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Angelina Jolie: New 'The Tourist' Pics!

Angelina Jolie: New 'The Tourist' Pics!

Check out these newly released shots of Angelina Jolie in The Tourist!

The 35-year-old actress will hit the big screen on December 10 with Johnny Depp in the story of an American tourist who meets an extraordinary woman and has his life turned upside-down.

WATCH: The Tourist Trailer

Angie is currently in Paris in support of The Tourist. She was spotted out visiting an aquarium with Knox yesterday!

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  • http://justjared katie

    Mommy Dearest!!!

  • sav

    Beautiful Angie !

  • Lurker

    So many new threads, Thanks JJ. Angie is one good looking woman, this movie is going to be a hit.

  • adoring fan

    She looks fantastic. She is a natural beauty.

  • betty

    I would just like to she her look different for a role. It’s allways the big rood lips and it’s all you she.

  • http://justjared katie

    What is wrong Jared???Send me a explanation PLEASE!!!

  • teri

    Lovely woman and so classy.


  • http://justjared katie

    What is wrong with my comment ??? Jared you have my e-mail please e-mail me…I can’t see where there is anything wrong with my comment……………

  • woman spanish

    she is a breathtaking beauty

  • teri

    There’s nothing she can do about her facial features. Heck she was dressed as a man, I didn’t see Jolie at all in SALT when she played the male part. She does switch it up in my opinion for her movies. I have really never heard she looks the same in her movies but there’s a first for everything.

  • Sonia

    She’s such a beauty and a great actress. Love her + her family and her caring heart. A great human being!!

  • Mary from Russia

    Omg she is definitely extraordinary with such big and bony hands. Square shoulders, big hands, chicken legs… And I don’t like this idiotic bangs. Where is the beauty?
    And do me a favor don’t answer my comment. I won’t read. I don’t care.

  • anustin

    can’t wait !

  • marta

    She’s too beautiful for worlds, I bet she’s fantastic in this movie!

  • Lara

    Wish it was the 10th already, haven’t looked forward to a film this much since Salt!
    Gorgeous shots, doesn’t get any better than Venice and Paris with Angie and Johnny.

  • Observer2

    Someone doesn’t care but takes time out of their day to not only come to JJ’s but to leave a comment.

    Find Waldo yet?

  • teri

    I’m also looking forward to seeing this the first day! Fans are being so spoiled then a very long dry spell.

  • nada

    she looks gorgeous, Angie is a classy woman

  • sty

    @Mary from Russia: agree, don’t see any beauty either.

  • Agatha

    Angie is so beautiful, i can´t wait to see the tourist…


    As the director, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck said, this movie was done in service of her beauty.
    BTW, this photo is gorgeous! Vogue should have used this on their cover. (saw it on mega 4). Exquisite!

  • Yleni

    She looks exactly like her father, Jon Voight. Same face.

  • hey hey

    every single woman wants to be like Angie!

  • say what?

    I cannot go see The Tourist on the 10th as my son is graduating college and too much prep going on for his party. Guess I will have to get out during the week and see it. I see Salt is out on DVD, hmmm…Mom wants this for Christmas kiddos, lol. I cannot wait for them to see it and my sister.
    My other sister and niece went with me to see Salt when it came out but we long to watch it again.
    Angelina looks so lovely and regal. I just watched her Diary about Africa in 2003. Angelina knows how to tell the people’s stories and of their stories, she knows how to paint the picture, too bad that some are too busy yelling and won’t look, perhaps they could rid themselves of their own hurts and baggage, helping the world heal and make it a better place for all. Isn’t it about information and teaching your children differently by ending the hate? So watch this Katie and Mary from Russian….. Thanks to whoever found this. JJB!

    “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

    Carl Gustav Jung

    “Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” Wayne Dryer

  • passby

    wow…the jealous haters out there. Some haters say that they don’t see the beauty…I guess they think hair mop with Leno’s chin is beauty. Unbelievable…haters have an ugly soul.

  • τυ
  • max

    Her lips r too big, her legs r too bony.

    She is not beautiful, just overrated.

  • say what?

