s Jungle fever. But mostly remember this project was Halle’s baby and she brough it to fruition. Both the other actress are talented as are Meryl Streep and Uma Thurmond…but they weren’t in this film…Duh!

  • beetlejuice

    @TXpert: Wrong again…

  • beetlejuice

    @ll: No botox here…but keep trying …cause pretty soon you will convince yourself you’re prettier than Halle.

  • beetlejuice

    @Me: @ll: No botox here…but keep trying …cause pretty soon you will convince yourself you’re prettier than Halle.

  • beetlejuice

    @Me: Oh please….stop the silly pontificating about stuff, that only reveals your prejudice against Halle. Where is the hell do you haters come from? Do they grow you in Pods and harvest you every six months. You can show me very few fine actresses whose ability to demonstrate their talent does not come from a fine script and a superb director. Actresses are usually only mediocre when the script and the director are mediocre. Halle at 44 is a fine actress…she has been working for 20 years in the business and each time you work on a film you learn more. But Halle doesn’t only have a Oscar, she also has an Emmy for producing and acting in the Dorothy Dandridge Story which she brought to HBO and produced and starred in. This movie is the same, she is a producer on this movie. She found the material ten years ago. Too many of you twits for some odd reason want to dismiss Halle because she is so beautiful and a few racist black folks on here want to dismiss her because she is bi-racial…but it won’t work. Like all things, if you put the hard work in, then one day it will pay off. Her next film for the Wachkowski’s with Tom Hanks, Natalie Portman is called Cloud Atlas…mediocre actress indeed!

  • beetlejuice

    @Me: Well, honey this is just a whole lot of mememememememememememememememememe and ME. No thanks

  • beetlejuice

    @TXpert: Halle’s film with Bruce was fabulous…but again, a different part….good performances aren’t only based on whether you are a good or bad actor. It based on the script and the director…I don’t care how good an actor you are, a bad script and an incompetent director will not get a good performance from you. People make the mistake of thinking a good actress is always a good actress in every part and that is not necessarily true. Instead of beating up Halle, who went out and found this story, got a script written, got the underwriting and helped produce this film. When’s the last time you saw Kerry and Taraj carry there own film or even be in one? The industry is tough on black actresses and Halle knows she has to go out and get her own projects. She was just in Europe promoting her perfume to standing crowds only in Germany and Poland. Those same people go see her movies. Americans are so silly, they think because a movie isn’t a block buster here, it has failed, while it goes to make millions in Europe and Asia. If Halle Berry’s movies didn’t make money I can assure you she wouldn’t be making films. Sorry, but neither Kerry nor Taraj have that type of following as yet and that does not mean they are not talented. But the movie business is more than just talent. Go to YouTube and type in Halle Berry in Poland or Halle Berry in Germany and ge a look at the other market that makes Halle an international movie star.

  • Me

    when you hit the target, you hear a lot of howling…thanks for acknowledging ME!…not to shut up about..I am actually writing in case you havent notices you can SKIP to the next ocmment..tell miss berry it will be a cold day in hel beofre she gets another oscar…

  • beetlejuice

    @Me: Oh honey…you need my acknowledgment even when its negative…poor baby, that says a lot more about you than it does about Halle Berry. What you haters seem to forget is that your access to this world (movies-celebrity-hood) is by pimping Halle Berry’s career and life or some other celebrity’s career and life. You haven’t a clue what it takes to be an actress and last for 20 years. So sitting there on your fat arse (olde english spelling) talking smack about the woman and her career makes you nothing more than flypaper trying to catch something anything off this woman’s fame to make you important. It doesn’t and you aren’t!

  • beetlejuice

    @DarkEmpress: Yeah, and about 15 black folks would have gone to see it…except no movie company would have produced it,filmed it or distributed it…not that these women aren’t brilliant actresses…but they don’t have the box office pull…so it is interesting to see how black folks treat the one black woman/actress who seems to be able to capture that box office…Do I be hearing a little racism in play here? or is it just plain old jealousy?

  • SoulFly

    Wow Beetlejuice….I really like you. I pretty much agree with everything you said. Wow… Jealousy is seriously ugly. Hell, I’ll even admit. I’m so 100% super jealous of Halle Berry. She could wear a garbage with with crack stains and she would still be beautiful.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Halle is a good actress, the trailer seems interesting I would pay to see this, I don’t understand the hate toward HB she is a capable actress
    Some Hollywood hags just do the same movie over and over – JA, JenGarner,RW,SJP

  • um

    beetlejuice you are on a roll. Give those trolls the smackdown they deserve. Kindergarden children are more mature than those idiots.

    I want to see this movie because I am first stunned that this is based on a true person and from the little I have seen trailer wise, it seems like a really good movie. She’s gotten the best reviews in years. Good for her. She is a true academy award winning movie star.

  • anon


    it’s called jealousy. Jealous of a 44 year old successful actress who has gone through trial and tribulations, come though it a little wear for the worse but with no complaints with a smile and is the loving mom of a pretty little girl name Nahla. Now do you get it?

