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Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX

Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX

Gerard Butler gives a thumbs up to photographers as he catches a flight out of town from Los Angeles International Airport on Friday (December 3).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor stayed warm in a beanie and leather jacket but had to take them off while going through security.

Gerard is reportedly in talks to star in the film adaptation of Afterburn.

If he signs on, he would play Jake, who leads a team of “recovery experts” as they venture into the danger zone to secure treasures such as the Mona Lisa, and the Crown Jewels, according to EW.

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Jeez

    Not harsh. You just seem to read too much into a pic.
    Then going on about how you wonder about how serious his shoulder injury was….
    You reminded me of Kathy Bates in Misery.

  • wth

    I always pack my wool beanie and leather jacket for miami, latest in south beach fashion, is it snowing there?

  • hellotheregb

    @Jeez: not really. there have been past comments as well as interviews where he has talked about the injuries. I don’t know much about them so I only inquired. not kathy bates. what is with the name calling? is that needed? you are on this blog reading and commenting what’s the difference?

  • Jeez


    You asked why I commented the way I did. So I told you my impression. It wasn’t name calling – it was a description of how your post read to me.

    You ask what the difference is? I thought I was pretty clear, but here you go again: You read too much into a pic.

    That is all.

    If that offends you, then you need to get a thicker skin or don’t post on a gossip site where all can comment.

  • Miami

    If JJ posts the pics of Butler arriving in Miami wearing the same clothes and basically looking the same as when he was leaving, then this site will have jumped the shark.

    JJ has such a b/oner for Butler that I am half expecting him to do it.

  • Fanny

    @Jeez: So, mama is back at her place in Florida? But he said he’s going to Scotland for the holidays. Maybe the hideous weather has changed things.

    Gawd, his hair is hot. He got some cut off, but it’s still great. My guess this is for L’Oreal. Otherwise, he’d butch it.

  • Fanny

    @Miami: Are you at the airport yet? Darn, girl. Get us something!!!! That is, if you are really in Miami. The Brits sure love Florida! KInd of funny.

  • Vegas

    OMG. The picture of him with the hat off, the coat off. At an airport security check. That’s insane that anyone can look that gorgeous under those circumstances. There’s nothing worse than airport security lines. Yet this S O B is this gorgeous?

  • not impressed

    Jeez, I have to tell you, hellotheregb is one of the nicest posters here. Even if she attacks, she attacks lite, or should I say, she will criticize in a respectful manner, unlike so many others here. I have not had much interaction with her, however just from observing her activity on the thread it’s apparent that she is not into the vitriolic nastiness that plagues this place so often.
    What she said about his injuries is right. He has talked about them himself and they have been discussed in so many places, so it’s reasonable to assume that some of his out-of-the-ordinary bodily or facial gestures are related to discomfort as a result of pervious injuries.
    Anyway, I agree with you that it’s not wise to infer too much from a still photo, however, I don’t think she, or any one of us, is making absolute judgments based on these photos; we’re just speculating on the possibilities, that’s all.
    BTW, how do you know he is in Miami?

  • Miami


    Fanny, I’m not sure that I understand your posts, but I don’t think Gerry’s mother is in Florida. Gerry is in Miami, however, for the Art Basel shows etc. There are pics at celebrity dash gossip dot net (JJ won’t let me post the link, so I’m doing my best!)

  • oh big whoop

    its the beWITCHing hour again, I think I will go find a life before i get called a loser, idiot, c word, alcoholic or some other such name because everyones favourite sock has arrived……

    don’t you just love how she approves of hellothergb, you lucky dog, JJ’s biggest troll thinks youre ok, pfffffffffft how nice of her.

    guess some one died and left her the queen of JJ

  • OK

    He has this stupid hat on. He takes it off in the line. And his hair is perfect? Maybe beyond perfect just a bit. How strange is that?

    Yep, we ‘Brits’ love Florida. I’m from Leeds. I can’t remember a Christmas there when I was a kid. They were all in Ft. Lauderdale. I had my appendix out there at 14 on holiday. All I remember from that year is water bashing up against a stone wall, Christmas lights on a palm tree, sick to my stomach big time and away we go.

