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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Guy Savoy Dinner Date

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Guy Savoy Dinner Date

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt leave the french restaurant Guy Savoy after having dinner together on Thursday (December 2) in Paris, France.

The 35-year-old actress is in town for the press junket for her upcoming flick The Tourist. Earlier in the day, she stopped by The Meurice hotel to get to work on promoting the film.

The Tourist is not the only film working the press at the hotel right now.

Olivia Wilde tweeted “Day 1 of Paris Tron junket complete. True Grit, the Tourist, and Tron all in one hotel. Quite the motley crew.”

Check out some still images from Angelina‘s thriller that were just released!

FYI: Angelina is wearing a Ferragamo kimono-cut jacket.

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  • kyle

    Good looking pair!

  • DANY

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

  • whatever

    something for her crazy fans to discus before beginning to kiss her ass about how “beautiful” she is


  • Belén


  • Hannah

    Gorgeous couple

  • Belén


    We are not kissing anyone ass…Do you think Angelina is ever gonna read this? Come on!
    kiss MY ass!

  • Kyra

    Angelina sure has a lot of fake hair.

  • Kyra

    Brad’s age is finally catching up with him. He’s starting to look 50 now.

  • ugh

    A shame Brad is going back to the unkempt scruffy bin ladden look

  • Elizabeth

    Im loving it……..Thanks JJ, hello to all JP fans.

  • sav

    Beautiful Angie and handsome Brad.
    They look like they just had sex or they`ll have it after the dinner.

  • Jokergurl

    I love how these two have the same expressions, and Brad Pitt is not 50, he’s 46 he’s got a gray beard, but color his hair and shave the beard he looks like he’s in his mid 30′s. They both look great. I can’t wait to see The Tourist.

  • Lynn

    She is gorgeous as usual but he needs to shave that ugly beard.

  • Jennifer

    Brad is losing his looks. He hasn’t looked all that hot to me in about 5 years.

  • Talia

    I wonder what Angelina would look like without the weave and fake eyelashes. Brad’s bread is terrible I guess he needs something to hide the craters on his face, so he doesn’t have to shave.

  • mmmmmmmm

    lol i love how they promote themselves oncce they have a movie out. PR whores. the movie looks like it’s gonna underperform.

  • Love Them

    Love JP, they are beautiful and so in love.

  • Lauren

    I’m so glad that Angelina doesn’t botox although she has a few wrinkles in her forehead. I hate when people stick all those fillers and crap in their face like Madonna. I love Angelina’s hair and outfit. Brad does need to stop being so scruffy. He looks so plain next to her.

  • Jess

    After 5+ years, 6 kids, they are still in love like the first day. I wanna a love like theirs.

  • Zenith

    The best looking couple, the most loved up couple in Hollywood.

  • gosh

    Brad Pitt facial hair grows in full force but he still looks handsome.

  • ^O^


    Angelina Jolie


    everything is fake about this woman, look at the false eyelashes, she too exaggerated here

  • Anilec

    Angelina looks very French and beautiful in here. I can see she is letting her natural hair color grow, i think is a great idea because it frames her face better and makes her look more French and sets her apart from the ordinary bleached starlets.

  • Don’t forget
  • plk

    A esta chica la encerraba en una casa murciana y la cebaba con migas y longaniza, magra con tomate, mojete murciano, gazpachito bueno, pan de campo y mucho mucho embutido cartagenero. Y un caldero con su buen alioli.. y recuperaba enseguida los kilos que necesita….

  • Lola

    She looks a little bit like Britney Spears with that hair, sorry but it seems she have some extensions.
    Anyway she ist a stunning woman.

    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland an alle!!



    LOL O2, it’s almost like ‘Jettisoned.’ Bahaha.
    Seriously – it’s so sad. But I long ago determined that her ‘grudges,’ are far more important to her than living a full life. Her PR shark is not helping her, he just wants to empty her coffers. I’m sure he stokes the fires of her Brangelina resentment, and talks her into some of the more parasitic leech-like strategies they pull. He doesn’t care or respect her, else he wouldn’t be complicit in having turned her into this joke reject.
    I honestly think at this point – in her very unstable, dim-witted narcissistic mind, it’s become more satisfying to her (both personally and professionally), to have people rally around and support her for being the sad childless single reject that Brad left. At this point, her becoming happy and fulfilled with someone, ANYONE (but especially a person whose not near Brad’s status in H’wood) would be imminently less satisfactory for her than staying single and angry and bitter and having people still attach her to Brangelina.


    plk @
    Estoy de acuerdo contigo

  • Kriss

    Jolieis PR WHORE .Tthey promote themselves once they have a movie out.
    The movie looks like it’s gonna underperform.

  • Kriss

    Jolie is PR W@ORE

  • Crista

    I had high hopes for her new movie, but “The Tourist” looks really bad. And she has zero chemistry with Johnny Depp. So even if I’m not into special effects that much I’d rather see “Tron” than her movie.

  • Tourist Tracks High

    Tourist Tracks High

    The Depp and Jolie Suspense Flick should come in strong behind Narnia


  • Great Review Variety

    Variety 5 stars. WhooHooooooo!


    I can’t WAIT to see The Tourist!! They are sooooo gorgeous. Got my VF w/ Johnny and my Vogue with Angie! Yum

  • Idiot pair

    Please give us a breake from that promote themselves idiot pair

  • Thai

    Oh, hi again, “charitable” reptilian!

  • wfb

    Ahhh, the name changing troll is losing its poop again. Bwahahahha, hey visit FT’s thread she’s lonely.

  • MangerBouger

    How skin is she ?! OMG, it’s upsetting.

  • http://travelnliving gingerBread

    OOOOOOOOOO… i wish Brad will shave again……

  • Thai


    Yes, I lost my poop on u, brainwashed idiot!

  • Thai


    Means u’re either stupid, either blind.

  • sera

    The haters are absolutely hilarious. They hate how she looks, hate how she talks etc but yet here they are day after day. It just makes me feel sorry for them just like pathetic X. So keep it coming haters. We JP fans would miss you if you didn’t hang around the JP’s all the time. So thanks for the memories. Love the JP’s and God Bless them.

  • mmmmmmmm

    the film is a stinker. they didn’t even screen it for the critics. so brangelina have to promote themselves as a couple again. lmao desperate

  • To Thai


    กินอึของฉัน, คนบ้า!

  • busted

    I was surprised that the fools well the 2 that are here changing names care so much about how she looks.. Seriously talking about eye lashes.. WTF..

    There are tons of pics of Angelina without makeup.. thing is she is still beautiful. In my opinion more so. NOT many actresses you could name would let themselves be photographed without make up. She does. Check out the pics of her Directing.

    And all the Angie has a weave.. LOL.. she has straight hair. When she curls it it gets volume.. like every other woman in the world. But that makes her fake. LOL.

    They are pissed.. for so many reason. She and Brad are looking very happy. Johnny has been praising her all over. NOT what they wanted at all. Burst their nasty bubbles.

    But the funny thing is this fool is up and changing names to try and make it seem like there are so many none fans posting here.. just stupid on levels I can’t think.

    Well have fun and we will enjoy the beauty of this woman and man.

  • lylian

    Here’s one diner’s experience of eating at Guy Savoy’s restaurant in Paris. Hmmmmmm.


    Jolie opened those big eyes even wider when asked if she was nervous to work with Depp, one of the biggest A-listers around.

    “I’ve worked with Brad Pitt,” she said.


  • poor brad

    her girlfriend is sooooo ugly…

  • andres

    botox alert