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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Lunch Lovers!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Lunch Lovers!

Orlando Bloom and his expectant wife Miranda Kerr share lunch at Raw Restaurant along Main Street on Thursday (December 2) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 33-year-old actor brought along his dog, who he took for a walk around the streets after lunch.

The happy couple bundled up over the weekend as they left a Pink Floyd concert in Los Angeles.

Orly and Miranda are going to become new parents early next year!

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62 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Lunch Lovers!”

  1. 1
    who? Says:

    who’s orlando bloom?

  2. 2
    From Paris with Love Says:

    Young, rich and hot, i’d hate them if they weren’t so cute :p

  3. 3
    an oldie Says:

    Cute couple. Wish them the best.

  4. 4
    YAY! Says:


    And Sidi, too!!!

  5. 5
    Anthony Says:

    Orlando Bloom in love too, the ways of hollywood. They get in love as fast as they get divorce. Such a joke. They take marriage for a joke in hollywood. It shows to go that with all the money in the world, happiness cannot be bought and without it, the value of money cannot provide the same feeling of having that one person who you can love and feel loved back and maintain a positive relationship with.

  6. 6
    @5 Says:

    They’ve been together for nearly four years.
    What are you rambling about?
    Are you saying that people with money aren’t allowed to fall in love?
    I don’t get it.

  7. 7
    @5 Says:

    Nice speech, representative of most Holliwood couples, but these two in particular haven’t got divorced….

  8. 8
    Someone Says:


  9. 9
    sara Says:

    Not too much longer and we will be seeing them out with a baby stroller!!!

  10. 10
    Mjforlife Says:

    Love them .

  11. 11
    Annie Says:

    Cute couple, nice to see them out and about. Not long, and they will have a baby with them.

  12. 12
    Flag boy Says:

    They must have a home in Santa Monica, they sure seem to be in the neighborhood lately. So nice to see these two and Sidi too!

  13. 13
    Sidi! Says:

    Love them as a couple. And it’s good to see Sidi again! He’s getting grey in the muzzle (Sidi I mean.).

  14. 14
    yes!! Says:

    Orlando and Sidi!
    Two of my favorite males.
    And Miranda has such beautiful skin!

  15. 15
    myself Says:

    14 comments? hahaha i see anyone cares this guy and this i dont know who is her :P

  16. 16
    @15 Says:

    You cared enough to post the thread, right?
    And something tells me that if you cared enough to post at all on an Orlando thread, you most certainly know who “her” is.
    The last Orlando/Miranda thread ran for seven pages, so evidently someone cares.
    But hate always earns more posts.
    This thread was so harmless that the haters didn’t even bother with it.

  17. 17
    Melody Says:

    Good to see Orlando back in the States again….wonder if that means he’s finished with Three Muskateers?

  18. 18
    Mon Says:


    Yeah, there was something I read a while ago that he was finished with Musketeers but fingers crossed well see him at the premiere next year promoting it

  19. 19
    Mjforlife Says:

    Delphi loons in da house LOL.
    @15 Well you took time of your “busy”, “interesting” day to post so YOU care.
    Plus where is the “news” here a married couple having lunch with their dog I guess we will 18 pages when Jared will post news of baby Bloom coming into this world .

  20. 20
    =) Says:

    Yeh! Good to see Sidi making an appearance. =)

  21. 21
    Appertif Says:

    Can’t wait to see the beautiful baby!

  22. 22
    @21 Says:

    Very soon!!!!

  23. 23
    LOL Says:

    It’s so surprising that she goes out and about without caring that she looks like a baloon taht has been inflated too much by mistake ;)
    Ok, she’s always been freaking ugly but considering how terrible she looks now and how much she’s full of herself it’is quite odd.

  24. 24
    New Pics From Yesterday Says:

    Just to let everyone know….OLove just posted new pics from yesterday….

    Seems Orlando is now wearing his wedding ring on a chain around his neck….If you look closely at the pics posted here on this thread on Jared you can see it.

