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Halle Berry: Mirabelle Meal with Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry: Mirabelle Meal with Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry gets ready to hop into her car after having lunch with boyfriend Olivier Martinez at Mirabelle Restaurant on Friday (December 3) in Los Angeles.

Before driving off, Olivier had a word with some photographers who got too close for comfort.

Earlier this week, Halle attended a special screening of her new film Frankie & Alice in Hollywood.

The drama, inspired by the true story of a woman with multiple personality disorder, opens in select theaters on December 17.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s 501 jeans in Indigo Storm. Halle is carrying a Moni Moni Gypsy Messenger bag.

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  • lily

    She looks happy and like she’s lost some weight! She looks great though.

  • Jean

    Olivier is a conceited idiot.

    get Mr. Pitt maners
    besides, they are not shooting you
    Halle looks like she lost weight

  • Anthony

    Halley Berry really does not know how to pick her men. What is wrong with the black men out there, it is as if she is discriminating against the black men and she is black. And the next thing is, what the hell is she doing with old as man, he may be her age I don’t know, but the point is, he looks very old, like he could possiblity be her father. Ewwwwww

  • tchaschina

    Halle needs to stop loosing weight! She is getting too thin! what else can one say…ugh

  • LUM

    What an unattractive couple.

  • torv

    She is waaaaay too hot for him. I can’t believe shes 44. Flawless skin.

  • J

    Anthony, Halle is half white, but even if she was 100% Black she has the right to date whomever she wants! Just because you share the same skin color with someone doesn’t mean you belong to them.
    How superficial is that? So she should only be with men who have her complexion? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • gmfuhlman


    Being of a certain race has nothing to do with who you are attracted to.

  • callmewhatever


    She was married to TWO black men! So she has a baby with a white man and dates another that somehow means she hates black men? Was she hating white men when she was married to black men?
    She also use to have a relationship with Danny from NKOTB when she was young. I think she is just open to both. Nothing wrong with that.

  • gmfuhlman


    You are so right she does look very happy; also I think that the paparazzi that are following these celebrities around are getting to close to all of them. Olivier is not the only celebrity that got push to the point that he wanted to push back. Enough is enough……

  • gmfuhlman


    J you are so right on with that statement.

  • gmfuhlman


    callmewhatever you are so right on all the points that you made. Thank you so much for that.

  • chord

    @Anthony: WTF are you talking about? Halle has dated black men before, she even married one. Stop looking at colour. It has nothing to do with love and its people like you that set us back.

  • jane

    Anthony Halle has been married to 2 Black men. Besides dating many others.

  • gunner


    Thank you J. I completely agree. Halle can date whomever she wants.
    They make a great looking couple.

  • Race is Social

    @J: She identifies herself as black though…race is a social construct. But you are right that she can date whoever she wants. I think people’s beef with Halle is that she went on a national black magazine talking about how she has “tried black men” as if the two she married represent all black men. So it was Halle who is generalizing race…not Anthony. I feel you Anthony!

    PS: Olivier is an a** hole! Let’s see if she does an article on how she has “tried white men”. Halle has issues. Besides…she dated a white man during her early 20s…he later tried to sue her for 80,000 claiming he was the one who set up her career etc…Halle just does not know how to pick MEN period. No matter the race.

  • hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  • mark

    who these people?

  • becca

    She looks great!

  • angel

    What’s up with halle’s men first gabriel got into an accident now olivier got into a fight with a paparazzi must be hard to be halle right now

  • ll

    I can’t stand her because
    1. she bleaches her skin.
    2. is a botox face
    and she’s full of bs.
    she’s not even a good actress

  • Cookie


    She dated two black guys: the baseballer, David Justice and the singer, I think his name was eh I don’t know, Bennet or something.

  • Jennifer


  • The B is Back

    @Jean: Jean,

    He couldn’t be more conceited than You…what right have you to talk about someone you don’t know?…that is conceited on its face…Who the hell are you? Just your opinion right?…keep it too yourself honey!

  • The B is Back

    @Anthony: Anthony get a clue…Pick her men..Those two losers David Justice (hits women-not only Halle, but his second wife) and Eric Benet…after Halle loved his daughter and they had a great relationship, he fooled around and took that special relationship away from his daughter) Please ….don’t whine for black men…two of them got their chance and blew it. Olivier is one of the hottest looking actors around. He looks hi his age, Hallelujah!….its just that Halle looks nearly 15 years younger than her age. But no problem…I think you need to read up on some Halle history….

  • The B is Back

    @LUM: Are we suppose to take advice about these people from some fat arse sitting at a computer….get a life, better yet some taste LUMP!

  • The B is Back

    @Race is Social: @LUM: Are we suppose to take advice about these people from some fat arse sitting at a computer….get a life, better yet some taste LUMP!

  • The B is Back

    @Race is Social: Oh please stop repeating a lie….Race is a social construct that plays out in real time…which means theorizing about it does not change the fact that racism is alive and well and functioning by both white and black folks. Now just like Obama Halle self-identifies as black…because there was no way in hell that white society was going to accept her self identifying as white. Color of skin still is the basis of acceptance or rejection by far too many people in this world.

