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Taylor Swift: Thanksgiving with Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Taylor Swift: Thanksgiving with Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Taylor Swift walks hand in hand with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal‘s niece Ramona while spending Thanksgiving with his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal in Brooklyn, New York.

Us Weekly, in the issue on newsstands now, has the first photos of Taylor and Jake strolling through the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn as a new couple.

When asked about the Thanksgiving date on the red carpet at the Focus for Change benefit concert on Thursday (December 3), Maggie said that the day went “great.”

Bigger picture inside…

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128 Responses to “Taylor Swift: Thanksgiving with Maggie Gyllenhaal!”

  1. 1
    natalie Says:

    i like her, i like him, but I can’t understand them together. it’s just… no. and it’s NOT about the age difference, which is not that huge anyway. I just don’t see it.

  2. 2
    suesturm Says:

    me think so too

  3. 3
    suesturm Says:

    me think so too

  4. 4
    Dahlia Says:

    wow… it’s really serious. NO.

  5. 5
    se Says:

    American women haven’t any taste to dress.!
    These two should already have some notion of how to dress because they have stylists and people in fashion whose teach them how to dress too!
    Maggie Gyllenhaal goes to fashion shows…and dressed like a begger!

  6. 6
    karishma Says:

    I just really don’t see it. I agree, its not the age difference at all ( which is nothing massive) just… its doesn’t seem right.
    Hmmm, really cute picture though

  7. 7
    blair Says:

    She has ugly taste in clothes,imo.

  8. 8
    hannah Says:

    Great job with the totally staged paparazzi shots. Funny how they both have an album and a movie out that need promoting. (eyeroll) NEXT!

  9. 9
    jd Says:

    Another publicity bs pic. So sick of all this phony crap the media is trying to push on us. btw maggie g is a ugly b***ch

  10. 10
    e Says:


  11. 11
    yeahwhateverlulz Says:

    Fakest relationship ever.

  12. 12
    LOL Says:

    Funny how everybody was so staged and apple pie in the sky happy looking for these photos. Then the ones taken later in Nashville J & T looked totally bored and not even standing or sitting close to each other. Their camps had it backwards.. the lovey couple should have been staged in Nashville instead of NY. Would have been a bit more believable.

  13. 13
    Lonely_Angel Says:

    They Look like they are doing clothes Ad for winter collection
    this thing is so F A K E with a capital F which rhymes
    with J A K E with a capital ” J ” which oddly rhymes with G A Y !!

    put those words together and you’ll Taylor Swift next break up Song

  14. 14
    marley Says:

    When will the madness end?

  15. 15
    madmax Says:

    isn’t this cozy? I don’t think this relationship is going to go anywhere. And WHERE does US Weekly get this info? Do they have someone that was inside Maggie’s house to watch Taylor helping with the dinner? And all these “Sources Close to” and “Friends of” is BS. If I had people close to me blabbing to the press about my private life they wouldn’t be my friends for long!

    US Weekly just LOVES to focus in on certain celebs and ever since Jake was hanging around reese, he got on their radar . It must have been killing them all these months when he was alone (or worse when he dodged the paps by leaving LA for several months to parts unknown (well unless someone tweeted his location, but it wasn’t like they were falling all over themselves to rush a reporter to Brooklyn to sit outside Maggie’s home and click away. I applauded him on getting a break from it all. But why invite more of the same by being seen with a high profile woman like Taylor (she is on every mag cover, she was on Ellen yesterday, she just sang no interview. I bet Ellen was dying to ask her about US weekly cover)

    Just an interesting change of events for Jake, he seemed to enjoy being out of the limelight and then suddenly he is back in it promoting LAOD and suddenly seen with TS? He was looking like a lumberjack all summer, beard, hair disheveled. no way he was seeing someone looking like that. And then what? he was sitting around having a beer and like lightning he HAD to see TS?

    This whole thing is very strange. IF Jake is serious about wanting to settle down he better find someone outside the industry or low key (like his sister and her husband. you don’t see them being hounded by the paps)

    find a woman closer to your age, Jake, some non celeb and you can finally have the opportunity to settle down and have kids like you say you want.