    Not sure why….but to each his own I guess.

    Enjoy the pics everyone.

  25. 25
    @23 Says:

    Pregnant women are so UGLY!
    They are disgusting!
    Who do they think they are going out in public when they are so FAT!!!
    How dare those life givers leave the house!!!
    Pregnant women should be locked away!!!!!

  26. 26
    Imagine? Says:

    What if He got Her pregnant on purpose…..My theory is that he has been proposing to her over and over again trying so hard to force the relationship between them, instead of letting it happen naturally.

    I am not saying there is not one there….I just feel that he has been definitely way more into her than she is into him….

    When she was asked before if she was engaged she casually looked at some clothes and replied, “You shouldn’t believe everything you read.”

    I think that he purposely got her pregnant so she would say yes when he asked her again.

    Call me crazy, I really don’t care….but his record of relationships does show just how much of an extreme he goes to when he wants someone to know how much he loves him….sending that one girl a plane ticket so she could join him….etc….

    I just hope her feelings stay as strong for him as his are for her.

    Hope the delivery goes well…..Hope Orlando does not get into a panic when her water breaks.

    Best Wishes to the soon to be new parents…

  27. 27
    Imagine? Says:

    Just wanted to add….

    I do believe she does love him and they would have ended up together….I just think he may have been the one to sort of speed it up a little.

    She likes being in love with him…..I just hope that magic stays fresh for the rest of their lives.

    I think he may have been a bit nervous that she may lose interest the longer they stayed together without getting married.

    I just hope it does last….but this one thing we as fans can’t know if it is for certain….only they know…..and they are the only ones that should.

    I do wish them all the best…..and hope the magic does last for them.

    bye for now

  28. 28
    Emi Says:

    @New Pics From Yesterday: WOW! That girl with OB in the first link you posted is so freaking HOT! Is he dating her now? Stunning!

  29. 29
    @28...emi Says:

    You think some random woman walking in front of him as he’s leaving a yoga class is someone he’s dating???………wow, talk about delusional….lol.

  30. 30
    @29 Says:

    Oh, they’re just being stupid.
    But you’re right. They are delusional.
    A person posting on an Orlando thread that is five days old, pretending not to know that he is happily married to a gorgeous model must be a delphite trying to be funny.
    Unless their point was to give us just one more reason to laugh at their desperation.

  31. 31
    stef Says:

    Looks like Orlando and Miranda went to the Lakers game last night.
    From Twitter…
    Fun game. Bit of theater making it seem that close tho. Sorry DC. Ended up sharing our spot w Orlando bloom & his misus. Supertired now
    about 5 hours ago via Twitterrific
    .didn’t realize I had my own suite tonight. yay me. go Lakers :D
    about 10 hours ago via Seesmic for Android
    Hope that they had fun!

  32. 32
    @26 Says:

    Except in instances of rape, it’s kind of hard to get a woman pregnant without her cooperation.
    If she was determined to not get pregnant, she would have been on the pill. There’s nothing that a guy can do to get around that.

  33. 33
    MC Says:

    Never thought he was goodlooking – too weedy. He’s no Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. I will say he managed to get himself a pretty woman though.

  34. 34
    @26 Says:

    You don’t actually believe that tabloid garbage that he asked her twice and she refused, do you?
    If you do, I’ve got some swamp land to sell ya.

  35. 35
    @33 Says:

    You say that he is “too weedy”, but then you say that you like Johnny?
    IMO, Johnny is even ‘weedier’.
    Not to mention shorter and less broad through the shoulders.
    As thin as he is, Orlando looks strong. Johnny looks like he could be blown over by a stiff breeze. (again, just my opinion)
    It’s fine that you don’t find him attractive, but I just find your comment a bit odd.

  36. 36
    YAY! Says:

    ET online has a behind the scenes video of Orlando on the 3M set.
    The video won’t play for me at work, but there’s a delicious picture of a very dirty Duke.
    I love it when Orlando gets all dirty and disheveled.