    Now idiot…Halle nor anybody else in the public eye is going to generalize about being tired of a whole race of men. She didn’t say it…to have said that she would have included her friends Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington, plus the myriad other black men she knows. So you are lying straight up….or find and print your source…cause I am not taking you shaky word for it.

    Olivier is a very nice guy, a brilliant actor and as handsome as handsome gets…You sound like a Ahole yourself boyo…just the type of man NOT black man, but man Halle wants to avoid. If she is so lame what do you care who she dates?

    As for her picking terrible men, maybe those men just could hang with a talented, gorgeous rich woman who didn’t need to be their arm candy…we know how black men love arm candy!

  • The B is Back

    @hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: Ah ,,,,they let you out of adult daycare today ….and let you get on the computer? If you don’t stop stalking Halle, we’re going to have to put you back in that straight jacket and change your meds to higher dosage. To bad, so sad, I was right , a congenital disorder…your mom and her cousin..this should be a lesson for you… never sleep with mucks up the babies

  • The B is Back

    @ll: Ok apply all those things to your mama.
    can’t stand her because
    1. she bleaches her skin.
    2. is a botox face
    and she’s full of bs.

  • The B is Back

    @Cookie: Cookie…only a brainless twit is called cookie…she was married to David Justice, who had an anger management problem and hit Halle and hit his second wife…Eric Benet, brought his ten year daughter into the marriage with Halle. His daughter who lost her mother created a loving relationship with Halle. Her egomanic dad (couldn’t handle Halle’s fame) began playing around on Halle and killed the marriage. But more than that he took away a loving relationship his daughter started with Halle. He was a very selfish man.

  • Annie

    She was actually married to 2 Black men, love has no color.

  • Annie

    This is the most attention he has had in years. LOL

  • Annie

    He wants to be seen, I know that the paparazziHe did the same thing to Gabriel and he never confronted them. like I said old dude is trying to get 15 minutes of fame. He looks like he has a Nasty Temper, I said looks like.

  • The B is Back

    @tchaschina: iT’S REALLY INTERSTING to read odd comments like this…if anyone has looked at the pictures of Halle in the last two months…she is still devastatingly beautiful ….and we all know when other women start to talk about another woman being too thin…well, its just jealousy…get over it…she was beautiful before you understood how to turn on a computer and she will be beautiful, when they turn off your electricity because you haven’t paid your bills.

  • The B is Back

    @angel: Are you for real. Hard to be Halle….hahahahahahahaha…Olivier was pushing back at those slimebag PAPS…did you see that picture when that idiot standing within ten feet of Olivier taking pictures. I have no idea why the state has not made it illegal for unknown strangers to get within 100 feet of any celebrity. Some nut could take a camera in order to get close to people. Well, folks ought to know that Olivier comes from a family of boxers, champions in Europe and at one point thought he would also be a boxer. The man is not without fighting skills.

    Halle’s life is great, she has her work, her homes, money, a beautiful daughter and a handsome companion….give us your list.

  • The B is Back

    @Annie: The same could be said of you Annie….for the same reason…except I think he actually knows Halle!

  • The B is Back

    @Annie: Gosh you do have a few brain cells missing. He wants attention? Why are you on here constantly taking whacks at Halle and Olivier when you clearly don’t like her? Needing a little attention yourself Annie Fannie? You are a manipulative B…you start with teeny innuendos and then build up to the major snark about Halle or her child or her companion.

    Annie stalks Halle, pimping Halle’s career and personal life to try to make her own life more meaninful. Doesn’t work that way Annie, honey you got to do the work…

  • gmfuhlman

    @The B is Back:

    Where have you been (The B is Back), because everything that you have said on this message board so far is all facts. Most of the people on this message board have a problem with Halle and Olivier. It is their business and not ours, and you are so right about the laws need to be change. Because yes the paparazzi they are too close to all of these celebrities. And it is getting worst and that is why some of the celebrities are pushing back. Enough is enough…..

  • Mandy

    Olivier Martinez is the furthest thing from conceited – don’t know if you’ve read or heard otherwise or if that’s just your opinion. He couldn’t care less about his looks. He thanks his mother for them. And those photographers are lucky that Olivier is usually so easygoing that all he did was get a bit frustrated and “have a few words” with them, considering that he’s a former professional welter-weight boxer who could probably mop the floor with them if they REALLY ticked him off. Not that he would of course.

  • Mandy

    Oh…seems I stand corrected…guess he did give the guy a shove and drove off too fast. He needs to get away from the celebrity vultures in that case, because he hates being hounded, and he really COULD have seriously decked the guy if he’d wante to. He’s not accustomed to the feeding frenzy that is the American media…

  • kahunagirl

    I agree Mandy, Olivier could have decked those Paparazzi and they would have had it coming. Olivier is hot and he and Halle show they love each other in every picture we see. People are just jealous of Halle and Olivier because they have careers, are rich and famous.