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Taylor Swift: Thanksgiving with Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Taylor Swift: Thanksgiving with Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Taylor Swift walks hand in hand with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal‘s niece Ramona while spending Thanksgiving with his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal in Brooklyn, New York.

Us Weekly, in the issue on newsstands now, has the first photos of Taylor and Jake strolling through the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn as a new couple.

When asked about the Thanksgiving date on the red carpet at the Focus for Change benefit concert on Thursday (December 3), Maggie said that the day went “great.”

Bigger picture inside…

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  • natalie

    i like her, i like him, but I can’t understand them together. it’s just… no. and it’s NOT about the age difference, which is not that huge anyway. I just don’t see it.

  • suesturm

    me think so too

  • suesturm

    me think so too

  • Dahlia

    wow… it’s really serious. NO.

  • se

    American women haven’t any taste to dress.!
    These two should already have some notion of how to dress because they have stylists and people in fashion whose teach them how to dress too!
    Maggie Gyllenhaal goes to fashion shows…and dressed like a begger!

  • karishma

    I just really don’t see it. I agree, its not the age difference at all ( which is nothing massive) just… its doesn’t seem right.
    Hmmm, really cute picture though

  • blair

    She has ugly taste in clothes,imo.

  • hannah

    Great job with the totally staged paparazzi shots. Funny how they both have an album and a movie out that need promoting. (eyeroll) NEXT!

  • jd

    Another publicity bs pic. So sick of all this phony crap the media is trying to push on us. btw maggie g is a ugly b***ch

  • e


  • yeahwhateverlulz

    Fakest relationship ever.

  • LOL

    Funny how everybody was so staged and apple pie in the sky happy looking for these photos. Then the ones taken later in Nashville J & T looked totally bored and not even standing or sitting close to each other. Their camps had it backwards.. the lovey couple should have been staged in Nashville instead of NY. Would have been a bit more believable.

  • Lonely_Angel

    They Look like they are doing clothes Ad for winter collection
    this thing is so F A K E with a capital F which rhymes
    with J A K E with a capital ” J ” which oddly rhymes with G A Y !!

    put those words together and you’ll Taylor Swift next break up Song

  • marley

    When will the madness end?

  • madmax

    isn’t this cozy? I don’t think this relationship is going to go anywhere. And WHERE does US Weekly get this info? Do they have someone that was inside Maggie’s house to watch Taylor helping with the dinner? And all these “Sources Close to” and “Friends of” is BS. If I had people close to me blabbing to the press about my private life they wouldn’t be my friends for long!

    US Weekly just LOVES to focus in on certain celebs and ever since Jake was hanging around reese, he got on their radar . It must have been killing them all these months when he was alone (or worse when he dodged the paps by leaving LA for several months to parts unknown (well unless someone tweeted his location, but it wasn’t like they were falling all over themselves to rush a reporter to Brooklyn to sit outside Maggie’s home and click away. I applauded him on getting a break from it all. But why invite more of the same by being seen with a high profile woman like Taylor (she is on every mag cover, she was on Ellen yesterday, she just sang no interview. I bet Ellen was dying to ask her about US weekly cover)

    Just an interesting change of events for Jake, he seemed to enjoy being out of the limelight and then suddenly he is back in it promoting LAOD and suddenly seen with TS? He was looking like a lumberjack all summer, beard, hair disheveled. no way he was seeing someone looking like that. And then what? he was sitting around having a beer and like lightning he HAD to see TS?

    This whole thing is very strange. IF Jake is serious about wanting to settle down he better find someone outside the industry or low key (like his sister and her husband. you don’t see them being hounded by the paps)

    find a woman closer to your age, Jake, some non celeb and you can finally have the opportunity to settle down and have kids like you say you want.

  • US Bleeaach

    This mag is known for it’s phony photoshopped pics. This is just another fine example of their handywork.

  • Hollywood

    I’m losing respect for the Gyllenhaals

  • silly

    Hard to believe Maggie would want her bro with this mentally stuck at age 12 girl. All these pics look phony anyway.

  • Weird

    How tall is Maggie anyway?. She towers over Taylor here and Taylor is almost 6 feet tall.

  • Laki

    It’s not even about him being too good for her.
    They are two different worlds,she of the honkey-tonk and he of the New York elite.
    It’s like Serena and Dan from Gossip Girl even though Taylor Swift isn’t even close to Dan.
    He read books.