  16. 16
    US Bleeaach Says:

    This mag is known for it’s phony photoshopped pics. This is just another fine example of their handywork.

  17. 17
    Hollywood Says:

    I’m losing respect for the Gyllenhaals

  18. 18
    silly Says:

    Hard to believe Maggie would want her bro with this mentally stuck at age 12 girl. All these pics look phony anyway.

  19. 19
    Weird Says:

    How tall is Maggie anyway?. She towers over Taylor here and Taylor is almost 6 feet tall.

  20. 20
    Laki Says:

    It’s not even about him being too good for her.
    They are two different worlds,she of the honkey-tonk and he of the New York elite.
    It’s like Serena and Dan from Gossip Girl even though Taylor Swift isn’t even close to Dan.
    He read books.

  21. 21
    Whatever Says:

    This is an insult to our intelligence. Do they really think we are buying that these two morons are dating? First, no one cares, second Jake’s new movie flopped (obviously this PR is not working), and third, go back and take some more acting classes Jake, ’cause you suck as an actor.

  22. 22
    jeill Says:

    im surprised they didn’t get naomi foner in one of the staged pics. maybe she wouldn’t go for it.

  23. 23
    Mark Says:

    Maggie looks like a bag lady

  24. 24
    jakeblooows Says:

    he’s a horrible actor on the screen and even worse in RL. Nobody’s buying this foolishness except some of taylors 12 year old fans.

  25. 25
    ll Says:

    it bothers me that this child is involved… they could have taken a dog.

  26. 26
    Lonely_Angel Says:


    D & S are both in High school
    T & J Look like a 14 years old Teen and Her estranged uncle

  27. 27
    susana Says:

    i can tell you why they just dont go together aside from the age….
    its because jake’s past girlfriends and roles indicate that he is deep, intelligent and mature while taylors work and exes indicate the exact opposite–shallow, cheesy, teenybopper. but i guess opposites attract?

  28. 28
    Annie_S Says:

    It’s just too much … What’s all that for ?

  29. 29
    ha Says:

    notice in these pics thayve all got a bag like theyve been shopping. props is what that is called.

  30. 30
    lizzy Says:

    I dont like it when they put children in the fake photos. Leave the kids out of these please.

  31. 31
    michelle Says:


  32. 32
    pickles Says:

    After I saw pictures with Ramona I started not minding it. I read different versions, but now I believe Maggie got them together. Maggie wouldn’t “use” her kid like some other movie stars do.

    I think Taylor wanted to meet him and she arranged it. That’s my theory. It’s obviously Taylor’s PR wh’s doing all the insider blabbing of information. Taylor’s always been more tabloid friendly, keeping them up on her doings. Jake’s a movie star. He’s gonna be in the rags. At least he isn’t doing something embarrassing like falling on his @ss drunk.

    I really don’t care. THey’re young and it’ll go like it goes. So what!

  33. 33
    yuck Says:

    @pickles: I dont believe that. I think the version where Jake asked his people to talk to her people is more believable. Why in the hell would Magge G know a bumkin like 20 yo Taylor? They dont even run in the same circles. And I don’t agree with dragging these kids into these publicity photos to promote some fake relationship. That totally sucks.

  34. 34
    deuropean Says:

    Another big lie we have to swallow and some stupid non personality people will follow buahaha ha

  35. 35
    Jordy Says:

    this is totally a publicity stunt. i think they’re adorable but they haven’t been seeing each other long and she’s already with his family and holding hands with his niece. And the photos look staged, they don’t acknowledge the camera and the photos are perfect. not-to-mention, why wouldn’t she want to spend time with her own family, since she never gets to see them?

  36. 36
    ModestMouse Says:

    Love Maggie…Taylor, not so much.

  37. 37
    ahoa Says:

    u b**ches needs to STFU and get on with your life.

  38. 38
    Alaia Says:

    @Weird: Taylor is not as tall as reported. Maggie is around 5’9″. I would say Taylor is 5’8″ no more.

  39. 39
    kay Says:

    Sounds like someones paying people to post neg comments on here. Who could that be?