  • tadow

    I love Halle, but she has been making some ridiculous movie choices lately. Hopefully this will be a come back for her.

  • fred


    you THE man or the woman and damn are whooping ME’s arse!

    I hate it when folks are tearing down one of their own.Halle can and has been THE main character in movies.Henson and Washington can’t do that and will NEVER do that!

    They don’t have the name or the money to do that.Halle has been producing for years now and with her deal with Revlon and doing her own perfume;she is quietly building her little empire all by herself!

    Tyler Perry doesn’t have 1 actress that has Berry’s resume.Halle’s won every goddamn award on the planet and you are speaking the TRUTH!

    Keep at it

  • TXpert


    Um..Calm down and reply to me once….I have NO idea why you’re replying to me twice…I made one…ONE comment which is MY opinion and won’t change.

    Geez. calm down.

  • cali4

    That movie looks horrible like the rest of her god awful movies!

  • JJ

    I see why it’s playing in limited theaters. lol

  • ………………..

    I see that she hasn’t learned how to act.

  • beetlejuice

    @tadow: As Halle told a recent interviewer, she had to make choices from what she was offered…so I am not sure her choices were ridiculous as much as they were pragmatic. People don’t understand what it takes to maintain a 20 year career in film, for a woman much less a black female and remain a viable box office star. You take what you are offered to keep your name out there. Halle brought the Dorothy Dandridge Story to HBO and won several Emmy awards for that show. This latest film is another Halle Berry project that she brought to fruition. No matter how gorgeous you are studios need to make the bottom line ($$) and they are not always sure a black actor can do that. All actors have to keep proving themselves at the box office time after time. I think Halle is extraordinary. Beautiful women are looked at as arm candy in the L.A. movie business and fall into the same category as the stereotypical dumb blonde… How to remain a \viable, relevant and bankable working actress is an extraordinary feat. What other actress of color can say that today? I never understand the haters of Halle. They say the stupidest things…but then again I guess we have to consider the source…they are here trying to pimp her life, her fame to make themselves feel powerful.

  • beetlejuice

    @TXpert: Oh don’t behave like a dunce, I am as calm as the day is long. The repeated post was due to a glitch on the computer…I love it when you nemrods try to make it seem like its the other guy who has the problem. I am a Halle Berry fan and that’s why I’m here…why are you here? Yeah, I thought so!

  • beetlejuice

    @JJ: I am going to take for granted that you once had a functioning brain and explain this to you. The film is in limited release because the studio wants it and Halle’s performance in it to be eligible for consideration for the Oscar…. which requires that the film be shown for at least one week on each coast before the end of 2010.

    Get it? Got it? Good. Remedial class closed!

  • beetlejuice

    @………………..: What an arrogant bunch of garbage. You see Halle hasn’t learned to act? Where in the heck do you silly sad twits come from? YOU see? Honey, you have come to pimp Halle’s fame and her life for 15 minutes. Are you totally unaware of how ultimately pitiable you sound? You come online and pick this entertainment site to spew garbage about this woman you don’t know. My goodness, the world is filled with little souls like yours and the internet has let you all loose on yourselves, because ultimately this behavior of yours has nothing to do with Halle and everything to do with your low self esteem.

  • beetlejuice

    @cali4: The movie looks awful? What silly crap? If you are jealous of the woman just have the balls to say that instead of appearing an idiot. This trailer is quite brilliant and even a novice ought to be able to discern. Liking Halle is not required…. to be able to make that observation. I have yet to understand why so many women seem to hate Halle. None of you have ever met her. So the obvious assumption is you are jealous of her. Too many black women go into that ” she’s not black enough whine”…Bull! and any other women who hate her just can’t stand the heat….she is drop dead gorgeous. Those who whine about her not be able to keep a man. Puleeze…those males weren’t able to hang with a woman who made more money, was more famous and probably too much her own person ….But I don’t hear you hicks saying the same thing about George Clooney…he dumps chicks right and left…is he unable to hold on to a woman?

    Halle Berry is a movie star…and a damn talented gorgeous one and she is stilling looking good at 44 years old…Brava Halle…kick some Oscar Butt..

  • me me me me tooo

    i think halles assistants are online to make sure that nothing negative is voiced..ahahhahah…its an trashy opinion site…try dlisted and you will realise this commentry is just sport….I am not paid by halle berry to say anything good or bad but I have the right to excercise an opinion wether good or bad or wether you agree with me or not

    its a free world..sone of you rabid fans will probably be hammering into sarah palin and forget all your self righteous defese of some who is probably paying you to sit here and comment



  • on_the_inside

    @me me me me tooo:

    Nah….it’s Halle’s lame, untalented, @ss herself (aka beetlejuice) trying to defend her “career” with insults lol…..pathetic….

  • monbydick


  • ????

    She tried to throw around that Oscar talk with that horrible movie -Things We Lost in the Fire. We all know how that worked out for her. Her acting is just as pitiful in this one.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Fan

    THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!! Halle is back.

