Nicole Kidman: Good Morning Matchmaker

Nicole Kidman: Good Morning Matchmaker

Nicole Kidman arrives at the ABC Studios in New York City for an appearance on Good Morning America on Thursday morning (December 2).

The 43-year-old actress will be playing a grieving wife in the upcoming drama Rabbit Hole.

The film, expected to be released next month, also stars Dark Knight‘s Aaron Eckhart.

Speaking about her single costar, Nicole recently put out her full endorsement for Aaron.

“He’ll make someone a great husband. Which is actually what Aaron is: a really decent guy with an enormous amount of love to give,” Nicole told USA Today. “So for all those women out there, he’s looking for a wife. He’s a really good husband.”

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  • Marie

    She looks pregnant again.


    Lovely as always.

    The dress is a tad too small., but it could be the photographer’s flash.

    It would seem she enjoyed Thanksgiving.


    She is beyond tiny.



    No, she does not look pregnant, she looks like a normal women who ate breakfast.

  • anoano

    Her face looks so waxy. Anybody looking for a shocking good read should read latest issue of Entertainment Weekly where they wrote a whole article on Nicole’s surgeries and how it was affected her career. It’s just so amazing that a reputable mag like EW singled out Nicole on this (when she has denied getting work done). I cringed for her reading it, can only imagine how mortified she must feel.

  • LH

    The whole look says granny! Hair extensions are obviously back. Ooooh, look at the look she gives the doorman! I guess he made eye contact.

  • nourhan mohamed

    i am agree with Marie She looks pregnant

  • Thai

    Oh, hi, plastic Nicole!

  • sharylmj

    that dress is way too tight!! it looks uncomfortable. I think her skin and hair look pretty here. She looks rested and happy. That would be awesome if she was pregnant again!! But I don’t think she looks it here..

  • blair

    I’d go for Aaron if I was single….he’s sooo handsome. Why is he single?!

  • http://bcmsn Judy

    Nicole looks beautiful as always. I see the ugly , jealouse people are back. I think someone doesnt read well E.W. You should all take a good look at yourselves. You are really laughable.

  • From Paris with Love

    Not attractive, never was, never will be. Tall and slim doesn’t necessarily equal hot.

  • andres

    she looks great

  • kiki

    Not ugly or jealous here and I quite like Nicole as an actress but she has obiously had way to much filler and botox and whatever else, she does not look good at all. Why dont women age gracefully anymore?? I mean a little botox occasionally, sure…..but her face just looks overstuffed and waxy. Yuk.

  • Linda

    It looks like body armour/muscle shirt type thingy.

  • Patricia


    anoano ,I don’t think that you have read this EW article,because Lisa Schwarzbaum the writer Attacked all Nicole’s bashers and haters said that they Listen to gossip while they have to focus on her Talent and she looks more natural and she a sure that Nicole in the runner for Oscar this year. Yey

  • lolololololol

    Surad thinks she’s so clever!

  • StarJacker

    “The 43-year-old actress will be playing a grieving wife in the upcoming drama Rabbit Hole.”

    Shouldn’t be a stretch for her considering she was married to Tom Cruise at one time

  • KNut

    She looks like she is in her 50′s not 40′s.

  • Leslie

    Is she pregnant? Sure looks that way.

  • Marie

    @TIM GUNN:
    I mean she wasn’t showing too much when she was pregnant with Sunday, so I think she’d be pregant again or this dress is way too small.
    Anyway, I do think her body is to die for :)

  • bijou

    Nicole must have many low self-esteem issues to be so afraid of aging to murder her own face like she has done. It’s so tight it looks painful for her to smile now (but it looks like she stopped blowing up her lips) There is no way she is content within herself if she went to such extreme with her looks. She really destroyed that natural pretty redheaded look she had when she first came on the scene and looks like a mask of her former self. I feel sorry for her, money and fame don’t necessarily bring confidence to some. Imagine how she will feel about turnign 50 if 40 freaked her out this much!!.

    Her extensions here look like a bad wig from the House of JLo LOL!!