  40. 40
    deuropean Says:

    @kay No girl, negative comments are free as nice comments but they dont care!! Do you know why? Because they have no personality and everything they say they know it doesnt come from them

  41. 41
    Truth Says:

    Of course it’s staged. The little girl is looking DIRECTLY at the camera while Taylor and Maggie pretend it’s not there and laugh like they are doing a freakin shampoo commercial! The camera man couldn’t have been more than a few feet from them. It’s a perfect shot. ALL th pictures in the magazine are PERFECT shots. It’s stagged people. Maggie may not be into showmances for herself but people do a lot for their family members. She loves her brother and will do anything to help his career. Too bad this showmance only helps Taylor’s record sales while Jake’s movie flops.

  42. 42
    hypo Says:

    @Truth: omg you are so laughable and your comment doesnt seem serious at all lol!

  43. 43
    Taylor! Says:

    US claims she saw LAOD and said it was good. .LOL guess so

  44. 44
    Taylor! Says:

    @Alaia: well Jake is 6’1′ and Taylor looks pretty tall next to him

  45. 45
    Haters Suck! Says:

    And some of you call Taylor immature. LMAO, try looking in the mirror people.

  46. 46
    ha Says:

    @Haters Suck!: We have a right to our opinion. Last time I checked it was a free country.

  47. 47
    sexy eyes Says:

    Love them

  48. 48
    go away Says:

    sick of her sick of him sick of all the gyllenhaals

  49. 49
    Artechix Says:

    i dont get it why dont Jake G just fire his agent and publicist who got him his recent bad scripts insted of staging a showmance so people can over look his craptastic Movies

  50. 50
    slambang Says:

    Why, why, why???? It’s bad enough Jake is doing this, but Maggie had to get in on it, too…with her daughter? *shakes head*

  51. 51
    Glambert Says:

    Why is it always US Weekly having the first hand photos? Either they’re obssessed with Jake or this whole thing is totally staged.
    BTW, Jake, if you really wanna settle down and build a family, go find some one more grown up. Don’t be in some desparate whiny “princess”‘s ex-collection. She needs this to write songs. You don’t.

  52. 52
    lipz Says:

    odd couple, Taylor just seems like he fell for his best friends little sister! who was annoying then grew up! lol

  53. 53
    Sarah L.G. Says:

    That is so cute!

  54. 54
    Anna Says:

    Its their own business !

  55. 55
    toni Says:

    Not trying to be mean, but I can’t see the picture being real. They look like they’re posing in a Christmas catalog for winter outfits. They maybe real, but I just can’t see it and it’s not the age difference. I don’t care about that, but it’s just something I can’t explain it and truly don’t know, but it’s something that makes it awkward and not right.

  56. 56
    cold_zero Says:

    JJ front page has 4 couples sighting

    Michael Sheen & Rachel Mcadams…<3
    Brad & Angelina …<3
    Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez …<3
    Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal ….akward

    this the only couple the that seem so FAKE….and most people have figured out that by now…so T&J please stop trying

  57. 57
    Zoe Says:

    If you check IMDb you will see that Jake and Taylor are going to be in a movie together by Gary Marshall called New Year’s Eve.

  58. 58
    Karly Says:

    For some reason these photos look reallllly staged…hmmm

  59. 59
    jean Says:

    @kay: your delusional mind maybe?! Please, every1 here is offering their opinion for FREE!!!

  60. 60
    bu Says:

    @jakeblooows: whats RL

  61. 61
    bu Says:

    @Taylor!: thats heath height and jake was shorter then him

  62. 62
    gerie Says:

    I hope Taylor bolts soon like in her other “relationships” This is getting really embarassing for Jake. Makes him look like a love crazy high school boy.

  63. 63
    jacob Says:

    i saw maggie in a play called “homebody kabul” years ago & she definitely should stick to film acting, because stage is not her forte. Maybe it was the role that was not suited for her, but she lacked the acting chops for live theater. She was terrible!. A member of the cast said that she was very stuck up, and wouldn’t even respond when one of her cast members would say hello to her everyday. She would just turn her head. When i hear this stuff, it makes me sick about celebrity worship. Their fans have no clue as to what asses these celebrites really are.