    If the woman and her group refused to read the script, refused to meet with Jolie..who said he wasn’t about rape. It was about a couple from opposite sides who fell in love before the war started and what happened after. Perhaps it is about the heartache of what happens to people who do not see hate or ethnics of others.
    Perhaps the UN needs to invite this woman and Angelina to a room and address the movie and the problem this Women Groups have ….which apparently isn’t JUST about Angelina’s movie. PLUS the other people sticking their noses….HW publicists and FF need to shove off.

    As for home wrecker….haha. Laura Dern and Jennifer really need to set their manipulating and lies straight after all these years…really now…people are not stupid! Once again, STEVE HUVANE IS AN EVIL MAN! Boycott any star associated with the Huvane Brothers. These stars already know.

  • NAN

    He he he,new thread and BotoxKatieJho on #1huh? tutumaxpoo.


    @say what?:
    At this point, i think Hasecic has gone so far out on a limb without receiving the payoff that she wanted, that she cant bring herself to admit she was wrong from the start. Where’s the percentage in that? LOL
    I think she miscalculated. Overplayed her hand. Only a donation from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation or from Angie herself (like how Angie gave 1M of her own money to Pakistan) will soothe Hasecic at this point. .
    Except that, its not gonna happen. I’m sure Brad sees right through her and has strongly advised Angie not to give her what she obviously wants, lest other extortionists come land on them like ticks.
    One Fame Fattened Tick per lifetime, is what I say.
    Hasecic is just being who she is, based on what her culture has made her. Lets be honest, corruption is rife (and more visibly so than most) in that part of the world.

  • lovejoliepiit

    τυ @ 12/02/2010 at 2:30 pm (here is the truth for you but again you are the stupidest person as always…..

    Scott Mendelson

    Film Critic and Pundit for Salon, Huffington Post, and Mendelson’s Memos
    Posted: December 2, 2010 10:10 AM

    Smoke, but no fire: Bosnian activist group ‘Women Victims of War’ attacks Angelina Jolie over made-up concerns regarding her new film.

    The headlines scream “Jolie called insensitive to Bosnian rape victims!” and “Angelina Jolie called ignorant by Womens Victims of War”. But if you read the story, and read their statement, it becomes quite clear that this group (however noble their work is up to this point) has used the media’s obsession with smacking down big celebrities as a way to get their name in the newspapers. The gist is that Jolie is directing a drama set during the Bosnian war, around 1992-1995. It concerns a romantic plot involving a Serbian prison guard and a Bosnian captive, a woman who was once his girlfriend (sounds like the plot of the first ‘Sayid episode’ in the first season of Lost). This tidbit has been tossed about as ‘proof’ that Angelina Jolie is making a film about a rape victim who falls in love with her rapist. They have not seen the script and prior attempts by Jolie to set up a meeting with the group have been unsuccessful.

    I’m guessing they haven’t seen the script because the released the critical statement before they asked to see a script. The statement released seriously trashes Jolie (calling her ignorant and asking for her goodwill UN ambassadorship to be stripped) for making a movie that COULD contain insensitive and/or inflammatory material and COULD ‘make light’ of the plight of Bosnian rape victims. This may just be an attempt for the group to gain free attention and/or get a donation from Jolie or the studio funding her picture. GLAAD pulled the same prank on Kevin Smith back in 2001, inexplicably calling (the otherwise lousy) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back homophobic because its brain-dead lead character uses ‘gay’ as an asexual negative slur (nevermind that he is explicitly called out on that in the film). Smith quickly cut them a check and the matter was never brought again. Extortion: 01, Honest examination of the issue at hand: 00.

    And since the media jumped all over a story that let them spin a headline to the effect of ‘Jolie called insensitive to Bosnian rape victims’, they fell for it without realizing that there was no meat to the story. The crux of their protests is that Jolie should have been expected to keep this specific group informed in every part of the filmmaking process, from screenwriting to casting to location scouting. Nevermind that Jolie tried to set up a meeting in Hungary, but the group refused, wanting the meeting to take place in Bosnia (which is ironic, since such earlier ‘controversy’ prevented the film from actually shooting first-unit footage in Bosnia). Furthermore, even if the script does not contain a ‘rapist and rape victim fall in love’ subplot (which it allegedly does not), the group is still adamant that simply presenting a film involving a romantic narrative set in such a camp is unacceptable and has caused the group “mental suffering”.

