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Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal's Thanksgiving Stroll -- FIRST PIC

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal's Thanksgiving Stroll -- FIRST PIC

Check out the first photo of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal‘s romantic Thanksgiving Day stroll published in the new issue of Us Weekly.

The happy couple was spotted together in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, where Jake‘s older sister, Maggie, lives.

“It’s definitely serious,” sources say of their five-week relationship. “She loves his family and he loves hers.”

So far, Taylor, 20, and Jake, 29, have been spotted on three coffee dates together. One in Brooklyn and two in Nashville.

Can’t wait to see their first red carpet appearance together!

FYI: Jake is wearing the Hoyle Jackson “Selvedge” jeans.

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • Thai

    “It’s definitely serious,” sources say of their five-week relationship. “She loves his family and he loves hers.”

    LMAO, everybody says that. In a few months they will split. Not that Id care a bit…

  • emmas

    Now that was unexpected….

  • raena

    UGH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just think jake could do better :(

  • Jake is gay

    Another showmance Jake?
    How very pathetic.

  • beards are hard to find but

    @raena: Taylor Swift loves to beard for closeted gay celebrities.

  • sandy

    …finally a hug (not just lame coffee dates)! But I still think it’s creepy and odd!!! I don’t think it will last…we will see!!! Soooo weird!

  • kaaszz

    I still think this is photoshop.
    Which obviously isn’t!

  • Bel

    this couple is weird!! :/
    Dear Jake YOU CAN DO BETTER!!!

  • Dubya Bush

    Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!!!!!!!!!

  • Bel

    I seriously prefer Jake be gay already and date a guy instead to date Taylor Swift …that girl is creepy…a mean for her songs…

  • pocket

    I cannot believe they’re trying to sell this to us. How stupid do they think we are? Glad to see no one here is going for it.

  • Dubya Bush

    To be honest, I really have no opinion on either of these two as individuals or entertainers, neither is my favorite or least favorite but them together just seems so……..wrong for some reason.

  • Rio

    “It’s definitely serious,” sources say of their five-week relationship. “She loves his family and he loves hers.”

    Effing ridiculous.

    Waiting for Taylor’s new song about the break-up with Jake,which tells us Jake Gyllenhaal is gay.

  • Pattycake

    @beards are hard to find but: A GOOD beard is hard to find. Yes indeed. I believe it is Ted Casablanca that said that this chick has dated more gay men than most gay men.

  • http://gottalovemiley lina

    o my word, wow!!!

  • cari

    Jake, you’ve started a relationship with her…
    Don’t you dare end it. Or else Taylor would write a song about it and the whole world would hate you.

    A trap you can never get out of….
    Haha, I really want to see how it ends up like.

    Jake. Tut tut.

  • kami

    it’s their life and they can do whatever they want. none of my business. but that pic definitely looks photo shopped.

  • Rio

    lol yea!

  • LOVE THEM!!!

    Oh my gosh. They look adorable. I am so happy for them. They definately deserve happiness in their lives.

  • jenny

    oh, and the paps sort of happened to be there accidentaly? Yeah right!!!

  • Ash

    OMG Jerk Gayllenhaal,you are so fAking pathetic.
    Wondering what taylor would write after this relationship,”Dear Jake”"don’t you think a 20-year-old is perfect to be your beard”?

  • sweetness

    O.M.G. move over Brad and Angelina. Move over Robert and Kristen.

    This is the new IT couple! we’ll be getting news 24/7 about these two.

  • ICU

    They look really cute together. Gosh, leave them alone. CREEPY? Give me a break. Jealous people are so pathetic… let them be.

  • Lonely_Angel

    if life was a Romantic movie …no one will cast Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal in the leading roles….BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CHEMISTRY

  • meh

    This pic looks so staged to me. But idk. If they are a couple then whatever. Pretty soon we’ll see tabloids saying how they split.

  • WOOP

    jack is sort of a good actor..
    but she’s not.. she tends to exaggerate with her expressions when she acts..
    that’s exactly what’s happening in this picture!

