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Gerard Butler: Photographer Fun in Miami!

Gerard Butler: Photographer Fun in Miami!

Gerard Butler attends the Art Basel Miami at the Miami Convention Center in Florida on Saturday (December 4).

The 41-year-old Bounty Hunter was leisurely wandering through the fair, but after reportedly seeing a paparazzo was who being too invasive, he chased him outside!

Gerry took off from Los Angeles on Friday and even wore a warm beanie in the balmy weather!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler having a little photographer fun in Miami…

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gerard butler photographer fun 01
gerard butler photographer fun 02
gerard butler photographer fun 03
gerard butler photographer fun 04
gerard butler photographer fun 05
gerard butler photographer fun 06
gerard butler photographer fun 07
gerard butler photographer fun 08
gerard butler photographer fun 09
gerard butler photographer fun 10

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  • Odd

    That is the wierdest batch of photos.
    Does Gerry have to run with the phone still on his ear?

  • Jill

    After his previous legal troubles with punching a pap, I wouldn’t be running at any photographer – even as a joke – if I were him.

  • Lisa

    HA! Hilarious. Gerry looks great, and is seems to be trying to get rid of a stupid paparazzi guy and making a joke out of it. FUN PICS!

  • Anon

    at times, this man is hot and others, oh vey….. of the photos posted are great but he looks like a completely different person in the others.
    hot one below.

  • anglesrock

    Gerry, if you’re going to keep your hair long, please run a comb through it every now and again. You need to get it buzzed again; that way you don’t have to worry about it. You are a mess in these photos. I like the shirt, but those pants are way too juvenile for you.
    I’m hoping the hair and beard are for an upcoming film, otherwise I’m going to put together a grooming squad and we’re going to jump you on the streets and give you a good grooming!!!

  • gotta be kidding

    he does look like something the cat dragged in, hehe. in that case, i’d be mad if someone was taking my pic, too!

  • stupidfans

    I’ll bet he was with a date and that’s why he didn’t want the pap taking photos.

    I await your downward thumbs, phannies.

  • Shave Your Neck!

    His neck is grossing me out.

  • anglesrock


    That does seem to be the best one of the bunch. It does amaze me how he can look hawt in one flash of the camera and a total mess in the next.
    And did you notice he always looks so much better in video of the same event than the pics??

  • stupidfans

    Why does it look like he was posing for some of these photos if he was angry with the pap taking his photo? Were some of these taken by his date?

  • anglesrock

    He looks good in this pic. Who is the guy with him? He’s hung out with Gerry before I think.

  • CorBlimey

    Is this newsworthy? Does JJ have a few bills due, and needs the extra site traffic? I mean, I get the joke, but you’re really scraping the barrel, JJ..

  • Jill

    Unless Freddie was his date, I think the date theory is a bust.
    Looks like Freddie gave him his hat to wear too in that one pic, which explains why he doesn’t have it on and isn’t holding it in other pics.

  • stupidfans

    @Shave Your Neck!: Stubbly necks are disgusting.

    I’m trying to figure out how, if he was walking around without a hat on and the pap was taking his picture, he chased after him after putting a hat on. Which came first, the paparazzo or the hat? I think we’re missing some photos in the series. Either that or his cap is his superman cape.

  • Heretical

    Anyone notice that he’s not the only one dressed that way? It’s Miami Beach ppl-lighten up!

  • anglesrock


    I bet he let the pap take a few pics and then had some fun and chased him out of the venue.

  • stupidfans

    @Jill: No one should share a hat with Gerry.

    I hope he didn’t think putting on the cap to chase the pap would make him less recognizable. It made him look like Randy Quaid, which is not wise -especially nowadays.

    At least his temper is in good heath. Maybe we’ll see another violent outburst if the same guy takes his photo with a woman.

    Santa is delivering early this year.

  • Sunnie

    I heard that he’s actually seeing one of his ex-girlfriends again, one of the ex’s that the fans know about. Don’t know which one though.

  • anglesrock


    Who’s Freddie, Jill?

  • stupidfans

    @anglesrock: Well if he was smart, he’ll blame it on Randy Quaid and have the cops add it to his list.

  • stupidfans

    @Heretical: Miami Beach, Waikiki Beach, Brighton Beach, any beach – those shorts are atrocious. But he’s known for his awful taste in clothing.

    Need I remind everyone about his Hello Kitty panties from last year at this time?

  • stupidfans

    @Sunnie: I think he “revisits” a lot of his old relationships when he can get away with it.

    The last ones we saw him with in Miami were Laurie and Jasmine. But since they’re all models, it could be anyone. I hope it’s Bianca. The phannies hate her with a vengeance and it will provide great entertainment in the New Year to see them going beserk.

    I don’t know why any woman would subject herself to him twice when they know he cheats on them. Low self esteem I suppose. He’s probably told them he’s changed and misses them…yada yada yada.

  • Jill


    Freddy Bosche. He’s an actor and NYC friend of Gerry. He’s with
    Gerry at a lot of events.

  • Miss L

    When was Gerry seen with Jasmine in Miami? Any pics?