  • shelby

    You feel sorry for her? HA! You are so jealous of her you can’t live a normal life. You have to follow her around on the internet and bash her every chance you get. Here’s a little clue: All your years of bashing don’t amount to a grain of salt to her and her husband. They have it all. You have nothing but bitter, evil jealousy.

  • notbusy

    Bijou, your entire comment sounds like pure jealousy. I just watched Nicole on the View and she looked beautiful. Some sites pick the most unflattering photos over the good ones to get more comments.

  • JohnC

    Her husband is one lucky dude! Look at that body! All us men should have a tall, slender sexy woman like that.

  • DarkEmpress

    I think she looks great. Strawberry blonde is much better on her than bleach blonde.

  • terry


  • truth is jealousy for the weak

    She always looks like a constrained witch with a broom up her @ss. She is stiff and awkward, smth wrong with her attitude screams NOT sexy. And her face honestly looks older and faker than Sandra Bullock, Sharon Stone and Demi Moore’s, that’s sayin a lot. To think she’s only 3 years older than Rachel Weisz.

  • marta

    bleach blonde looks better on her, she’s amazing with bleached hair, now she looks bad

  • mercy

    she has so ugly eyes, it makes her face looks awful, the rest is quite ok

  • shelby

    Her blue eyes are gorgeous. Keith sings about them all the time.

  • V

    pretty or ugly, she exudes happiness!
    and you? does not seem very busy to the point of coming here and talking nonsense.
    if not like, hey, no comments, get what to do!
    Keith lucky

  • little my

    beautiful woman, but that bumb seems to be sprouting lately, she could be pregnant.

  • Snowflake

    Her dress is about 2 sizes too small and it is very old fashioned, especially with that cardigan.

  • scan

    If she wants to pretend that she is happy in all her fakeness let her be, but she isn’t fooling anyone.

  • The Truth

    This outfit was the not the best choice for her.

  • Nueng0908

    I love her hairdo,She is so lovely.

  • mervyn

    I can see why she gets all the surgeries and botox. It does make her skin look younger but at the same time it has changed her face so much it almost resembles a mask but if she’s happy with a mask face then that’s fine. I doubt she is pregnant. The last time she wore tight white trousers not long after allegedly giving birth. Every female for miles around told me that would be impossible for a woman who just gave birth. So maybe she is gearing up to let everyone believe she is having a baby because the surrogate is pregnant?

  • Jordyn

    Too funny. The haters are in a frenzy because everything is going so right for Nicole. Same old ridiculous stuff from their own demented lala land.

  • sweety

    Wow!!!!The haters are angry!!Because nicole looks so talented,gorgeous,amazing in this talk show!!They just can’t endure that nicole is getting better life!
    I am so happy to see those stupid haters angry!!!!Because you are more angry ,nicole will more better than ever!!!

  • Jokergurl

    I absolutely love the way she has her hair here.

  • hopeso

    Nicole looks beautiful as always…Love her.

  • jane

    ohh such a nice friend to aaron! I would have wanted to slap her if I were him but she meant well and he oviously won’t take it seriously! I really do think he looks like a great guy and will be a great husband soon

  • irene olson

    Nicole looks so lovely, happy, and content. She must have a wonderful husband to have that glow.

  • RB

    OMG this is an ugly outfit. It is too tight and shows her tummy bulge.

  • helen

    I don’t think the breakfast is supposed to go down to her uterus. At least she looks pregnant to me, but knowing her it’s probably just fat storage in a weird area. And she really must like the pregnancy rumors since she wears these tight dresses often that show off her figure

  • antigonea

    The dress looks horrible – very tight, and I think she wore that dress a couple of years ago at a show on TV which I don’t remember quite well.

  • vivi

    @S_C_ (The Winner Is)THE ROC design is uploaded here: @RocNation

  • Dr.Coffee

    Nicole looks very happy

  • link
  • to mervyn

    “Every female for miles around told me that would be impossible for a woman who just gave birth.”

    What a nonsense. I left the hospital 3 days after giving birth and I wore my tightest jeans.
    It depends on how you are build, my figure is quite similar to Nicole’s.
    Some of my neighbours didn’t even know I was pregnant. I never showed it very clear.