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Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX

Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX

Gerard Butler gives a thumbs up to photographers as he catches a flight out of town from Los Angeles International Airport on Friday (December 3).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor stayed warm in a beanie and leather jacket but had to take them off while going through security.

Gerard is reportedly in talks to star in the film adaptation of Afterburn.

If he signs on, he would play Jake, who leads a team of “recovery experts” as they venture into the danger zone to secure treasures such as the Mona Lisa, and the Crown Jewels, according to EW.

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221 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Thumbs Up at LAX”

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  1. 201
    stupidfans Says:

    @Wondering: Because leopards don’t change their spots. He’s not going to change as long as V/iagra still works for him.

    My one word to write for you: gullible

  2. 202
    stupidfans Says:

    @Scout: It definitely isn’t the right size. You’re right there. It most likely was a freebie, which is how they have a list of other stars they gifted. $4K for a jacket. It should include a jet pack for that money.

    “he’s dad not been around has left him with issues”

    Children in foreign countries are raped by age 3 and have their families slaughtered in front of them and THEY have less “issues” than he does. He had plenty of love and too much spoiling growing up. THAT is why he’s such a git, as they say where he comes from. The man had a full childhood with plenty of blessings and, as we’ve learned since, it was not the childhood of woe and poverty he originally claimed to have.

    “He’ll work it out eventually! ”

    41 years and he hasn’t figured that out yet? The man isn’t the Einstein of emotional stability, is he?

    “I don’t think he drinks or does drugs.”

    I think we’ve heard enough reportsand seen enough wasted looking photographs with red, glassy eyes to think he does.

    ” He always comes across as being a bit manic to me, in his interviews and dashing here & there. I think he could be a touch bi-polar and that’s why he stays away from the drink. He must have it under control in order to be the success he is but I’d say he’s had problems with anxiety/depression.”

    I definitely think he’s bipolar, especially proven by his well-documented violent outbursts. He said before that he’s been to therapy. Obviously, he doesn’t do it steadily enough.

  3. 203
    let it snow Says:

    @Poor Lainey: Snowmobiles Scottish people really, invest in a few.

  4. 204
    lolita Says:

    @Poor Lainey: Thanks for responding. I didn’t know about all the homes he has purchased for her. Good for him.

  5. 205
    stupidfans Says:

    @lolita: We have no evidence that he ever bought his mother even one home. He probably has, but there is no official statement like that from him or his family or anyone close to them. It’s an assumption by his phannies because they believe his mother had nothing and he was a child of woe who now has the money to spoil her. His mother went back to college and became a business lecturer, was married to a successful second husband and had at least two children graduate from college and obtain their Masters degrees. They went on family vacations. I assume she managed to afford a home or two somewhere down the line.

    Geez- and we who don’t drink the Kool Aid get accused of jumping to conclusions.

  6. 206
    angelsrock Says:


    A simple question: Does it give you joy to bash this man?
    There are far more low-lifes then Gerry in the world of celebrities.
    Why have you singled Gerard Butler out?
    Just wondering.

  7. 207
    Wondering Says:

    Only time will tell. Certainly no one here knows.

    As for me being gullible, I’m not at all, in spite of what you or anyone else might think.

  8. 208
    Wondering Says:

    Only time will tell. Certainly no one here knows.

    As for me being gullible, I’m not at all, in spite of what you or anyone else might think.

    This may post twice as the site is acting up again.

  9. 209
    stupidfans Says:

    @angelsrock: That’s more than one question. Yes it does. I have a lot of fun with it, especially because it irks you stupid phannies so much.

    I think he’s a joke. A overpaid, overrated, undertalented joke and I enjoy making fun of him for it. He’s such a social climbing douchebag that he deserves to be checked when he catches himself in his own hypocrisy.

    It’s the internet. I can talk discuss whoever I want however I want…and I do.

    You’re right about other lower low-lifes in Hollywood. Charlie Sheen is a great example. However, Charlie doesn’t try to pretend he’s a nice guy, whereas Gertard tries to look like he’s this charitable nice guy. He isn’t. I enjoy pointing out hypocrites, especially when they lie to people so they can take money from them. You should see the things I say on political sites. It would curl your toes which is something you might need more of.

    Why are you so concerned with what I write? There isn’t one thing I’ve written on JJ that is an outright lie about him. Not one. Either I told the truth or I made a reasonable conclusion and stated it. You jump to conclusions about him all the time but think it’s okay as long as it’s worshipful.

    Did you notice that when someone from Scotland commented on JJ that he was NOT raised like a starving street urchin and the evidence came out that he was not the only one in his family who went to college (which he blatently lied about to the world), he stopped telling everyone he was raised poor and no longer made jokes about his family living in trailers? He knew the cat was out of the bag and he couldn’t use the rags to riches storytelling on the Americans anymore.

    The truth hurts. Gerry should learn to be a better liar because not all of us are as gullible as his phannies who will listen to anything a man tells them just to have a man talk to them. Most of them probably get off when the kid at the grocery store asks them “paper or plastic?”

