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Gerard Butler: Photographer Fun in Miami!

Gerard Butler: Photographer Fun in Miami!

Gerard Butler attends the Art Basel Miami at the Miami Convention Center in Florida on Saturday (December 4).

The 41-year-old Bounty Hunter was leisurely wandering through the fair, but after reportedly seeing a paparazzo was who being too invasive, he chased him outside!

Gerry took off from Los Angeles on Friday and even wore a warm beanie in the balmy weather!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler having a little photographer fun in Miami…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler photographer fun 01
gerard butler photographer fun 02
gerard butler photographer fun 03
gerard butler photographer fun 04
gerard butler photographer fun 05
gerard butler photographer fun 06
gerard butler photographer fun 07
gerard butler photographer fun 08
gerard butler photographer fun 09
gerard butler photographer fun 10

Photos: INFDaily
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  • CJ
  • redOctober
  • redOctober

    nyclos100 Me and Gerard butler Chillin last night.
    13 minutes ago

  • redOctober
  • moldy oldie

    hmmmm another fashion show ……maybe he wants his own clothing line? Russell Simmons was there,maybe he would fund him like he did Kimora, lol.

    I wonder what he would call it?

    Shabby chunk
    Wrinkle fest
    Easy access
    Off the floor
    …………………………………….happy Monday, peeps of Butlerdom

  • sarah


    Like I said, we have mutual friends. What I heard was that J and GB had been seeing each other even while she was engaged. Her and her fiance officially split up in recent weeks. I only know that it was at least 2-3 weeks ago, could be a little longer. But we all know that relationships usually don’t just end all of a sudden – it’s usually coming for a while. She was hanging out with GB while he was recently in NYC. Maybe she didn’t go to his birthday party because she was in the middle of a break-up over her ‘friendship’ with him, who knows (that is just speculation).

  • themask

    @moldy oldie:

    King Dong Male Celeb Style?

  • redOctober

    Today I will be watching BAFTA preview of Coriolanus which stars Ralf Fiennes, Vanessa Redgrave and Gerard Butler. about 9 hours ago via web

    well Gerard Butler was certainly very impressive, I think I under rated him as an actor before today 30 minutes ago via web

  • Hawkins

    I like the Jeania and Gerry as a couple story. She is at least a professional, age appropriate intelligent woman and they look good together. She is his equal in all aspects.

  • Nuts


    Well, it’s not like Jeania doesn’t know what he is like.

    And, if she (allegedly) was willing to cheat on her fiance with a guy who knew she was engaged…well…I think that speaks volumes, too, about both J and G.

    However, this is all hearsay at this point.

  • Stinkylouise

    “However, this is all hearsay at this point.”

    Especially since he is ,once again,front row centre at a fashion show.Happily drooling at all the PYT’s.LOL!

  • Cora

    “However, this is all hearsay at this point.”
    Hearsay bordering on libel. Accusing this woman of cheating on her fiance, claiming she left Evan when he is STILL saying they’re engaged, isn’t harmless gossip. These accusations are very serious and they’re being made without one shred of proof. Jeannia gets photographed with G in NY and people start writing fan fiction. But this isn’t harmless fan fiction. It’s a shi.tty thing to do to Jeannia and a shi.tty thing to do to Evan.
    (Sorry, I’ve been sick with the flu and I’m in a bad mood.)

  • CJ

    @oldie moldy…”Off the Floor” has my vote..♥


    @Curious Carla:
    Oh, yeah. Serena Williams is so unattractive , not to mention violent. She doesn’t exactly belong in a fashion show – it’s too delicate for her lol. I think she was trying to hit on Gerry thinking that the reports that he likes Black women are true. He may like black women from time to time but not cows like her.


    @Curious Carla:
    Oh, yeah. Serena Williams is so unattractive , not to mention violent. She doesn’t exactly belong in a fashion show – it’s too delicate for her lol. I think she was trying to hit on Gerry thinking that the reports that he likes Black women are true. He may like black women from time to time but not cows like her.

  • OMG

    @moldy oldie:
    No, he’s not distracted; he is just not impressed. I don’t think he liked the company lol.
    Like Moldy Oldie said, another fashion show with more wannabee celebrities, and lots of pretty models around – at this point they are a dime a dozen. Obviously, he is looking for more than just a pretty face in a woman. it’s got to be someone who understands him and his lifestyle, and most definitely someone who is compatible with him emotionally.