  • wolf


  • hKers

    She doesn’t know how to get into character in her movies. She acts the SAME exact way in all of them. This is like Gothika 2.0. Who the heck wants to see her play the same role over and over? Oscar? More like Razzie.

  • Beetlejuice

    @me me me me tooo: The fact that you cannot conceive that here are people out here on the itnernet who find your contrived nastiness tasteless is apt for people to whom being nasty seems to come second nature.

    You do have the right to be stupid and make it public. YOu have done so quite well, I might add. I would never mistake you for anyone with a brain or good taste.

  • Beetlejuice

    @FFFFFFFFFFF…KED UP: Yeah, you are fffffffffffffffffffffff…ked up….and you gotta come on this website to pimp Halle’s career and life to try and get some FLAVOR in that weakA life of yours….

    You all have to be high school dropouts…You all say the same damn thing…silly, nasty and contrived BS ….you are either ugly, unhappy and/or jealous of Halle…oops …all three..shame on you ! But Karma is a bitach isn’t it!

  • Beetlejuice

    @hKers: HKers…what are you back on Sk_nk patrol hating on Halle? What you mama dropped you on your head? No brains, no integrity and no class…no I am not talking about your mother….I am talking about you…But then you know your mother better than I do…So, sure I am talking about both of you.

    Halle’s got a $10 million dollar paycheck…and we are suppose to listen to you about her acting and films? What it is with you low-lifes…jealousy, jealousy, jealousy…and honey when you wak up tomorrow you will still be fugly and mean and Halle will still be beautiful and rich…and hey …you don’t have to be Halle’s assistant to get sick of you sillyA idiots coming online to pimp the lives of celebrities…

  • Beetlejuice

    @on_the_inside: Hahahahahaha…Halle’s lame? Let’s see what does lame buy these days…a house in Malibu, a house in Los Angeles, an apartment in NYC, money to buy and travel whenever and whereever she wants. An Oscar and several Emmy awards for her HBO piece on Dorothy Dandridge, two new films in the can, a possible Oscar nomination for Frankie and Alice and the announcement of new film with the Wachkowskis to include actors Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman. A beautiful daughter and a life most people would love to live….geez lame is looking better ever second.

    Now, we know any sillyB calling Halle names MUST HAVE A LIFE THAT TOPS WHAT HALLE LIVES EVERY DAY…RIGHT?

    Jealousy isa biatch …ain’t it…WISHING YOU WERE ON …THE …INSIDE? WE KNOW YOU DO? ain’t happening soon. Stop pimping Halle’s life and get one of your own.

  • beetlejuice

    @on_the_inside: No dingbat…I am not Halle. The responses to my taking on you illiterate trash bags is funny. You guys are so delusional, you actually think Halle or her staff would come on line to trade verbal jousts with you idiots? Puleeze, you do think too much of yourselves. No mirrors in your house? You are silly unhappy people who come online to snark on someone who has a better life than you do. It’s jealousy plain and simple. Stop dressing it up as some sort of critique about her talent. Halle keeps getting those $10 million dollar paychecks while you sit on your fat arse making silly comments about her life. You hate her and her work so much? Most people attempt to avoid those things they do not like. yet you are on here constantly talking smack about her???? Come on and give it up…this is about your jealousy that your life stinks and hers doesn’t and you wish you could be her….

    Denial doesn’t work biatches ….you are jealous of this gorgeous, rich woman …your presence on here proves it!

  • beetlejuice

    @wolf: Wolfie baby…takes a fugly to know a fugly…mirror mirror on the wall, wolfie is in need of some snark therapy…

  • She doesn’t make $10m /film


    We’ve been through this several times. Halle Berry doesn’t still make $10M per picture–she hasn’t since made that on a film since Perfect Strangers released in 2007. She made considerably less on Things We Lost In The Fire only had a $15M budget (see Variety, Box Office Mojo, etc.)–not going to pay her 2/3 of the budget get real.

    Variety/The Hollywood Reporter in either in a 2008 or 2009 listing what a variety of A-listers and Oscars winners make per picture. Halle
    was listed in those who would be lucky to make to $3M-$5M per picture.

    Frankie & Alice is also another low budget film. Don’t know what her cut is as actor-producer—not $10M, especially when the film was riddled by tons of financial problems by some of her colleagues.

    Dark Tide-not a big budget film either to the best of my knowledge.

    Sidenotes: Don’t know what her decent Revlon contract is. Do know she got $3M-$5M for her 3 fragrance Coty Deal plus a small percentage of all sales. This was listed in a press release /post in Women’s Wear Daily in Jan/Feb 2008 by Coty’s marketing dept.

  • wrong again Beetlejuice

    @JJ: @beetlejuice:

    Wrong again Beetlejuice! Frankie & Alice was always going to be first distributed in limited release vs. a wide release before Freestyle, Cinesavy bailed out the pix. Part of Freestyle taking over distribution was the Oscar run and continue its limited release with major release Feb 4th. The only difference is the moved things up a week so the film would meet the Oscar criteria.