  • Whatever

    This is an insult to our intelligence. Do they really think we are buying that these two morons are dating? First, no one cares, second Jake’s new movie flopped (obviously this PR is not working), and third, go back and take some more acting classes Jake, ’cause you suck as an actor.

  • jeill

    im surprised they didn’t get naomi foner in one of the staged pics. maybe she wouldn’t go for it.

  • Mark

    Maggie looks like a bag lady

  • jakeblooows

    he’s a horrible actor on the screen and even worse in RL. Nobody’s buying this foolishness except some of taylors 12 year old fans.

  • ll

    it bothers me that this child is involved… they could have taken a dog.

  • Lonely_Angel


    D & S are both in High school
    T & J Look like a 14 years old Teen and Her estranged uncle

  • susana

    i can tell you why they just dont go together aside from the age….
    its because jake’s past girlfriends and roles indicate that he is deep, intelligent and mature while taylors work and exes indicate the exact opposite–shallow, cheesy, teenybopper. but i guess opposites attract?

  • Annie_S

    It’s just too much … What’s all that for ?

  • ha

    notice in these pics thayve all got a bag like theyve been shopping. props is what that is called.

  • lizzy

    I dont like it when they put children in the fake photos. Leave the kids out of these please.

  • michelle


  • pickles

    After I saw pictures with Ramona I started not minding it. I read different versions, but now I believe Maggie got them together. Maggie wouldn’t “use” her kid like some other movie stars do.

    I think Taylor wanted to meet him and she arranged it. That’s my theory. It’s obviously Taylor’s PR wh’s doing all the insider blabbing of information. Taylor’s always been more tabloid friendly, keeping them up on her doings. Jake’s a movie star. He’s gonna be in the rags. At least he isn’t doing something embarrassing like falling on his @ss drunk.

    I really don’t care. THey’re young and it’ll go like it goes. So what!

  • yuck

    @pickles: I dont believe that. I think the version where Jake asked his people to talk to her people is more believable. Why in the hell would Magge G know a bumkin like 20 yo Taylor? They dont even run in the same circles. And I don’t agree with dragging these kids into these publicity photos to promote some fake relationship. That totally sucks.

  • deuropean

    Another big lie we have to swallow and some stupid non personality people will follow buahaha ha

  • Jordy

    this is totally a publicity stunt. i think they’re adorable but they haven’t been seeing each other long and she’s already with his family and holding hands with his niece. And the photos look staged, they don’t acknowledge the camera and the photos are perfect. not-to-mention, why wouldn’t she want to spend time with her own family, since she never gets to see them?

  • ModestMouse

    Love Maggie…Taylor, not so much.

  • ahoa

    u b**ches needs to STFU and get on with your life.

  • Alaia

    @Weird: Taylor is not as tall as reported. Maggie is around 5’9″. I would say Taylor is 5’8″ no more.

  • kay

    Sounds like someones paying people to post neg comments on here. Who could that be?

  • deuropean

    @kay No girl, negative comments are free as nice comments but they dont care!! Do you know why? Because they have no personality and everything they say they know it doesnt come from them

  • Truth

    Of course it’s staged. The little girl is looking DIRECTLY at the camera while Taylor and Maggie pretend it’s not there and laugh like they are doing a freakin shampoo commercial! The camera man couldn’t have been more than a few feet from them. It’s a perfect shot. ALL th pictures in the magazine are PERFECT shots. It’s stagged people. Maggie may not be into showmances for herself but people do a lot for their family members. She loves her brother and will do anything to help his career. Too bad this showmance only helps Taylor’s record sales while Jake’s movie flops.

  • hypo

    @Truth: omg you are so laughable and your comment doesnt seem serious at all lol!

  • Taylor!

    US claims she saw LAOD and said it was good. .LOL guess so

  • Taylor!

    @Alaia: well Jake is 6’1′ and Taylor looks pretty tall next to him

  • Haters Suck!

    And some of you call Taylor immature. LMAO, try looking in the mirror people.

  • ha

    @Haters Suck!: We have a right to our opinion. Last time I checked it was a free country.

  • sexy eyes

    Love them

  • go away

    sick of her sick of him sick of all the gyllenhaals

  • Artechix

    i dont get it why dont Jake G just fire his agent and publicist who got him his recent bad scripts insted of staging a showmance so people can over look his craptastic Movies

  • slambang

    Why, why, why???? It’s bad enough Jake is doing this, but Maggie had to get in on it, too…with her daughter? *shakes head*