  • moldy oldie

    Butler needs a Mrs Potatoe Head approach to his love life.

    Monday……….Insert brown hair here, blue eyes there, stick legs here
    Tuesday………Blonde hair, green eyes, big

    then he can have the same base but different looks to keep him interested….sorry rambling. hey good to see Merlin, Cora and Melifera!
    CJ and themask….heheheh.wink

    ……..geez I need another coffee……slap slap wake up….. I so don’t want to be at work today, Miami would be ok. shaking fist at Butler for leaving me here and freezin

    Back to work…………..ugh

  • question

    @In the Know:
    So Evan and Jeannia are not friends anymore on FB??? So do you think she read JJ and dropped him from her FB list? Why then on his page he is still saying engaged? So strange……….

  • i heart

    @moldy oldie:
    LMAO! don’t forget the small brain for being dumb enough to try and be in a relationship with him and a huge heart for the patience she would need!

  • OMG

    Absolutely! If this hearsay is true, it doesn’t bode well for either Gerry or Jeannia. He should not be trying to ruin her relationship with another man when he knows full well that he is not into commitments; it’s dishonest.
    And, she, what does it say about her? She is dishonest too.
    But either way, if she is willing to cheat on her fiancé with him, I doubt he’ll be trusting her all that much to get into a committed relationship with her, so she’ll always be just a FWB for him. He has major trust issues as is, and if a woman is willing to cheat on her man with him, that means, in the back of his mind, she will be willing to cheat on him too. His brain is distorted like that, but regardless, that’s how it usually is, because what goes around does come around. If his mind weren’t so distorted, he would have been looking for something meaningful a long time ago, instead of hanging out with the models that he is obviously not impressed by.

  • Hawkins

    I said I liked Gerry and Jeania as a couple because they are equal and look good together. I didn’t say a word about this other crap floating around questioning Jeania’s or Gerry’s moral conduct. Who really knows what goes on in the lives of others?

    Who said libel? Well, get in line. The internet is full of gossip sites and if anyone wants to take them on, go for it and good luck. The courts would be backed up for years. Gossip is a nasty business and by just being here, we condone it. I plead guilty too.

  • Stinkylouise
  • stupidfans

    @sarah: If that’s trhey sound like a match made in heaven. No moral standards or ethics and both desperate to be in the jet set.

  • Cora

    @Hawkins: I wasn’t referring to your post! I’m apologise for any confusion. :)
    You were speculating and giving opinion, that’s the backbone of gossip boards. My post was regarding those who were stating things as facts. That’s when you’re courting libel. There is a very big distinction when it comes to defamation when it comes to stating opinions as opposed to stating facts.
    Now all of this is moot because libel laws haven’t extended to anonymous posters on the internet. But there were some here last night who certainly seemed to violate the spirit of those principles. I find libel laws to be very good guidelines when posting gossip. They give you a very good idea of how far is too far. These are very real people we discuss here, some are private citizens, not celebrities, and people can do them real harm by making accusations about their character when they claim these accusations as facts, not merely opinions.

  • please

    get off your high horse already and stop lecturing, please.

  • Eve

    I think it’s hilarious how the “anti” fans like to come here and try to stirr up the so called “phannies”. You spend more time throwing crap around then they do smelling his rainbow laced farrts!

    You all need to get a life. You’re pathetic and as one person has so amply named him/herself, very “stupid”.

  • Dan

    Funny to see Gerry in MIami for Art Basel !
    It was NOT really that warm here.
    …. flp flops?
    Freddy Bosche?
    Isn’t that how Ricky Martin started out?
    No guy is 41, and has NEVER been married!
    ( not even one child ? ? )
    At least George Clooney “SHOWS” off his women .. THAT IS what real men do. We ARE proud of our ladies …….

  • Dan

    @Dan: I am NOT trying to mean to Gerard, I love this guy a lot.
    Come on, everyone. NO ONE goes thorugh life without a partner.
    Straight, or Gay.
    Ladies would kill to be with him. You are telling me, Gerard Butler, the most Handsome, coolest male celebrity to date, can NOT find the right girl? To Marry, or just hookup with as a Partner? ?
    This blows my mind. I hope he IS Gay. Because he has way TOO many signs that suggest other wise …. sorry peeps!