    Angelina Jolie has every right to make whatever movie she wants. As we critics and scholars always say, it’s not ‘what it’s about’, but rather ‘how its about it’. Let’s be honest, had Internet culture existed in 1993, Spielberg would have been roasted by groups demonizing Schindler’s List sight unseen because it ‘was alleged to contain’ a subplot involve romance between a Jewish camp laborer (Embeth Davidtz) and her Nazi captor (Ralph Fiennes). Is that an accurate portrayal of the movie? Nope. But it’s close enough to the truth to make a scandalizing story out of it. It’s tough to criticize something called ‘Women Victims of War’ and the work they theoretically do, but the group is playing dirty pool.

    To somewhat viciously attack someone who has been a ‘get-your-hands dirty’ advocate for refugees around the world because of their (at this point) fabricated concerns about sympathetic treatment of rapists contained in a film they haven’t seen from a script they haven’t read is absurd and counter-productive. Unless of course, the purpose is not honest activism but merely using Jolie’s celebrity as a way to get extra media attention. If that’s the case, then it’s Free Publicity From a Sensationalist Media: 01, Honest Examination of the Issues at Hand: 00.

    Scott Mendelson

  • ..

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  • gracie

    I’m loving JD and Angie interviews. One Anuston bi*ch cracked me up. I just couldn’t stop laughing at this freak. The bi*ch was losing her mind after reading JD’s praises on Angie. Poor thing just lost it. I thought she will have a heart attack. She was probably hoping and praying Johnny would say nasty things about Angie like the ones she read from those trashy mags she wasted her money on, instead Dear Johnny confirmed what the JP fans already know—- that Angie is a great mommy, great humanitarian, great talent, very smart, gorgeous, generous, not vain and Brad’s wife. She is just FANTABULOUS and a force!! Haters, it sucks to be you.

  • mega make-up

    $20 Ho

  • dawne

    what, and you’re a twenty cent ho? Least you know where you place in the heirarchy.

  • Mary from Berlin

    She is definitely extraordinary with such big talent and the kindness of the heart and I like this bangs. What a beauty?

  • Phasmatodea


  • holy

    Everyone wants use this woman. The abuse she endure makes me sad. Hope all is going as her heart wants it. It is my prayer for her.

  • Premalee

    Looking forward to seeing Tourist the first day like SALT.

  • LMAO

    @Mary from Russia:

    you care that’s why you posted jealous schmuck

  • Gail

    What has she done to herself?
    She was gorgeous in Gia – it’s been downhill from there. She’s as plastic as the rest of Hollywood.

  • holy

    I am looking forward to see Angie’s version of the Tourist interview in access hollyoowd and extra. I don’t get ET in my tv for some reason.
    That billy sh#t in Access hollywood is annoying me with his sh#tty comments. He needs to lose his job next the girls on the show will do so much better with out him. Someone needs to tell the billsh#t moving on means moving on… good bye is good bye .

  • NAN

    @mega make-up ,Do you mean A 1 Night Ez Ez Loosey Poosey Ho Right ???
    Jen dump her boyfriend of 3 yrs (TD) upon spread her legs on The Set Up Blind Date with BP (May98) by their agents behide BP’s back !

  • Premalee

    @say what?:

    Thank you so much.

  • T Pain

    Classic, Regal, Sophisticated Beauty!!

    A True Hollywood Star…

    don’t hate…

  • Premalee


    Great post.


    What had she did with her lips ????

    They are going to blow up…

  • gracie

    Haters, you’re all losing your minds. Angie is not beautiful ha? Why are you stalking her and the first to post on every Angie thread? You’re all consumed with jealousy and your brain cells whatever is left of it is shrinking down to nothing. You have envy plastered all over your ugly chinny faces like the ho you worship. If you want see what UGLY looks like, take a look again at your idol’s face, even the fake blond hair and fake blue contact lenses doesn’t disguise how fugly she looks. Why do you think men take one peek and they run as fast as hell away from her?




    O my god ….BARBIE MORTICIA