  64. 64
    b*chisback Says:

    @bu: why all the tabs say jake is over 6 feet tall? more lies? i read lots of place taylor is 5’11″

  65. 65
    b*chisback Says:

    @jacob: i heard maggie is real stuck up lot of people dont like her
    im starting to think jake the same just out for hisself and money

  66. 66
    aj Says:

    aww GyllenSwift <3

    suck it haterz :P

  67. 67
    Jim Says:

    Oh my the Gyllenhaals are letting her into the family. They did that with Witherspoon but it didn’t take. I think Maggie introducted Jakey to Kirsten too, but that fell apart. I don’t think this girl will stay stuck either. She drop him or he her before too long. Maggie must be working overtime trying to get her brother “fixed up”.

  68. 68
    eatyourheartout Says:

    I bet Taylor will be a great mother some day. She is so down to earth, genuine, friendly with everybody. She really has that likability factor.

  69. 69
    Ava Says:

    You mean the kind of mother who doesn’t mind using someone’s kids to sell a phony romance.

  70. 70
    sean Says:

    The pics are fake they are straight on pics no other way to look at it us magazine probably paid taylor and jake to get the shots helps out both makes the magazine sell more and has there names surface yet again and taylor’s family would not have told her not to go on Thanksgiving if she was getting paid for it.

  71. 71
    sean Says:

    Yea I went to the line at 5 after no since siting there suck ass gary stayed over there though me ed and patt parked

  72. 72
    b*chisback Says:

    @Jim: maggie an kirsten did a movie toghethr but i don know how she would know this little taylor girl. dont think she knew her til jake had his possey set them up few weeks ago

  73. 73
    crystal ball Says:

    ok serious if they are gonna make this work one of them need to change their home base since they both gonna be gone a lot. either taylor move to LA and be a cool beach chiica or jake move to Nashville and become a (?) anyway point is they need the same place to call their home so they have more down time together.

  74. 74
    Indigestion Says:

    Anybody sick of having this crammed down their throat yet?

  75. 75
    may Says:

    Best of luck to Taylor and Jake, they are so cute together !!!

  76. 76
    Maddie Says:

    I hope they are happy. Just because people don’t look right together, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be together. We have no idea if this is PR driven or real. The media feeds us whatever they want us to believe, and whatever gets more magazine sold.

    I hope if it is a real relationship they are happy and enjoying each others company. And if it’s not long term, who cares. Not every relationship has to lead to marriage and kids.

  77. 77
    kj Says:

    my respect for ts and gyellenhaal has all but disappeared at this point!! I’m sure we’ll hear about this in a taylor song where she saids he used her and she fell for him bullshit bullshit i’m starting to believe that taylor does not know the difference between fantasy(her own) and reality!!!!!

  78. 78
    Patty Pendergast Says:

    I kinda respected Maggie as being an honest spirit….guess she is bearding for her brother too….

  79. 79
    Racy Says:

    One thing I have learned by reading sites like this: The same bunch of old broads go into a frenzy trying to manage someone else’s life or the world is full of old p**s head women that don’t know s*** from shinola. Which is it. “It doesn’t look right, etc, etc, and etc.” You wouldn’t know right if you ran into it nose to nose.

  80. 80
    Joanne Says:

    Taylor could do worse. At least she’s not dating a divorced guy with 2 or 3 kids.

  81. 81
    Dana Says:

    Taylor Swift is a wh@re. She has had 5-6 different boyfriends in about 2 years. She needs to give up the persona of being some little innocent virgin. Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the ugliest actors. Actually, Taylor looks like a weasel with blonde fake hair. So they actually do fit.

  82. 82
    H&V Says:

    The Gyllenhaal’s are pathetic wannabes. They will never be happy with what they have. They’re desperately grasping to get to the next rung all the time and it is such a turnoff.

  83. 83
    eatyourheartout Says:

    Thanks for the thumbs down on Taylor being a good mother some day. What a bunch of losers and failures in life would say she wouldn`t? She loves children and is very nice/polite alltogether. Your detective skills on this being a pr thing still need to be proven.