    Happy Christmas everyone.

  • everyone knows who she is

    @oh big whoop: she use to post here awhile back and left in a huff after a fight with CJ, she went a few rounds with Manny too. she felt Laurie was Butler’s true love? She hated the regs and their chat rooms and has a long time feud with them.

  • looks like

    those pants are too low rise and he’s trying to haul them up to meet with a jacket that’s a bit too short

  • Fanny

    @Miami: His mother and step-father have a home in Florida. Not sure what art show you are talking about, but I’ll now look it up!!

  • Janet

    I get what some are saying. But if someone is going to wax on about his clinched hands, or his shoulder injury, or the beauty of his soul, or infer anything else from one pic then expect someone to respond and point out what is clearly visible in the picture.

    Any “out of the ordinary facial or body gestures” could also be from gas….as long as we are speculating.

  • WTF

    HELLO. Is this JJ or GB network? I’m not sure why he is the most popular person on the planet on the internet, yet the rags ignore him. Any ideas?

  • halle

    He’s just the sexiest human being ever put on god’s green planet. Gerard Butler as Attila? OMG. Those eyes.

  • question

    There must be school photos of him out there as a kid. All schools have those awful photos. I don’t know why, but I’d love to see him back then. I bet he was just so full of life. I bet his teachers have some stories.

  • In The Know

    There is an art show at the Art Basel Miami art show entitled Ocean Front Nights: Glasgow. The show is tomorrow night 6 to midnight. Maybe Gerry is special guest.

  • not impressed

    “don’t you just love how she approves of hellothergb”
    I approve of anyone who does not get nasty, period.
    I don’t get nasty either but after getting attacked by the same person THREE times I start dishing it back, hard. I’m only human.
    I have every right to post here without being attacked by a couple of people who don’t like my presence and think JJ is their personal territory. Apparently, those handfuls of people think they actually own the thread, and they are doing it right now because they are upset I’m here. Well, I’m here to stay so better deal with it like grownups, which obviously you’re not, otherwise, you wouldn’t be so bothered by who is posting. Why do you care about who is posting? You don’t have to invite them to your home. This is a public board. It’s not your private domain.

  • whatever

    @not impressed: sock, you are so recognisable,when you want to get really nasty you post under a different name, we all know its you tearing up the regs, you are not fooling anyone.calling people names.crying and whining about some imagined injustice given to you, well prove it, go on, just who hurt you so bad sweetheart that you must bore us with your cr.ap! grab another tub of ice cream and vent away. at least try to disguise your posts when you sock. YAWN

  • I second that

    @not impressed:now who thinks its HER private domain, boo hoo

    @whatever -spot on

  • not impressed

    I never said I didn’t get nasty. I do, but ONLY after I get attacked in the most nasty way. The difference is that you start it for no good reason, and you think that you own this place, which is quite juvenile.
    And, no, I don’t use socks. There are many fights involving your so-called regulars. Apparently, many get attacked here, which prompts them to attack back because they feel that they have a right to post juts as the “regulars” do. But, of course, egomaniacs such as yourselves, can’t possibly believe there are others who find your behavior deplorable lol. BTW, just the term “regulars” is an aberration, and it invites fights and arguments from many other people who like to post but get attacked or apprehensive about posting. So you have only yourselves to blame if you don’t like the fighting here; stop crying crocodile tears.
    BTW, genius, who is using socks now? And, who is attacking whom? Furthermore, if I was so boring, why do you even bother responding to me, which is the original question I posed to CJ, which you probably pretend not to be, and which started her attacks on me? I guess, we have a bunch of hypocrites around here, don’t we? But that’s nothing new. You often operate under your hypocrisy.

  • I know…

    he’s probably going to meet Laurie on the beach in Miami – they do pretty well on beaches.

  • paisley please

    I didn’t know he was an art buff (hence, the Miami visit to the Art Basel Art Fair). Wonder if he’s just an admirer or if he’s in the market to buy? Maybe, a Christmas present. Hope some pics from the fair surface, soon.

