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Kate Bosworth Drops by Doughboys Cafe

Kate Bosworth Drops by Doughboys Cafe

Kate Bosworth grabs lunch with a friend at Doughboys Cafe & Bakery on Friday (December 3) in Los Angeles.

The same day, the 27-year-old actress’s new movie, The Warrior’s Way, hit theaters!

“Visually, it’s just so beautiful,” Kate told MTV News. “You have cowboys and ninjas, and clowns and babies and Westerns, and it’s just a hodgepodge of excitement happening in this movie.”

“The sequences are so intricate. They’re more of a dance with the other actor than a fight, even. So it was almost like learning ballet, I think, more than martial arts,” she added.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at Doughboys Cafe…

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kate bosworth doughboys 01
kate bosworth doughboys 02
kate bosworth doughboys 03
kate bosworth doughboys 04
kate bosworth doughboys 05
kate bosworth doughboys 06
kate bosworth doughboys 07
kate bosworth doughboys 08
kate bosworth doughboys 09
kate bosworth doughboys 10
kate bosworth doughboys 11
kate bosworth doughboys 12

Credit: Flynet; Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • Cherry Pie


  • Wow

    she looks gorgeous

  • Cherryl Pie


  • @Wow

    Yes, and she has been looking very beautiful in all her appearances. I hope she keeps doing whomever she’s doing.

  • JC

    Did she pig out and eat an entire grain of wild rice?

    “You have cowboys and ninjas, and clowns and babies and Westerns, and it’s just a hodgepodge of excitement happening in this movie.”

    Sounds like a hodgepodge of crap. I was going to see Black Swan tomorrow but I think I’ll see this one instead because she sold it so well.

  • Alex

    @@Wow: That would be me.

  • @Alex

    you’re one lucky guy!!

  • Idaho

    She looks spaced out and sloppy.

  • oh please

    Wow – I don’t know much about the H’wood scene but given the brutal reviews on Warrior’s Way (too many to quote related to Bos ho, but there were references to dinner theater and most were at a D rating), it must have been an awful dark day for her. Good that she could pretend to take a bite or two. Or so we think because no shots show her eating..

  • i look better

    @JC – thats exactly what i was thinking how funny you made me laugh….that movie sounds like crap alright! and where has my gorgeous Askars been lately?

  • nicole

    Hahahaha…that movie of her got the most Sh*tastic reviews ever and she was even put in the category of receiving a Razzie. She is out calling the paps again, having JJ post about her terrible movie trying to get ticket sales up. Don’t wast your money peeps. This movie is hilariously bad!!! hahahahah…she should take acting classes from Joel Kinnaman…you know the one I always talk about. Better than taking clues from Alex who is just as bad as her. LOL

  • nicole

    And don’t care what Chelsea Lately said b/c everyone knows that is complete bs!!! Kate has the worst rep in hwood. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow. Wonder how Straw Dogs is going to do with her Razzie performances!!! Not going to see that one either.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Bajan

    What happened to Kate Bosworth?
    She looks really rough.

  • Something’s missing…

    What, no Jewelmint? — I like the shoes and top. A lot of the Jewelmint designs are cute in theory but most of the pieces look cheap up close and the price is too steep for me to even mess around with a piece or two. Like “chiclets pressed on spray-painted metal” cheap. Yes, I signed up so I could look at them. What? I was curious. Kate herself is modeling more of the pieces this month so I wonder if the site wasn’t doing well and the backers or whoever signed her and Cher Coulter on to launch the site were like, “time to step up and really sell this stuff.” What I want to see is a conversation between Kate and Anna Paquin in which Kate tries to convince Anna to wear a piece of her jewelry. I think there would be face-punching.

  • lololol

    @Wow: Good one. lolololololololololol.

  • twin peaks

    I saw her on the Chelsea Handler show last night.
    She has a lot more hair.

  • Frank

    Give it a rest with the pap calls, bish!

  • Agreement Revised

    Alex visited Kate on the set of BFF and Baby (ugh) per Lainey Gossip. Why didn’t JJ post those particular photos, when he posted photos of her in the same outfit as in the ones from Lainey? He was all over the pair of them when they first started getting spotted together. He also neglected to post pics of her in the South Korean airport in that (admittedly awesome) Proenza Schouler (sp?) coat, which plenty of other websites picked up. AND not a single mention of her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, in which I thought she actually looked really good. I believe there as been a revision of the agreement between Mister JJ and Miss KB and it’s not in her favor.

  • Iron Fan

    I haven’t seen too many of her movies but the reviews for her performance in the Warrior’s Way so far have been brutal.

