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Gerard Butler: Photographer Fun in Miami!

Gerard Butler: Photographer Fun in Miami!

Gerard Butler attends the Art Basel Miami at the Miami Convention Center in Florida on Saturday (December 4).

The 41-year-old Bounty Hunter was leisurely wandering through the fair, but after reportedly seeing a paparazzo was who being too invasive, he chased him outside!

Gerry took off from Los Angeles on Friday and even wore a warm beanie in the balmy weather!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler having a little photographer fun in Miami…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler photographer fun 01
gerard butler photographer fun 02
gerard butler photographer fun 03
gerard butler photographer fun 04
gerard butler photographer fun 05
gerard butler photographer fun 06
gerard butler photographer fun 07
gerard butler photographer fun 08
gerard butler photographer fun 09
gerard butler photographer fun 10

Photos: INFDaily
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  • redOctober


    Nice to see you Merl ; ) *hugs*

    @gotta be kidding:

    I don’t think the “spit thing” is true either. It’s stupid and gross. He can be gross and stupid sometimes, but I doubt he would be both at the same time…well, sort of. ; D

  • gossiphound

    @Old Mia: You can get mini facelifts done practically over your lunch hour now so when he lays low for a few days I wonder, but then I don’t think he would bother unless he had a reason to look esp good for reasons beyond trolling for strange as Kaiser puts it, like a movie to film, an award show to attend, a L’Oreal film or ad to shoot………..

  • justsayin’

    @gotta be kidding: He probably went there because it was the place to be seen if you’re in the social climbing network.

    Without a doubt there will be a lot of big parties in Miami for the holidays. He might be checking in to enjoy those and the models before he goes off to spend the holiday skiing or with his family. I say the last part with hesitation because he doesn’t seem to spend a lot of his down time with his family or in Scotland for all his talk about how great it is. The Victoria’s Secret models see him more frequently than Scotland does.

  • gossiphound

    @lolita: Speaking of hiding in the closet, not that it was a big surprise to me, but it nearly drove George Michael to suicide. I remember reading a bio and he actually had wanted to come out whilst still in Wham! but Andrew Ridgeley and his girlfriend, one of the back up singers, she married to Martin Kemp now, Shirley something or other, [now Andy was a raging heterosexual] talked him out of it.

  • gossiphound

    @KDHT: Speaking of George Michael he apparently played the part of the randy popstar/manho quite well during the Wham! period. I think it’s part of the denial, maybe if you have sex with enough women and enjoy it maybe you aren’t gay because hey let’s face it even today it’s easier not to be gay.

  • Merlin

    I say the last part with hesitation because he doesn’t seem to spend a lot of his down time with his family or in Scotland for all his talk about how great it is. The Victoria’s Secret models see him more frequently than Scotland does.
    * * *
    ROFLMAO…. so true!!!!!!!
    Yeah yeah, Scotland is great but Gerard never cared to live here in the last 15 years and now he isn’t here to dig his car out of the snow….

  • Now Then

    Yes and who’d have thought Andrew would have settled down as he was quite the manwhore but he’s been with Keren from Bananarama for 20 years. Not sure if they ever married.

  • lolita

    @gossiphound: GH, he was on Oprah not to long ago and he was talking about it. He said he is so much happier now that the burden is off his shoulders. He can enjoy his life now and his twin babies.

  • gossiphound

    I think Keren would be smart not to marry old Randy Andy, keep him in line maybe.

    Gerry awkward in love/sex scenes? I must need glasses because is there anything hotter than the scene in 300 – I am sorry but the chemistry between Lena and Gerry, combustible. And even with Swank in PS I Love You. Less combustible more like you expect from a couple that’s be married that long.

    I could list many many actors who look more awkward to me in love/sex scenes, now in some cases it is hard to judge since sometimes the role calls for it but has uh James Franco ever had a kissing scene. With a woman that is. Seriously I’d want to check it out.

  • lolita

    GH, I didn’t know that about George Michael…I know he has had many problems over the last few years. They did the same to Ricky Martin..selling him as a female heart breaker. i have to say the video of him singing La Vita Loca was way sexy.

