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Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX

Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX

Gerard Butler gives a thumbs up to photographers as he catches a flight out of town from Los Angeles International Airport on Friday (December 3).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor stayed warm in a beanie and leather jacket but had to take them off while going through security.

Gerard is reportedly in talks to star in the film adaptation of Afterburn.

If he signs on, he would play Jake, who leads a team of “recovery experts” as they venture into the danger zone to secure treasures such as the Mona Lisa, and the Crown Jewels, according to EW.

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221 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX”

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  1. 151
    redOctober Says:


    You’re welcome ; )

  2. 152
    paisley please Says:

    @redOctober: Ummm, I think these pics are still of LAX – his Miami-arrival pics are on celebrity dash gossip dot net.

  3. 153
    paisley please Says:

    @redOctober: Oh, okay — sorry, just found the Miami pics you posted.

  4. 154
    curious cat Says:

    @paisley please:

    Don;t worry. You’ll get over it. Many have been cured. ;)

  5. 155
    redOctober Says:

    @paisley please:
    No problem . I knew you’d eventually find them ; D

  6. 156
    Bonnie Shirley Says:


    Your comment verges on libelous, and self-aggrandizing. Quite a little fool; cousin to some of the other naysayers and negativity types here?

  7. 157
    redOctober Says:

    From twitter (3 minutes ago)

  8. 158
    curious cat Says:

    Paisley please, I was replying in good humor to your post at #147. Enjoy your weekend.

    I forgot to mention a burning question here always is what film project will be next for him?

    btw. A new TV series is being shot in Hawaii, “Off the Map,” about doctors doing humanitarian work in a fictional Third World country. Sounds like a great concept. Surprised it hasn’t been done before.

    Among the ensemble cast is New Zealand actor Martin Henderson. Seeing his picture on the cast list startled me because at first I thought it was Butler. One random photo can sometimes have a random similarity to someone else, but when I googled Henderson, ALL his pictures resemble Butler in his various incarnations. Even the smoldering blue eyes are similar. I would post the link but so many foks here are faster with Link Fingers than I am I suspect someone will do it first. I swear these two could be brothers. Of course I haven’t seen Henderson in any interviews so far. He seems not to be that well known.

    Again, happy weekend everyone. I must work.

  9. 159
    Poor Lainey Says:


    I don’t think so. It’s almost impossible to travel to the UK presently as they had big snowstorms which paralysed all travel. Some people were even stranded on a train on account of it.

    They say they’ve never seen snow like that before.

    In Fife, in Scotland, they had the worst of it.

    If he was going to Scotland to spend the Holidays there, he would be spending them in Perthshire where his family lives and this is in the Highlands and it’s practically impossible to travel there presently.

    I’ve a friend who lives there and she wrote to me that it meant she wouldn’t have any mail for the whole week on account of the postman being unable to travel from one home to another.

  10. 160
    Poor Lainey Says:


    On another site, he’s reported at having arrived yesterday evening at Miami Airport for the Basel Art event whatever that is. He could be friend with an artist exposing there or even thinking of partying there as he did in December 2007 with some of his friends.

  11. 161
    Poor Lainey Says:


    I heard and read that too somewhere. He is rumored to have bought her and his stepfather a home in Florida. He’s really a nice son if you think of it. He took her to a Burns night in 2003 at Skibo Castle where he paid 5,000 pounds each for them. Then he bought her the property in the Highlands and now that other property in Florida.

    Unless she and Alec are in Florida right now, I doubt she will be flying to either LA or NYC to spend the Holidays with him as there are no flights leaving the UK or going to the UK.

  12. 162
    Poor Lainey Says:

    @paisley please:

    Not all of them. They’re very much like other men. The hard working kind who have to do some serious growing up early in life will take their times finding a strong woman they can love and settle down with.

    There are perennial bachelors like Gerry who likes to try to get as much action as they can with different women. For the records, he doesn’t have a type where looks are concerned. They don’t have to be tall dark and skinny but he does prefer brunettes. Actually as long as the woman is easy and likes to show lots of skin and can be fun he will do her.

    I think he will marry when he can no longer score with all the eager ambitious models who can’t make a name for themselves or the easy party girls will go home with him. Then it will dawn on him he needs somebody by his side and then he’ll probably show better taste in whom he’ll pick.

    So far the only maturity he has shown is to avoid knocking up any of those one-night stands he had or going crazy enough over one of those very materialistic girls who only hooks up with rich men so they can have an easy lifestyle or so they can boast they’ve done it with Gerard Butler as to go and marry one of them.

    Warren Beatty was just as crazy as he was where women were concerned till he became more mature in his 50ies and fell for Annette Bening and married her. So there’s hope that in 10 years GB could be a very different man than he is now.

  13. 163
    Mystery_Me Says:

    Okay, first one then the other. I tried! =)

  14. 164
    redOctober Says:

    Gerard Butler at the Convention Center. #abmb
    9 minutes ago

  15. 165
    Poor Lainey Says:


    I disagree with you one one thing. A 9-5 woman if she had a good strong relationship with such a man as Gerry, if he committed to her and we’d see it’s serious, she would more than likely give up her 9-5 job to go and be with him. 9-5 women let down their hair too and can be even more fun and wilder than models with angst about being the next top model.

    Actually a model would be less likely to run off to be with him as this would kill her career especially if he’s seeing other women besides her. No intelligent ambitious model who gets hired for famous fashion designers would put her career aside for him unless he’s put a ring on her finger first.

    Women with active career in the arts, like actresses, models, singers are way too ambitious about their career to give it up for a man unless the man has the kind of career that permits him to be with her. Those women usually wake up in their late 30ies (especially for models as over the age of 35, some of them are has-been who never made it as top models or who have moved on to open their own modeling agencies) with their biological clock ticking that then they’ll think of settling down.

    So I do think a 9-5 woman would be a better choice for him especially if he’s very serious about her and/or she can relocate somewhere else in the same kind of job to be with him.

  16. 166
    Poor Lainey Says:


    The guy is his limo driver and he has been with him since 2005.

  17. 167
    not impressed Says:

    Art Basel information

  18. 168
    not impressed Says:

    Example of an exhibitor

  19. 169
    Poor Lainey Says:

    @not impressed:

    Thanks. I wasn’t sure what kind of art that Basel Exhibition was.

  20. 170
    Poor Lainey Says:

    @not impressed:

    Interesting exhibition. Wish I could be there for that.

  21. 171
    not impressed Says:

    @Poor Lainey:
    You’re quite welcome

  22. 172
    justsayin' Says:

    @Poor Lainey: In ten years his sperm will be using crutches to get around.

    “Nice” guy…

    Gerard Butler just butt in front of me in line at Art Basel in Miami. Legit, I was next then I wasn’t next. It’s cool, he’s cooler than me.
    about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

  23. 173
    redOctober Says:

    Gerry trying to speak Spanish (click on the vid)!/Willow.Tara.Rosenberg.Maclay?v=wall

  24. 174
    Fritz loves her Cowboy Says:

    @trying to figure it out:
    Doing well, honey! Good to see you around. xo

  25. 175
    realitycheck Says:

    Gerard Butler just butt in front of me in line at Art Basel in Miami. Legit, I was next then I wasn’t next. It’s cool, he’s cooler than me.
    That makes me ill. GB nor any other HW star is better than anyone. They just think they are because they get away with being rude, cutting in front of people and just in general believing they are the privileged or entitled few. He’s cooler than no one. Ugh, now I’m not impressed.

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