  • siana52

    Photoshop ! Taylor’s Hand look very weird in this position …

  • siana52

    Photoshop ! Taylor’s Hand look very weird in this position …

  • jess

    OMG 5 whole weeks??!?!?! They’re pretty much married

    If I saw them on the street I would probably think they were brother & sister NOT bf & gf.

  • leda

    this is photoshop! that photo was taken when jake was with kirsten dunst!! they just put taylor’s head on kirsten’s body! by the way, taylor should NEVER EVER smile!! it’s so freaking demoniac!!!

  • Aylin

    I’m not sure Jake is gay. Ted Casablanca says so but LaineyGossip says he isn’t.
    If they are a couple I don’t find them gross. So there is 9 years difference between them. It’s not something unseen before. Hayden Panattiere and Milo Ventimiglia anyone? And a lot of other couples.

  • Millie

    I wasn’t sure about them together at first, but they actually look cute together! The age difference is still a little much, but whatever, they look happy.

  • ellie

    why does this picture look fake? maybe because it’s small, but i don’t even mean fake “staged” but it looks fake as in they got a dude with jake gyllenhaal’s build and a tall curly-haired blonde and photoshopped their faces on it. because their eyes both look closed and that hand on the coffee cup looks added in.


    Only a matter of time before Jake starts dating Willow Smith.Trust me.

  • DarkEmpress


    I can’t believe you said that! I laughed so hard but I feel guilty! Ok Taylor is an adult and we have no idea what her real personality is. She could be very mature and maybe her image is just so she can connect with her fan base!

  • @ Suritard

    I wonder how US got the first exclusive photos of them smiling and holding hands right after LAOD flopped. It reminds me of how People Mag got the first exclusive photos of Jake and Reese holding hands and kissing right after Rendition flopped. I’m not one to scream “showmance”, but it does seam odd that a magazine always gets exclusive photos of Jake and his new girlfriends. Normally, the paps will take photos and sell them to various outlets, not one magazine.
    It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s gay, but he sure has a good publicist.

  • missy

    ^^Sorry about that gross name. I meant to change that!

  • sunny

    Pure photoshop!

  • jiji

    they are both nice and down to earth people. they are good together. stop being so negative and let them be together. its not your life.

  • Abi_23

    People should stop being so critical about their relationship. Gosh, its theirs, not yours. If they’re happy, leave them be. If you wee snapped in the papers, people would probably say you and your man/woman (if you have one) were an odd couple. I, personally, find them very cute and hope they enjoy the time that they have together. Jealous, pathetic people.

  • Butter_Fly

    Whether they are together or not, this picture does look fake. I don’t know, it just looks weird.

  • Decibelle

    I cant imagine them having sex!

  • MangerBouger

    no way, LOL … °_°
    Question: HOW IN HELL DID THESE TWO MET ?!!!!!!!!!! I just wonder man …

  • k

    EWWWWWWWWWW!!! jake could do ten billion times better!

  • mandy

    I swear this girl has some sort of Daddy issues. In any case that picture is photoshopped to no end.

  • Gertrude

    Taylor is this decade Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • Moa

    My theory to grasp this relationship:
    after her infamous crappy grammy performance, and her lable president rant about how she’s sings with her heart “whatever that means”, he said that she will disappear for a while unless yo see a shot of her in us magazine.. humm @ the time, there were these rumors of her and john mayer dating, so maybe her people were hoping for a shot like this of both of them to build hype for her album..especially that they desperately want to get the adult audience and give her credibility. but since that plan didn’t work, “obviously JM was too good to be caught on camera unless she was making up that whole song”, not only did she write a lame song about him and threw him under the bus, but she’s been fixed up with JG.. to show how adult she has become..
    maybe they’re in love, maybe they’re not yet.. but history shows that she fell in love with every single boy she had met!
    anyway.. if it’s real i wish them luck! but be aware jake! you could be the next victim!

  • Aly

    Ugh, I can’t see why he wants to date her. When they break up she’ll just slam him like everyone else

  • annab

    They don’t look right together….I can see him more with the likes of Anne Hathaway than this girl. It won’t last…give it six months max.