  • angelsrock


    Didn’t notice the meltdowns; guess I was out of the loop there.

    Tell me about it!! Why no sex scenes? It is weird. Think about the R movies he’s done: TUT = perfect scenerio = nada. I almost threw my shoe at the screen after that last scene.
    Rocknrolla= he was sick? Give me a break.
    Beowulf and Grendel = wtf was that?? Could have been a raw savage sex scene. I guess they were too cold. LOL
    Gamer = zip. Could have had a very sensual flashback of Kable and his wife.
    It really is weird.

    Let me get a hold of a script!!!

  • sarah


    I think my source would know. I do know for sure that Jeannia is no longer engaged.

  • lolita

    @gossiphound: GH the kissing video that Angelsrock linked us too made me bite my lip…he didn’t look awkward there. The sex scene in 300 was just not long enough.

    Have a great night JJr’s fun and interesting discussions today. Goodnight.♥

  • sarah

    @In The Know:

    No, Jeannia is not engaged. They recently split. We have mutual friends. But I was told that Gerry and Jeannia were seeing each other while she was still with her former fiance (maybe that’s the reason for the split), and that Gerry would cheat on gf’s with Jeannia over the years. Who knows, maybe those two will end up together.

  • Question?

    @In The Know:
    are you sure it’s Evan’s FB? i have tried to look for it but couldn’t find it.
    yes, i did think Jeannia is engaged to him, yet she does hang out with GB a lot. it’s peculiar but who knows????

  • Hawkins

    Couldn’t be Jeannia, she’s not black, right? Sorry, I’m being flip.

  • Apparently White females are the scum of the universe on gb boards.@Hawkins:

  • Poor Lainey


    You’re right. Tony and Bianca broke up earlier this year and she’s seeing someone new.

    I doubt she’d be stupid enough to take back Gerry. While it lasted with Tony, she seemed happier with him than with Gerry.

  • Question?

    I was thinking that too when I saw the pix of them together in a function in NYC. I didn’t buy the story that Jeannia was engaged, and that she and GB are just friends. Some posters here on JJ snapped at anyone who questioned their friendship and asked why two people can’t be platonic friends without everyone thinking they are sexually involved. Well, with GB, it’s hard to think that anyone he slept with in the past who hangs around him in the present, is just a platonic friend.
    Obviously, if he cheated on GF’s with Jeannia, but didn’t end up with her, he cheated on her too with other GF’s. To me, it’s sounds like she is one of his FWB.

    I think if he is seeing her now, it means he is in a dry period in his life; he needs sex but doesn’t want to entangle himself with someone new. Sounds more like a FWB situation that Jeannia got herself into instead of closing the deal with him, or making a clean break. Was he worth ruining her relationship with Evan? Isn’t she in her early 40′s?

    I often heard that his GFs can’t get over him and would do anything to be with him sexually. Anyway, if all this is true, all the speculation about his sexuality is a moot point. In addition, the accusations that he likes young girls in their early 20′s, could be just PR. It’s possible he just flirts with young girls to pretend that a hookup has occurred in order to fuel his reputation of the manho.
    BTW, we also heard that she is pregnant because of some photos from about 6 weeks ago showing her quite heavy.

  • In the Know


    Yes look for Jeannia’s FB then at her friends. Evan’s is a picture of their dog. He last updated beginning Dec and still shows engaged. Maybe he doesn’t know he’s been cheated on??. If you look at his pics there is one of him and Jeannia. Click and it takes you to some lovely pics of Jeannia’s 40th birthday last year which Gerry, Freddy Bosche and Jared Leto attended.

  • Poor Lainey


    To me it wouldn’t make a difference if he came out or not but I doubt he is gay. Just because he hangs around some gay people and has gay friends mean nothing. I have gay friends and I can assure you I’m a straight arrow.

  • hellotheregb

    @angelsrock: listen to the directors comments with Amber V. she sounds like a “sex” scence would never happen. I agree his early stuff lots of rubby dubby! but the big American blockbuster money films nada. hummmmm?

    CC what is up with you and the ” he was raised catholic and can’t have great sex”!LOL I do believe that there are those out there raised Catholic do like sex!
    hugs all! hugs to you Gman! and you too Guido!