  84. 84
    anna Says:

    This picture says t.v. commercial for a “happy family”. Taylor Swift will do anything to sell more albums. Girl is money driven. To increase her income she does stationary now, will do make-up and then a new fragrance. She is selling he soul little by little.

  85. 85
    Glambert Says:

    It could’ve been. But they are much more high-profile on this than we want them to be. I mean, every day I open this website I can always find something about them. That’s just annoying.

  86. 86
    manny Says:

    (aka):; lean rimes or her mother……thanks for your deep thoughts…we’ll take heed :lol

  87. 87
    Racy Says:

    @Glambert: You don’t have to come to the sites that talk about them and you don’t have to read about them – it is not required reading, you know.

  88. 88
    pepperminth Says:

    I would want to know why American people don’t like them ? For my part, Taylor Swift, I know she’s a singer but not more… Apparently, she is not a genius ?! For Jake & Maggie, I know them as actors but strangely, you find them horrible… Why ?

  89. 89
    Racy Says:

    @Hollywood: Bet they are really upset about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@ll:

  90. 90
    What? Says:

    I LOL at all you people who say this is a publicity stunt. Why would they go out of their way to hide the relationship for 5 weeks if it was for PR? Wouldn’t they stroll through LA if they wanted their pic taken. They have been seeing each other non stop for 5 weeks and there are 3 pics of Jake and Taylor together. What do you guys think they are doing behind closed doors? Plotting to get more PR? NEWSFLASH: Taylor doesn’t need Jake for PR . DUH!!!!

  91. 91
    monstersball Says:

    @What?: hey dumazz it was leaked all over that they were seen at a resort pool and icecream shop in LA all over the place and when Jake was in London omg it leaked out again he spent over 100thousand dollars to fly her there early to spend the entire weekend in his hotel suite. Just because there are no pics the PR is THERE. Get a clue…

  92. 92
    Rachel Says:

    @eatyourheartout: She would probably make a good mom when she’s older and not traveling all the time. She is still very young, too young imo to settle down with kids now. She needs to have some fun, as much as her busy career will allow.

  93. 93
    Rachel Says:

    @Dana: They may have just been dates, not serious bfs. Girls and boys that age go on dates all the time. That’s nothing new.

  94. 94
    Trace Says:

    Lots of conflict in here about these two. My op (an strictly mine) is they really enjoy each other’s company. But…Jake Gyllenhaal is gay. He will not come out because of fear it will compromise his career. He’s not the first and sadly won’t be the last actor to live this way. His fear of not getting roles (leading man) keeps him closeted. But I feel he really isn’t leading man material anyway. But seriously what these celebs do with their lives is their choice. I think many of them aren’t very happy. Money can’t buy that or love. But they are only human so like most of us they do what they feel they must do at certain times in their lives.

  95. 95
    anna Says:

    @ Glambert: I think it’s funny that some people think all these pictures are spontaneous. Give me a break! Every shot is a perfect shot of them laughing and having a good time with a pap sticking a camera right in their face. They decided to come out as a couple and gave the exclusive rights to US magazine. US mag got their photog to N.Y. to take the pictures and their “people” gave the magazine an interview. US magazine does these setup all the time. And even when there weren’t pictures, their people made sure information about their dates were being leaked to the press. Sandra Bullock proved that you can get a lot done privately without the media knowing if you don’t want attention. Taylor Swift did the media “ice cream dates” with Taylor Lautner and decided to change it around a little bit this time with her “coffee dates with Jake”. She likes to change things up a bit.

  96. 96
    Anastasia Says:

    Isn’t this too fast to be happening?unless their relationship has started some time now and we just found out..otherwise,it’s seems to me really odd that quick bondind with Jake’s family.Especially when it comes to kids,they are not that open to anyone unless they’ve known them for a while and here Ramona is holding Taylor’s hand..i am totally confused..

  97. 97
    lol Says:

    @anna: yeah i guess she did the ice cream date with jake in La but figured out those would be too much like her “dates” with lautner so she had to make her thing with jake look different. and it was this time exactly last year she was doing this with lautner.