  10. 210
    lolita Says:

    @stupidfans: omg, rant much…If you know for sure he never bought a house for his Mom or even helped her buy one give us the info or else let Lainey speak her opinion just like you are entitled. Most of what is said by posters on this site is not worth starting a fight over…it’s all opinions that we can take of leave. I don’t post here to get into disagreements with anyone. I try and give respect to every poster whether I agree or not. This is not world shattering stuff.

  11. 211
    stupidfans Says:

    @lolita: Rant? You’re a little oversensitive, aren’t you stupid phannie?

    She said her opinion. I said mine. No fight occured. She didn’t tell me I couldn’t have my opinion, why are you telling me I can’t? Why can’t you let me state my opinion and move on?

    Using the “phannie” term always brings out the true stupid phannies though. I’ve noticed that. Thanks for keeping your membership up. What’s the initiation like…gallons of ice cream and a trip to Lane Bryant?

    …and please stop trying to sound like you’re a saint. You’ve b/tched out nonfans here a’plenty as have your other cohorts and their socks.

  12. 212
    lolita Says:

    @stupidfans: You just want to pick fights with anyone on the site..well you will just have to choose someone else. I can’t be bothered with your trivial bs. My hope for you is that some kindness comes into your life to soften your hard heart.

  13. 213
    angelsrock Says:


    I don’t worship anyone.
    He is a nice guy.
    He never said he was a street urchin.
    He never said he lived in a trailer.
    He never said he was the only one in his family to go to college; he said he was to only one to go to law school on Bonnie Hunt’s show.

  14. 214
    stupidfans Says:

    @lolita: My life is great and my heart is very soft for those who deserve it, so your hope was answered. :D

  15. 215
    stupidfans Says:

    @angelsrock: He said he was the only one to go to college in at least one interview. No I’m not going to put a link here. Go look it up. You know what I’m talking about and others here do too.

    He talked about his childhood and how they “were poor” on the Tonight Show.

    He made jokes about his family coming from their trailers on The Tonight Show too because his mother called him out on making them sound poor.

    He’s not a nice guy. Nice guys don’t cut in front of other people in line. Nice people don’t punch dogs. Nice people don’t treat women like loading docks. Nice men don’t make vulgar comments about women.

    You are selectively remembering what you want to think of him. You’re welcome to do so, but you’re not welcome to censor me when I comment on the other things he says and does that don’t make him look like a saint.

    My favorite of all was him talking about the mean states of Paisley as if he was reared him Harlem during the 70s.

  16. 216
    lolita Says:

    Angelsrock, the art show he is attending has a special section called Glasgow. Maybe it will be some artists from his hometown that he knows showing their work.

  17. 217
    anglesrock Says:


    stupidfans, yes, he did refer to being poor on the tonight show, but i have seen most if not all of his interviews and that was the only reference to him being poor that he ever made. He was telling a story about how awkward and nerdy and nervous he can be. We all know Gerry exaggerates when telling stories as lots of men do. You know the fish was “this big”. It’s all in good fun. And that’s what Gerry is all about; do you truly think he is out there to lie and hurt people just to get to the top?
    I guess we’ve both seem all the same interviews and stories and see them very very differently.

  18. 218
    gotta be kidding Says:

    new thread, chasing a pap out of the gallery!

  19. 219
    Girl Next Door Says:

    Celebrity Polls:

    ╭⌒╮╭⌒╮ ╭⌒╮
    ,)))),”)~~ ,”~)
    ╱◥█◣ ╱◥█◣

  20. 220
    Jill Says:


    We have no evidence that he ever bought his mother even one home. He probably has, but there is no official statement like that from him or his family or anyone close to them. It’s an assumption by his phannies because they believe his mother had nothing and he was a child of woe who now has the money to spoil her.

    Read more:

    Gerry has spoken in an interview about owning the land that his parents house is on. He didn’t specifically state whether he also owned the house, but he did say that he owned the land.
    I have never heard any reference about the Florida home except rumors, which I don’t really believe.

    As far as being the only person to go to college, I have never heard him state that. He said that he didn’t exactly “come from a family of lawyers”. I always took the “poor” comment on Leno as a way of explaining to American audiences why he was buying paraffin and all the other comments were jokes. He has always indicated that he was from an upper working class in everything that I have seen and read.

    The other behaviors, I agree with you about. In short, I think he exaggerates and embellishes for effect and for entertainment purposes in a lot of situations. But I also think he hides a lot and is not always the “loveable rogue” that he tries to play out in the media.

  21. 221
    sweetpea Says:

    @stupidfans: OH Please. Link us to the quote where GB said he lived in a trailer. I don’t recall it if he said it. I’m not putting anyone down who lives in one, but the tone you use is. And I’m soooooo sick of the dog story. Everyone but you apparently knows an owner’s reaction when their dog is attacked. I have two dogs of my own I love. They have gotten into a fight now and then, and yep, you have to do something to stop it before it gets worse. And I’m as nice as can be and love animals.

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