  • Poor Lainey

    In some interview a few years back a bit after the Phantom of the Opera came out, some guy who claimed to have known Gerry in Glasgow said that he had to be gay because he would peroxyde his hair blonde (I’ve seen the pic and he looks younger).

    But that means nothing as a lot of guys back in the 80ies and even 90ies would dye their hair. How to explain the punks then who wear their hair in mohawks and some even dye their hair bright colors and I’ve known some to be real lady chasers, not gay at all.

    It’s so easy to dissect somebody’s character and to come up with impressions not based on facts to call somebody gay.

    One article you would find online if you Googled him in 2005 was the one about him being supposedly bisexual but that same article was eventually proven to be a fake one.

    If he was gay, it would have come out already. I think he’s definitely into the ladies and even if he likes threesomes, it doesn’t mean he’s going to have sex with another man as for him a threesome is 2 women pleasuring him.

    Also he’s from Europe and in Europe there is nothing unusual about 2 heterosexual men who know each other either because they’re relalted or good friend to kiss each other and hug but because we don’t do that in America, people will jump to conclusions.

    Actually one of you made a comment as he could be going home alone and drinking hot coco while watching tv or reading with only Lolita as the only female in his life and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was more true than to label him a manwhore as we have no proof that he bangs every model he poses with or that he’s only into the tall think skinny model preferably exotic-looking as he has been seen looking very interested in other type of women.

  • Question?

    @In the Know:
    OK, I have Jeannia’s FB so I’ll look for it. But if Evan is on her FB and he still says engaged on his FB, it poses very interesting questions. Are Sarah’s sources good, which she says they are, or is Evan very much in the dark about his Jeannia? I really hope she is not playing Evan, and that Gerry is not playing Jeannia. These types of triangles have a tendency to end up being very emotionally bad for everyone involved.

  • hellotheregb

    @angelsrock: I agree what happened with the scene in Beowolf? peeps talked about it and when I saw it I had to rewind a few times which only took a second because it was over with before it started and was harsh. her lines and the over mood changed to “lets just get it over with mate”.

    Poor Jeannia if she is prego with Gergiolo’s bambino! He just beelined for some beauty at the Art show with no shame or class!

  • In the Know


    He posted in late Oct about some bumpy flight and she commented that she and Samy their dog were missing him. I’d assume from that they were at least still together then. Unless he is in denial or doesn’t know why not update your Facebook back to Single especially when he seems a regular user?? It’s not like he has to make a big broadcast. Doesn’t add up!!

  • Bonnie Shirley


    I am an old Gerard Fan, meaning I am old, not him! That is actually funny! The DNA comment. I dont think he farts rainbows, and actually neither does he.

    He usually needs someone with him as he otherwise is high strung and high maintenance. Always been a fighter (see some of his interviews) from young, and aggressive.

    He has gotten better with age, but I like these types of men, they can stop and be good hearted dudes which makes up for a lot.

    I understood he had damage to the nerves in his face on the right, due a childhood serious illness, which causes some of his mouth problems. It can be seen more in some roles than in others.

    He also had a right eye injury in his 20s, in an acting role, which likely accounts for his occasional right eye issues. He almost lost the eye.

    Some of you poor dudes and dudettes are up pretty late for snarky comments. Seems like not much going on in life for some of you. I take a break from research and writing, to see what is new on Gerry; some of you need to be busier, young people. Oldbutnotdead.

  • Question?

    @In the Know:
    ITAWY – doesn’t add up.

  • Hawkins

    @Poor Lainey The guy in Scotland referred to Gerry as campy. He didn’t say gay.

  • Listen Up

    Jeannia and Evan are still indeed engaged.

  • Question?

    What did they mean by campy?

  • Merlin

    @Bonnie Shirley:
    Maybe you’re busy but you’ve no sense of humour, because here we like to joke a lot….
    A big part of this crowd comes here, like me, to enjoy a good laugh…. Sorry but I can’t help myself but smile when I read some of Gerry’s fans comments….
    By the way, why do people presume we’re shallow, ugly, old, fat women with a miserable life??
    I’m pretty satisfied with mine but I don’t appear as I am because I dislike Gerry’s rooster cap or his pink shorts???
    We’re busy too darling, but that doesn’t stop us to see clearly that Gerrrirrrddd has his faults and, like all the celebrities, he goes very often under public scrutiny.