  98. 98
    lol Says:

    @Anastasia: they were staged photos for USmagazine, the photographer told them what to do including ramona

  99. 99
    sweetpea Says:

    @Anastasia: Seems very fast considering these pics were shot just about 1 month after Jake met Taylor. From all reports, their paths had never crossed until they met Oct23. Seems way to quick even for show people.

  100. 100
    err Says:

    jacob is such a phony he even change his 1st name too

  101. 101
    Daniel Says:

    @Alaia: I have met Taylor Swift and seen her several time. I am 6’2 and she is not shorter than me. She is 5’11″ without boots or heels. My cousin stood next to her and they are about the same height and she is 5’11″ 1/2.

  102. 102
    was she Says:

    really in love with joe jonas? was taylor really her bf? what about john mayer..did they date? i read she spent nights in his hotel room. was any of this stuff true? now whats the deal with jake? she wont ever talk about her bfs just leaves everyone guessing.

  103. 103
    dollywood Says:

    She should be dating a really tall handsome country singer. I’m sure there’s lots out there. Some guy that lives in Nashville close to her and they would have their music in common and other things. Jake just seems too weird and liberal for her. He smokes pot and I bet Taylor doesn’t. He’s just too different I don’t see it lasting very long.

  104. 104
    P Says:

    This PR stunt is downright insulting our intelligence….this pair is just as bad as Skarworth!

  105. 105
    cassie Says:

    jake’s too hot for her lol

  106. 106
    yep Says:

    love jake and taylor! love maggie! i hope they are happy!

  107. 107
    . Says:

    I can’t wait until she writes even more break-up songs when he dumps her.

  108. 108
    kate Says:

    totally fake photo-op – plus we all know jake g is gay.

  109. 109
    Annie Says:

    I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Taylor (and Maggie G), but this relationship is perhaps the most laughably obvious publicity stunt since J-Lo and Ben Affleck. GTFO.

  110. 110
    kASSIE Says:

    I don’t mind them if Jake didn’t date Reese before. It seems he goes for girls who may be able to support him. Not a manly thing to do.

  111. 111
    Ewww Says:

    Taylor Swift is just.. DISGUSTING!!

  112. 112
    NOT A SKANK Says:


    Please show us the pics from the ice cream date, the big sur date etc…. You can’t because there were none. Seems strange since you claim it’s all for publicity. You’re the DA btw.

  113. 113
    The B is Back Says:


    Am I the only one left shaking my head at this relationship between this girl country singer and this brilliant actor? I know little about this young woman, except she is 6 feet tall, wears spit pin curls and sings in a voice of a 16 year old. Clearly she is successful at what she does. But purportedly she wrote a song about a short lived relationship with John Mayer…how teenage girl-ish of her. Weird choice for so many reasons (for me) ….clearly he’s good with it.

    By the way, Maggie G is a superb actress!

    I have nothing against either one of these people…but I just don’t get it…particularly seeing his latest film with Anne Hathaway. I mean a woman near his age and level of sophistication. But, hey nobody forced her on him…so Jake slides a bit in my estimation…

  114. 114
    wtf? Says:

    she’s dating jake gyllenhaal jesus good the difference age notes hard the new johnny depp and winona ryder type of difference age couple :(

  115. 115
    anonymous Says:

    @The B is Back:

    Maggie G. is a good film actress, but let’s not forget they get as many takes as they need, & editing can make the worst actor look good.
    I saw her perform live w/ the steppenwolf theater co.’s production of homebody kabul at the bam theater in brooklyn, ny several years back, and she was god awful!! Scar jo, is one of the few movie actors w/out any stage experience who happened to also give a great live performance on stage which garnered her a tony award. Sorry, maggie just doesn’t have it! People w/ cold personalities have very limited talent – and everyone knows she’s a big snob!!

  116. 116
    Sky Says:

    I’m curious as to how they asked Maggie the question. Did they specify Taylor when they asked or did they just ask it in more general terms like, ‘how was your Thanksgiving?’ as opposed to ‘How was thanks giving with Taylor Swift?”. Anyway, this looks more like a showmance to me, but if it’s not and they really are dating then fine. But I don’t see it lasting too long. She’s still young and he’s old enough to start having kids of his own and I don’t think Taylor is gonna be ready for that anytime soon.

