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Gerard Butler: Photographer Fun in Miami!

Gerard Butler: Photographer Fun in Miami!

Gerard Butler attends the Art Basel Miami at the Miami Convention Center in Florida on Saturday (December 4).

The 41-year-old Bounty Hunter was leisurely wandering through the fair, but after reportedly seeing a paparazzo was who being too invasive, he chased him outside!

Gerry took off from Los Angeles on Friday and even wore a warm beanie in the balmy weather!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler having a little photographer fun in Miami…

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gerard butler photographer fun 01
gerard butler photographer fun 02
gerard butler photographer fun 03
gerard butler photographer fun 04
gerard butler photographer fun 05
gerard butler photographer fun 06
gerard butler photographer fun 07
gerard butler photographer fun 08
gerard butler photographer fun 09
gerard butler photographer fun 10

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  • CorBlimey

    Actually, I should apologise to Framo – you’re right. That scary chick from WO is FAR worse! :D

  • Vegas

    @Spitting?: Good grief. Now think about it. Of course he didn’t spit on anyone. The PAP is SMILING for god’s sake. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    I still suspect the night he popped the disgusting little pap, there was someone in the car he didn’t want to be seen with. Someone married? Something is still fishy about that whole incident.

  • Nobody You Know


    The night he popped the pap, Jeannia was seen in a few pics walking near him, so maybe they were dating at that time. And for what it’s worth, Bianca was talking on her twitter about how she needed a real man and how she was tired of all the boys. So I am thinking she is not in a steady relationship.

  • Hmmmmmm

    Fram has kept a low profile lately. I suspect she didn’t like being the butt of all the hater’s jokes.

    She’s still on the motherships, but even there she’s on the down low. Just comes in with some facts now and then. But she’s waaaay watered down. Guess she finally woke up that she was drawing too much attention to herself. She never hurt anyone and never said anything nasty about anyone even after posters went after her in some really ignorant posts.

  • OMG

    Where did you hear this story that he is dating one of his exes again?
    Bianca is seeing someone new and Jasmine will not have anything to do with him, so is it Laurie or Kristi Kosak? Then the only other one that’s left that the fans know about is Gina, his makeup artist. He has been seen with her a couple of times during his recent 6-week stay in NYC. I think she would be the only possibility if the story you heard is really true. But honestly , I queston the validity of this story.
    Honestly, I doubt GB spit on him. I think people like to embellish stories to make them more interesting, or maybe the pap himself made up the story of GB spitting on him to draw more sympathy for himself.
    Also, the pap might not even be a professional pap but an amateur photographer from the Miami area who likes to hang out at the Miami Beach Convention Center for the various shows that exhibit there every week. The MB Convention Center is as busy as the JJC is in NYC. You never know what your camera might capture there, so it’s fun for people who have a photography hobby to go to many of the shows exhibiting there.
    It’s possible GB initially posed for the photographer but the guy just continued following him, which after a while just got on his nervous already and GB simply chased him off and asked him to stop but he tried to do it with humor hoping the guy would get the point. It’s truly sad that people exaggerate the truth instead of sticking to it. The truth could be strange enough; there is no need for exaggeration.

  • Anthony

    Ok, Mr butler your looking too out of shape, please work out or eat less or watch what your eating. Please! it is looking gross

  • Spitting?

    I think the pap might be smiling or that might be a surprised look on his face (mouth slightly open and flinching). Who knows from those pics. My only point is that the fact that Gerry is smiling does not necessarily mean that he is joking. He has smiled when very angry before. He is an actor after all.
    I’m sure there is a video or other photos in addition to personal accounts that have fueled the “story” or “description” that JJ and the other site are using. They both said that the pap was “being intrusive”. JJ is labeling the pics as “fun” and the other site has included the detail that Gerry spit on the pap. So which is correct? I don’t know. My point is that these pics mean nothing to me because I’ve seen him seething through a smile many times before.

  • N.

    Really, Anthony? Because the guy clearly has been working out, and is thinner than he’s been in a very long time. I guess you like your men manorexic. I think he’s looking pretty awesome myself.

  • CorBlimey

    I’m not sure we’re looking at the same pictures.. To me, he looks quite slim – even too much so. If you want to look at someone slimmer than Gerard, you need to start looking at women. But then, you probably think that Victoria Beckham is an overweight yeti, too. Perhaps you’re only option is to dig your eyeballs out with a teaspoon and preserve them for a point in the future where we’re all perfect itty-bitty silicone models, because you aren’t likely to be pleased aesthetically any time soon.. The real world prevails! My sincerest apologies. :D
    And now, speaking of the real world.. I’m gonna go soak up the sunshine. Have a lovely day, everyone. :D

  • stupidfans

    @Nuts: Spitting is considered assault in many areas, so he should watch it given his history. He cut in line in front of someone today too, so it sounds like he was in a bad mood and being rude all around. Just like the time he punched the pap, he should have notified the security that is on hand at these events and had them remove the guy instead of blowing his top.

  • oh my

    @Spitting?: Your post shows you are trying too hard to find something to crab about. Vegas said it best, A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Sure he’s gone off on paps before. But this is just so obvious a good time, one wonders about the motive of anyone trying to read anything else into it.

  • Spitting?

    Spitting is considered “battery”, i.e. an unwanted offensive or harmful touching. Considering his past battery charge, I hope this is untrue.

  • honestly…

    Well, they don’t call him “Spittle” for nothing– maybe it was accidental? ;)

  • Honey

    swoon . . . .

  • jessica

    @stupidfans: I’ve read about enough of your stupid posts. You know dam.n well he didn’t spit. But you keep it up. Really, what is wrong with you? Sad, sad, sad little person. Does bashing Gerard Butler on a gossip site make up for what’s lacking in your life? This is the first and last time I will address you. Sad, sad, sad little person.