  • Hawkins

    @Question. No one asked for an explanation that I remember.

  • CorBlimey

    @curious cat:
    It’s because of people like us, Blimey. We keep coming here to browse no matter what pix they post and JJ can sell ads. My personal alltime favorite is Gerry exiting a porta-pottie. :) Very big news.
    HAhahahHAHhahha!! Love the image..

    Also, CC, I will endeavour to think better of the media, as you’ve suggested. I’ve been reading your posts for almost a year, and love your balanced and analytical view of things, so I’m willing to listen to your standpoint. Thanks for your comments. :D

  • CorBlimey

    um.. CC is a reference to curiouscat.. (I thought I’d better clarify that, because I’ve just seen another poster using CC.. oops!)

  • Bonnie Shirley


    that site has some ugly stuff on it regularly, seems to come from the head of the writer, not from real life. All you people are up really late writing these lame, sneering comments! and I thought I lived a boring life!

    Spitting is not equivalent to punching, and more of these paparazzi should be punched. He is not a spitter (at least not on purpose).

  • Bonnie Shirley


    You have not said anything I disagree with! I just think most of the comments I read are not amusing, not witty, and not jokes; they tend to be mean spirited, poorly thought out, and inarticulate. I think many fans think he walks on water. I don’t and I still enjoy his antics and his films, although often I just want to sound like his mother and say Gerrrrddd….!

    Nobody said you were old and fat! As old as I am (I grew up with Elvis in the 50s), I would never say that!

    I guess I just think jokes should be funny, or amusing or witty…

  • oy
  • Old Mia

    I can’t post. JJ is just eating up my posts. What if I never talk to any of you again? I still love Gerard. G. Whoever. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    I do think I remarked about the awful Ashton movie we are subjected to at the side. Make it go AWAY.

  • Me2
  • Mellifera

    Hmmm, Gerry is looking verrrrry fresh in these pictures (the ones where he’s not wearing the hat especially).
    And that photographer DOES have great legs – good spotting!

  • Me2
  • Ex-er-size

    Come on now people. Exercize and clean eating will make his body nice (and it’s great here,) but 100 push-ups won’t influence that face. He’s always been gorgeous, but now he’s back to THAT face. And he’s flaunting it. What the heck? Whatever. He’s just beautiful. I don’t care what did it. IT’S BACK.


    @Ex-er-size: THAT face. Isn’t that why we are here in the first place? I could say so much more, but I won’t.

    Well, I’ll just say seeing him riding on that horse when the little kid became Attila, I was a gone. And I still am.

  • sarah

    @In the Know:
    Jeannia and Evan just split up like a couple of weeks or so ago. I do know this for a fact. Looks like he hasn’t posted anything on his FB since the split. Her and GB have been doin’ it, and I can’t say that I blame her.

  • question

    honestly, he’s been in LA for the last 3 weeks while she lives in NYC, so how have they been doing it for the last couple of weeks? also, she wasn’t even at his BD party.
    seriously, if you know something specific you need to post it otherwise no one will believe your story. just saying you know it’s true, will not cut it.
    seriously, is what your saying a fact, or are you just speculating?

  • @sarah:
    But isn’t she a little too pale to be his type?

  • In the Know


    Well it appears some people may just read Just Jared LOL as between my last post and looking just now Evan Hart is no longer listed as friends on Jeannia Robinette’s FB page. His page is still out there as he was active 4-5 hours ago – his page still says Engaged. Interesting. Is she on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars??

  • IRMA

    Yves Saint Laurent and Vogue, along with host, Loren Ridinger, hosted Evenings in Vogue last night.

  • Curious Carla

    @IRMA: Look at Serena Williams’s legs, they are bigger than Gerry’s are, and look at them in comparison to Kelly Rowland’s legs. I know she is an athelete, but those are some HUMONGOUS legs there.