  • angelsrock


    Thanks for the head up!

  • angelsrock

    Too late, I missed her appearance.

    And I like that leather coat he’s wearing here, but it’s too small!!!
    The jeans aren’t too bad. I like the little belly peek in the one photo.
    He has no bottom again. I do like him a wee bit more beefy.

    On his way to Miami in a leather coat and wool cap?! Gerry Gerry Gerry.

    It seems this Art show also has work associated with Haiti.

  • vs

    Regarding Rhema Marvanne,she was seen at the very end of 20/20 last night, but it was a preview for a show next week.
    According to a posting at her website, ABC decided to expand a special with Rhema and some other people, and it will be shown next Friday.

  • deb2010

    Lucky for him. Would love to be in Miami

  • paisley please

    The “too-small” leather jacket just accentuates that small waist he has. The “belly peek” is just darn cute (AND tends to spark the imagination = ). His wool cap just can’t even hide the fact that the he’s got such a beautiful face. And . . . okay, I’m done.

  • paisley please

    Okay, so I’m NOT done . . . And I like his big nose, his pigeon-toed-ness, his crooked mouth, his creased brow, crow’s feet, and his ever-disappearing rear. Even his flaws are adorable. geesh*

  • Me2
  • Me2
  • angelsrock

    @paisley please:

    I concur…love even his flaws.

  • lolita

    Angelrock,Paisley Please…Amen sisters♥ ITAWY!!

  • >>>>>

    When he went to the store he must have brought that t-shirt from the kids department. It looks so damn uncomfortably tight.

  • Mystery_Me

    @paisley please:

    No, cooking lessons. =) Then home for the holidays!! Gerry loves Christmastime.

  • Scout

    I’m glad he doesn’t bother with a stylist, he’s a proper bloke. You’d think though with all his female friends one of them would drag him to a store once & a while. In saying that, I generally like the way he dressess.If he ever gets a steady women in his life, we’ll know about it because you’ll see a change in the way he dresses!

  • trying to figure it out

    Hey girl, how ya doin? A cowboy now, is it?

  • Old Mia

    Anybody know where he flew off to? I read the Miami idea, but he seemed dressed for a colder climate.

    Love the hair. etc. etc. etc.

  • Nuts

    He’s in Miami. Was spotted at the airport last night in the same outfit.

  • paisley please

    @Mystery_Me: Really? Cooking lessons – that’s pretty cool; but how do you know this?

  • redOctober
  • paisley please

    . . . AND I love the way he laughs, the way he dances (yes, he has rhythm!), the way he tries so hard to act nice even though he’s feeling irritable, and . . . well, you get it — he’s a lovely, lovely man – PLUS he’s hot!!!!

  • paisley please

    Okay, I’ve never blogged anywhere at anytime in my life, and now, I can’t stop? GB inspires me so! !

  • gotta be kidding

    Yeah, that jacket is way too small, now that i see the full front shot in Mami, the sleeves are an inch above the wrist, he mustve just grabbed anything in a haste before he left, lol.

  • Nuts

    Gerard Butler’s favorite thing during Art Basel Miami Beach? Pop Chips. #abmb 2 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Pop chips:

  • Me2

    @redOctober: Thanx 4 the pix ;)

  • curious cat


    A poster like hellotheregb who immediately sees her own mistake and pokes fun at herself for making it doesn’t merit being sniped at.
    Come on, it’s too early in the thread for sniping. That usually starts at the 400 post mark or so.
    We all make mistakes. We often post questions, not answers, here. Where is he going? Why? Who’s that next to him and are they dating? None of us here is all-knowing about GB.
    (With the possible exception of Oy.)
    (LOL still. Pay off the national debt, Oy. Good idea.)
    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read on JJ since I was lambasted last week for being “too old” to “drool” over Gerry. When have I ever drooled? LOL.
    Kudos to George Clooney for his efforts in Africa., to the folks on Heroes and people who making a real difference in the world for good.