  117. 117
    jacob Says:


    i think you posted the wrong article you imbecile.

  118. 118
    monstersball Says:

    God you’re dumb. Who do you think linked all those rumors to the media before the phony US mag shoot came out?. Their reps were just getting everybody primed for the big showmance photos. Without some photos at the beginning had lots more people talking and wondering about them, thus more publicity.

  119. 119
    A Girl Says:

    You guys are beyond idiots if you think this picture is staged. I’m NOT surprised people are calling ANOTHER celebrity relationship publicity. It’s overused. When will you learn? People date. Get over it. I can only assume most of you are single and bitter because that’s exactly how you’re making yourself look.

    Stop knocking celebrities like they’ve done something to you. They’ll still be bigger and better. Grow up.

  120. 120
    sandy Says:

    @A Girl:

    yeah…they’ll still be bigger & better at making fools of them selves. we’re together/ we broke up/ now i’m ******** the sister/ now the brother/ now i’m going to jail for smoking crack cocaine & beating the **** out of a hooker in my hotel/ now i’m suing a tv show that made fun of me/ now i’m mourning my co-star who died of a drug overdose/ now i’m campaigning against the movie actress who slept w/ my husband when they filmed a movie together….etc….believe me..nobody wants your life!!

  121. 121
    nick Says:


    that was good, but you forgot ” now i’m in love w/ joe jonas/ now he dumped me for a far prettier & more mature actress( camilla belle) so my ego can’t handle the fact that i got dumped so i publicly will humiliate him & write a song about him. Now i’m ******** john mayer & he will love me, because i’m not like the others ( jen aniston, jessica simlpson, et..) i’m much better….what john mayer dumped me? that can”t be! i must write a song about him & humiliate him.! etc…. it seems that if anyone really hates celebrities…’s other celebrities:) lol

  122. 122
    john Says:

    and the fact that you refer to yourselves as celebrities turns people off. Most people just consider themselves human beings.

    i was watching on e channel this short doc. about taylor swift, & her mother said that all the girls in her school hated her. she would sit w/ them at their lunch table & they would all leave. and of course the mom chalked it up to mere jealousy. but, i don’t think that’s entirely true. She must have rubbed her assets in their face & made them feel she was a lot better than they were, & judging by her personality & her big ego now, i could totaly see why her peers didn’t like her. she couldn’t relate to them on the same level,(when she was their classmate, & not famous yet),but she can relate to them as fans ( they have to be placed on an inferior level , & her being famous allows her to do that.
    she bragged a lot on that documentary in a very annoying way, that would make me leave the lunch table too. Nobody likes conceited egoists!!

  123. 123
    e Says:

    taylor swift is a very talented, beautiful, young woman who seems to have worked her entire life to get where she’s at, so stop hating on her, & focus on improving your own lives. life is short….get on with it!

  124. 124
    rubbish Says:

    she needs to date a boy closer to her age and mentality. going with this 30yo man whose last gf was 33 with 2 kids just doesn’t seem right.

  125. 125
    disgusting!!! Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal’s showmance with publicity wh*** Taylor Swift turned Gyllenhaals into pathetic losers.

  126. 126
    showmancing Says:

    @rubbish: Taylor Swift is not dating gay Jake Gyllenhaal.
    Just like phony Reese Withrspoon didn’t date Gyllenhaal.

  127. 127
    Daniel Says:

    @monstersball: I think you are right but one thing. I have lived in Nashville, Tn. Taylor swift has her private jet. Her band talked about flighting on a private jet. At hotel in London they said nobody saw Taylor arrive or leave the hotel. They were not saw together. They were is separate room and order chinese food for 2 to 3 people. Mother , her and band member. It does not mean they were together. She was not even seen leaving that hotel till after Jake had got on plane back to US. Strange right. All photo and pr shoots start showing up after people said there was no proof. Now we are bum rushed with photos and story. PR STUNT.

  128. 128
    Jenaye Says:

    adorable..all this jealous venom from people is so revolting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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