  • ANonnyMouse

    LOL!! G wore Hello Kitty pants? This I have to see! Do you know where I can find the pictures? :)

  • ANonnyMouse

    It’s not Bianca. She has a boyfriend, I think the relationship is quite new (not Tony Schiena).

  • CorBlimey

    I think stupidfans is referring to those hideous pink board shorts that he paraded his post-Christmas podgy stomach in..? Not actually Hello Kitty, but great comparison! :D

  • anglesrock



  • ANonnyMouse

    Ok, thanks :)

  • anglesrock


    Yes! They were pink with sharks on them!! Dear lord, I hope those hideous things are at the bottom of the ocean with the sharks. I swear the man opens a bag presented to him by assistants and puts on whatever is in the bag with no conscious thought at all. His assistants were probably laughing their bottoms off and high fiving as he sauntered down the beach in those things.

  • stupidfans

    @Miss L: I think it was two years ago around New Year’s because last year was his fatty period in the islands.

    @ANonnyMouse: Look up “Gerard Butler fat’ and the photos should pop up. He was in pink and someone, I think it was the every silly Oy, called his swim shorts “Hello Kitty” shorts.

  • CorBlimey

    But to be honest.. with that much Christmas pudding around his waist, perhaps they were all that fitted?? Gerard’s own personal brand of ‘fat clothes’.. :D

  • stupidfans

    @CorBlimey: Well the color was an ode to cupcake frosting. He picked up the same color in his feather boa this past Halloween. Pink is his signature color.

    Ok, so Bianca is out. Good for her that she didn’t fall into that quicksand. That leaves Jasmine or Laurie that we know of. Of course it could be any of hundreds of tall thin tan models under 25 we never heard of with whom he played hide the sausage on the sly.

    Judging by the company he keeps, I think his male friends are the loves of his life.

  • Lilith

    Oh yes, who can forget those pictures:

    Love the picture showing his “no a/ss”, lol.

  • CorBlimey

    If pink is his signature colour, I’m seriously gonna fly to the States and b*tch-slap it out of him..
    But I love the idea that it’s his “ode to cupcake frosting” – or perhaps its just his metaphor for everything he’d love to have in his life?? Pink represents women and cupcake frosting, and the sharks… Framo and the gang??? (Although I’m sure the sharks were far better looking..)

  • commonsense


  • CorBlimey

    Actually.. I apologise.. That was unnecessarily mean. Sorry, Framo.
    I’m sure Gerard doesn’t think of you and your friends as a pack of predatory creatures that can track a scent from miles away… um… Oh sh*t. Apology retracted.. :D

  • becca

    those are eels on his shorts, not sharks :)

  • :(
  • Nuts

    Celebrity Gossip. Net has more photos (can’t post link)

    and this tidbit

    The “300″ hunk was spotted leisurely wandering around the fair looking at art before chasing a paparazzo and spitting on him for being too invasive.

    Spitting? Seriously? Would Gerry lose it bad enough to spit at someone with witnesses all around?

  • CorBlimey

    Well, I think these pics prove that to be wrong. You don’t spit on someone in good humour, and that’s all this appears to be. I wonder whether the “journalists” that write this tripe sleep well at night??

  • South Beach Bum

    Waverly Inn friend there.

  • angelsrock


    I thought it was all in good fun. The pics seem harmless enough.

  • angelsrock


    But some will only read this and believe it to be true.

  • @CorBlimey


    Shame on you for labelling Fram leader of the pack lol. I’m a longtime lurker and from what I can see this year she seems to have lost interest in Gerry. She was nowhere to be seen; unlike the other regulars; at all TBH New York stuff, HTTYD LA stuff or multiple trips to MGP set in Detroit. She’s probably come to her senses lol.

  • hm

    the photographer has nice legs

  • hohum

    The pap chase seemed to be all in fun. Even the pap was smiling.

    Waverly fishnet has got to be just a friend. She’s way to mature to be anything else. (Unless he’s decided to give up working and be a kept man. LOL)

    How about Kristi? I’m trying to think of oldies but goodies.

  • CorBlimey

    I feel sorry for people who read the tabloids and believes whatever is written there. But I do understand what you are saying. I just don’t get how they get away with saying some of the things they do – surely libel and slander have to come into it at some point? It’s not like this one incident is anything to get angry about, but when you add it to all the other small incidents being “reported” on, it has to have an effect on the general public’s view of a person.
    BTW I don’t like the media.. just in case you hadn’t noticed.. :D

  • Y
  • Spitting?

    He was smiling away in the video when the paps were filming him having lunch with his parents and a girl in NYC the day after TBH Premiere. He was smiling as he was dressing them down and stating that he couldn’t trust them for “sh/it” because they had agreed to go away if he posed for some pics.
    He almost always smiles as he’s throwing out a barb or when he’s angry. He even did it on Robinson when he told the paps that they ruined his day and then asked them how they slept at night. Smiling in pics mean nothing to me. He smiles because they are taking his pic and he doesn’t want to give them what they want and show anger.

    I can believe he spit on someone because he has punched someone before and seems to have a temper. But I hope it isn’t true. That is disgusting and uncalled for. I don’t care if the guy irritated him. It’s a public place and celebs and paps are everywhere for the festival. What did he expect, total privacy?