  • Manny

    I thought the eel was in his pants…
    I agree…. Dianne the Peen Obsessed is the leader of the Butler Nutters.
    As for the cargo shorts, he looks like he has gone Miami native.
    Oh Gerry spits and all the time. He has the nickname Spittle after all. :P

  • Manny

    Be careful stupidfans, apparently the Gerry infantry has landed.
    @honestly – great minds. :D

  • honestly…

    @Manny – indeed! :) :)

  • Spitting?

    @oh my:

    I’m not crabbing about anything. I have said that either explanation is possible. He is known to joke around, so he might be doing that here. He is also known for smiling when he is really angry. So that is possible too. I’m sure if he really did spit on someone, it will come out. But until then, I think either interpretation of a few pictures is possible.
    I am not allowing my personal feelings about the man cloud the “possibility” of either. Instead I think both could be possible based on Butler’s own past actions. I don’t know how much more clear I can be. I have no idea which is correct. JJ might be inferring that Butler is kidding by the smiles, just like others here have, and labeled the pics as such. It might be inaccuate, or it might not be. The fact that the other site included the “spitting” part is curious but also may be inaccurate.

  • Manny

    Anyone notice the movie they are promoting at the top of the page? Is that Butler’s autobiography?

  • Observation

    “Be careful stupidfans, apparently the Gerry infantry has landed”
    And you arrived just in time to upset everyone – sad.

  • stupidfans

    @jessica: Which of your socks will be addressing me instead?

  • Manny

    Apparently it is now Observation. ;)

  • flotsam

    lets just stop people,breathe!!!!!!!! he is a guy, not perfect , not uber charitable, not 100% nice. just a guy, kinda of a slob, gruff, rude and gross at times….puts his pants on one leg at a time like other blokes……. and normal?well as normal as a guy can be with women clambering for his nose, thighs, pe.en, eyes etc..and scrutinising his every move 24/7 and making millions for acting?.lol

    Personally I’m kinda of sick of the gerry f.arts rainbow people on these threads( GOD I miss Spanky and Cube) Manny clean up on aisle 4 please.

    thank you stupidfans for giving balance to those who worship at the alter of St. Gerard.

    I’m a fan, of 300, Gamer and Rocknrolla like the movies : could care less who he stuffs his sausage in..

    nuff said, happy drooling ladies, be back when he makes a good movie again.

  • gracey

    No strings attached? Lord. What a yawn.

    After reading tonight, I know why I’ve not been here in ages.

    I’m off for good. Hey, spit, spit. What a bunch of idiots. Oh, I feel so good being free of this place and people who converse with idiots. Oh, Stupid, my last goodbye. Don’t bother responding, I won’t be here to read your idiotic hateful spewing response.

  • smiley

    There was probably an underage girl in the car. Or two.

  • Manny

    Ah sweetie, don’t wait for a good movie. We may never hear from you again. :P
    F*rting rainbows sounds a lot less painful than passing unicorns…

  • flotsam

    @Manny: HAHAHAHA

  • stupidfans

    @Manny: Gerry and rainbows and one horned stallions? Don’t make it so easy for me! ;)

    @gracey: Yes you will. You’ll use another sock.

  • honestly…

    @flotsam: “could care less who he stuffs his sausage in..”
    lmao! I commend your turn of phrase. :)

  • CJ

    SPANKS…We LOVE you…send up smoke signals…33333333..♥♥♥♥

  • becca

    seriously guys, in the header pic …. the one on the right …. it does look like he’s getting ready to spit

  • twofools

    He looks better than brad pitt any day, great eyes

  • smiley

    @Nobody You Know:
    It was a while ago that Bianca said that on her Twitter. She’s in a relationship now.

  • stupidfans

    @becca: Hmm. I was trying to figure out if he looked like he was taking a dump in a diaper, but he might be getting ready to spit.

  • Mr. Giggles

    G’s probably on the phone with Alan …… checking to see if spitting on a pap is legal …..
    Ready …. Aim …… Spittle !!!!!!

  • Benie

    From where does he get those awful looking T-shirts….?

  • Janet


    His floor.

  • Janet

    If Gerry spit on the pap, Lainey is going to have a field day….

  • becca

    does freddy have gerry’s c.ock hat in the right hand pocket of his pants?

  • oy

    Subject: Cabin Boy for Oy

    Dear Paparazzo,

    Please do not clean or launder anything you wore or had with you during your Gerard photo scuffle.

    There is a lucrative market in Gerard Butler touched items. Those with his DNA could be priceless as we could replicate the DNA in a lab and sell it like potato chips for a hungry following.

    I can help you capitalize on this market. Call me.


    No really. Call me. I have a holiday trip to plan and my commission on the sale could buy me a shiny new yacht and a cabin boy.

    Wealth and riches,


    P.S. Lainey is going to be jealous that she didn’t think of this first.

  • http://GUIDO GUIDO
  • http://LOLA LOLA

    Gerard is a really beautiful and sexy. Look, Brad side of Gerry,

  • Gab

    He gets so ‘roidy when he loses weight.

  • sofia

    Freddy’s legs look really weird in that pic. Like he has white powder on them or something:

  • ???

    @sofia: It might be sunscreen. Some very strong sunscreens can look like white paste on your skin. He also seems to have lost some pigment in patches on his arm which would make a strong sunscreen even more important.

  • redOctober


    …indeed the infamous c*ck hat…hidden? …why?

  • redOctober

    …the c*ck hat in Freddy’s pocket

  • http://LOLA LOLA

    her face shines when he smiles, it looks, like, Gerry, saw a very big cake

  • Me2