    Is she that bad of an actress? Why does she continue to get work?

  • Wilson

    @twin peaks: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • burn it!

    Are those new shoes? Did she finally burn those stinky boots she always wears?

  • H.

    Enough of this ho. Give us some real celebs.

  • Whatever Works

    She’s cute but she always looks a mess when she’s not on the red carpet.

  • Raven

    #20 IronMan: she is that bad. Wooden comes to mind. The theory as to why she gets work is that she does a lot of it on her knees. That and her connection to Ryan Kavanaugh of Creativity Films. They’ve been rumored to have an “arrangement” for years. Check who distributes most of her films…

  • He’s mine

    @nicole: Nicole, back off. I’ve laid claim early on to JK – look back through earlier threads on AS. He’s mine. And all his whoring ways. Because according to the Swedes he is horrible at even remembering what time of day it is, let alone who he’s banging. But he’s kind of hot and he’s mine. Försvinn!

  • nicole

    @He’s mine Whoa…he is all mine!! Sounds like my kind of guy!!! Yummy!!! All man!!! Now that is saying a thousand words.
    It’s on!

  • nicole

    LOL. I really think Joel Kinnaman is where it’s at. Kate needs to find someone like Joel Kinnaman because he is a great actor, but I don’t want her to be with Joel Kinnaman himself because he is too good for Kate. Bye! LOL.

  • nicole

    Joel Kinnaman!

  • nicole

    okay whoever is using my name please get your own!!!
    But we do share the love of the oh so beautiful Joel Kinnaman
    Give me a J-O-E-L!!! Give me a K-I-N-N-A-M-A-N!!! What does that spell?? A hawt piece of a**!!!

  • nicole

    Joel Kinnaman is going to be in a new series!!1

    He is going to outshine Alexander and be the Swede to watch! Wait and SEE!!!

  • nicole

    I’m an idiot!

  • nicole

    Can anyone tell me where Kate left her burritos? I’m missing mine!! LOL

  • tragic

    Just like in her “Idiots” video (how appropriate) with Zoe Saldana, this movie smells like “Stinky pee-pee”.
    Hers is a career on its last, teetering steps. A Razzie nomination will just confirm what everyone already knows. I’m not a hater, I think she looks pretty most of the time, but her acting plain old sucks.

  • Sian

    I read on Pajiba that it’s a very stylized, fun popcorn-movie but it’s dumb as f*ck and overacted. In other words, it’s probably gonna be highly successful.

  • He’s mine

    Nicole are you having a psychotic break? or is that the Joel K lust overwhelming you? I’m sure he’ll be in my bed before you can blink – I hear it just takes a few beers and knowing where his car keys are, wink…

  • O Rly?

    Just like the Idiots video (aptly named) for Funny or Die, this movie smells like “stinky pee-pee”.
    A Razzie nomination will only confirm what we all know already. She looks ok some of the time, but her acting is really shizzy. Unlike Halle Berry or Sandra Bullock who had the balls to show up and collect theirs, a Razzie will nail a career already in freefall. And nothing and no contacts will save it.

  • Real Wow

    @ nicole
    It is just psycho hans/jam that is taking your post name ….dude has it bad for AS @Wow stop using my post name you FREAK hans/jam isn’t it lights out in the psych ward or is it your mother’s basement…pathetic to take other people’s post names and have conversations with yourself!!!
    @Katebosho …I see your showing your boney azz concave chest again….DISGUSTING! Try kepping that food down!

  • elocin

    kate bosworth? you are no joel kinnaman.

  • ozangel

    Well all this bashing has gotten us nowhere, because this stupid b*t*h is still plastered all over here like a crappy wallpaper. So what about next time a Bowh*re story is posted…which will be any minute now, we don’t post a thing?

    Maybe no reaction will get through?

  • LisaM

    She makes me sooooo sick!!!!

  • b56
  • Peanut Gallery

    Dark roots are showing. Next pap opportunity the hairdresser

  • nicole

    OMG! I love Joel Kinnaman because he is a famewhore!

  • Gee, sounds Oscar-Worthy

    “Kate Bosworth performing a mediocre Annie Oakley, aw-shucking the bejesus out of her lines as if she were paid by the exclamation point” says Indie Movies Online.

  • chelle

    HOLY CAT HAIRS! Do ya think she could be posing any freaking harder?!?

  • chelle

    HOLY CAT HAIRS! Do ya think she could be posing any freaking harder?!?

  • chelle

    sorry had a spasm!

  • Annie

    “Doughboy” is probably what she’d look like if she suddenly started eating normally after years of starvation.