  37. 37
    @31 Says:

    Youtube has a video of them leaving the game.
    They both look great!
    Miranda is soooooooooo pregnant!
    She looks ready to pop!

  38. 38
    #35 Says:

    Oh, but Johnny was SO sexy as Capt. Jack! He’s not particularly big, but he looks to me to be more ‘solid’ than frail Orlando. (Again just my opinion.) Johnny has such a sexy voice, plus those ‘smoldering’ dark eyes. I guess it’s all a matter of personal perception. Orlando has always seemed too ‘kiddie’ (to me).

  39. 39
    This is too cute not to share Says:

    When I saw this video I was brought to tears….I know this is thread about Orlando and Miranda…..but this guy rescuing this baby hummingbird reminds me that there are others in the world with a very loving heart….Hope you will watch….make sure to turn the sound up, there is a beautiful song along with the video….

    Best wishes to Orlando and Miranda….I am sure they will make great parents…

  40. 40
    Inthemiddleandtiredofthisshiz Says:

    A Laker’s game? Well isn’t that one of the standards for a celebrity couple who want to see and be seen and photographed? And that’s not being a delusional “hater”, that’s being realistic about how he’s always played the game. So all you equally pathetic “shippers” take you’re best shots, who cares what a bunch of hatefilled, middle-aged, dried-up women who froth at the mouth when their widdle romantic fantasies are challenged have to say? Bloom’s rabid fans, no matter their viewpoints, have always been the worst thing about his fandom.

  41. 41
    @41 Says:

    Look at you, insulting all his fans in the most ugly terms just because he went to a venue where celebrities tend to be photographed, and then implying you’re better than them.

    So what if he goes to places where celebrities get photographed? First of all, he may have wanted to go there. Maybe he got free tickets and had friends visiting. He likes freebies. Second of all, I don’t see what’s wrong with getting papped (in moderation) anyway.

  42. 42
    @40 Says:

    Well now, you’re just a little ray of sunshine, aren’t you.
    But you’re right.
    The ONLY reason people go to see the Lakers play is to be photographed. NOT because they are a fantastic team headed by one of the most exciting players in the game.
    And of course, all of the celebs that want to be photographed make sure to sit courtside. That way, their pictures taken by professional photographers end up all over the net. They certainly don’t sit in a suite where the photographers can’t photograph them!! Just because Orlando and Miranda sat in a suite, and NOT courtside doesn’t mean ANYTHING!!!!
    That can’t mean that they went to watch the game!! They MUST have gone just to get photographed even though they avoided the courtside photographers!!!
    And why were the paps there, anyway???? Just because it’s a well known FACT that a lot of celebs go to the game, and always exit from the VIP doors, doesn’t mean that O&M didn’t have to hire their own paps!!!!
    They NEEDED pics to prove that they are together, because marriage and a baby mean NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
    You wouldn’t recognize “realistic” if it bit you in the a$$.

  43. 43
    @40 Says:

    “hatefilled, middle-aged, dried-up women”
    I thought that you were talking about “shippers”, but after this statement I thought that you must be talking about ‘haters’. ‘Cuz that description fits them to a tee.
    Especially the “hate filled” part.
    As you just demonstrated.

  44. 44
    velcrodots Says:

    Hey, my friend also went to the Lakers game last night, that little “famewh0re”! ;)

  45. 45
    @44 Says:

    I love you!

  46. 46
    Jayne Says:

    Oh i love orlando he the best and going to be a good dad.

  47. 47
    Mjforlife Says:

    Gotta love the Duke especially when he is all dirty me likes .

  48. 48
    Steph Says:

    Rumor has it that Orlando will be reprising Legolas in The Hobbit!!!!!
    Please let this be true!

  49. 49
    velcrodots Says:

    @ Steph was just going to post that! If they are bringing back Galadriel, then I can see how Legolas might be back too. It wasn’t an integral part of the plot, but who cares! Bring on the Elves!

