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Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX

Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX

Gerard Butler gives a thumbs up to photographers as he catches a flight out of town from Los Angeles International Airport on Friday (December 3).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor stayed warm in a beanie and leather jacket but had to take them off while going through security.

Gerard is reportedly in talks to star in the film adaptation of Afterburn.

If he signs on, he would play Jake, who leads a team of “recovery experts” as they venture into the danger zone to secure treasures such as the Mona Lisa, and the Crown Jewels, according to EW.

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221 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX”

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  1. 51
    paisley please Says:

    @The Scotwizard: You mean there aren’t any tall, dark-skinned, Scottish Catholic girls out there?

  2. 52
    lolita Says:

    @The Scotwizard: We had some driving bands and some police road blocks but on the whole it doesn’t take us to long to dig out. The city side streets are what takes the longest to clear because so many cars are stuck. Gerry is lucky if he is staying in the warmer states.

  3. 53
    paisley please Says:

    Finally found the word to describe Gerry’s appeal: INTOXICATING!!

  4. 54
    am i seeing Says:

    a teeny bit of muffin topping there in pic 3?

  5. 55
    Pluto Says:

    Either it’s the jeans or the guy doesn’t have the body for blue jeans, but he looks awful in them.

  6. 56
    The Noise in the Walls Says:

    If anything…. I think if he gained afew wouldn’t hurt him..All this obbessing of becoming a twig…pleeease..He looks good but eat a burger every now and then..

  7. 57
    Scout Says:

    Poor Gerry he seems to spend half his life going through airports, he must be so sick of it…

  8. 58
    paisley please Says:

    Has anyone noticed how many comments are made in response to a Gerry sighting on JJ, as opposed to other celeb-sightings? Nicole Kidman – 5 comments; Halle Berry – 3 comments; Mariah Carey – 4 comments; etc. Oh Gerry – you provocateur!

  9. 59
    lolita Says:

    @paisley please: At yet JJ does not put his picture in the top celebs list…why is that?

  10. 60
    Scout Says:

    lets just keep him to ourselves :-)

  11. 61
    Nuts Says:

    Rhema Marvanne, the little gospel singer who appears in MGP will be featured on tonight’s 20/20 program on NBC (10pm ET).

    Wonder if they will mention the movie or show a bit from the set!

  12. 62
    paisley please Says:

    @lolita: I guess they think we care more about (yawn *) Britney Spears than our Gerry-boy. Fools.

  13. 63
    Nuts Says:

    Rhema Marvanne, the little gospel singer who appears in MGP, will be featured on tonight’s 20/20 program on NBC (10pm ET).

    Wonder if they will mention the movie or show a bit from the set!

  14. 64
    CJ Says:

    Thanks Nuts…will check that out later..♥

  15. 65
    paisley please Says:

    @Scout: Let’s!

  16. 66
    lolita Says:

    JJr’s Thanks for the chatter tonight and have a great evening to all.

  17. 67
    hellotheregb Says:

    passing through miss all of you!

    I will get many thumbs down for that comment.

    He was at the international airport or the international flights out of LAX?
    not sure. there are usually pics of the others around him at the airport. unsual for him to travel alone? he looks good!

  18. 68
    hellotheregb Says:

    I did not know Kidman was prego again.

  19. 69
    paisley please Says:

    I wonder how long we’ll have to wait to see him out and about, again? He seems to be keeping a low profile these days — maybe at the request of his publicist??

  20. 70
    Scout Says:

    I’d say he’s defo on his way back to NYC. He makes me laugh with his attempts to disguise himself, he’s so cute, poor Gerry.

  21. 71
    hellotheregb Says:

    Well Martina got what she wanted? Good for her? Serbia playboy and naked pics on the web. Well what ever floats your boat. she is paying her bills.

  22. 72
    paisley please Says:

    I’ve heard that Scottish men, as a rule, marry late in life? Seriously. Has anyone else heard the same?

  23. 73
    Scout Says:

    @paisley please: I wouldn’t think that Scots are any different to any other men! I don’t think Gerry’s the marrying kind myself. I’d say he’d commit if he found the right person, but actual marriage I dunno. I’d say he finds it tough enough to meet women that he would like to have a relationship with in the crazy world he lives in.

  24. 74
    it's official Says:

    I’d like to give him a hug. Really want to. But that’s an impossible dream.

  25. 75
    deb2010 Says:

    Obviously his fans are doing most of the blogging.
    They are so annoying with their obsessive love.
    Like he give a rat’s azz.

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