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Jared Leto: New Blue Hair!

Jared Leto: New Blue Hair!

Jared Leto sports freshly dyed bright blue hair as he arrives at Shoreditch House on Wednesday (December 1) in London, England.

The 38-year-old actor and his 30 Seconds to Mars bandmates will rock out in England despite some crazy weather! “As of now NO UK gigs are canceled due to the snow,” Jared tweeted earlier today.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jared’s new blue hair – HOT or NOT?

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Credit: Will Alexander; Photos: WENN
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  • Elodie

    Absolutely Hot

  • Mary

    It’s kinda hot and kinda not. He was absolutly HOT when he was blond

  • Emily

    I was a huge fan of him for years, but in the past 1-2 years he has changed. I don’t really like these “fashionable” and try-to-be- outrageous things he’s doing.
    And blue hair is definetly not hot.

  • jenny

    @Emily: I sooooooo agree with you!!!!

  • Dasha

    Hot no matter what he does.

  • Sidney

    I think hes truly becoming a fashion diva
    yes, I said DIVA

    very witty and startling


  • RajibDavid

    I think he’s gay

  • Stella

    Hot! I love his every changing hairdos.

  • Shame

    He’s looking more and more like a woman every time he pictured.

  • Shame

    He’s looking more and more like a woman every time he’s pictured.

  • PCgirl23

    Oh look my favorite color.
    Oh wait…what the hell is that?!?
    Oh crap…is Jared Leto!
    Why he wants to look weird…I don’t know.

  • Jared!!!!!!!

    Not as hot as the mohawk but i still wouldn’t say no to him….!!

  • Jokk

    Definetly HOT!

  • nina

    is he gay?

  • Eric D. Midget

    Attention W|-|ore.

  • Aitch

    well, it is Jared Leto—this is what he does.

  • darla

    @Eric D. Midget:

    I kinda agree with you. I kinda understand why Cameron Diaz dump he’s sorry ass too: cause he’s already 39 years old and still dress up like a troubled kid. He’s trying to hard, kinda pathetic actually TSK,TSK,TSK.

  • ****

    Oh Jared, blue hair is so 1994…ya know, the year you were 23.

  • tanzey

    he’s one HOT smurf! grrrr

  • Nicole

    He is HOT no matter what!

  • Tonie

    I love it :) it’s much better than the mohawk

  • Tuesday

    Whats wrong with him? Always on tour, always another haircolor, I think he is not settle down, because he doesnt find for what he is lookin for in his life! Maybe he should marry and have kids?

  • Uranian

    He is a gorgeous man but not a piece of meat and he sure has talent.. all this talk hot/not is nonsense

  • juditreka

    @Emily: I agree with you, too.

    I wish he didnt change that much. Or not in this way:/ This is NOT hot.

  • ccN

    don’t like the hair

  • Angel

    so it’s kind of strange, but merrily and i like it ))

  • ali

    @Emily: hes just going through a mid- life crisis lol
    and every one changes, his changes are just a bit more obvious!!
    but i see your point!

  • laura

    Saw 30STM last nite in concert, hes an amazing singer and certainly knows how to put on a show… so what does it matter what colour his hair is!!!!

  • Aitch

    Good musician I love his band!

  • morgan

    Its who he is and u can’t judge him because of his hair.. .. His great no matter what … Goodlooking too!!!

  • KATY

    I liked HIS hair brown
    I hate the blue hair
    he isn´t gay

  • Celeste

    What happened to you, Jared? I really don´t like your new blue hair
    It isn´t hot at all
    I liked you as Hephaestion, when you had your natural hair

  • Celeste

    Despite you changes, I like you anyway!

  • Celeste

    despite your changes, I like you anyway!!

  • adriana

    It does not matter how his hair looks like, it is still Jared. I love him :)

  • capricorn29

    Jared Leto is one of the most talented individuals I have seen in quite some time. He is an exceptional artist; he has an amazing voice (screaming rock vocals punctuated with a raspy whisper, not to mention beautiful tone and control the second he wants it); he is a commanding presence; he is intelligent, multi-layered, and brilliantly engages his audience. Additionally, one cannot help but notice that he is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing (okay, downright gorgeous) people who have ever walked the earth. He is this generation’s Jim Morrison, Bono, and Robert Plant rolled into one.

    Speaking as a rock aficionado, TSTM (of which Mr. Leto is a part), is an authentic rock band. That’s a rare thing these days! Their CD’s are consistently excellent. Thanks to TSTM I believe in music again. I have been grieving it for some time. For me, the music died in the early 80’s (with the exceptions of U2, Nirvana, and a handful of others) music (rock music specifically; the final bulwark against the “Brittany-ish “wasteland that is “pop” music) fell. HARD. Then here comes TSTM. Praise the Rock Gods!

    Mr. Leto’s appearance cannot help but be noticed. He is walking art. Alas, all of this said (and meant), he’s lost something with the hair change that occurred sometime in 2009 and remains through his current blue period.

    Mr. Leto’s look doesn’t matter to me when it comes to listening to the music, (that’s just as incredible as ever) but it was certainly a good thing (as a woman and a rock fan) to see him with longer hair and a more edgy look. (KROQ 2006, Beautiful Lie video, Lippman Photo shoot 2007: all examples of his best looks, in my humble opinion).

    Still, “The Dark Jared” in the Hurricane video was as palpation inspiring as ever. Would love to see a return to what feels to be the “more authentic” Jared Leto and leave this clean-cut, close-cropped thing for boy bands.

  • Wes

    Makes him look older…but im a guy so idc..he still makes the best music!

  • Neelam

    I can’t make my mind up :S I usually love what Jared with his hair (Only he could have dark roots coming through blonde hair and still look like a Greek God) but I’m not so sure about this :(

  • Ronnie

    Seriously who cares! He can dye his hair purple for all that it matters. Damn gossip.
    i mean if I dyed MY hair blue, its be like “Oh Ronnie, your hairs blue now? What happened to red? Oh well im going to get on with my life because such a trivial thing doesnt matter!”

    Geez :/ Its his hair people, get over it. If you dont like it, DONT LOOK AT IT. Dont COMMENT. GET ON WITH LIFE.

    Haha sorry if i offended anyone too deeply~

  • Kailey

    I have been loving this man & 3STM for years.
    No matter what he does with his Hair, he is always a beautiful person inside and out. And I hate that people judge him just by the color of his hair.
    Jared if your skin was Blue I would find you hot!!!!! :P lol.
    But.. I’m an Echelon. And we all love Jared & 3STM NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

  • The One

    I much preferred him when he was acting and had some normality about him. It just seems that now he wants to be against the norm, though a lot of what he does doesn’t seem that genuine. He’s an alright musician, but he’s always been a better actor if you ask me.

  • lissie

    idk whats wrong with you people but jared leto and his band are extremely talented and jared can do whatever he pleases with his hair . i think you are so wrong for criticzing he is fine the way he is i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Freako

    But it’s blue…
    Whatever. It’s crazy, but I can deal with it. 8)
    Once he goes green though, I draw the line.

  • Nicole

    Absolutely stunning. Love all Jared’s hair styles

  • kat

    He looks good in anything, if hes happy then so am i. As for hot or not wtf!!!! That bull shit is for teenies.

  • Mims

    i love his blue hair!! :))

  • Danielle

    I’ve seen it change that many times now I’m not particulalry fazed by it lol XD
    Either way though, he’s still gorgeous and even if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t care; I like him for his talent, 30STM (<3) and his personality. Just saying.