    Sir Peter, if you make this happen I will love you forever and ever. And not just because I live in Wellington :D

  50. 50
    meji Says:

    So I’ve been looking at The Hobbit and there are Elves all through the second half. Many of the key functions could be given to Legolas rather than to random new characters. Singing and harping at the feasts (!), taking the barrels down to Laketown, scouting out what’s going on with the Dwarves and reporting back to the King, riding out to battle with him, fighting in the battle (surely there have to be couple of cool Elf stunts or what is the point of having Elves in the battle at all?).

    If he was as universally popular as Aragorn, it would be sensible to have him do as much as possible of these, because it tightens up the story and they always found it hard to cast Elves. And if the King has a son living at his court who’s an excellent warrior, it would be natural to send him out to lead scouting parties and bring him along when riding out to battle. It’s all completely logical. It would actually be bizarre if Legolas didn’t appear.

    But I suppose if they do too much with him people will grouse and say they’re only doing it to please the fangurls. So we’ll have to see.

  51. 51
    @50 Says:

    The rumors are saying that it is “more than a cameo”, but I’m sure that they won’t alter the story enough to make him more than a minor character.
    But he will be a minor character with a HUGE impact on the audience!
    I would LOVE to see him in The Hobbit!
    As you said, it makes perfect sense for Legolas to be there beside his father. He is a warrior, and as a prince he would surely be leading the elves into battle.
    Can’t see a prince hauling barrels, but there would be plenty of things for him to do whilst thrilling us fans. And from the comments that I have read, fan BOYS are just as excited about this as the fan GIRLS!
    I REALLY hope that these rumors of his involvement are true!
    *crosses fingers*
    *crosses toes*
    *crosses arms*
    *crosses legs*
    *crosses eyes*

  52. 52
    @51 Says:

    Well, the King leads the elves into battle. But Legolas could reasonably be there doing some inspirational fighting or leading a subdivision of the warriors.

  53. 53
    @52 Says:

    Well, there are Generals and Captains.
    A single person can’t direct all aspects of the battle. The General relies on his Captains to lead each division or contingent
    Legolas could, logically, Captain the archers.

  54. 54
    yes! Says:

    I would LOVE to see Legolas added to The Hobbit!
    Make it so, Peter!!!

  55. 55
    Why not his father? Says:

    He looks a little old now for Legolas. Why don’t they change up his appearance just a bit and have him play Thandruil (his father) instead? That would also make his role a little larger.

  56. 56
    @55 Says:

    With a little make-up, he can look much younger.
    Even now, in some pictures with no make-up, he can look younger. He drops almost ten years just by shaving his scruff.
    And I don’t think that it would be believable if he played Thranduil.
    The fans have seen LOTR too many times to see him as anything other than Legolas. No matter what they did to his appearance.
    It would work much better, IMO, to get a new actor to play the king, and keep Legolas as the elf prince that we all know and love.
    And boy do we love him!!!

  57. 57
    wow Says:

    The haters have become even more desperate.
    They are now using Facebook in their pathetic attempts to attack Miranda.
    Their lives are so empty that they have resorted to ‘liking’ her facebook pages, JUST to insult her.
    They once again prove that their own lives are sad and empty.
    If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

  58. 58
    Jayne Says:

    If they give it to orlando than i will be happy and i will go and see it , but if they don’t than i will not see it.

  59. 59
    @58 Says:

    Oh, I’ll see it even if Orlando is not part of the film.
    I love the world of Tolkien.
    It’s just that without Legolas, I will see it once.
    WITH Legolas, I will see it MANY times.

  60. 60
    Aaronx Says:

    chipmunk/cabbage patch./ET hybrid.

  61. 61
    @60 Says:

    I see that the delphidiot on duty has checked in.

  62. 62
    Bridie Says:

    They are a cute couple and they’ll have a gorgeous baby, no doubt about that.
    But Miranda should wear her hair down more often…that way it covers her balloon-face (which I know a lot of pregnant women have – still you don’t have to underline it by tying back your hair all the time).
    Love that Orli doesn’t shave his head anymore – LOVE his curls!!!

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